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    Vilencism is the ideology of Vilenca333. It's an economically and culturally far left and authoritarian ideology, primarily influenced by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and Fiumanism.


    The Class Basis of Revisionism in a Socialist Society

    If socialism is being constructed, the old order overthrown, the bourgeoise and other reactionary classes powerless, then where does revisionism come from? Does it just come from comrades genuinely misunderstanding Marxism or is it the dethroned old bourgeoisie crawling their way back into power? Whilst these to give more power to revisionism, they aren't the basis for revisionism. Revisionism comes from inside the party.

    Socialism is built from the ruins of capitalist society, so it has multiple capitalist elements and characteristics. The proletariat must restrict these elements as much as possible and work towards their eventual withering away. Revisionism comes from the sections of the party bureaucracy who utilize these capitalist remnants for their own profit. Now this isn't necessarily out of malicious, conscious anti-communism (though it can be). The revisionist theory of developing the productive forces is born out of a genuine belief that said theory will result in the achievement of socialism as quick as possible. However, just because it isn't malicious doesn't mean it isn't deadly to socialism's survival.

    Against Majority Rule

    On the surface the principle of Majority Rule seems appealing to many socialists. After all, isn't it just the rule of the proletariat through democracy? This is false.

    Where does Majority Rule come from? The bourgeois economist Adam Smith believed that the commodity owners' actions in the market weren't anarchic but were guided by the "invisible hand of the market" which, if left unimpeded, would result in the thriving of the most efficient capitalists. Majority Rule is nothing but the invisible hand applied to politics. The belief that if left unimpeded, Majority Rule will just result in the most correct ideas winning and the incorrect ideas becoming extinct has been proven false time and time again. Majority Rule and the "marketplace of ideas" has only led to the enslavement of the proletariat to the bourgeoisie.

    Majority Rule doesn't put into consideration the reasons behind the majority's decisions: the Vietnam War, when putting together the populations of Vietnam and the U.S.A., was supported by the majority of those involved, but was it in the interests of the American or Vietnamese proletariat? Just because the majority supported it, should the Vietnamese have laid down their arms?


    Many Marxists nowadays support, implicitly or explicitly, Accelerationism, believing that if the working class' conditions are made worse they will simply realize their oppressor is Capitalism and rebel. This is a utopian fantasy. The proletariat's views are shaped very heavily by the media, which will continue to sprout bourgeois propaganda. Worsening the proletariat's conditions will only result in Fascism becoming more appealing.

    Views on Geopolitical Issues


    Zionism is a settler colonial movement of the Jewish bourgeoisie and supported by western imperialism. Its colonial nature was openly stated by Herzl, who appealed to the arch-imperialist Rhodes for help. Throughout it's existence Zionism and its state have shown itself it be a purely reactionary movement. The Palestinian national liberation movement should be supported by all progressives and communists. Hamas is the representative of the Palestinian national bourgeoisie, Islamic clergy and anti-Zionist landlords and should be critically supported. The PFLP is a petty bourgeois and revisionist organization, but despite this are still a progressive group. The DFLP represent Palestine's proletarian class and are the most progressive and advanced of the resistance organizations.




    • Futurism - Very interesting ideology but I don't like its closeness to fascism or its petty bourgeois nature.
    • Nietzscheanism - Another interesting philosophy. I haven't read you yet tho, so I can't really form an opinion yet.


    • Zionism - "Zionism – A reactionary nationalist trend of the Jewish bourgeoisie, which had followers along the intellectuals and the more backward sections of the Jewish workers." - Joseph Stalin.
    • Fascism - Reactionary bourgeois movement designed to destroy communism at all costs.
    • Nazism - I don't think I need an explanation for why I don't like this.
    • Council Communism - Infantile disorder.
    • Left Communism - Infantile disorder the sequel.
    • Libertarian Socialism - Irrelevant ideology.
    • Trotskyism - Irrelev- actually, no you guys do exist in the real world - as sex-pest, newspaper sellers!
    • Accelerationism - Disgustingly misanthropic and fascistic ideology.


  • Karl Marx (1818 - 1883, 100/100) - Great revolutionary, philosopher and socio-economist who correctly analysed society and inspired some of the greatest revolutionaries in history.
  • Friedrich Engels (1820 - 1895, 100/100) - Another great revolutionary, who put the liberation of humankind above his own profit.
  • Vladimir Lenin (1870 - 1924, 100/100) - Leader of the first successful proletarian revolution and great foundational theorist.
  • Mixed



    • Meowxism - Fellow Marxist and gender abolitionist. I don't like your fondness for Hoxha tho.
    • Genosse Owens Thought - I admire the anti-revisionism but I'm not too keen your opposition to democracy and Maoism (opposing the great leap forward). Also MLism is out dated.

    Fellow Travellers

    Enemies of the People

    • Danielism - Fascist who wants to "monitor" the population of gay people.
    • Terekhofism - Reactionary, fascist and Zionist. Pretty self explanatory why you're here.
    • Humanitarian Socialism - Radical social democracy basically. Thanks for the art tho.
    • Baxism - No hate, but ur a bit of a larper ngl.
    • Sundog - Confucian marxist lmfao

    What Political Figure do I Remind you of?

    • Mao Zedong because reasons
    • Mao Zedong+Joseph Stalin


    I probably won't be that active on this wiki so I apologize if I'm slow in adding people. Meowxism - add me :3

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