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    "Should i kill myself, or have a cup of coffee?"

    Albert Camus

    Uzarashvilism (or Bastionism) is a political and philosophical ideology of Uzarash that consists of Existentialism Syncretic Socialism and Alternative (Bastioneer) Nationalism

    Philosophical Thought and Influences of this shizo

    So there will be my main ideas and views, then you see my wacky political ideology

    • Existentialism
    • Individualism
      • Romanticism
      • Altruism
    • Absurdism
      • Irrationalism
      • Camusianism
    • Pessimism
      • Schopenhauerism
      • Realistic Pessimism
    • Mysticism
    • Feminism
      • Individualist Feminism
      • Men's Liberation
    • Aestheticism
      • Technoromanticism
      • Solarpunk
      • Lunarpunk
    • Religious Syncretism
      • Sikhism (Sympathetic)
      • Buddhism (Sympathetic)
      • Zoroastrianism (Sympathetic)
    • Christianity
      • Jesus Christ's Thought
      • Orthodox Church (Baptised, now sceptical)
      • Lutheranism (Sympathetic)
    • Paganism
      • Pantheism
      • Kartvelian and Abkhaz Faith Restoration
      • Slavic Paganism (Sympathetic)
      • Shintoism (Sympathetic)

    Doctrine of Ideology

    Mixed Economics

    • Market Socialism
      • Cooperative Economics
      • Eco-Cooperativism
    • Social Market Economy
      • Socialist ESME
      • Welafrism
      • Keynesian School
    • Distributism
    • Social Corporatism
      • Folkhemmet
      • Guild System


    • Anti-Imperialism
    • Classical Nationalism
      • Romantic Nationalism
    • Universal Nationalism
    • Cultural Nationalism
      • Polyculturalism
      • Civic-Cultural Nationalism
      • National Palingenesis
      • National Mysticism
    • Left-wing Nationalism
      • Revolutionary Nationalism
      • Alter-Globalism


    • Semi-Direct Democracy
      • Direct Democracy (on Regional level)
    • Individual Freedom
      • Freedom of Speech
    • Decentralization
      • Federalism
      • Localism

    Cultural Syncretism

    • Cultural Pragmatism
    • Social Progressivism
      • National Progressivism
      • Anti-Racism
      • Secularism
      • Pro-Choice
      • Christian Progressivism
    • Cultural Conservatism
      • Homoconservatism (Moderate)
      • Anti-Trans
      • Anti-Woke Culture
      • Cultural Christianity
    • Feminism
      • Wollstonecraftian Feminism
      • Gender Roles Abolitionism
      • Religious Feminism

    About Bastion

    The idea of Bastion is pretty simple - To create a state that protects it's Nation (citizens) both physically and economically. To do that, we shall lead our state to:

    • Socialism
    • Cultural Rebirth
    • National Palingenesis
    • Freedom of Soul

    This ideology believes that state is actually a negative institute of legalised violence and enforcement. However, in material reality, state is needed to achieve our goals. So we shall make a state that reduces the bad internals of it.

    What Bastion stays against?

    There are some things that I and my idea opposes, because i believe that these are not beneficial to Soul. Some of these are:

    • Plutophilia and Materialism
    • Authoritarian Systems and Autocracies
    • Ultra-Modernism
    • Social Reactionaryism
    • Markets Worship

    and etc.

    What is a Nation?

    The question of National Identity is complicated, but could be systematised. I believe that Nation is a Cultural Condition of a Soul of Individual. It's an energy that exists in soul of a National Individual that strengthens their Creative Energy and makes unity between individuals of common culture. National Identity consists of:

    • Race - genetic condition of an individual that means actually anything in philosophical or political spheres, it just makes a person's material appearance.
    • Ethnos - "Blood" of a Nation, that exists in an individual from birth. You can't chose your ethnic ancestry, so it doesn't affects politics and philosophy, however it influences your National Identity, because it influences your Cultural National condition.
    • Cultural Nation - the main kind of a Nation, that strongly influences an individual. It's an fundamental factor that affects National Identity, because Nation exists in Soul and contacts with Creative Passion. It can be either a big, united Nation (such as French, Ukrainians or Georgians) or a Local or Regional Sub-Ethic group (such as Occitans, Lemkos or Kakhetians).
    • Civic Nation - also can be called "Feeling of Patriotism" that individual can chose anytime just by achieving citizenship and moving to some State.

    WIP, im lazy


    Very Positive

    • Yoda8soup Thought - A great guy and my old friend, another tea comrade. I like that he also supports Semi-Direct Democracy and overall his political and philosophical views are wise, but i do not support his too warm feelings to Marxism. Also, Celtic Spirituality is ultra-based.
    • - Another based leftist on this wiki, my good friend and a true English Socialist. He influenced me and i influenced him. Overall very good views, especially his acceptance of Christianity while being a progressive is very wise.
    • - A legendary Frisian guy that has very wise regionalist nationalist views. We are actually very same, especially the fact that we are both of little nations (Frisians and Mingrelians) and we both want to save our beautiful cultures. However i do not support Statism.
    • - King of this wiki. I always enjoyed his bizarre views, because we are actually very same, im just much more Nationalist and Republicanist than him. Also, we both like Paganism and our economic values are same too.


    • - Bro changed his ideology pretty fast but still pretty nice, however became less interesting and too left, just ring back Fiume and nationalism and would be ultrabased.
    • Blue Nephalem Thought - A nice Libby with good economic views, overall good ideology, literally me when i was moderate. Would be much better if he accepted Nationalism.


    • WaffeniK - I do not like your Fascist, Masculist and Authoritarian tendencies, but it's bizarre how similar we are. We're both enjoyers of Sansepolcrismo, Paganism, Distributism and etc. So this is my Japanese Aggressive counterpart



    • - Not too bad, but actually just a Libertarian Marxist Shizoguy with typical Marxist analysis of reality, and i disagree with this analysis and your collectivist ideals. However, the fact that you're not a typical commie is a relief.

    Very Disagreeable

    • Constantine - Pretty interesting ideology, however my polar opposite (Anti-Nationalism, Reactionaryism, Elitism, Plutocracy, Anti-Paganism). But we are both Individualists and Existentialists and Enjoyers of Principalities


    • - Please add me once you get a "relationships" section, fellow tea enjoyer.
      • Of course i wil bruv
    • - Heyo, it's Goober again... Yeah, I am also surprised I managed to change my views so quickly, but I hope it's okay if I ask you to add my new self insert.
      • okey
    • - Add me? :)
      • Okey :)
    • Constantine - Are you an old friend of his? (He always talked to me about you but I never talked to you) Anyways, add me if you want.
      • Yeah, I was a good friend of that Australian guy, sad he’s gone. I will add you soon bruv
    • WaffeniK - add me〜
      • Alr boi
        • WaffeniK - thank, and I add you back it!
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