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    File:Verjilozism Flag.png
    Flag of Verjilozism

    This is the ideology of Sorcer Verjiloz. It wants the world to be united under a single unitary government based in Jerusalem by force. There must be no restrictions on immigration. The nationalism and independence in the world must cease. All can immigrate to a global Abrahamic Theocracy state which will serve those who believe in the God of Abraham. It is fanatic religious (theocratic) traditionalist anti-nationalist fanatic globalist, extremely militarist, authoritarian, unitary, and economically centrist.

    It believes firmly in that those who are People of the Book worshipping one God will be saved on the Day of Judgement.

    Political Organization

    Verjilozism opposes democracy. It believes everything should be run by religious institutions no matter what the people think. It opposes Monarchies even more though. Because they lead to heretic materialistic lifestyles by giving all power and riches to one person. So Verjilozism wants to have Oligarchy. Religious councils for each sect of Abrahamism to decide their rulings and religious law.

    People must be observed at all times through surveillance and maximized data collection to find out who among the people of the world is most religious. They will be put into the government to decide its policies based off of religious texts. It makes sense that as long as the government is only made up of the most religious then there would be no corruption because religious people are the most noble.

    It also does not want a rigid hierarchy. As all people are equal in the eyes of God except by their piety. So the government will not be considered above the people but must act as intermediaries to The Deity so that people can serve Him so they will unlimited authority.

    Economic Organization

    The main focus is on global economics and free trade believing that opening up borders and achieving inter-dependence and removing more and more barriers to unity will allow there to be more unity in the world. If nations refuse to integrate they must be conquered with force and members of Abrahamic religions should work to do it.

    To have free trade though we must use capitalism somewhat. Communism has never worked in the real world and economies without any capitalism usually collapse. But still those who worship devoutly cannot be left to die if they don't work or if the system of economics and business owners is harsh to them.

    But it does not believe in Welfare. It believes that the government must use taxes to fund religious organizations who can directly help the poor or make people more religious and therefore generous who will give to the poor making it a win-win.

    The government should also get funding by owning corporations or businesses so that it can profit and use its money to fund its religious initiatives. This is why Verjilozism supports State Capitalism.

    Also healthcare and basic necessities like housing, food, roads, electricity, are funded so people can live and worship.

    People should not devote themselves to work but God. So in some cases it accepts automation and technological development. But it is skeptical because genetic modification and transhumanism interferes with God's creation and perfection so it must be opposed.

    The government should also have fully public schools where people are separated by gender and religion with specifically tailored religious curricula for each group even through university where people must have a religious degree in addition to the degrees they choose.

    Societal Organization

    Culture is irrelevant as long as people worship God and abide by their religious principles and laws of their chosen religion which will be strictly enforced mainly through the interpretations of the scholars of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

    If there is conflict between what religious texts forbid it will apply to followers of a specific religion independently like Muslims not being allowed to eat pork or consume alcohol but followers of Christianity being able to.

    It believes that only accepting one culture leads to nationalism and identitarianism, so to encourage unity among the Abrahamic religions all cultures are accepted.

    Degenerate and immoral activities forbidden by religion like being gay, abortion, transgenderism, drugs, porn, will not be allowed. Traditional family values are enforced.

    Idolaters and polytheists will not be allowed to exist as they commit blasphemy against God. They will be taught monotheism and Abrahamism not too harshly so that conversion may be successful. But if they still refuse to accept Abrahamism they will be killed. However we should still try to maximize the believers in the world so we will punish both the blasphemers and criminals until they submit and the death will used as the final solution once the other options are exhausted.


    Born in East Jerusalem, through the horrors that destroyed his homeland Sorcer Verjiloz knew that nationalism must be opposed. He immigrated to the United States with his family so that he could be in safety. His family had long been established in the United States, unable to return to the Palestinian homeland, but they had lived in Jerusalem for a short time so that Verjiloz may be born in the holy city as they were. Sorcer Verjiloz understood the need for unity of the Abrahamic religions seeing as his family were divided among followers of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. He believed the whole world must accept refugees and not fight over culture, but rather everyone should join together in worship for God, this provides the basis for his Globalism.

    How to Draw

    [[File:|thumb|220x220px|Flag of Verjilozism ]]

    Color Name RGB HEX

    Personality and Behavior

    Unfaltering in its beliefs and changing between formality and casuality depending on the situation is what this ball would do, when talking to people of authority he is formal and shows respect, he talks less formally to his peers but will disengage when they show aggression, he believes enemies must be taken on together in numbers and talks badly of heretics and blasphemers.



    • Abrahamic Theocracy - The People of the Book have to work together and worship
    • Cosmocracy - You have a unitary world government which is perfect but you use it for space exploration instead of religion enforcement time to change what you're used for
    • Globalism - We are first and foremost citizens of the Earth
    • Environmentalism - Preserve God's creation don't destroy it
    • State Capitalism - The economy can only be sustained with a competitive market but the state can profit from it too


    • World Federalism - You claim to be for world unity divide people up into subdivisions this can cause nationalism again
    • Democracy - Having a government by the people for the people is not a bad idea, but we should make sure only truly good religious people have power to make decisions


    • Nationalism - Nations are obsolete and only get in the way of uniting the People of the Book
    • Monarchism - Even if you claim to have a 'theocracy' you are a hypocrite living lavishly and materialistically not putting your wealth to good use serving God.

    Political Test Placements


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    Further Information


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