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    My ideology across time

    My birthdate - 2017: I wasn't very intrested on politics 2017: Started supporting Salvinism and Welfare Chauvinism, things that i hate now. Late 2017-18: supported the Italian 5-Stars movement for extended social policies 2018-21: Abandoned racism and started following Paternalistic Conservatism and Radical Environmentalism 2021: Learnt about communism and started as a Conservative Communist. 2022: Focused a bit more on Tito 2023-?: My current ideology

    Personality: ENFP-T

    This user is Christian
    "My crew is big and it keeps getting bigger! That's cause Jesus Christ is my-"
    This user is a market socialist.
    "Markets and socialism are ultra-based."
    This user is a communist.
    "Tankers Workers of the world, unite!"
    This user is Environmentalist.
    "Save the trees or I'll break both your knees!"
    This user is Eco-Authoritarian.
    "Burn the coal, pay the toll."
    This user is a Leftist.
    This user is a Marxist.
    "Workers of the world, unite!."
    This user is Patriotic
    "Woohoo! My country!"
    This user is Syndicalist
    "There is power in a union!"
    This user is a Futurist.
    "Speed is our god!"
    This user is totally NOT racist.
    "SAY NI-..."
    This user does a little trolling.
    "It’s called we do a little trolling"
    This user is a Progressive Conservative
    "Respect our traditions and gay weddings!"
    This user is Socialist
    "The proletariat is equal!"
    This user is nationalist.
    "Long life to Stanistan!"
    This user is a Titoist.
    "Long live Yugoslavia."
    This user joined in 2022.
    This user is a LeftUnity
    "Oh, Stalinist, can't you see? You're standing in the way of leftist unity."
    This user is AuthLeft.
    "When the government does stuff."
    This user is a HOI4 Communist Player
    "SFR Yugoslavia World Conquest!"


    • EmperorAlexander99 - Hello there. So I see you're a nostalgic admirer of Tito.
      • Yes
    • EmperorAlexander99 - And what do you think about him ?
      • He was based, but a bit too moderate
    • EmperorAlexander99 - Ok, well he wanted to remain neutral throughout the Cold War but he brought brotherhood and unity to his people.
      • That's was the most based thing.
    • EmperorAlexander99 - Indeed. Too bad his death caused the collapse of Yugoslavia.
    • EmperorAlexander99 - By the way, if my fictional Pepperism ever influenced you, you're happily welcomed to add your self-insert Serbian Socialism in it as one of the influences.
    • Ok.
    • 16384ism - I am planning to make another version of Nations of the world, but this time, users will only get one nation. Do you know of any ways to make it different from normal PCBaller World? Also, the link is here.
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