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    "You can't do something wrong, because it's too awkward, I'll definitely fix you if you do something wrong. Choice is simply important for everyone, remember this! Without Authoritarians and Totalitarians in the world may be lucky and happily!"

    Rojtavs (Sometimes called Rojtavs Thought) is a Libertarian Marxist, who supports limited government, is an Internationalist and Feminist, supports Democracy, but also prefers Direct Democracy, she believes that this variant are better than other variants of Democracy, is economically far-left, civically direct democratic, culturally progressive. She believes that every choice is important, and let them choose whatever they want, also she is against bigotry and aggression, refuses an argument with someone, believes that be relaxed is better than attacking someone.

    Despite the fact that she often loves Soulism and considers herself it, however, she is very interested in many of the ideas of Soulism, don't forget that she has strong hyperfixation for OMORI, she stated that it was serious, but not a joke.

    Here's my icons if you want to use these: (////)


    Hi there! I come here sometimes, where I draw arts, also make icons, edit pages. If you see my page and know me, do not accuse or give misinformation about me, that's definitely wrong, I have strong feelings because of this, but I actively use there more than here. If you want to know about me, check out this content "Further Information".

    User Test

    • Civic Axis
      • Chaoist (-10)
      • Anti-Organizationalist (-1)
      • Anarchist (+5)
      • Minarchist (+8)
      • Libertarian (+10)
      • Liberal (+2)
      • Moderate (+0)
      • Statist (-5)
      • Authoritarian (-10)
      • Totalitarian (-50)
      • Ingsoc (-100)
    • Type of Rule Axis
      • Anarchist Anti-Democracy (-10)
      • Liquid Democracy (+8)
      • Direct Democracy (+10)
      • Semi-Direct Democracy (+8)
      • Representative Democracy (+5)
      • Democratic Centralism (+2)
      • Authoritarian Democracy (-5)
      • Totalitarian Democracy (-30)
      • Authoritarian Anti-Democracy (-100)
      • If none above apply...
      • Organic Centralism (+3)
    • Economic Axis
      • Communalist (+7)
      • Communist (+10)
      • Syndicalist (+10)
      • Socialist (Egalitarian type) (+8)
      • Socialist (Non-Egalitarian type) (+3)
      • Market Socialist (+5)
      • Welfarist (+10)
      • Gift Economy (+7)
      • Regulationist (+8)
      • Mixed (+5)
      • Liberal Economic (-5)
      • Capitalist (-10)
      • Propertarianist (-50)
      • Laissez-Faireist (-100)
      • Darwinist (-100)
      • Corporate Darwinist (-500)
      • If none above apply...
      • Corporatist (-1)
      • Distributist (+3)
      • Third Positionist (-100)
      • Anti-Economic (-1)
      • Non-Marxist Communist (+8)
    • Economic Freedom
      • Anti-Economy (-1)
      • Decentrally Planned Economy (+10)
      • Centrally Planned Economy (+7)
      • Dirigisme (+4)
      • Regulationist (+6)
      • Mixed (+2)
      • Liberal Economic (-5)
      • Free Market (-10)
      • Laissez-Faire (-100)
    • Social Axis
      • Noveltist (+1)
      • Revolutionary (+5)
      • Progressive (+10)
      • Reformist (+8)
      • Syncretic (+5)
      • Moderate conservative (+1)
      • Conservative (-5)
      • Traditionalist (-10)
      • Reactionary (-100)
      • Antiquitist (-500)
    • Cultural Axis
      • Multicultural (+8)
      • Intercultural (+10)
      • Monocultural (+5)
      • Traditional (-10)
      • Liberal (+3)
      • Progressive (+5)
      • Anti-Culture (-1)
    • Diplomatic Axis
      • United Globalsit (-100)
      • World Federalist (+3)
      • Globalist (+5)
      • Alter-Globalist (+10)
      • Cosmopolitan (+8)
      • Internationalist (+10)
      • Moderate (+5)
      • Civic Nationalist (+7)
      • Patriot (+5)
      • Nationalist (+5)
      • Chauvinist (-50)
      • Racial Nationalist (-100)
      • Ethno-Nationalist (-100)
      • Imperialist (-500)
      • Neo-Imperialist (-1000)
    • Geopolitics
      • Western (-100)
      • Western Adjacent (-50)
      • Non-Aligned (+10)
      • East Adjacent (-30)
      • Eastern (-100)
      • If none above apply...
      • Anarchistic Unaligned (-1)
    • Technological Axis
      • Primal (-1000)
      • Primitivist (-500)
      • Pre-Industrial (-100)
      • Deceleration (-10)
      • Moderate (+0)
      • Acceleration (+5)
      • Automated (+10)
      • Transhumanist (+10)
      • Posthumanist (+8)
      • If none above apply...
      • Post-Civ (+0) [and/or]
      • Archeofuturism (-1)

