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    Vichy Germanists believe that the German Unity by Prussia was a Mistake and would Rather see the Restoration of the Rhine Confederation. However, They also think that Germanys Overlord and Protector should be France, but not just any France. They want a German Subjugation by FASCIST France. Vichy Germanists therefore Hate Capitalism, Communism and Democracy but Suprisingly dislike Racism and Discrimination (atleast against Ethnicities). They do not however like the LGBTQ Community and they HATE Satanists. Vichy-Germanists would also like to see France annex the Rhineland.


    Vichy-Germanists are Chill af. They are Strictly Catholic and Dislike Protestantism. They are Anti-Racist and Hate National-Socialists. They Love History and Politics.

    How to Draw

    1. Add a Black Beam on top, a Red one in the Middle and a Golden/Yellow one on the Bottom. 2. Draw a Small French Flag in Upper-Left Corner. 3. Add a Coat of Arms in the Middle of the Entire Flag, with a Vichy Fascis. Change the Colours of the Vichy Fascis to Black, Red, Yellow tho. É Voila! Your'e Vichy-Germanist Flag is Finished!



    • Pétain's Thought - Dad?
    • Fascism - I like you, You're Based af.
    • Bonapartism - My Emperor! It's a Shame you died... May you Rest in Peace, Vive la France!
    • Aploism - You are ACTUALLY Really Based, Drop the Social-Democratic stuff and officially embrace fascism. Then you wil be one of the MOST Based Ideologys ive ever seen.
    • Energeneralism - You are Officialy the MOST Based Ideology ive ever seen. I fw you're Allignments and Beliefs Heavy.
    • Anti-Communism - Hey, Are you Single? Cuz i wanna Beat Communists to death. (Fascist W Rizz)
    • LATAMISM - Yo, You are Based af! Drop the Capitalism and You'd be Perfect!
    • Bayanihanismo - Third-Positionist Brother, but remember: Democracy (tried) too kill Christ! (But he rose from the Dead 3 Days Later, take the L Anti-Christians)
    • Neo-Rosism - Sounds like Non-Marxist Right-Wing Socialism and that is Pretty Based. Ur Good to go to the "Friends" List


    • Germanophobia - We both dislike Prussia, but you also Hate Germany and Germans which is less Based tbh.
    • Gaullism - Weakening Germany is cool and all, but theres no need for it if Germany distances itself from Prussianism and Moves into a French Sphere of Interest.
    • CHROMATISM - You're Based and all, but unfortunately you are Liberalist and Capitalist. I do fw with the fact that you like Bonapartism tho.
    • Gypsy Crusaderism - The Theorist and Creator of Vichy-Germanism is a Gypsy himself and also likes Right-Wing Ideologys, but why do you Like National-Socialism? It killed our Fellow Romanis!
    • NeoMontagnardism - Fellow Third-Positionist and Silly Guy, but i don't really like Homosexuality and Atheism. I Respect you tho!
    • Phill Tchaikovskism - Another Fellow Third-Positionist. But, Anti-Authoritarianism and Sympathic to Anarchism is Goofy ahh, Schlawg.
    • Altemism - Somewhat a Third-Positionist and Kinda Based. But im not a HUGE Fan of Socialism, even if its Non-Marxist.
    • Pantheonism - It's a Shame you like Democracy and dislike Fascism. But hey, Atleast Strasserism and Corporatism influenced you, so it's not all Bad!


    • Francophobia - Kys.
    • Bismarckism - Bro Bismarck, What the Sigma?! Why'd you Create the German Empire under PRUSSIA'S Thumb?!
    • LGBT Atheism - First of all, Coinslots are WAY Better than Joysticks and Secondly, God is Real
    • Furry Assimilationism (aka. Highest Form of Autism) - I absolutely HATE Changed. If only i didn't listen to my Weird Friends telling me to buy this "Super Cool!" and "Fun" Game. It Traumatized me, Possibly many more and completely Ruined our Generation. If a Latex Beast and Adolf Hitler were standing Right in Front of me, i'd Shake hands with Hitler and absolutely Beat the Shit out of this Goo Furry while yelling "KYS!" at the TOP of our Lungs. Anyways, Were was i? Ahh Yes, You are also Auth. Left which is GAY!!1!
    • Antifur (Furry Antifa) - I thought Furry Assimilationism was bad, but you Toped everything. I want you to buy a Gun, Load it, hold it to your Head and just press the Trigger. Seriously, even Furry Assimilationism is more Based than you. Atleast they like Totalitarianism.



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