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    Hello, I'm Matteel. I'm just your average Socdem.png social democrat and Leftnat.png left-wing nationalist roaming the internet. If you want to find my ideological beliefs, go here: MATTball.png American Social Democracy. If you want to find my philosophical beliefs, go here: PhilMatt.png Existential Mattism.

    This user is inactive 1/5/2022 5:33:25 CST

    Matteel (January, 2021 - January, 2022)



    I'm a 19 year old male (as of December, 2022) who resides somewhere in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri. I'm a Mexican American who is medically diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (autism) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Also, I'm Bilingual and can speak American English and Mexican Spanish. English is my native tongue and Spanish is the language I've been learning for a while now, although I don't speak it fluently but I'm proficient in it and I'll probably speak it fluently by the time of 2023 or 2024. Basically, I'm your average social democrat in terms of politics, there's not a whole lot to comment on. I've gotten into politics sometime during the 2016 election and playing strategy games like Hoi4, which I got into sometime during 2017. I've seriously gotten a political understanding of our climate into 2021, the only good candidate I consider in our current climate is Bernie Sanders, I obviously don't like the Democratic party and especially the Republican party, since both uphold the corpocratic status quo that we are currently living under that I so strongly resent. I discovered social democracy as a political ideology through a combination of playing strategy games and taking political tests, which every political test I've taken has yet to not label me as a social democrat because my beliefs have stayed largely consistent.


    Yes.png Likes

    • Sexocracy.png Having sex
    • Sanders.png Bernie Sanders
    • Socdem.png Classical Social Democracy
    • Paleoprog.png Real Progressives NatProg.png
    • Leftnat.png Self-Determination and Anti-Imperialism
    • Civlibert.png Personal Freedom
    • Cballalt-Japan.png Anime
    • Burgsys icon.png Hearts of Iron 4 and other strategy games

    No.png Dislikes

    • Fash.png React.png Political larpers & edgelords who don't leave their basements Altr.png Whitesup.png
    • Nazi.png Necon.png Genocide dieners Dengf.png ML.png
    • Copeservatism.png Modern day conservatism
    • SJW.png Modern day woke culture
    • Auth.png Oppressors of the people
    • Pinkcap.png The disease that is infecting the west Neoliberal-icon.png
    • 3way.png Modern "social democracy"
    • Cultism.png Religion in-general

    Creator Note

    It's been fun here, but by the time you've read this, I've probably already have left. Why is this? Well, It's actually simple. This community is full of uninspired, bratty, larping political edgelords who would never last a single second in their ideal society. You get tired of seeing it after a while because it does take a mental toll on you, which can be seen with how some members within this community went from having relatively normal ideologies to becoming completely unrecognizable due to the toxic influences of this community. I'm not innocent by any means, I did regrettable stuff that I look back now on and cringe. However, I changed my behavior accordingly and learned from those mistakes I made in the past. You can't say the same thing about most of the political edgelords here. So, It's for the best I leave this toxic despot. I'll be happy and smoking the PCB pack once this community dies. Also, I want to thank that one Altr-fat.png neo-nazi whose name I won't mention, the old folks here will remember the event that started during in between the start and mid of 2022. Looking back at everything, I genuinely laugh. I know it sounds weird saying this, because this would be one of the reasons why I would leave, but I guess I just have stockholm syndrome. Anyways, I eyed this community sometime back in January of 2021, and I actually had an account on the FANDOM site before it got 1984'd. I'll be leaving roughly 2 years after I first found this community. Am I leaving politics entirely? No, I'll go out and vote on ballot initiatives I deem important enough to vote on and read the news, but I won't be as involved as I was previously. So yeah, that's it. It was fun looking back at everything that has happened, being here has opened my eyes to so much political view points and I feel as if I came out as a better person because of it[3] due to the fact that I know what to avoid and how to not fall down rabbit holes that don't serve my interests.

    Ideological Journey

    Political Timeline

    Apolit.png -> Apolit.png Soclib.png -> ApolitSocdem.png Sanders.png -> Altl.png Socdem.png -> Modprog.png Socdem.png -> Progress.png Socdem.png -> Modprog.png Socdem.png


    Political Phases

    Apolit.png Apolitical Period (2003 - 2012)

    I know, It's crazy. My childhood had no mention of politics because I wasn't even able to grasp the idea of politics. None of us start political and I was no exception.

    Apolit.png Soclib.png Apolitical Social Liberalism Period (2012 - 2016)

    I still didn't hold a good idea of what our political climate was, but I voiced my support for Obama's candidacy. This was largely because my parents were solidly blue voters, which obviously influenced a lot of my opinions at the time. Although, I lost interest after the election and stop caring up until 2016, but still held vague liberal ideas throughout this period.

    ApolitSocdem.png Sanders.png Apolitical Social Democracy Period (2016 - 2017)

    This is were my political journey truly began. When the election came around, I was old enough to understand our political climate in some limited contexts, which allowed to form the views I held on politics on my own. So, I found myself hating both the candidates Trump and Hillary. However, I found myself discovering politicians like Bernie Sanders who I found quite likable and agreeable. So, I followed them for a little bit until the election was over, which was when I went right back to being apolitical. However, my political journey doesn't end here obviously, because it all came tumbling down when I discovered political videos.

    Altl.png Socdem.png Alt-Lite Phase (2017 - 2019)

    So, as much as a cringe looking back at this now. I had an alt-lite phase, this came from watching "anti-sjw" videos on youtube. So, as you can imagine, I was hostile to things like feminism and transgender people, but still thought abortion rights were cool. Overall, it was confusing and I really dislike this bit of my political journey, I was your average counter-culture atheist at the time who just didn't like political correctness.

