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    User:Second kaiser emperor of cheese empire


    i lazy to re writte this so go here https://polcompballanarchy.miraheze.org/wiki/New_Model_Of_Cheesenism

    economy belief

    same go here: https://polcompballanarchy.miraheze.org/wiki/New_Model_Of_Cheesenism

    Cultural belief

    I believe we should bring back Napoleonic and victoria era nations styled combined with ancient greek and roman aesthetics mixed between Islamic golden age era society. I also believe that people should wear clothes like Victorian gentlemen and ladies. feudal rank should be introduced again. I believe that we should reject feminine or LGBT shit clothe. people who wear LGBT sith clothe should be beheaded. classical, and jazz music should be embraced and other song types was banned. anime should be banned and we should embrace old cartoons.

    The Pillar Of Cheesenism Society


    the main pillar of my belief in religion. I believe that Quran and hadith should be used as the main guidance to today's society and wish to bring back the Islamic golden age. sharia laws should be implemented. but I don't hate other religions and belief that all those religions should be the same right as Islamic followers. because prosperity can be reached if there is equality between all religions in the world. other than Islamic sharia law I also will use some strict bible, hindsight, and Buddhist law in my society for better equality. but still, jizyah tax will be implemented only on the Jews but still Jewish followers in Indonesia will be getting some protection


    Authority is one of the cheesenism pillars. i believe that there is centralized Strict And Militarist Authority To Ensure safety, security and order. i belief that society needs authority to function better because if not the society will colapsed.Also To ensure people's loyalty to the government and no growing armed opposition. authority was nead. I belief violent suppression of criminality was needed to ensure public safety and I believe the oppression of the LGBT community was needed to free the nation from degeneracy


    Like Authority military was nead. I believe that the government needs to fund the military and building new military equipment, I belief that millitary can be used to protect the nation intrest in the international stage and destroying opposition in homeland. i also belief that we should send millitary to every conflict place to protect the nation interest nor to help the allied goverment.


    i believe tradition is the most important element in every society. because that tradition should be protected and we should not change the tradition.i believe that people who want to destroy the cultural tradition should be killed and suppressed because that reasson why I hate woke culture. is worthy to preserving our traditon then chance it


    worker is very important because the worker who sustains the nation I belief the government must create a worker union that is influenced with corporatist and fascist model. to prevent any communist or socialist idea government will created more safe and secure working conditions and give them free house and maximum wages and educated them with government political and banned the worker to read any Karl Marx book. other than that workers have more political power in the government and can lobbyist some government policies


    i believe the ultranationalist idea and I belief that the goverment should be suppressed or killed by any globalist or anti-nationalist. other then that i belief that my nation race is superior and belief that westerner,Malaysian and sino should treat as second class citizen.


    i dream that someday the entire Malayan-speaking nation united under one banner like in the Majapahit day. i fully belief that Sukarno confrontation and Suharto invasion of Timor was one of the step to united the Malayan speaking nation.i follow same imperialist idea of Japanese empire and the Majapahit empire. and belief that Malaysia is puppet state and a traitor to the Malayan speaking nation also a thieft who stole sarawak from indonesia.


    i also belief a grand industrialization of all forrest in nation and belief that enviroment is the human playground and belief is human right to do what ever they want on their enviroment but still prevent over polution goverment will plant 3 million tree every 3 years and will make the industry to be more freindly

    politcal journey

    ???-Early 2018

    During my early day in politics, I read and believed nazism's ideas, neocon, and Wahhabism. I also very much embrace the holocaust and hate Jews. I also embrace the rape of Nanking and see the Chinese as an inferior race

    early 2018 - middle of 2018

    During this era, I very believing Pancasila I see Pancasila as a perfect ideology.

    august 2018-late 2018

    At this time I somewhat believe in the values of Peronism and some Brazillian integralism ideas.

    late 2018 - early 2019

    At this time I believed in Sukarno and Suharto's ideas and believe they both were a hero and a savior

    early 2019 - late 2019

    In this era, I become slightly Socialist and support Nasserism,Baathism and Gadhaffist .

    late 2019 - middle of 2020

    In this era,my father told me that leftist was traitor to indonesia because that i very despised communist then I read Mussolini's book and believed fascism and belief fascism was a perfect idea for the present era.

