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    Brazilian Paleolibertarianism Is a Libertarian Right, Culturally Right ideology based on the Brazilian user TheLeviathan. TheLeviathan supports strong gamerism and technology. He also supports fulll gun rights. He supports Christian values and believes that family is the core element of society.



    He believes that it should be based on:

    • Promoting Civil liberties and individual rights at all costs based on the Non-aggression principle.
    • A strong constitution limiting state power
    • Unrestricted market with minimal intervention
    • A confederal system with most decisions being done on states and municipalities
    • A pacifist foreign policy


    Believes in Laissez-Faire Capitalism with minimal government and Minarchism. He advocates for the elimination of the central bank and supports Crypto Currency and Free Banking. Also believes that taxation should be eliminated and instead replaced by voluntary taxes. It doesn't support any welfare program, but does support charities and philanthropy

    Cultural Axis

    This ideology is Culturally Right. In favor of traditional Christian values, family and opposes abortion. But also very pro-technology




    • National Conservatism- You are definitely based in a lot of ways, but please drop the statism
    • Conservatism- I like you but you should be more like them
    • Paleoconservatism - You’re exactly like him, but very statist and racist.
    • MBL - You have a cool way of exposing leftist hypocrisy, but why did you turn against Bolsonaro?


    • - Almost every left wing ideology
    • Nazis, Fascists - Damn commies and freedom violators
    • Socialists - Bunch of thieves, stealing wealth is evil
    • Communists - COMMIE
    • Social Liberalism - Fake liberal
    • State Liberalism - How is this even liberal?
    • Petism - Damn communist! You destroyed my country!
    • Social Democracy - You're master at destroying economies
    • Alexandre de Moraes - You destroyed the Brazilian democracy and turned into tyranny
    • Flávio Dino - Same for you


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