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    Uzarashvilism.pngUzarashvilism is economically CLeft.pngcentre-left, culturally Cultcenter.pngcentristSemidirect.png,democratic and Soc.pngsocialist ideology, based on ideas of Uzarashvili Louka.

    Political Journey of Uzarashvilism.pngUzarash:

    Kak.pngModer.pngOrth.pngRussophilia.png --> Orthlen.pngNeomarx.pngMarxfem.pngAntifa.png --> Socdem.pngModnat.pngCosmo.pngProg-u.png --> Uzarashvilism.png(Liberalsoc.pngProgconf.png3princ-col.pngCivnat.png)

    Uzarashvilism.pngMain Belief, "Bastioni Theory"

    Bastioni Theory is idea of a system of Dem.pngdemocratic, Equality.pngsocialist and Human.pnghumanist state, ruled by people itself.It supports moral society, based on christian values and compromise between Prog-u.pngprogress and Conservative.pngtradition. The main idea of Bastion is the country, where people of different nationality and religion can live in prosperity and being protected. I also want Agsoc.pngAgrarian system to reform and be in harmony with Envi.pngnature, like our ancestors did. Bastion Theory is built up on 5 principles:

    Equality.pngხალხის ძალა - People power/Socialism and SolidartyDemsocstar.png

    In my concept Soc.pngSocialism is the ideology of people's rule of society and way to slowly and carefully equalise civilians. I think that socialism can't be an authoritarian ideology, because its an opposite to "Rule of People", so there are True (Demsocstar.pngDemSoc, Liberalsoc.pngLibSoc, Marketsoc.pngMarkSoc) and False (ML.pngBolshevism, Mao.pngMaoism, Stalin.pngStalinism) socialists. Also i think that Marxian economics are not working properly, so we need Marketsoc.pngMarket system or HumanisticCapitalism.pngHumanistic Capitalism to achieve our goals. Country's ideals should be built on solidarity and welfare.

    ANC-icon.pngNelson Mandela - I should tie myself to no particular system of society other than of socialism.

    Christsoc.pngMartin Luther King Jr. - Call it Dem.pngdemocracy or call it Demsocstar.pngdemocratic socialism, but there must be a better distribution of wealth within this country for all God's children.

    Neoliberal-icon.pngMikheil Saakashvili - Solidarity was the best thing which happened in the 20th century.

    Luxem.pngRosa Luxemburg - There's no Dem.pngdemocracy without Soc.pngsocialism and no Soc.pngsocialism without Dem.pngdemocracy.

    Marketsoc.pngEconomy and TradeSoccap.png

    I support welfarist and social-oriented Marketsoc.pngmarket economy. Due to inoperability of ML.pngplanned economy, socialism needs some capitalism in our time. I think that the best economic systems are now in Nordmodel.pngScandinavian countries.


    We need a progressive tax to cure injustice in economy. Also every tax should transparent. Georgist.pngLVT is a great thing too.


    Private property is acceptable, but workers should own main production and we need labour unions and Synd.pngsyndicates, to defend workers' rights. Distributist.pngWidespread ownership of property is also really good. Also we need democracy at workplace


    We need regulation of course. The market economy can't survive without state intervention or it will lead to Nazcap-Hat.pngultra capitalism. We need a good and strong Keynes.pngcentral bank.


    The largest threat of human race now is a global warming, so we just need to do more Envi.pngGreen reforms and rise taxes on factories i think. And we should live in harmony with nature like our ancestors did. I support Ectrans.pngTechno-Agrarianism too.

    Liberal Democracy.pngსამართლიანობა - Fair Rule/Democracy and LibertyRepublicanismpix.png

    Dem.pngDemocracy is the most fair system to rule the country and achieve nation's goals. People should participate in governance (Semidirect.pngSemi-Direct Democracy) by participating in Multi-Party Parl.pngParliament. Country's Reform.pngReforms and other actions should be decided by civic referendums. Parliament (Unicameral is actually better than Bicameral i think) will contain different parties, which united to coalitions. But we shouldn't let Awaj.pngRadicalsFash.png to participate in democratic system. Government of the country should be consist of ministries or commissariats, which will perform in different parts of country's life (like Welf.pngHealthcare or Strato.pngMilitary). People should fight for their freedom in authoritarian societies (I call it Revolutionary Democracy).

    SunYatsen.pngSun Yat-sen - Only powerful people have liberty.

    NatProg.pngTheodore Roosvelt - A great democracy must be progressive or it will cease to be a great democracy.

