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    Hello! Welcome to my userpage. I'm a frequent user both here and on the main wiki, and as well on the subreddits of both pages, where you can find some of the art i have made.

    I am also a member of the Ad Astrum Coalition and of the Union of PCB Distributists.

    If you want to contact me for anything, do it trough the Reddit private messages or DM on Discord.

    My tags: (///////)


    Political journey


    I was born the 19 of april of 2006, in Uruguay, and have lived here since then.

    I was never really that interested on politics, but i absolutely LOVED geography and history, which slowly got me interested on this topic. In 2023 my friends and i decided to make a RP Discord server, where most of us needed to be leaders of political parties, and this is one of the reasons i researched about politics and tried to define my position (i was also gonna vote for the first time next year, that's probably the main reason lmao). Here i decided that Social Democracy was probably the best option, as it had the objetive to reduce inequality and generally give people a better life, or at least help those who most needed it. I was like that for some months until i discovered Social Liberalism, as i basically saw it as a better version of Social Democracy, and even said that it was "one of the best currently existing ideologies". It had everything i liked and was less interventionist than the previous idelogy.

    I was pretty happy with it and kept it for some time, but as time passed things changed in my life. I became quite skeptical of Capitalism, as i became more aware of the abuses that happen under it.

    But i wasn't going to adopt Socialism, as i saw that it also had a lot of flaws, so i was kinda wondering what should i do until the first months of 2024, when i discovered Distributism (my beloved). It had literally, everything that i wanted, antitrust legislation, focus on the community instead on individuals, focus on small business rather than corporations, but the thing that made me fully embrace it was this one argument:

    “We believe that a society should be built around the ideal[s] it wants to espouse. And we believe that the economy effects peoples day-to-day lives moreso than any other [aspect]. By basing the economy on these values, people will come to espouse them outside of their work.”

    I have been a ditributist since then, and i don't see myself changing ideologies in the near future, not only because of all i said, but also because i have become more religious, and seeing that distributism was not only promoted by the church but basically made by the church and it's followers has make me like it even more.


    As for what i like, my main hobby it's History and anything related to it, from Vexillology, heraldry, geography, etc.

    I also enjoy playing Video Games, watching memes, reading, hearing music (specially historical songs) and drawing.

    Recently i also have an interest on Politics and slightly on Philosophy.

    Songs i like

    Catholic Music

    Inno e Marcia Pontificale
    La Vandeana
    Canto dei Sanfedisti
    Pecador, Contempla
    Le Roi Louis
    El Abanderado de la Tradición
    The Wee German Lairdie
    Seigneurs, Sachiez
    Wha'll be King but Cherlie?
    The Canticle of Brother Sun
    Saint Georges
    Prinz Eugen, Der Edle Ritter
    Welcome Royal Charlie
    La Contre Marseillaise
    Juditha Triumphans
    Entrada de los Reyes en Granda
    La Catholique
    Chavalier, Mult Estes Guariz
    Chant à Sainte Jeanne d'Arc
    Las Terres Saintes
    Complainte de Louis XVI
    La Marseillaise des Vendéens
    Media Vita
    St George he was for England
    Marcha de Oriamendi
    Deus, Pátria, Rei
    Himno Del Trabajo
    Die Eisenfaust am Lanzenschaft
    Het vendel moet marcheren
    Unsere Liebe Frau
    Calzame las Alpargatas
    Cara al Sol
    Chanson de Cahtelineau
    Chanson de Charette
    Chanson de Monsieur Henri
    Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser
    Das Tillylied

    German Music

    Wir sind des Geyers schwarzer Haufen
    Wo alle Straßen enden
    Ich Bin Soldat
    In einem Polenstädtchen
    Auferstanden aus Ruinen
    In Honolulu
    Die Arbeiter von Wien
    Wir fahren gegen Engelland
    Die Grenzwacht hielt im Osten
    Nachts steht Hunger starr in unserm Traum
    Was ist des Deutschen Vaterland?
    Fridericus Rex Grenadiermarsch
    55 Tage in Peking
    Heil dir im Siegerkranz
    Wir lagen von Madagaskar
    Die Gedanken sind frei
    Die Wacht am Rhein
    Yorcksher Marsch
    Wir zogen in das feld
    Drei Lilien
    Für Deutschland Kamerad
    Zehntausend Mann die zogen ins Manöver
    Freikorps voran
    Das Leben ist ein Würfelspiel
    Jörg von Frundsberg führt uns an
    Hurra hurra die Pest ist da
    Preußens Gloria
    Was ist des Deutschen Tochterland
    Ein Landsknecht bin ich von Natur

    Other historical songs

    Come Out ye Black and Tans
    God Save the Tsar
    Arise, Hero of The Balkans!
    To Serve Russia
    Metsavendade laul
    Nazbol Anthem
    Bella Ciao
    Le chant du départ
    La Victoire est a Nous
    La Marseillaise
    Estonia borders the Great Wall of China
    The Worker's Nationale
    Vive Henri IV
    Le Roy Engloys
    Réveillez-vous, Picards!
    Look at the Owl
    When The King Enjoys His Own Again
    Kuando el Rey Nimrod
    Song For The Moskals
    La Guillotine Permanente
    Anthem of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party
    Hijos del pueblo
    Battle Hymn of the Republic
    Worker's Marseillaise
    And The Battle is Going Again
    Red Army is The Strongest (Rock Version)
    La Carmagnole
    Ceddin Deden
    Vitória, vitória!
    Hej, sokoły!
    Марш сибирских стрелков
    Θά 'ρθεις σαν αστραπή
    Mi General Augusto Pinochet
    Battle Cry of Freedom
    Waltzing Matilda
    Батько наш - Бандера
    Solidarity Forever
    Vinland det fagre
    Ain't I Right?
    Mother Anarchy Loves Her Sons
    The Sacred War
    Potato Pride

    How To Draw

    My flag is a mashup of the flags of Uruguay and Distributism.

