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    Vanitsynism is liberal, democratic but usually leaning authoritarian and often softly conservative ideology. Although Dmitriy Vanitsyn is culturally ambiguous politician.






    • Authoritarian Capitalism — Privatisation and Austerity goes brrrr... Wait, authoritarianism and undemocratic stuffs?
    • Authoritarian Democracy — I'm FULLY democratic!Except Kisen war and authoritarian laws.
    • Centralism — Cringe but Balaganov likes you...
    • Christian Democracy — I'm mostly christian and we both like democracy... But secularism is good. I won't add some biblean fragments in the constitution.
    • Islamic Democracy — Kisenian opposition is gigachad, and you sound good. But some of your supporters hates me for war.
    • Liberal Hawkism — Cold War has over, buddy! But thanks for helping in Kisen.
    • National Conservatism — Fellow nationalist but why radical conservatism?
    • Neoconservatism — My western friend but why interventionism? Western dominance is cringe. We will break the imperialism and hegemony, don't restore it!
    • Paternalistic Conservatism — Very weird guy... I don't like when you are too welfarist and conservative.
    • Populism — A will of the people is a way!Until they support dirty red scums.
    • Social Democracy — It is good you don't want to destory capitalism, but austerity is good, trust me!
    • Social Liberalism — Liberal comrade but some more welfare.
    • Third Way — Better version of two above but hawkism is cringe.


    • ALA Group — Stop to shoot my parliament and destabilise the state!
    • Developed Socialism — Hardliner and the reason why mersian economics is awful!
    • Fourth Theory — Just regular terrorist. The West is the friend!
    • Jihadism — How dare you? Prepare to die! *Noise of the tanks*
    • Marxism–Leninism — Scum, I hate you and everything you built!
    • National Communism — I don't care that you want the independence! You are still dirty commie!
    • Stashism — Idiot, market economy and westernism are based!
    • Theory of Modern Socialist Principle — Filthy commie, how dare you to remove me? But Zamkov and Dangsai are based, and Kopytin advocates for privatisation.
    • Tridinamism — Bye-bye! Your time has over!



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