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    Videlaism is an ideology based around the politics of Videla.png Lieutenant General Jorge Rafael Videla and the "National Reorganization Process", the military government that ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1983. Being economically Cap.pngNeolib.png right-wing and neoliberal, culturally Trad.png right-wing,Strato-Antifurry.png militaristic, Nation.png Irridentism.png nationalist and sometimes even irredentist, and highly Sec.pngAnticommunism.png authoritarian and anti-communist.




    • Nazi.png National Socialism - Videlaism ≠ Nazism. Ignore some anti-semitism was commited during the Process, ok?
    • Castro.png Castroism - Filthy commie, but thanks for the support during the Falklands War.
    • Reagan.png Reaganism - Relations were improving under Galtieri, but why did you betray us by supporting British in the Falklands War?
    • ML.png Marxism-Leninism - Invading Afghanistan? NO OLYMPICS! Even though the USSR used to be the second largest consumer of Argentine exports during Videla's government, Argentina wasn't part of the economic embargo to the USSR after invading Afghanistan and some militants of the Argentine Communist Party didn't condemn the Proceso. Also thanks for supporting me in the Falklands War.


    • Pron.png Peronism - We kicked your ass in 1976!
    • Kirch.png Kirchnerism - "…yesterday’s enemies are in power and from there, they are trying to establish a Marxist regime." Also, aren't you just Pron.png Peronism again trying to do a vendetta by replacing justice with revenge?
    • Guevara.png Guevarism - Terrorist subversive commie scum? GO TO AIRCRAFT!
    • Thar.png Anti-Authoritarianism - "I want to clarify that Argentine citizens are not victims of the repression. The repression is against a minority that we do not consider Argentine."
    • Thatchericon.png Thatcherism - THE FALKLANDS ARE ARGENTINE! SURRENDER OR ELS-loses the Falklands War and surrenders
    • Pinochet-hat.png Pinochetism (after 1978) - Free aircraft/Ford Falcon rides > Free helicopter rides



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