    Flag of User:WilliamCapo19
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it with white
    3. Add an orange-yellow line at the left
    4. Add 4 blue lines on the right
    5. Draw a dog holding a torch on the orange-yellow part
    6. Add the eyes
    7. Give me a beret and you are done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Orange-Yellow #FCC52B 252, 197, 43
    Blue #0038a8 0, 56, 168
    Grey #B0B4BC 176, 180, 188
    Slightly Darker Grey #898E95 137, 142, 149
    Deep Red #9D1D25 157, 29, 37
    Black #121212 18, 18, 18
    Very Dark Grey #1A1A1A 26, 26, 26


    The best of the best

    • Catholic Theocracy (in the Vatican) - I'm loyal to the vicar of Christ in Rome.
    • Distributism (my beloved) - What else can i ask for? You are literally what i was always searching for and never even realized! I promise that some day i will give you back all you gave me.
      • Chestertonism - Based in almost every sense, thanks for everything you have made!
      • Monarcho-Distributism - Belloc was based, and being honest i don't think it matters much wheter a country it's a Republic or a Monarchy as long as it works for the benefit of their citizens.
      • Social Distributism - We have some differences in how to adapt the works of Chesterton and Belloc to the modern day, but overall i really like what you are doing.
      • National Distributism - I'm not really a big fan of nationalism, but i have seen that you use it to promote social unity in a pacific way, so i think your heart is on the right place. Even if your flag is the most fascist looking thing i have ever seen lmao.
      • Anarcho-Distributism - I never really liked anarchism, but Dorothy Day was amazing. The work she did along Peter Maurin it's still one of the best examples of the church and it's followers helping those that need it the most. Probably one of the few anarchist's i can get behind.
      • Distributist Social Democracy - Two of the best existing idelogies combined. You truly bring back the "social" part of Social Democracy.
      • Classical Liberal Distributism - Who said Distributists can't be liberals? Plus, Chesterton himself was a self-proclaimed liberal, so overall i really like you!
    • Social Democracy - A little too soft, but a good start to eventually achieve distributism. Also, you were one of the ideologies that helped the workers the most historically.
    • Social Liberalism - Very similar to Social Democracy, maybe a little less regulationist. Another good way of achieving a distributist society, afterall, i didn't call you "one of the best currently existing idelogies" for nothing. Even if i distanced myself a little from John Stuart Mill, i still owe him a lot of respect.
    • Social Capitalism - A human approach through capitalism. Yeah i can get behind that.
    • Patriotism - URUGUAY NOMAAAAAAA!!!!1!!!1!!!!!ONE!!! I am proud of my country, it's culture, it's history and it's people, and i will try to do everything i can for it's well being and of it's citizens!
    • Christian Democracy and Christian Social Democracy - Very good ideas overall, combines a very good ideology with the teachings of the Church, and the American Solidarity Party particulary it's pretty based. Just make sure that you actually care about the faith and the well being of the people rather than the votes ok?
    • Environmentalism - The Earth it's on a critical state, we really need to start to focus on preserving our planet and it's limited resources before it's too late. I will try to do what i can to help you.
    • Eco-Conservatism - A fellow environmentalist and heritage enjoyer!
    • Catholic Workerism - Another anarchist i can get behind. A friend of Dorothy it's a friend of mine.
    • Communitarianism - The community it's the most important and primary social unit, it's well being always needs to be first thing to take into consideration when decision making.
    • Localism - The principle of subsidiarity in practice. The people of a local community are the ones that know more about the day to day problems of say community, therfore if they can solve that problems themselves, i don't see any reason as to why a higher form of government should prevent them or make it difficult of doing it.
    • Architectural Reactionarism - Best reactionary and the one i fully support, screw concrete blocks!
    • Georgism - I'm just starting to know about you, but for now you seem very cool! A LVT alongside a Citizen's Dividend seem like a very good way to fund the state, while helping to solve problems like speculation of residential houses and the establishment of monopolies.
    • Liberal Market Socialism - Literally just non-religious Distributism lol.
    • Agrarianism - The rural work it's one of the most important parts of an economy and a country in general, specially here in Uruguay where the rural workers are some of the most important ones.
    • Agrarian Social Democracy - MEGA BASED!

