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    Venturism is a real ideology based on the André Ventura's Tought and his political party in Portugal. The ideology is culturally right, and Authoritarian Right.

    Biography of André Ventura

    André Ventura or André Claro Amaral Ventura is a Law professor (in the NOVA University Lisbon); leader of the portuguese political party, CHEGA. Born in the 15th January of 1983, André Ventura, at the age of 14, wanted to be a priesthood, but couldn't progress the studies because he fell in love. Later, he licensed in law.

    Professional career



    The history of Venturism is pretty complex. All starts when it was one deputy of the political party in Portugal, PSD, when the party wasn't doing nothing about the problems of the gypsy community. For being against the gypsy community, because the big majority of the murderings in Portugal were made up by gypsy's. principally in Lisbon. Trying to warn the parliament about the consequences in the future, he was nicknamed "racist" and "xenophobic". In 2018 he created his own political party, CHEGA. By himself, he created the party, because he couldn't take anymore the status-quo, and the total acceptance of the ilegal immigrants, the easy mode of adquiring the portuguese citizenship, and the gypsy community.


    The ideology believes in a Portugal without any communist party, because they were horrifying in the past, and they've proven enough to their people.

    Venturism believes that Portugal should be hard to obtain the citizenship. The immigrant should know the language of Portugal.

    Venturism trust in a free market, and the nation is the best.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Venturism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw the territory of Portugal in the middle.
    3. Draw a blue rectangle in the middle of the portuguese territory that you've drawn before.
    4. Write "Chega" in the middle of the blue rectangle.
    5. Draw the eyes.

    You're done.

    Personality and Behavior

    Venturism is a really serious ideology, and it can speak portuguese sometimes.



    • Kingdom of Portugal - You were more democratic than all the republics that the portuguese people witnessed.
    • Democracy - Great system, and I don't want to be alone when I am protecting it!
    • Eco-Capitalism - We need conservatism and capitalism to combat the global warm.


    • LGBTism - I mean, I am not homophobic, but oh god, you really have big problems coming to your own community.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - I'd rather to live in an ancapistan than in the deplorable state that Portugal is right now. But I'll not abandon my fatherland, but thanks for the offer. Also, not everything needs to be privatized, the TAP needs to, but not everything.
    • Salazarism - I know, you were a dictatorship. But I like you because you hated the commies. Now, your effort to ban the parties that had and early now have a bad history, was in vain, the portuguese constitution only bans pro-military or fascist parties. Communist parties aren't banned here, but at the same time, meh, you were a dictator, you forced your own people to have your own opinion. And, to end my opinion and probably of some people that voted in my party, thanks for fixing the horrible state of the portuguese economy in the 20s.


    • Marxism-Leninism - UGH! I'm tired of you calling me "fascist" in the parliament! And I know that it is illegal to do, but now: Why you don't get punished? Something says that Portugal now is a oligarchy. 25 of april didn't remove the elites.
    • Anti-Roma - Just because I don't like the way that the gypsies are going doesn't mean that I fully hate them. Also, you always look like him.
    • Nazism - I hate you. I wish you never existed.
    • National Capitalism - No. Just because you have the same economic policies as I do, doesn't mean I like you. I fully criticise you because of your anti-liberty policies, and discriminatory policies.
    • Fascism - I hate you. Some people call me a fascist, but I defend the markets, and you don't. Your theorist (Benito Mussolini) once said: “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State.”. So we can tell that you ARE a commie. So, you are cringe.

    Further Information


    André Ventura


    Youtube Channel of the Political Party


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