    Modprog.png Socdem.png Moderating My Views (2019 - Mid 2021)

    After the shitstorm that was my beliefs during my alt-lite phase started to settle down because of the environment and mindset I was in shifted, I started to become less hostile to things like feminism and warmed up to progressive ideals. Although, I still hated things like political correctness and identity politics, but still found myself disagreeing with the majority of conservative view points. It was also around this time I stopped being transphobic. I just became way more mature in my beliefs, it was also around this time I watched some breadtube content which also influenced my ideas.

    Progress.png Socdem.png Progressive Social Democrat Phase (Mid 2021 - Mid 2022)

    After warming up to progressive ideals for a long time, I started to go down progressive rabbit holes and became more socially progressive. I held progressive ideas on things like feminism, gay rights, and started to embrace things like multiculturalism. So, I was your average progressive, a self-described progressive left-populist social democrat. Although, I started to realize that I was abandoning my original beliefs when I started to buy into socially progressive idpol, which made me realize that I had to take a step back.

    Modprog.png Socdem.png Modern Period (Mid 2022+)

    So, as you can imagine, this is the modern period of my beliefs. I took a complete 180 to were I was previously, although I adopted some new ideals, and it felt really good to do so. It felt as if I betrayed some of my previous values going into the phase I did and I came out better because of it. I abandoned populism sometime during November of this year and adopted Georgism. So, I'm basically your average left-liberal, and that's the end of my political journey.

    Basedness Quiz

    If you want to know if you're on my good side ideologically, then you can take this quiz. Here's how it works, if you agree with one of the following statements, you get full points. If you partly agree, you get half. If you disagree, you get zero points. For example: I like cats (10), "I agree with this". You get 10 points.
    • A nation is defined by a group of people that share a common heritage and language. (10)
    • I oppose the Imperial powers of the West & East, and support diplomatic neutrality. (10)
    • I support LGBT rights. (10)
    • I'm a feminist who supports gender equality. (5)
    • A women has a right to abort a fetus because it is her body. (5)
    • Decriminalize all drugs. (5)
    • I'm an environmentalist. (10)
    • I support a semi-direct democracy. (10)
    • The individual should be free to desire their own passions and hobbies, free from all unnecessary coercion. (10)
    • The government should have direct state ownership over sizable parts of the economy. (5)
    • I support the welfare state. (5)
    • I'm a political reformist. (5)
    • I support secularism. (5)
    • Worker's should have the right to democratically control the workplaces they work at. (5)

    Contributions I've made to this wiki

    Pages I've made

    Pages I've edited

    Templates I've made

    Test Results


    1. Referring to the Ed Milliband
    2. here's a little Easter egg, if you wanna see my old reddit account I made back in 2018: u/TheGayestLad (the name is ironic i swear)
    3. I mean this just in the fact that it allowed me to become more politically literate. In actuality, I felt as if I became a worse person. Not because my personality or anything, just because of the fact I feel empty inside after everything I've seen. I know politics is not a two dimensional plane and the American conception of politics is not a good example of how to conceptualize politics, I've always known this. But, I've never had these views legitimized to me in such a way that I didn't have an immediate adverse reaction to seeing such, and just ignored it. The biggest thing that broke me was how casually stated these views were stated and phrased in such ways that slowly eroded my intolerance towards such views. I held a genuinely negative view of all of this stuff because of my previous attitude that was very based on the idea of what I thought made society good. This attitude is represented in my past reddit comments. Although, It's a bit more complicated then that, But, I came to this attitude through learning a lesson previously before this community and just feeling awful with myself, I was able to come to this conclusion because I never seriously believed in the ideals I had, so it was easy to get out once I went into a more friendly environment that I naturally felt as if I resonated with. Any time it would get questioned, I could just easily rub it off since it was just something that didn't resonate with me because such views were not normalized to me, which made it easily ignorable. That's what made my attitude towards coming off as a moderate person easy. That attitude I had that legitimately gave me meaning in my life and went unquestioned has now all but vanished, and I just feel forsaken as a person. The only legitimate way I can overcome that feeling is by forgetting a lot of the stuff I saw here and never coming back. I'm not changing my beliefs. In fact, I have solidified by beliefs, and I know now that I genuinely believe in more than I did previously. But, I had to learn that the hard way by being normalized to such. To me, that just didn't feel like it was worth it. So, I would just like to thank this community for legitimately killing my will to live as a person. I will not name any names, because this attitude slowly came to be after multiple people I've seen, both politically extreme and not. But, just to make this as impersonal as possible, to everyone whose made me feel this way, fuck you 🖕
    4. Moderately, he believes in civil freedoms but thinks things like prostitution and most drugs outside of a couple of soft ones should remain illegal (although thinks other things like porn should be legal, given they're regulated). But, overall supports civil liberties
    5. Says that he likes the economics involved in the new deal under FDR and versions of this ideology that adhere to center-left principles instead of the third-way versions associated with it today
    6. She pays lipservice to her faith nowadays, but she self-described herself as this, although she lives her life like a practical atheist so it's pretty much just a cultural thing.
    7. She describes herself as both a liberal and conservative, from what she means is that she believes in liberal and conservative principles. She also said she dislikes a lot of the Republican party with there only being a good handful of Republicans, same thing applies to the democratic party.
    8. Supports many progressive policies like abortion rights and gay people, but she doesn't engage in politics
    9. She's actually religious and practices her faith, although from what I know she doesn't do that much anymore. But, still practices.
    10. He's not too conservative socially, he's ok with gay people but hates pride stuff, and also voted to legalize drugs. Although, he's pro-life
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