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    Valentinism is an AuthRight, Culturally Left, Debatably Liberal, but definitely Anti-Democratic ideology of Polcompball user ValentineTheCat, or Reddit user u/KoshkiVKorobke. They're pretty much a Libtard who read Hans Hermann Hoppe's Democracy The God That Failed, and thought Anarchism wouldn't work, so they embraced Autocracy. Note, they do not remotely believe Autocracy is a good system, they just believe it's the least worse system.

    Valentinism's economic views are best summarized as a variant of Social Capitalism.

    Capitalism or Socialism
    Valentinism favors Capitalism, but like most things, they do not remotely believe it to be perfect, it just believes it's the least worse. One of it's big reasons is when combined with markets, the people best at managing the economy will almost always rise to the top, this does not mean they believe they won't ever fail, or that they are even remotely good people (Because they almost certainly aren't), it just means they are the best suited. It's proof for this is that unions are barely noticeable in any economy that doesn't enforce them in some manner. W.I.P

    On Welfare
    Valentinism believes in a medium-sized welfare state to ensure that people unable to work get the money they need, or people who do work get enough extra money to have an enjoyable life. They do not believe that people who are able to, and don't work should get welfare, they are leeches to society, and they must be shown that. They believe in public insurance, and want to make sure every child is able to afford quality education, as they deserve. On top of that, the more welfare, the more people able to participate in markets, which in turn means more people good at making economic decisions making the economic decisions. W.I.P

    Business Regulations
    Valentinism believes corporations only look out for their own profit, and will do anything to get it, as explained in the book The Dictator's Handbook, so they require regulations. However, they view this as an extreme problem because this means the people best suited to make economic decisions aren't the ones making them, so they believe regulations should be minimal, and handled as carefully as possible. Regulations they deem necessary are environmental regulations, regulations to protect animals, regulations to prevent slavery, regulations to prevent monopolies. A regulation currently in place that they don't deem necessary is the minimum wage. W.I.P


    Valentinism favors a Progressive Land Value Tax for reasons explained in the book Progress and Poverty, an Eco-Tax, a corporate tax (Although, corporate taxes should be relatively low), a sales tax, among others. They also want to abolish the progressive income tax system, as it only discourages working, and hurts the economy. W.I.P





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    • Brazilian Liberalism (////): Free up the markets a bit, please, also Democracy is cringe, but based otherwise. Your ideology would improve your country a lot, so hopefully more people with similar ideals to you in your country get into power.
    • Glencoeism: You seem alright, your not an Anarchist at least, and you believe in the most sensible form of Socialism(Market Socialism). However, mega based on the harm principle, although if you believe it should apply to children, the mentally ill, and criminals, I'm not a big fan (Which I'm not sure if you do believe so, so if you could clarify in your page that'd be cool)

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    Glencoe - Very Interasting the 3rd or phreaps 4th state liberal here any way add me. Also reject Autocracy embrace Oligharcial Democracy.
    • Valentinism - Added, just please give me five balls to represent your ideology, don't add me, because my page isn't done, also when your finished with your page, I'll (Probably) change where I put you, just so y'know beforehand.
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