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    Give everyone a watermelon! I call it: Melonism!

    Yes, I know the userbox says socdem but the ideologies list says demsoc, I just kinda vibe with anything libleft, and so both work and I’m too lazy to change it. Also why I have anarchism listed in userbox but the ideology list has a state ideology.


    I. WAS. BORN!!!!! Idk like a while ago I guess. I lived with my parents for a while, went to school, made friends (woah, friends? What are those???), got big into videogames in like the 1-2nd grades, got big into history in the 4-5th grades, got big into nuclear energy in the 6th grade (thanks Kurzgesagt), got big into politics in the 6-8th grade, got big into computer science in the 7-9th grades, and then I forget the rest :skull:

    Family History

    My great great great great great gr-yeah I know it goes back a while grandparents came to America on the mayflower in 1620-21 (left 1620 arrived 1621). Before that they were from (oh come on dude there was a whole Charlie Brown special about the mayflower, you seriously don’t know where they were from?) England. Then during the potato famine my ancestors from Ireland came over. Then they got really into Mormonism for some reason but thankfully stopped. Oh also some other English and Italian and Swedes somehow idk we don’t have good records of my dad’s side of the family.

    Political Journey

    > > >

    Like I mentioned previously, I don’t really know what I am right now other than libleft.

    Reading list

    TBH I don’t like to read I don’t know why I made this segment

    - 1984 (tried)

    - Fahrenheit 451 (Great read)

    - The Most Evil Men and Women in History (currently reading)

    This user is a Leftist.
    This user is an Anarchist
    "Smash the state! and the shower"
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    "I swear I'm not a socialist!"
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    "Proceeds to die in a war."
    This user is bisexual.
    "I can literally get off to anything. Bow down to me, mortals."
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    "E pluribus unum."
    This user is a Biden supporter.
    "Cornpop is a BAD dude!"
    This user is a Bernie Supporter.
    "I am once again asking for your support."
    This user uses US customary/Imperial units.
    "*Proceeds to crash airplane mid-flight*"
    This user is a HOI4 player
    "*proceeds to explain how the Nazis could've won WW2*"
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