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    Mum Dad
    1. Ethnically I am for the most part Celtic (With a wee bit of English, and Québécois sprinkled in), specifically my family has roots in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales and culturally I am a mix of Canadian Gaelic Diaspora and American Welsh and Danish Diaspora. I also take a lot of inspiration and influence from thinkers like Keir Hardie, John Maclean, James Connolly, and Robert Owen as well as movements and parties like Plaid Cymru, Yes Scotland, and the Irish Republican Movement (Specifically the Provos and Sinn Féin). And I also practice a kind of loose Celtic Spirituality, I say loose because I'm not too big on the theological side, but I do enjoy and practice a bit of the spiritual side. This part of my ideology is more personal I'm not an ethnonationalist nor do I wish to impose Celtic culture on others, I just enjoy it for myself. :) Also in the words of Keir Hardie - “At heart, the Celtic people are all Communists ... with the love of the Welsh for Socialism one of their most well-known qualities.”
    2. As mentioned in the footnote above, ethnically I am mostly Celtic but I am also partially Danish. I also take inspiration from figures like Olof Palme and Thorvald Stauning, and support movements like the Nordic Green Left Alliance, Green Left (Denmark), Red–Green Alliance (Denmark), Left-Green Movement (Iceland), Swedish Left Party, and Rodt Party (Norway).
    3. Aesthetically as you can tell from my ideology icon, and also the Rebels are the best Star Wars faction.
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