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    Ushankism.pngUshankism is an Self-Insert about the thoughts of UshankaBoi22, this ideology is an mixture of 6 principal ideologies that are: Socdem.pngSocial Democracy, Prog.pngProgressivism, Welf.pngWelfarism, Dsa.pngDemocratic Socialism, PCB-Consocf.pngConservative Socialism and Scientocracy Small.pngScientocracy.

    Markets.png Economy Equality.png

    In economics, Ushankism.pngUshankism doesn't like so much a idea of the Lfree.pnglaissez-faire, and that would help more the rich than the poor, so that wouldn't be a great thing, but Ushankism doesn't like a 100% statized economy, so the perfect point is the state have some control, but people can buy and sell thir things normally.

    Liberty.png Civil Sec.png

    In Authority, Ushankism.pngUshankism isn't that authoritarian, but he thinks that atleast a government and laws would help a stabilized country, but, the state can't have control in the life of the citizens all the time, because that would be oppressive. Ushankism protects too the idea of liberty, that don't be controlled by the state would be great for society.

    World.png Diplomatic Nation.png

    In Diplomacy, Ushankism.pngUshankism thinks that the world should be more globalized and less ethnonationalist, Ushankism also thinks about AntiNation.pngAnti-Nationalism is a good idea, such because "supporting your country till your death" is a idiot and stupid thought.

    Trad.png Social Prgess.png

    In Traditions, its a 2-sided coin, he don't support some things that Internet do and cause for humanity, besides that, he dont support people using explicit clothes, but in the terms of evolution of the humanity, he is a progressist.

    Atheism.png Religious Religious.png

    In Religion, he believes that government and the religion shouldn't combine, like theocracies, but, he don't believe that religion should be banned or abolished.

    Envi.png Ecology AnEn.png

    In Ecology, he believes that we should give more care for the nature, that we should find solutions about global warming, and people who invent things that, the global warming is an invention and is the government that is controlling our heads is fake.

    Pac.png Peace or Military? Mil.png

    In Peace, he thinks that we need a peaceful society, because if we have conflits with eachother, we can cause a world war 3, and we'll have nuclear bombs, and that would be good very bad.

    PCB-Ethnonat.png Ethnicity Multicult.png

    In terms of ethnicity, he is completely Multicult.pngMulticulturalist, he think that in a society where every ethnicity is respected and have your own rights, the world would be better than ever.


    Most of the time he is good and happy, but sometimes he is sad with humanity, and even sometimes get isolated from everyone. He hates the ~60% of the internet because the things that he saw. He also want to enter in politics to start an AnAn.pngAnarcho-Anarchist revolution.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Ushankism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it up with red.
    3. Draw a white line vertically on the left side of the ball.
    4. In the center of the flag, draw a green horizontal line.
    5. In the left of the flag, draw a yellow star on top of the green line (or you can do a eyepatch)
    6. Make the eyes and your done!
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Red 255,17,0 #FF1100
    White 255,255,255 #FFFFFF
    Yellow 255,203,33 #F3DA0F
    Lime Green 8,207,8 #08CF08



    Socdem.pngSocial Democracy - Bruh... JUST BASED
    Dsa.pngDemocratic Socialism - Solidarity forever!!!
    Prog.pngProgressivism - Yeah! Let's PROGRESS
    Republicanismpix.pngRepublicanism - Anti-Monarchist? Anti-Righist? What can i say? JUST BASED
    InternetTheory.pngInternet Theory - Yes, the internet is bad and we need to prevent stupid internet users from taking the government.
    Socialism.pngSocialism - Workers of the world, UNITE!
    Anti-NSFW.pngAnti-NSFW - NSFW and its consequences was an disaster for humanity.
    Lula.pngLulism - LULA 2022!!!!!!!!!!!
    Arthurism.pngArthurism - Good Friend (But why you like so much NSFW fr)
    Consocf.pngConservative Socialism - You're kinda based, you defend the workers rights, but why not be more... progressive?
    MC.pngMinecraft - WOW GUYS ITS MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!
    Dem.pngDemocracy - Votes = Equality of decision (but people should vote for the right elected btw)
    Antifa.pngAnti-Fascism - Those damn f*scists need to be killed!
    Thar.pngAnti-Authoritarianism - YEAH!! DICTARTORSHIPS ARE BAAAAAAAAAD!!!
    Envi.pngEnviromentalism - Please, help us to save the Amazon Rainforest!
    Pac.pngPacifism - Aren't all humans, so why just live in peace?
    Multicult.pngMulticulturalism - Why the racism if we all are humans?
    Nihil.pngNihilism - Yeah, humanity will be doomed soon...





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