    Environmental Axis

      • Human Extinction (-10)
      • Radical Environmentalism (-1)
      • Eco-Fascism (-10)
      • Ecocentrism (+3)
      • Environmentalist (+10)
      • Moderate (+10)
      • Post-Industrialism (+10)
      • Industrialist (+8)
      • Anthropocentric (-1)
      • Anti-Environmentalism (-10)
      • New Mass Extinction (-100)
    • Minus Axis
      • Nazi/ Fascists (-100)
      • Homophobic (-100)
      • Transphobic (-100)
      • Manosphere (-100)
      • Pro-Life (-50)
      • Anti-Communist (-100)
      • Zionist (-100)

    Results: (max: 100)

    Ideological Journey

    Name Time Ideologies
    Primitive Apolitical Phase 2005-2012 + +
    Conservative Phase 2012-2014 + +
    The Alternative Right Terrorist Phase 2014-2018 + +
    Christian Trumpist Right with Alt-Lite aesthetics Phase 2018-2021 + +
    Classical Liberal Islamist Phase 2021-2022 + +
    Proto-Rojtavs 2022-2023 + +
    Progressive Rojtavs 2023-2023 + +
    Socialist Rojtavs 2023-2024 + +
    Rojtavs 2024- + +



    Proto-Rojtavs is a beginner Rojtavs, on February 16, 2022, Rojtavs came up with her nickname, although she has old nicknames, she refuses to use them. She identified herself as a Liberal Socialist, also she is socially moderate progressive, supports Democracy, Reform, Markets, Gender equality, LGBT, Abortion rights, an oppponent of Racism, supporter of Democratic Party, Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev. She is an opponent of Communism. Also she is an opponent of Egoism, as she believes that Collectivism is more important than Egoism. On October 17, 2022, she became non-binary due to a gender change, when she herself made her decision about her gender, although she has male and female organs, but she doesn't consider herself intersex. At the beginning of April 2023, Proto-Rojtavs is gone anymore after that she changed her views. She later stated that she understood that she was actually intersex and non-binary at the same time.





    Closest Match: Social Democracy


    [!] This variant is not meant to be taken seriously, but also is a controversial variant, it didn't happen in real life. Please don't take it seriously. Thank you for understanding!

    Ultra-Rojtavs, also called Post-Rojtavs, Insurrectionary Rojtavs, Illegalist Rojtavs, is a Extremist, also might be called Post-Leftist, Insurrectionary, Illegalist version, socially Ultraprogressive Reactionary, who supports Egoism, Post-Pacifism, Revenge Steal Lander, opposes Globalism, supports Post-Civiliazation, Post-Feminism, Post-Situationism, against most of foreign companies, is a Buddhist, likes to joke something very dark, plays like OMORI.

    She strongly hates most of moral Self-Inserts because she doesn't feel very comfortable with them, but she is okay with immoral Self-Inserts. She wants to destroy School, Police, Prison, Work, because she believes that these's all slavery.

    If you're hurting and annoying this variant, she will easily kill you.





    Closest Match: Religious Socialism



    Why is Nordic Status Quo an unfair and worse politics according to Rojtavs?

    Brief reason


    NATO needs to leave the Scandinavian countries alone

    Nordic Anticommunism is not right

    Is the spread of far-right ideologies in Nordic countries true?

    Every statistic about Nordic Countries is a hoax




    Opinion on real conflicts


    Although I lived with my parents for 10 years in Ukraine in 2012-2022, when I was 8 years old, during Euromaidan, when Ukrainian Neo-Nazis kidnapped me for no reasons, my parents don’t know where I disappeared to. When my uncle in law took me in when the Ukrainian neo-Nazis accepted his request. The fact is that my uncle asked me to call him uncle, I agree with him. He did not ask what views (including political ones) I have until 2022, I lived peacefully with my uncle, he said that he was a Liberal in 2014-2020, he changed his views for some reason. In 2018, my parents found me when they visited Lviv, they finally took me. Now let's talk about the Russian-Ukrainian war. I got anxiety disorder when someone launched rockets and then blew up the Myrhorod airport, Ukraine has become a serious crisis because of the Russian-Ukrainian war, after the college closed, my friend and I arrived at the border between Ukraine and Romania. Which country do I actually support? Of course Ukraine, but unfortunately, there are Nazis in Ukraine, just like in Russia. I support innocent countries that don't start wars like Ukraine.


    The fact is that Serbs and Albanians quarrel very much. Let's talk honestly why Kosovo cannot be part of Serbia. This is due to the change in ethnicity and religion, where Albanians and Muslims live more than Serbs and Orthodox Christians. Kosovars just deserve to live, not die.


