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    "We will improve society, whether society likes it or not.”

    Vaushism is economically left, culturally far left ideology that wishes to reform the liberal democratic system into a Democratic Socialist one while eventually overthrowing it through a revolution that would establish a Libertarian Market Socialist society that would eventually transition into Anarcho-Syndicalism.


    Vaush started his online presence as an anarcho-syndicalist who took heavy inspiration from Noam Chomsky in his ideological analyses (although he would eventually condemn Noam Chomsky for his opinions on Russia) believing in overthrowing the status quo and establishing an anarcho-syndicalist society that would work through the workers having ownership of the means of production and liquid democracy flowing from the power of local syndicates, basing this on a belief that all authority should be questioned and that it is valuable to achieve democracy in most means, this including the work place, as he would compare the rejection of kings through a republican system with the rejection of bosses through a socialist one. However with the passage of time Vaush has somewhat moderated into taking less anarchist positions, while still claiming to believe in anarchist principles and being heavily anti-authoritarian, Vaush has questioned the methods and political theory of modern anarchist movements, mostly of the post-left variety , leading to him distancing from anarchism and taking a libertarian market socialist stance.


    Vaush believes that the best way to achieve utilitarian harm reduction is for people to utilize diverse aims to move towards a more democratic, libertarian and socialist society.

    To be more specific, Vaush believes that the left should pursue its aims through a diversity of tactics, utilizing of any powerful positions to push for leftist ideas such as democratic elections, protests, riots, revolution and spreading the socialist message with whatever means socialists can occupy, such as high media positions, video essays, debates, and so on. Vaush sees democracy as a system of governance with checks and balances that guarantee the liberty of its citizens, as such a strong democracy should be establish where the people hold political power and are allowed to influence society and where their human rights are protected.

    Though believing in Defensive Democracy and defending authoritarian means when deemed necessary to still maintain a net gain in freedom (such as in his defence of Sankara's authoritarian actions) Vaush is a strong believer in Libertarianism believing that authoritarian influence in government tends to lead to lesser quality of life of the members of a society and that authoritarians must be opposed through violent means, furthermore Vaush believes that socialism is what can achieve the ideals of the enlightment and libertarianism, that of liberty, equality and fraternity, Vaush views Marx's ideology as one mainly focused on freedom, stating that Marx didn't care about equality and that focus and objective of socialism is to build a libertarian, free society.

    Socialism as defined by Vaush is simply an ideology that proposes the worker's control the means of production and decommodification of necessities, so it would better manifest through the existance of Worker Cooperatives who would engage in a market system and be owned not by a civillian government or a single boss, but collective by the workers who work there and their leader would be voted on like in republican systems, while this would be the case for most of society, "unelastic markets", that is, industries that provide necessities for human life, such as housing, healthcare, electricity, food, and thus can't fairly participate in the market system and their commodification allows for people to go without these necessities, would be decommodified and owned collectively by everyone in the society.

    Alongside that Vaush also believes society is always transitioning to a new step, so even though that Libertarian Market Socialist society would eventually transition into an anarcho-syndicalist one, that too would keep "evolving" into freer and fairer systems as long as socialist values are maintained




    • Bidenism - I'm supporting you until the inauguration. After that, I'm never going to stop shitting on you. Right? Wait, did you just bust a railworker's strike? Not cool, jack!
    • Destinyism - Why did the lefty arc have to happen? Also, I feel like I've outpaced him, intellectually.
    • Alt-Right Femboyism - The old me was to say the least... complicated.
    • Marxism–Leninism - Some of you (especially Sankara) are okay, but you're followers really need to stop denying genocide.
    • Anarchism - I'm still an anarchist at heart, but please stop being so silly with some of your discourse
    • Chomskyism - The only good thing you wrote was manufacturing consent (of course, i only have this opinion after you sided with Russia)


    • Anti-Vaush Leftists - "Yeah, enjoy your Left, built on weakness and a collective inability to criticize one another. I'll be over here building my left, which isn't full of mentally ill crybabies desperately craving out safe spaces and whining about criticism. Debate it if you want, elsewise fuck off."
    • Libertarianism - Has an incredibly childish understanding of economics.
    • Transphobia - Cringe! Everyone on my stream go to their social media and call them out!
    • Shapiroism - I hate everything about you. You can't even do FACTS and LOGIC right!
    • Pragerism - Unironic Slave Apologist and corporate think tank.
    • Nazis - UNIRONIC NAZI! BANNED!!!
    • National Bolshevism - Your just the person above but in a cringe disguise... BANNED!!!
    • Ethnonationalism - Nazis!
    • N-Word Accelerationism - IT WAS ONE TIME!
    • Pretty much any Nationalist Ideology - All of you are basically racist cringe rednecks anyways. Even including you.
    • Left-Accelerationism - Sorry, voting for Trump or not voting at all will not nor ever will be leftist.
    • Sargonism - I destroyed you in my second debate with you.
    • Anarcho-Gambling and Gambliarchy - Ban casinos!
    • Second Thought Socialism - You're not a socialist, you're just a fascist who uses socialist rhetoric when it's convenient for you.[3]

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