    Good ideologies

    • Distributist Libertarianism - Seriously? Austrian economics? I not sure about that, but overall besides that, you are pretty good, wanting people to have more freedom and all that.
    • Right-Distributism - Hmmmm, i was somewhat skeptical about you at first, but now i think you are fine. You are basically a more "moderate" version of the above. While ESOPs are good, you should still promote Guilds and Cooperatives in some way, but overall i think you are fine.
    • Ordo-Liberalism - German version of Social Liberalism. Also fought against those retards so even more based.
    • Third Way - Not bad, pretty good overall actually, i would have put you with the other 3 but you are too close to him for my liking, try to focus more on making a change rather than staying in the status quo. Yes, i am aware the other three are also close to him, but Third Way it's literally Social Neoliberalism.
    • Technoliberalism - The ONLY good technocrat. Being completely honest, i'm shocked of how cool you are. Not only do you realize the market needs regulations and protect the environment, you are a fellow trust buster! Togheter we shall defeat our common enemy to finally end the status quo.
    • Moderatism - No need to go to the extremes, you are pretty fine where you are.
    • Apoliticism - Also no need to get into this mess called politics lol.
    • Religious Rejectionism - Completely understandable, one does not in fact need to get involved in politics to follow His message.
    • Anti-Authoritarianism - These two without their problems, perfect synthesis! Altough, you could be less harsh on democratic forms of monarchism , but besides that you have my support.
    • Conservative Feminism - Basically what my girlfriend is. I see it as a reasonable stance securing women's rights while letting them want a more traditional lifestyle. Karens are annoying as fuck though.
    • Christian Feminism - Also what my girlfiend is. There seems to be no disagreements between us, very cool overall!
    • Democratic Socialism - Clearly, we have different goals, but overall, i think i can work with you for the most part, as we both care for the well being of the worker class. Also, here in my country Tabaré Vázquez was based, may he rest in peace.
    • Democratic Socialism (specifically in the USA) - There are some disagreements between us, and, let's be honest for a second, Bernie can hardly be considered a socialist. With that being said, he clearly cares about the workers of the US and it's people overall. A very good guy in general, i hope the US and it's citizens get him or someone like him in the near future.
    • Supremism - Forget what i said, THIS is who the american people need!
    • Libertarian Market Socialism - Pretty much her but less religious. Very good overall.
    • Mutualism - Similar to the above. Property isn't theft though.
    • Market Socialism - Implements similar policies to that of Distributism despite coming from a different theorical background. Pretty compatible if you ask me, but nothenless different.
    • Guild Socialism - Same as the above.
    • Social Libertarianism - I have my doubts about the UBI, and in general i don't really like libertarians, but you seem to be quite different to the other members of your familiy as you care about the people. Very good in general.
    • Pascism - RAMALLO GANG!
    • Galacticism - While we disagree on things like Transhumanism, i have always found space very fascinating, and space exploration sure does sound cool!
    • Christian Libertarianism - Please don't forget about helping those in need, positive rights are as important as negative ones, and please consider supporting a distributist economic system instead of unregulated capitalism. We do share the idea of not forcing religion onto people through the state and overall i think you are mostly fine, just remeber what i said before.
    • Paternalistic Conservatism - One of the best conservatives and one of the few that actually conserves traditional values by caring for the people.
    • Longism - Reminds me of him, a little too authoritarian if you ask me, but overall you had good intentions, and also, sueing those big corporations was based af.
    • Bull Moose Progressivism - Fellow trust buster and environmentalist. Also, "I have always believed that wise progressivism and wise conservatism go hand-in-hand." I couln't have said it better. Overall, one the best USA presidents if you ask me, so sad that he was an imperialist and supported eugenetics. Oh well, i suppouse he was a son of his time as they say, or some shit like that, i can't remember lmao.
    • Jeffersonian Democracy - Jefferson was a Distributist before it was cool, another good US president. Overall very good model and one that can be used as an example for our modern times.
    • Liberation Theology - Being from latin america, and understanding and knowing the horrible situation that we all lived during the second half of the XX century, i can completely understand why you came to be. In principle, there's nothing problematic about you, and yes, God does have a preference for the poor, but please stay away from those rascals that want nothing but the destruction of our Church and the complete extinction of religion as a whole. Besides that, i am a hundred percent sure you do what you do with the best of intentions, so as long as you truly follow Christ, you are going to be just fine.
    • Liberal Socialism - Pretty much an slightly more moderate Democratic Socialist, i can get behind that.
    • Conservative Socialism - Basically the guy above but conservative, overall pretty decent.
    • Utopian Socialism - Thomas More was not only extremely based, he literally coined the term "socialism". Him along Henri de Saint-Simon were ahead of their time, and their works plus the works of other Non-Marxist Socialists are extremely important and deserve more credit.
    • Alter-Globalism - Most of your followers are too socialist for my liking, but i do agree that economic globalization has done immense damage, not only to the workers, but to the people in general. So, even if we disagree on some things, another world is indeed possible, and most importantly, antoher world is needed!
    • Participism - Hmmmmm, very intersting, another pretty decent alterantive to Capitalism and Socialism.
    • Radical Centrism - We have some disagreements here and there, but overall i really like what you do and LOVE how you search for middle grounds and compromises.
    • Progressive Conservatism - Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
    • Civic Nationalism - I prefer Patriotism, but you seem to be more moderate than other nationalists, so i guess you are fine.
    • Bismarckism - Honestly, all things considered you were not that bad, pretty decent taking in consideration the time where you lived.
    • Democratic Variants of Corporatism - Now this is the Corporatism i can support! It was already a decent system, it just needed some decentralization and democratization, so thanks a lot for modernizing it! Still prefer Distributism though
      • Christian Corporatism - Fellow follower of the Catholic Social Teaching, fellow distributist and fellow fan of Leo XIII, nothing to say except based.
      • Liberal Corporatism - Them but Third Positionist, seems good to me.
      • Social Corporatism - Sometimes a little too authoritarian, but overall another good system and the inspiration to them.
      • Tripartism - Cooperation, consultation, negotiation and compromise you say? Epic.
      • Neo-Corporatism - Very good modernization of the corporatist model!
      • Nordic Model - While i'm aware that today you have a lot of capitalist influence, you are still a pretty good system, and you are still loyal to your corporate origins with multi level collective bargaining.
    • Helvetic Model - Another good model like them, but instead of using his methods, he uses his methods.
    • Federalism - Very cool since you let each region of a country have control over itself. Just make sure that you also let the local communities do the same.
    • Confessionalism - If religion establishes solidarity, human dignity, the right of a good quality of life, etc, i don't have a problem with that being promoted through the state. With that being said, i can accept the separation of the Church and the State and promoting those values by other means .
    • Euskadi Carlism - Quite the way of adapting Carlism to the modern day. I will like if you reconsider adopting a more distributist economic view and distance yourself a little bit from socialists, but overall i like what you did, just don't forget about the "Dios" part of "Dios, Patria y Rey".
    • Pan-Hispanism - I think an organisation like the Commonwealth but applied to Spain and it's ex colonies would be far better and plausible than a literal political union as a single country of all those places, and your more radical supporters are really bad and stain your movement, but overall i do think it would be better if the hispanic american countries have better relatios not only between them but with Spain, as it is undeniable that we share a history, language, culture, religion, etc.

