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    Utopian despotism is an off-compass ideology of the far left in the economy, the far right in the cultural and extremely authoritarian. He wants the self to be destroyed, everyone to be Muslim, everyone to be Turkish, and money to disappear. After succeeding in his plan to take over the world, he makes plans to seize the galaxies and establish a solid world order. Because Islam is not just a religion limited to the world.



    A firm devotion to Başyüce is required in order to establish a great order. This commitment also comes with great authority. Başyüce must be able to win the loyalty of the whole world and control the people for his ideals.


    The state sector has now dominated the economy. Companies were dissolved, guild socialism was abolished. Attempts must be made to make money disappear completely. Full joint ownership must be ensured.


    Personalities must be destroyed, everyone must have the same mindset. Only the philosophy of Islam and the philosophy of the New Order should be covered in the philosophy course. Everyone should be Muslim. It is very difficult for non-Muslims to become back Muslims and it causes a waste of time. Therefore, non-Muslims should be destroyed.

    Racial Politics

    The use of racial hierarchy for the economy has ended because there is automation in industry now. All the remaining races must be gathered into a single area like the "Kowloon Walled City" and all races must be wiped out with a single atomic bomb dropped there. Thus, no more harm is done to nature.


    Rural life provides comfort in human collectivization and settlement. Old village life promotes happiness and well-being. However, due to space policies and in order to produce a strong generation, a great development in technology is required. Until we achieve this, resource consumption must accelerate and industrialization must become excessive. For this reason, a generation should be trained to adapt to rural life and use technology.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Utopic Despotism
    • Draw a black flag.
    • Draw the side-turned letter "𐰖".
    • Go over it with "𐰇".
    • It's over.




    Allah - FOR ALLAH!!!

    Başyüce - JUST BAŞYÜCE!!!


    Everyone is either bad or good.




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