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    Venezolanolibertarianism or Anti-Bolivarian Libertarianism is a Libertarian Unity anti-ideology which opposes Bolivarism.pngBolivarianism, Chavismo.pngChavismo, the Authleft.pngLeftist Authoritarians and anyone who would side with Bolivarianism.


    He started in 2014, one year after Chavismo.pngNicholas Maduro got elected as president. Oppositions against him started since Venezuela started to be in a crisis, and Venbert was born. Also, even though recognized later than the start of the oppositions, File:Venbert.pngJuan Guaidó founded the ideology.

    How to draw

    File:Venbert Flag.svg
    Flag of Venezolanolibertarianism
    1. Draw a red-filled ball
    2. Draw 2 stripes in Yellow and Blue on the upper half of the ball
    3. Draw a rhombus
    4. Draw a black rectangle inside of the rhombus, make sure it's touching the sides, and taadaa!
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Boston University Red 204, 0, 0 #CC0000
    Zaffre 0, 0, 153 #000099
    Tangerine 255, 204, 0 #FFCC00
    White 255, 255, 255 #FFFFFF
    Arsenic 54, 54, 54 #363636


    Is nice to all other libertarians, also moderately nice to Authrights with a side of wanting to prank them, but will do ANYTHING to get Authlefts out of his vision, especially Bolivarianism, but will exclude those who are related to his friends.




    • Conserv.pngConservatism - You tried.
    • Trumpism.pngTrumpism - Also tried. Plus did storm the capitol but atleast he wouldn't raise taxes.
    • Bidenism.pngBidenism - Champ of the election. He raised taxes but he isn't as racist as Trumpism.pngTrump.
    • Caudillo.pngCaudillismo - Dad of both me and that Bolivarism.pnghellspawn
    • Libmarx.pngLibertarian Marxism - Too leftist, but atleast on the same row!
    • Distributist.pngDistributism - An Authleft, but is dad to my Distlib.pngfriend.


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