    Neutral/Mixed opinion

    • Catholic Theocracy (outside the Vatican) - I'm not sure if getting the Church to govern it's going to end well. We have the example of the Medici corrupting the Church for their own benefit, and forcing people to be in a theocratic and authoritarian system rather than them getting themselves close to the faith because they believe in it could have negative results.
    • Corporatism - Similar to Distributism but more centralized and kind of authoritarian sometimes. Besides that, it's true that your name was forever ruined because of that asshole. Overall you are mostly fine, and some of your variants are very cool!
    • Reactionary Socialism - Don't get me wrong, i love the Middle Ages, but don't you think that's taking it a little too far?
    • Yellow Socialism - Ayo what you sayin'? Using capitalism to achieve communism? Wtf? And also you are too reactionary for my taste, but your economics aren't really that bad.
    • Feminism - I, have kinda of a... complicate relation with you. In principle, yes, besides their obvious differences, woman are as capable of doing most things as men, and so, deserve equal treatment, equal payment when equal conditions in the same job, equal opportunity, etc. My problem starts with your most radical supporters. Please take care of them and then i will be fine with you. And sorry, but biologically, life starts at conception, i just can't support abortion, but that does not mean i condemn people that receive them, quite the opposite, an abortion it's a last resource traumatic or stressful experience, so it's important to show the women that sadly got through that experience that they are still loved, and be there for them. I hope you can understand.
    • Cultural Nationalism - Eh, not terrible but i prefer your patriotic form.
    • National Democracy - It's polish, so instantly based, but too right wing on some apects and honestly sometimes even hateful. If you are a Libertarian, then get closer to him and we can talk.
    • Christian Nationalism - I get the idea, but that's a bit too much buddy. Remember that Jesus loves everyone equaly.
    • Christian Right - Same as above.
    • Integralism - Yes, i agree that liberalism and it's economic policies have created an horrible socio-economic situation, and that's why i'm against him. With that being said, going back to the old order is not going to solve the problems you present. The Church adapts herself through the ages in order to consider new problems and issues that we didn't see in the past, just like what Leo XIII did in the Rerum Novarum. But in general i can be good friends with you, and the heroes of Vendée were based, just don't try to make another schism please (yes, i'm talking about the Sedevacantists).
    • Integral Nationalism - A defender of the faith but far too reactionary and absolutist for me.
    • Brazilian Integralism - I prefer you by a lot over Falangism and other similar ideologies, and overall i like you, my main two problems are; your support for Ultranationalism and your association with Fascism. Reject both of them, and you have my full support. Besides that two points, i think we can be friends, just like i am with your main supporter on this wiki!
    • Libertarianism - An small government isn't bad, but capitalism without regulations is. Also, claims to support freedom yet ignores positive rights, curious.
    • Third Positionism - Distributism comes from you and i also see the flaws of both Capitalism and Socialism , but stay away from him and his circle, you give yourself a bad name buddy.
    • Peronism - You fool! You had the chance to show the world the Third Postion in a positive way, just to ruin it with the influence you took from them. All of this could have been avoided if you weren't so populist (because, at least in principle, your original views weren't actually that bad). Not to mention the disaster that some of your modern day variants are.
    • Nationalism - That's a little too much buddy. I don't really hate you but the rest of your family doesn't really help. I prefer him but i still respect you.
    • Paternalism - While i agree that the well being of the people should be the main concern of the state, you take it a little too far sometimes and end up remindig me of a certain someone.
    • Men's Liberation - Hmmmmm, interesting. We have disagreements here and there but overall you are fine.
    • Secularism - I will remain neutral towards you as you let people believe what they want without repression, unlike some of your more extremist variants. If it wasn't for you, christians in not christian-majority countries would face a lot more repression, so thanks for that.
    • Horseshoe Centrism - Sometimes you are correct but other times you make kinda dumb takes you know?
