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    Things I wanna read

    • Stuff by Alphonse Louis Constant
    • Some more Stalin stuff and Mao stuff

    Random opinions I have

    Objective Truth

    • I believe in objective truth and the possibility of knowing it since to convince me otherwise, you would then require there be a sound argument to convince me of your position, and a sound argument implies the existence and knowability of objective argumentative methodologies, thus proof by contradiction that objective truth exists and is knowable. The degree of, and nature of these two is not at all implied to be of any specific sort by this argument, though.

    Talk to me?

    Personal Relations

    A * will indicate that I have talked to this person on discord.




    • Aplo - You seem like a chill person but I haven't interacted with you too much so I'll just leave you in the middle


    Fuck off

    • Weedium* - Holy shit you're the most annoying person I've ever met.
      • - Bruh I only called you an ideology cause muh memories of collectivism when you were techno-vpered, and teh semen burger was for the funny hahas
        • But that's not why I put you down here
          • - The inflation fetish icon request? Eh fair enough.
            • That was part of it yeah
              • - Ah I see the sexual part is annoying.
                • Oddo you literally had JAW ask me why I blocked you you can refer back to that
    • Quark* - Insufferable.


    Go ask on my talk

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