    late 2019 - late 2021

    After the polandball shutdown, I decided to create an ideology called cheesenism.

    late 2021 - early 2022

    At this time I become a somewhat liberal and progressive so because of that I created a cheesenism successor called universal cheddar

    early 2022 - early jully

    At this time I become a very reactionary and traditionalist with very less democratic beliefs. So I created reactionary-Cheesenism

    early jully - present

    now I am fully reject monarchist, feudalist and capitalist ideas I now more focused on socialist leaning authoritarian with fascism republic characteristics

    reading material

    book that i have read

    • doctrine of fascism
    • patriacha
    • The psyclogy Of liberalism
    • what is democracy why democracy
    • The conscience of a consersative
    • rousseau walker liberalism

    book that still i read

    • Mein Kampf ( reading it again )
    • Wealth Of Nation
    • The Reactionary Mind
    • Pikiran,Ucapan Dan Tindakan Saya
    • Falsafah Hidup
    • The Communism Manifesto
    • Rise And Fall book series
    • The Republic
    • Green Book
    • art of war
    • Nasakom bersatu--Nasakom djiwaku!
    • New Nationalism (Theodore Roosevelt)

    book that i want to buy

    • Manifesto of N'sele
    • Napoleon's memoirs
    • The Conquest of Gaul
    • A Life for Hungary: Memoirs of Admiral Nicholas Horthy Regent of Hungary
    • American Prisoner
    • The Ego and Its Own
    • Hitler's Forgotten Ally: Ion Antonescu and his Regime, Romania 1940-1944
    • Antanas Smetona and His Lithuania
    • The Highest Stage of Capitalism (1917)

    Recommended Youtube Channel

    The Indonesian Channel

    Opinion On Historical Leader


    • Sukarno.png Sukarno- the absolute based man in Asian history. the guy who kick out the dutch Colonialists. The Guy who bring many great political ideas and the guy who inspired many African nations to rise.the main creator of neutral block and the great fighter against the fake traitor theft nation of Malaysia and their British cuck Overlord. Sadly he sucks at the economy nor understands what Indonesian means and supports the Maoist lap dog PKI. and get gets overthrown by Suharto.
    • Fash.png Benito Mussolini- Mussolini was based he saved Italy from economic crisis and poverty. turn the incompetent Italian government into a disciplined government. Exterminated homelessthe and created field jobs and hunted down the mafia. but you genocide Libyan and Ethiopian then joins Hitler on his crap holocaust program and you become his lap dog.
    • Bonaparte.png Napoleon Bonaparte- the great hero of france and the savior of france from the oppressive revolutionary goverment. intruduces back monarhy and bring many good economy and social policies.who also dominated the entire europe and then get defeat by the coalition then return to save france from the fattass bourbon king but get defeated again.

    Less Based

    ChiangKaiShek.png Chiang-Kai-Shek- the great generalissimo of china who try to turn china into a great state but fails and become incompetent went Japanese invade and to obsessive to defeat mao and do white terror but hey at least went you lose the civil wars you turn Taiwan to develop the nation. you are perfect to rule a small country but fail to rule a big country like china


    • Suharto.png Suharto- you are a great savior of Indonesia from the traitor Maoist lap dog PKI and a hero who save Indonesia's economy. you also modernized Indonesia and begins industrialization. under your era, Indonesia is so stable and secure. you introduce Petrus who very much help average Indonesia citizen and your pelita, abri Masuk Desa and Everything is cheap under you reign but behind you good there also your big sins. you are the great teacher of corruption and your familly stole 30 billion. you kill arround 1 million innocent people and invade timor ( at least if that not bloody you will be more based ) you terrorized muslim in tanjung priok and the biggest sins of all you stop the confrontation. if you not stop it you will be more based.but in the end you have been betray by the american but still some of you legacy cannot be denied by the traitorous Maoist lapdog

    Stalin.png Joseph Stalin - well you industrilization russia and defeat nazis you also make soviet union as economical power house and created the atomic bomb for russia but you also kill 20 million people,starve the entire nation of ukraine and purges you own people and general.annex baltic and imperialized eastern europe is good went Khrushchev de stalinization you but some how putin used your images as propaganda