    • Centralism - It depends, if you let the local communities have autonomy and decision making power through decentralization then you are ok. If you don't, then you either have to embrace it or i will start to call for him to replace you.
    • Anti-Fascism - Pretty good that you fight against tyranny, but on the other hand you are perfectly fine if that tyranny comes from the left.
    • Anti-Communism - Same as above but reversed. Why are you fine with tyranny when it comes from the right?
    • Classical Liberalism - While a lot of your principles are still very useful, i think you kinda outlived your usefulness you know? Maybe you should try other models like your son did.
    • Hayekism - Honestly, all things considered you are not that bad, i'm kinda surprised i must say lol. Also, "There are difficult questions about the precise standard which should thus be assured... but there can be no doubt that some minimum of food, shelter, and clothing, sufficient to preserve health and the capacity to work, can be assured to everybody.", probably one of the only supporters of Laissez-Faire that i can tolerate. That does not mean i support you though.
    • Christian Socialism - I want to like you, i really do, because i am convinced that deep down you do have good intentions, but do you realize you are supporting the same people that want us christians and catholics in particular to dissapear from the face of the earth? I highly recommed you read Rerum Novarum and realize that the Catholic Social Teaching it's the way to truly free the workers from oppresion, not him.
    • National Syndicalism - Eh, i guess you care for the workers and defend the faith? But other than that, chill it with the Authoritarianism and follow his example to give the workers even better conditions.
    • Falangism - Our economics are not that different and i like that you defend the faith, but you are too close to them! With how he betrayed you, you should know better. Be more like him and distance yourself from fascists so i can actually support you.
    • Strasserism (Otto Strasser's version) - You are on thin ice buddy. That background you have with them does not help, but i recognize that you later denounced them once they started to become too authoritarian. You also say that you are Anti-Anti Semitism, Anti-Fascism and Anti-Colonialism, so i will give you my vow of confidence since those were my main doubts about you, and your economics views aren't really bad.
    • Conservative Liberalism - Not bad, but embrace Distributism!
    • Gremialismo - Why on earth did you support him? The Catholic Social Teaching establishes the dignity of the workers, human dignity and the option for the poor, things that he doesn't care about. Not to mention you extremely supported Pinochet, as christians we need to reject the excesses of both the far right and the far left.
    • Libertarian Socialism - Honestly not bad for a socialist, and Peter Maurin was very cool, but overall i still prefer him.
    • Reformist Marxism - Essentially a more radical Democratic Socialist, and explicitly Marxist, but also the most respectable out of them.
    • Neoconservatism - On one hand, i support the existence of NATO because currently Russia can not be trusted. On the other hand, you were the responsible for Operation Condor and the rise of dictatorships on south america, and i haven't seen you really regretting it.
    • Dictablanda/ Benevolent Dictatorship - If you TRULY are benevolent, care for the people and the only restrictions you make are political ones, then you two are tolerable, but most of the time those names are only a mask to cover up true authoritarian regimes.
    • Benevolent Absolutism - Same as above.
    • Anarcho-Monarchism - Uhhhhhh, don't get me wrong, i also like Tolkien, but... how is this even suppoused to work?
    • Illiberal Democracy - I'm also somewhat critical of the Liberal Democracy model, but are you sure you are democratic? Because some of your variants surely aren't.
    • Counter-Enlightenment - You have some good ideas and valid criticism, but could you chill a little? Most of the time you end up sounding psychotic, and what's that Anti-Humanism crap?
    • Carlism - I also dislike economic liberalism and some of it's social views, but you need to upgrade yourself. The time of absolutism has passed, if you don't embrace democracy those socialists that you dislike so much are going to take over all your movement. Quit being so reactionary and get closer to him and then i will consider supporting you.
    • Jacobitism - A cahtolic England would be based but same as above, embrace constitutionalism. Altough you are basically a dead ideology, and i think Prince William becoming King it's the closest you are going to get to getting a Jacobite on the trhone.