    Demsocstar.pngJawaharlal Nehru - Democracy is good. I say this because other systems are worse.

    Lincolnism.pngAbraham Lincoln - Democracy is "government of, by and for the people".

    Dem.pngVoting SystemSemidirect.png

    We need Semidirect.pngsemi-direct democracy, when every civil can participate in the government of the country. Every election or referendum should be honest.

    Veryradlib.pngYouth PoliticsKak-Dunce.png

    Young people should participant in governance too. In my opinion, people shall get vote rights from 17 years. Also we need to support young politicians and rulers, to avoid Gero.pnggerontocracy and stagnation.

    Welf.pngSocial ProgramsSuccdem.png

    Every civilian has right to get free healthcare and education. We need more government spends on poor people too and the state should Human.pnghelp people in need.

    Progconf.pngტრადიცია და პროგრესი - Tradition and Progress/Social Compromise and Civil Rights.Civilib.png

    Our society should cure meaningless Cultural War. So cultural radicals are very dangerous and i oppose both Gay.pngWokes and Natcon.pngReactionaries. State shall both support equality and save traditions and morality. Im open to new ideas and i like many progressivist ideologists, such as 3princ-col.pngDr. Sun or Ataturk.pngAtaturk, but i don't like it when national traditions are dying out (only if they dont support inequality). Also i dislike homophobia, but i don't really like Gay.pngLGBTQ+ at the same time and it's provocations, like Gay.pngGay Parades. I like religion, but i dislike when it goes reactionary (Like hijabs, opposing female rights or hating gay people). Im Fem.pngfeminist, but i dislike Radfem.pngRadFem anti-male ideas. Morality and religion are the things, that shall give people meaning of life (Antinil.pngAnti-Nihilism) and Progress and modernism should give people hope and equal rights. If we talk about Indiv.pngIndividualism and Community.pngCommunitarianism, im leaning more to Community, so i oppose Ego.pngEgoism and such. But i support individual rights in the same time (Civlibert.pngCivil Libertarianism or LiberalismCivilib.png). I don't like LGRights.pngGun Rights, because its dangerous for civilians. I think that abortion is natural right for every woman, because we can't let children born to bad conditions and ruin their lives. I support Mill.pngHarm Principe too

    Ataturk.pngMustafa Kemal - Everything we see in the world is the creative work of women

    Bud.pngDalai Lama IV - As Buddhists, while we practice our own teaching, we must respect other faiths.

    SocFem.pngSong Qingling - In my mind, there is still the idea of ​​fraternity in the Bible.

    SunYatsen.pngSun Yat-sen - An individual should not have too much freedom. A nation should have absolute freedom.


    I think that religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism etc.) are nice philosophies of fraternity, solidarity and compassion. We should support religious way to modernity and prosperity. I support Laicism.pngLaicism, because church and the state shall be separate.

    Fem.pngGender EqualityMenslibnoears.png

    EVERY of two genders shall be free and i don't know why Male and Female are divided social groups. They born man or woman, why oppression exists still? Also Marxfem.pngMarxist Feminism is based actually.

    Civnat.pngძმური პატრიოტიზმი - Multi-Ethnical Nationalism/Fraternal PatriotismIntercult.png

    Idea of "Multi-Ethnical Nationalism" is about creating a country of equal native nationalities, living in harmony and unity, protecting their sovereignty. Any ethnicity or culture is better than other and in the state there's no main nationality. But to create national unity there should be one official language for interethnic contact and mutual understanding. I don't support Assimil.pngassimilation, because it kills national identities and individual ethnic cultures, so every native nation shall protect it's national culture. Migrants should save their identity too by creating strong diasporas, but they need to learn official language of the country and respect constitution and local rules. I do really support idea of "Five Races Union" and think, that other multiethnic states should accept it too. We shall accept migrants, but control the migration to save stability.

    About Nation.pngNationalism, there are two kinds of Nationalism in my opinion - Adverse Nationalism and Beneficial Nationalism.

    Adverse Nationalism supports chauvinism, racism, conservative ideals and inequality. Adverse nationalists are trying to protect national or racial purity, which is useless and idiotic. Examples: Ethnonat.pngEthnic Nationalism, Natcon.pngNational Conservatism, Racenat.pngRacial Nationalism, Ultranat.pngUltranationalism, WelfChauvin.pngWelfare Chauvinism, Fash.pngFascism, Natbol.pngNational-Bolshevism and etc.