    Pinochet-hat.png Augusto Pinochet- i said to all pinochetist fan. Allende is better then this shit who ruin chillean economy with his liberal chicagoan shit.rot in hell you piece of cunt but hey at least you brought stabillity and security

    Very Cringe

    Batista.png Fulgecio Batista- you are the worst lati american dictanationBecause you loss election you coup the democratic nation and just make cuban worst.went cuban healthcare is fall and many homeless you decide is good to sell your nation to the corrupt American. Is good went castro rose to power and you cowardly flee the natio with 100 million

    Foreign Conflict View


    I Fully Support the Taliban I see the Taliban as the perfect government for Afghanistan and I see the *democratic* government as only a corrupt incompetent government that becomes America's puppet state. It good went the banner of Taliban rise again. but still need some reform just removing the radicals Wahhabist and giving women right


    Went gadhaffi die i know is the endgame for libyan. Western usdont care with libya freedom they only care about the oil. Thay hate gadhaffi because he make libyan rich and mordern. I dont support all the faction in the civil wars except for the gadhaffist loyalist and the gadhaffist should rule libyan onces again


    Iraq now is fuck up is have become a shit hole. Iraqi now was an Iranian puppet. fuck America for removing Saddam and the baath party from power.i belief that iraqi people should do revolution and overthrowing their goverment replaced it with new baath goverment and kick out all american or iranian from iraqi soils


    Both Korean is shit hole first we have a capitalist hellhole second we have a communist hellhole. I do against the unified I believe that both should not unified because if so major that they back their government will have a big influence on Asia I do prefer a unified Korea that is very neutral and anti both east and west.


    This hard. first, if Taiwan becomes part of china the Chinese will use it as a new military and will have a greater influence on Asia. the only option is Taiwan should be left alone by both majors and sign a treaty where both blocs if trying to invade or set up a millitary base will trigger a war.





    favotite quote

    To take over a government through military force would create instability, and it would not last for long. I do not want to leave a legacy of having taken over the government through military means. It has never occurred to me to have a coup d'etat.


    If I remember the suffering of my childhood and youth, it could make me sad. But if one thinks of the benefits, it is precise because of these sufferings since I was small that I have become a man. I have become a person who thinks, and who has feelings because I have suffered.


    The New Order wants to put our national interest in the driving seat while continuing with our ideology to fight against colonialism and imperialism.


    The New Order wants to implement democracy in the economy. It is an order to achieve a social, political, economic, and cultural society with Pancasila and Belief in God Almighty as our moral values.


    Let them say what they say. The truth is, I did not engage in corruption.


    The worst cruelty that can be inflicted on a human being is in isolation.


    I hate imperialism. I detest colonialism. And I fear the consequences of their last bitter struggle for life. We are determined that our nation, and the world as a whole, shall not be the plaything of one small corner of the world.


    We must all build national unity, build all revolutionary forces, into one powerful wave to sweep away our main enemy, political imperialism and economic imperialism.


    Never, ever forget history.


    Crush Malaysia! Indonesia may change its tactics, but our goal will remain the same.


    The defense of the revolution is the defense of the people.


    If some nation says to us, 'You can have aid, but you have to end confrontation,' then I say, 'Go to hell with your aid.'


    To those who say derogatory things about colonialism, I would say colonialism is a wonderful thing. It spread civilization to Africa. Before it they had no written language, no wheel as we know it, no schools, no hospitals, not even normal clothing.“ — Ian Smith,

    "Sometimes democracy must be bathed in blood." -- Augusto Pinochet

    „I'm honoured that I could fight in four wars for your honour, my dear people, for your rights and your freedom.“ — Ion Antonescu

    Special Quote

    • Fuck Off.Who The Fuck Are You To Turn Arround Turn Me Went You Like A Pig A French Pig*- Griller.png\Cball-Scotland.png\Troll.png Gordon Ramsay

    My Own Word

    • You Thing Because You Have Sources You Smarter No In fact You Source Is Propaganda.
    • Islamo-Phobia Will Never Understand Islam
    • I Feard 2 Thing God And Terminal ill People Who Manipulated By Western Media
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