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    Note: This ideology is part of a project by Altem101. The project can be found here.

    Viking Restorationism is a LibLeft, Culturally Far-Right, Ethno-Ultranationalist and extremely Militarist ideology which wants to restore the age of the vikings.

    The ideology hates centralism and instead wants the nation to be made up of a bunch of small viking villages (kind of like anarchist communes) with their own small community of people. These villages are not tied together by an overarching state but rather by the spirit of nation, race and tradition.

    Tradition is taken to its extreme with the ideology abandoning all culture and knowledge created after the vikings disappeared. People are expected to live their lives according to ancient viking traditions and worship the old nordic gods. The only modern thing that is kept is the technology which it uses to build a highly effective army.

    Militarism is another important tenant of the ideology as every man is to be a trained soldier with extreme discipline. New technology is developed to create better weapons for the soldiers. Although it's a very militaristic ideology, it does not want a centrally organized army. Rather, it wants each village to help protect the other villages from invaders out of selflessness. Each village also utilizes their army to attack, conquer and plunder other nations.

    It is a very ethnocentric ideology, viewing the nordic germanic people as superior to all others. Because of this it is expected by the people of every village to lynch or kill any outsider they come into contact with. The ideology utilizes norse theology to justify this ethnocentrism. Since the gods are nordic then that must mean that the nordic people are superior.




    • National Socialism - Pretty based, but I don't know about fascism and authoritarianism. Plus you're g*rman.
    • Stratocracy - Get rid of the authoritarianism and you're perfect.
    • Neo-Paganism - Bring back paganism! Why are you progressive?
    • White Nationalism - Every white person is not superior, only the nordic ones.



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