    Bad ideologies

    • Corporatocracy - FUCK YOU, you deserve fucking nothing but to pay for all the damage you have done, you only care about your own benefit while letting the workers die and suffer. You are the resposible of all the major problems we have and the corruption of both capitalism and the governments. I will fight you with every fiber of my being.
    • Plutocracy - Creator of the above, no difference between them, both are selfish assholes that don't care about anyone but themselves. You are the predators, cronies and rent-seekers that makes all earners, enterpreuners and protectors look bad. Matthew 19:24.
    • Neoliberalism - Oh boy, where can i even start? Not only you give zero fucks about the well being of the people, you promote an individualist and consumerist world that our society and our planet can not support. Not to mention that you basically ruined most modern day Social Democratic parties.
    • Alt-Right - LMAOOOOOO what is even this bullcrap.
    • Alt-Lite - Yeah not liking fascism while still being a misogynist and homophobic ain't gonna make me like you any more than the guy above.
    • Marxism-Leninism - You were the hope of the working class, and ended up showing them the natural result of fighting the materialistic plutocrats with a materialistic view of the world. If you do care for the workers then why you didn't even show signs of letting the "transitional" state dissapear to eventually gave the workers actual control over the means of production as Marx himself said? Not only that, you literally opposed it! Since the aboltion of the worker councils at the start of the Russian Revolution to the invasion of Czechoslovakia, you have never cared for the working class.
    • Christian Communism - You are beyond my understanding. I'm not going to get to all the horrible crimes the communists did to us and STILL want to do to us, for communism to exist, religion needs to disappear. One can not support the abolition of private property and be christian at the same time. If it's true that you care about the working class, then support a movement that actually cares about it and not one that fools it into an authoritarian system as exploitative as unregulated capitalism.
    • Fascism - Do i really need to explain this? Not only you are racist, ultranationalist and totalitarian, you ruined the name of an otherwie mostly fine economic system, you ruined the name of class collaboration and the name of the entire third positonist movement!
    • Nazism - Everything from above and somehow managed to become a thousand times fucking worse.
    • Marxism - I need to recognize that your work has helped the working class hisorically, but why are you against markets? And class struggle only leads to the workers and the "petit bourgeoisie" as you call it to infight and the real abusers to get stronger. Not to mention your takes on religion.
    • Ultranationalism - That's WAY too much! No country it's better than another.
    • Ingdist - WTF?! FAKE DISTRIBUTIST!!!!1!!
    • Francoism - You may have been a defender of the faith, but you were too authoritarian in the beggining and ended up abandoning the Third Postion in favor of him.
    • Austrian School - Claims that Keynesians don't understand basic economics yet thinks that corporations would regulate themselves in laissez-faire.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - Same as above but straight up moronic.
    • Left-Rothbardianism - ...What the fuck? I mean, better than the above, but still no thanks. Wait, are you telling me that because of your existance i can troll my libertarian friend by saying that Rothbard was a leftist? That almost makes me want to put you on the good ideologies part lmao.
    • Hoppeanism - Anarcho-Capitalism but Homophobic... and monarchist???
    • Other christian theocracies - Sorry but no, i already have many doubts about a Catholic Theocracy being a good idea, even more about other christians. In general i don't see a Theocracy as an effective way of spreading the faith.
    • Clerical Fascism - Tends to be racist, misogynist and overall hateful: "There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus." Galatians 3:28. Christ loves everyone equaly, He did not call for the persecution of the non-believers and the sinners, but for us to show them the correct way through love and mercy and to pray for our enemies just like He did even with the persons that sent Him to death. Your hatred shows that you only use the faith as a way of achieving your evil intents. Luke 23:34.
    • Positive Christianity - Jesus was a jew, cry about it lmao.
    • Jacobinism - The revolution was a madness, and Louis XVI was far from a tyrant. Your blood lust and intolerance was what led to your eventual downfall. As Mallet du Pan once said: "The Revolution devours its children". Le roi est mort, vive le roi !
    • Austrofascism - One of the "least bad" facsists, but too authortarian and ultranationalist for me. Altough very good for opposing them.
    • Populism - Sorry but no, latin amercia already had too many bad experiences with you. Those "elites" that you talk about so much most of the time either don't exist, or, you end up being the true elites!
    • National Bolshevism - A good ideology for LARPing on the internet, but that's about it.
    • Strasserism - Same as above.
    • State Liberalism - State Atheism, Corporatocracy, Misandry, Fake "Progressivism", Consumerism, Individualism and Totalitarianism? Yeah i think i'm gonna pass.
    • Radical Feminism - Doesn't care about equality, just cares about hating on men. Makes their whole movement look bad, sadly.
    • SJW - And you make their whole movement look bad.
    • C*lvinist Theocracy - You have exactly 10 seconds to leave before i start Counter-Reformation 2.0 Electric Boogaloo.
      • - Um, actually, it's not that God is cruel, it's just that he isn't fair-
      • - *sets him on fire*


    >Creates account
    >Asks people to add other's to their pages without asking anything in return
    >Doing this makes more users meet each other and interact
    >Refuses to create page for himself
    >Refuses to elaborate further
    Literally him