    Beneficial Nationalism supports national solidarity, culture, brotherhood, sovereignty and freedom. Beneficial nationalism are patriots, who don't try to oppress other nations or conquer new lands and they respect other cultures and sovereignty of neighbour states. Examples: Civnat.pngCivic Nationalism, Leftnat.pngLeft Nationalism, Natprog.pngNational Progressivism, 3princ.pngTridemism and Kemal.pngKemalism(except its passion for Cultural Nationalism.pngTurkification).

    SunYatsen.pngSun Yat-sen - The Chinese people have only family and clan solidarity; they do not have national spirit...they are just a heap of loose sand...Other men are the carving knife and serving dish; we are the fish and the meat.

    Ataturk.pngMustafa Kemal - Every nation has the right to demand proper treatment and no country should violate the territory of any other country.

    NatProg.pngTheodore Roosevelt - Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president.

    Ghandi.pngMahatma Gandhi - My nationalism, fierce though it is, is not exclusive, is not devised to harm any nation or individual.

    Catheo.pngSulkhan-Saba Orbeliani - Strength is in unity.

    Multicult.pngEthnic PoliticsCivnat.png

    I love the idea of Multicult.pngMulticultural state without main nationality, where all the ethnics living in peace and solidarity and being united under one flag. I really hate assimilation, because it kills national minorities' cultures. Also i think that we should protect and spread cultures of all our minorities, not only the largest. Civnat.pngCivil Nationalism and Leftnat.pngLeft nationalism are cool ideas and a great alternative to dangerous Ethnonat.pngEthnic Nationalism. Every Native.pngIndigenous peoples need their own autonomy.

    Fed.pngRegional PoliticsDemcon.png

    Country should be divided on different provinces to cure injustice and centralism. Also every nation minority should get it's own autonomous republic. Cities' rights are important too. But country needs strong central government to protect unity and sovereignty of the nation.

    Pac.pngჰარმონიის დაცვა - Protection of Harmony/Pacifist PatriotismSocialistPatriot.png

    Bastion should protect it's civilians from external threats and help other countries to protect their sovereignty from aggressive imperialistic states. State should have strong Strato.pngmilitary to defend the country. I support alliances of countries with same political goals to help themselves in economic and military spheres. But alliances and unions shall not become states, like European Federalism.pngEU did. We shall not intervene in other other countries business, unless they break international rules, like genocide of locals or war crimes. I don't like World.pngGlobalism, because it increases inequality (Neoliberalism-alt.pngEconomic Globalisation) and damages national sovereignty (Anat.pngAnationalism). But we still should support international cooperation in science, healthcare and etc. We shall not start conquer wars against other states, we just should protect own country and help others to do so. We should also support own PolState.pngSecurity, by making police more transparent and educated to protect civilians.

    There are three kinds of Imp.pngImperialism:

    Colonial.pngChauvinistic or Classical ImperialismWhitesup.png: Britain, Third Reich, Fascist Italy, Russian Empire, French Empire, Japanese Empire.

    Stalin.pngRed or Bolshevik ImperialismNeoComBall.png: Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Warsaw Pact.

    Neoimp.pngNew or Liberal ImperialismNeoliberal-icon.png: United States, NATO.

    SunYatsen.png Sun Yat-sen- The whole world is one family.

    Ataturk.pngMustafa Kemal - Peace at home - Peace in the world.

    ChiangKaiShek.pngChiang Kai-Shek - China has no desire to replace Western imperialism in Asia with an Oriental imperialism or isolationism of its own or anyone else.

    Ghandi.pngMahatma Gandhi - Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.


    We should not sponsor army too much, but we still need a strong military force to protect the Uzarashvilism.pngBastion from Imp.pngaggressors. We should not intervene in country conflicts, if it's not the conquer of aggressor. And i actually love Cball-Prussia.pngGerman and Cball-Taiwan.pngROC uniforms.

    Globnat.pngForeign PoliticsAntiimp.png

    I support Globnat.pngAlter-Globalization for its critics of Neoliberal-icon.pngNeoliberal economic globalisation. We should destroy colonial imperial states to protect small nations, but we should not intervene in countries civil wars and own conflicts, because it just leads to Necon.pngImperialism again. Also i like regional unions, but i don't really like European Federalism.pngEU for its federalisation and ultra-progressive politics.


    Trad.pngFolk music, Envi.pngNature, OrthDem.pngFaith, PCB-Anime.pngAnime, Urb.pngLittle old Urban, Monkeyzz-Enlightenment.pngRenaissance, Post-Stalin.pngSoviet and PostSoviet.pngPost-Soviet, Enlightnenment.pngSoul and Illeg.pngJazz music

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