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    Valgslandian Socialism is a unique socialist theory developed by Valgslandian revolutionary Emmerich Hegel, drawing inspiration from Leon "Malenyev" Chavatangakwunua's Malenyevism. This political and economic model diverges from traditional socialism by advocating for a decentralized structure based on labor union federations and people's assemblies, rather than relying on a vanguard party of the proletariat to lead the revolution.


    Syndicalism and Workers' Councils

    One of the key principles of Valgslandian Socialism is its opposition to the centralization of power and authority in the hands of a single party. Instead, it promotes the establishment of labor union federations, which are seen as vital instruments for representing the interests of the working class and providing a platform for workers to participate in decision-making processes. This approach aims to empower workers and ensure that the socialist revolution is driven by the collective will of the people, rather than imposed from above by a centralized authority.


    Another crucial aspect of Valgslandian Socialism is its commitment to replacing the state with a federal, economic organization of society. This vision seeks to create a more egalitarian and participatory system, where decisions are made collectively through democratic processes, including people's assemblies and labor unions. In this model, regional and local governments would enjoy greater autonomy, with decision-making power devolved to the grassroots level.


    Hegel's theory emphasizes the importance of transitioning from a statist form of socialism to a decentralized structure in order to achieve the goals of the socialist revolution. In his view, retaining centralized control over the economy within the state apparatus would ultimately stifle innovation, hinder economic growth, and perpetuate inequality. By contrast, a decentralized system based on a federal democracy would promote cooperation, shared decision-making, and a more equitable distribution of resources.


    Hegel, the founder of Valgslandian Socialism, enacted extensive laws to remove the cult of personality of his predecessor, Wilhelm Ulbrik, a totalitarian Malenyevist dictator, as well as rehabiltiating the victims of the purges, despite himself being involved in those purges. He also reformed the state planned system to dencentralize the economy, as well as partial democratization with relative liberal reforms in the domestic sphere. Therefore, Valgslandian Socialism is a more democratic and moderate departure from the hardline Malenyevist policies of Ulbrik.

    Sordish Socialism

    Sordish Socialism, code named by the prominent Sordish communist figure Denis Stahler, is a regional variant of Valgslandian in the Republic of Sordland. Unlike Hegel's Valgslandian Socialism, Sordish Socialism believes in electoral democracy and rejects revolutions in general. Sordish Socialism is also much more anti-authoritarian and anti-militarist due to its heavy opposition to Sollism and Tarquin Soll's authoritarian and militaristic policies. Sordish Socialism also has characteristics of libertarian socialism.



    • Marcianism - Greatest comrade to have ever lived!
    • Malenyevism - Comrade! You and your ideas have brought tremendous progress of the international socialist movement. But why so authoritarian? State planned economy is kinda meh and I prefer a country governed by decentralized workers councils.
    • Smolakism - Left-wing nationalist gang!
    • Left-wing nationalism - Liberate the oppressed Vaglish people on Hejisland and bring historical justice to our people persecuted by Pales!
    • Titoism - Yugoslavian comrade who have similar ideas of mine on decentralization and workplace democracy, but he split from the Socialist Bloc....
    • Khrushchevism - I too loves banging shoes!
    • Castroism - We both installed missiles from the socialist camp, let imperialism tremble!
    • Morellan Social Democracy - Comrade Saltana is starting the socialist revolution in Morella!
    • Democratic Socialism - I democratized Vaglsland and our country is proud of its excellent human rights record that is even recognized by the imperialist-dominated OMEC!
    • Goulash Communism - He is just like me: we both likes reforms and hates the hardliners in our party, but we also brought our country closer to the Socialist Bloc.

    Trade Partners

    • Sollism - My Sordish variant hates you for being an anti-communist, but I have no strong feelings towards you and we can still do business as usual.
    • Libertarian Socialism - My Sordish variant is literally you but you are way too liberal even by my standards......
    • State Socialism & Market Socialism - You both have fine ideas but I prefer an economy run by the decentralized councils.
    • Rizia - I absolutely detests monarchies but it's in our mutual interest to work together against the ATO and Lespian imperialists.


    • Imperialism - DEATH TO IMPERIALISM!!! But Malenyev's social imperialism is fine by me.
    • Ulbrikism - Sorry not sorry for denouncing you and your legacy.
    • Lespian Protectionism - Imperialist scum and arch-reactionary! You are just an Arcasian western agent who wants to keep Southern and Eastern Merkopa in chains!
    • Arcasian Capitalism - DEATH TO THE WEST! DEATH TO THE ATO!!
    • Pales - Murderers!!!! Your ancestors slaughtered the Vaglish revolutionaries and people!

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