    • Aploism - A little too authoritarian for my taste, but overall i kinda like it, far from terrible, and pretty normal if compared to some of the crap people come up with in this place lmao.
    • Aristocratic Socialism - Has the coolest page ever. They seem pretty cool since they are a fellow Third Positionist, and fan of Saint Augustine, and is also an orthobro!
    • Pensamiento de Champi - Fellow spanish speaker! That already makes him mega based. As for his views he's basically a Left Social Democrat, so pretty decent. We may disagree on some social issues (and on the economy) but besides that he seems like a very nice fella.
    • Armandonian Cooperativism - Again, good economic views, but we disagree on some social views, and that Anti-Clericalism is tempting me to put you on the "Mixed opinion" tier.
    • CHROMATISM - A fellow Environmentalist and fan of Social Capitalism. Transhumanism isn't really my thing and i'm crtical of Laicism, but i have seen that you respect religion and can also support less extreme forms of it, so we are cool! Also, you became a Distributist? Even better!. What the fuck you mean by "Jesus x pedophile Hitler"?????
      • - It’s a long story...
        • - 💀
    • Altemism - A bit extreme on some aspects, but surprisingly quite similar to me. Your idea of a Localized Democracy with a Semi-Constitutional Monarchy on the national level it's a very interesting one, and we kinda agree on most things regarding social issues, you just have more radical views than mine on them, and being honest i would like to discuss ideas with you some day! Also, fellow C*lvinism hater.
    • Evenoskyism - Fully Automated Ascetic Straight Space Distributism you say? Fellow Distributist! We agree on mostly everything, being the main difference Transhumanism, but i can tolerate it, so we are cool! But the Catholic Church it's the true one, not that Anglican in disguise!
    • Kyaelism - Overall good, my only problem is Welfare Chauvinism, everything else is good, another cool Social Democrat.
    • Energeneralism - I'm so happy to know that you weren't actually a fascist! Now that i know that you aren't actually an Ultranationalist, your ideology it's basically mine but more authoritarian and to the right in general. Still, very cool, and again, i'm happy that you droped Clerical Fascism!
    • Donutzism - Somewhat of a mixed bag, since you have Fascist influence, but i will give you my vow of confidence like i did with them , since you aren't that bad being honest. And you are a fellow distributist, so based.
    • Savoinism - You are pretty good, but you should REALLY learn about Distributism, you already rejected Capitalism, Communism and Fascism, Distributism it's what you are looking for but don't seem to find.
    • Casagonism - I really like you being honest, your economic views are fine and i am a big fan of french monarchism, Vive le Roi! But i think you should learn more about Distributism. I think you would really like National Distributism if you give it a shot.
    • Southern Integralism - I am going to be completely honest. When i saw the name of your Self Insert, i was worried, and i became even more worried when i saw the word "fundamentalism". But as i read more and more about your ideology, the more i realized i was wrong about you. While i am very skeptical of anything related to the CSA, you advocate for a non racist version of it. And i was also wrong about "fundamentalism", since you don't promote the persecution of non believers or anything like that, i think fundamentalism wasn't really the best word to chose there. For the rest of the ideology, you also like Distributism, so overall, a surprise to be sure, but a more than welcome one! As they say, "don't judge a book by it's cover".
    • Ilunaticism - While a Socialist, a good one, since you like Cooperativism, AKA Market Socialism. Overall i like you, since we kinda agree on mostly everything, or at least have similar ideas.
    • Technoharmonism - A Pragmatic Utopia you say? Now you got my attention. After reading your page, i must admit that overall, i like it, but there are a few problems that i can't overlook. The main problems are Anti-Clericalism, which for me is too much, Transhumanism, Liberal Eugenics, and Post-Genderism (altough, the way you mention it on your page seems to be on the sense of wanting that a person does not get discrimination because of their gender, which i can support, and not about complete gender abolition). As i have said to may others already, you have some pretty, pretty interesting economic and government views, but our social views kinda cross different paths on some points you see? With this being said, i also can't overlook some very good parts of your ideology, like Unbiased Teaching on Religion, your support for Small Businesses, Self-Employment and Cooperatives, and most important for me, you are one of the few that realizes that Laicism is just State Atheism Lite! Overall, we have many disagreements along the way, but we also have a lot in common. I was thinking about putting you on Mixed Opinion tier, but after reading a little more about your ideology and thinking about it, you are cool. Being honest i would more than gladly live on this Pragmatic Utopia of yours! It ain't even half bad. Oh and good luck with becoming president btw!
    • Kuzism - I know it's already tradition, but we agree on economics and disagree socially lol. Altough, the disagreements here are not very big so we are cool. Overall very good and Farmer-Pilled .
    • Liberal Feudalism - Cursed name, lol. Anyways, let's ignore that. You said that your ideology it's meant to take place on the XIX century, so i'm judging it taking that on consideration. Overall you seem like some form of Japanese Corporatism, which is good, plus you are influenced by Monarcho-Distributism, so even better. Very cool overall. Also, Middle Ages GANG!

    Mixed opinion

    • Markezism - A fellow Third Postionist and Hispanist, but why Juche? And Russian imperialism is still imperialism.
    • Antidemocratic Hippieism - Supports Market Socialism and Class Collaboration , but we have major differences on cultural and social issues. With that being said, you lowkey seem like a cool guy.
    • Counterrevolutionary5708 thought - Mixed bag, i can tolerate Libertarians but why Hoppe? And why do you support Corporatocracy and Plutocracy? That's kinda cringe not gonna lie. Besides that, you are fairly good, and you are a fellow fan of Saint Louis IX so i'll give you that. But then again, you are a Sedevacantist, so yeah, really mixed bag.
    • Blue Nephalemism - As i have stated already with a lot of Self-Inserts, economically, i really like you, but socially we have some pretty strong differences. Savaal sure was right when he said that both of you truly are similar, lol. Just like him, your ideas are very, very interesting for me. You are more openly in favor of (some forms of) Distributism, which is a point in favor. But overall, i wasn't really sure i could put you on the "Cool" tier. My main problems are Laicism, Anti-Clericalism, Transhumanism and some of your social views. I'm honestly pretty divided towards you, so for now you stay here. Nothing personal btw, you are still pretty good!
    • Vyktarianism - A pagan LARPer... and a Cannibal?! Uhhhh... kinda weird you know? But besides that, the concept of Panarchism is a very interesting one, and i like your Localism. Plus, fellow commie hater and fellow fan of Chesterton, Tolkien and Aquinas.
    • Deivinism - You know the whole point of Distributism is to oppose both Capitalism and Socialism right? Getting too close to either defeats it's whole point. Not like you really follow Distributism. Overall mixed bag, plus you called me cringe for being a centrist, and you called my friend a "narcissist".

    "Sorry but no"

    • Candelarismo - Not the worst economic views, but i think we kinda have irreconcilable social views you see? Plus you are a Jacobin.
    • Neomontagnardism - You became worse, how on earth did you even became worse? Also, you don't like Albania, which already makes you extremely cringe.
    • Ipseism - Ok, i am convinced you unironically have schizofrenia, because otherwise i have no idea how you can pass from being a Progressive Fascist, to a Neo-Jacobin, to a Robespierre wanna be, to an Egoist.
    • Meowxism - Stalinist SJW synthesis, cringe.
    • Neo-Folkarchy - Ehhh, not really my cup of tea, Egoist, Post-Left, and i'm not really into Anarchism, but far from terrible. You also seem nice.
    • Charlottism - While i kinda like Mutualism, still an Egoist (also, abolishing currency is LITERALLY CAVEMANISM!!!1!!!!). But bonus point for changing your icon to look like the former one, looks cool!
    • Neo-Optimateism - Listen man, i got nothing against your ideology well, quite a few things, a lot actually, it's just that it's straight up weird and confusing. But you are a fellow Middle Ages fan, so a point for that. Also, you seem to have read a metric fuck ton of theory, so i ain't critizing anything just in case you respond with a book-worth rant lmao. Besides, you seem to be a chill dude.
    • Anarcho-Arkhatranism - Anarcho-Capitalism, Homophobia, and Insurrection are things no real Christian shall advocate for, read about Distributism and Dorothy Day if you still want anarchy.
    • Hysteria thought - Schizo, but unironically, as in literal IRL Schizofrenia. But hey, very, very good art! I really like your style.
    • Lycanthropy - I think we are almost polar oppoites, lol.
    • Esaism - You were mostly tolerable until Fordism, remove that and you will be fine.
    • Neo-Nasakomism - If there's something i dislike more than your ideas, is your Pseudohistory to justify them. God you have some bad takes eh? Anyways, i always found it funny that "Eurasians" claim that we eat the propaganda of the West mindlessly while they are the ones that believe every word that comes out of Putin's mouth.

    Family and friends




    Best Friend

    Guitarrist Friend

    Capitalist Friend

    Libertarian Friend

    Nationalist Friend

    College Friend

    College Friend

    College Friend

    College Friend

    College Friend


    Books i read

    • Maus - Art Spiegelman

    Books i'm currently reading

    • The Everlasting Man - G.K. Chesterton
    • Rerum novarum - Pope Leo XIII
    • On Liberty - John Stuart Mill

    Books i would like to read

    • The Bible [1]
    • The Servile State - Hilaire Belloc
    • Quadragesimo anno - Pope Pius XI
    • Centesimus annus - Pope St. John Paul II



    • Poiscail - Add me?
      • - Sure!
    • RandomUser876 - Hey can you Add him
      • - Of course!
      • RandomUser876 - Hey don't forget them Energeneralism, Counterrevolutionary5708_thought and Evenoskyism
      • - No worries, i will also add them.
      • RandomUser876 - I have a question, why you hate Calvinism? (im not a Calvinism, im just asking)
      • - I already have mixed opinions on protestantism, mainly negative ones, but i can tolerate some forms of it like Lutherans and Anglicans. I can't tolerate Calvinism, since it states that God chooses who is and who is not elected, and that humans have no say in the matter. Those who are saved are chosen by God and God alone. This belief is very awful to me, since it makes God seem pretty egoist and unfair, even cruel. They also believe in Perseverance of the Saints, "once saved, always saved", which is also wrong.
    • MagicArya - Can you add me?
      • - Sure!
    • Donutzism - Hello, I liked your page, it will be an inspiration for me, can you add me?
      • - Hi, glad that my page helped you! And sure, i will add you.
    • RandomUser876 - Don't Forget to add Casagonism, Savoinism and Anarcho-Arkhatranism.
      • - No worries, i will! Btw, have you thought of making a page for yourself?
      • RandomUser876 - Maybe later
    • RandomUser876 - I know this self-insert might be abandoned but you might like Southern Integralism
      • - Aight, i will check it out and later add it.
        • - if your wandering why I'm suggesting random self insert, Is because i wanna see your reaction and opinion.
        • - Yeah don't worry, you can keep doing it, it helps me build up my page!
    • Lycanthropy - Add me?
      • - Of course!
    • Esaism - Mind adding me?
      • - Sure!
    • Lycanthropy - Is skinning someone alive something God would approve of?
      • - That's known as doing a little trolling (In all seriousness now, that comment and everything me and others said about you were in fact, jokes, and nothing more. I don't know you IRL and don't have any reason to hate you, and the same applies to everyone else on the internet. Don't take the things that people say about you so serious, try to ignore them or tell them that you don't like it, just a tip for your own good :). Good ridance)
    • RandomUser876 - Can you give me the discord link because i wanna join
    • RandomUser876 - Add Neo-Nasakomism and Deivinism
      • - Of course!
    • Liberal Feudalism - please add me?
      • - What is that name 💀XD Sure!



    1. I know most of the Bible and the most important parts of it since i have been going to mass since i have memory, and have read a lot of parts of it, but to this day i still have not read the entire Bible from first page to last page.
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