    Israel is non-country that is a steal lander for absolutely no reason. Many Israeli brainwashed people often make VERY ABSURD and FALSE arguments with someone, who support Palestine. Do you think that Palestine is always a homophobic country while Israel is not? No, Palestine itself isn't always a homophobic, there are many LGBTQ+ people who support Palestine, but more than Israel, there are far-right Israelis in steal lander, who against LGBTQ+. By your logic, supporting Palestine means Terrorism and Anti-Semitism??? You yourself are a terrorist because you support steal lander, although the Arabs are Semites like Palestinians.


    Northern Ireland







    In fact, there are punishments. Typical punishments: Fines, Prison, both Positive and Negative Tortures, including Pillory, Tickle Torture, White Torture, Broken bones, Kick the balls, Force smoking and drinking alcohol, Punch all types of body, Send to Mental Hospital, Force watching very bloody and scary medias.

    Are there punishments that are illegal? Naturally, here is a list of which punishments are illegal, Scat, Sadism (if brutally), Life imprisonment, Abuse (same brutally), Chinese Water Torture, Hanging (if forcing to someone), Guillotine, Live burial, Coffin torture, Dunking, Swedish drink, Stoning, Pear of Anguish, Scavenger's Daughter, Garrote, Iron Maiden, Breast Ripper, Crocodile Shears, Heretic's Fork, Poena Cullei, Peine Forte et Dure, Slow Slicing, Burned, Molten Gold, Blood Eagle, Judas Cradle, Head Crusher, Breaking Wheel, Bamboo Torture, Impalement, Sawing Limbs, The Rack, Drawn and Quartered, Rat Torture, Boiling, Bull of Phalaris, Scaphism.

    Only these two punishments Fines and Prison will happen often, but another legal punishments will really rarely.

    About children's punishment, there will be only negative punishments, you can scold them, force them to go to their own rooms, take away their devices. Beating children is illegal, since it sounds really bad, if you did it, you will get punishments.

    Moreover, these punishments are important to protect our country from crimes


    Surveillance devices

    Traditional cameras will be removed, a futuristic device will appear, for example a large one eye. A large one eye will be futuristic, only a few devices will appear as a large one eye. What features will I add to this futuristic device? Emotions, including happy, sad, calm, serious, angry, and subtitles (only in Finnish), there will be no voice as many people may get annoyed because of this.

    Public places

    We will follow what crimes you commit, unless, if you will be careful to don't commit crimes, make sure to do it.

    Private places

    In most private places they won't follow what you do, they respect your privacy, please never commit crimes, otherwise they will follow you.


    I support most legal immigrants, I will trust them if they join our culture, about illegal, it will be very serious and problematic, unless, if you do have documents, you still can go to our country.

    Culture & Society


    Sexual and romantic orientations

    I absolutely support the rights of any sexual and romantic orientations, I don’t see anything wrong with any sexual and romantic orientations, you can choose whatever you want

    Same-sex Marriage

    Same-sex Marriage is legal, but wedding is not required as a Opposite-Sex

    Transgender rights

    You can change your gender unlimitedly, surgery and medical diagnosis are absolutely not required. Is there an age to change gender? Naturally, not for all ages, you need to take your responsibility, if you are 14 and older, you still can change it without family's permissions. About under 14, ask your relatives (including parents, siblings (if they are older than you), etc.) to change your gender or not. About documents, you can change your documents if you want, be careful to change your documents, you can change your name, surname, patronymic unlimited. You are allowed to serve in the army even if you are transgender.

    Third gender rights

    Same as above, but you can have your gender "X", "N", etc in your document.

    Age of consent

    The age of consent will be 14, but opposite and same sex will definitely be equal

    SuperOrientations Rights

    SuperOrientations is a crime that humiliates transgender people, you will not have the right to be SuperOrientation, if you don't pay attention to the law and break the law, you have to pay a fine of 300€, if not, you are sent to jail for 1 year.

    Conversion therapy

    Conversion therapy is a very serious crime and banned, if you don't pay attention to the law and break the law, you have to pay a fine of 1000€, if not, you are sent to jail for 10 year.

    Anti-discrimination law

    According to the fact that discrimination against LGBT+ is a very serious crime, but same as above



    You can't have the right to be a theocrat

    Religious freedom

    I support religious freedom, I let them believe whoever they want

    Technology & Environment



    Libertarian Marxism

    • Literally me


    • Karl Marx is my hero in my life, somehow I have a photo of my hero. I'm glad he became a Libertarian in his later life. Despite the fact that Karl Marx is a hero of Communism.


    • This ideology is based on mine

    Marxist Feminism

    • My best comrade!

    Postcolonial Feminism

    • You look like me very often


    • Literally me

    Libertarian Socialism

    • Your views are very similar to mine, so based!

    Queer Libertarianism

    • Pro-LGBTQ+ Libertarian Socialism? Sounds better than Libertarian Socialism!

    Socialist Transhumanism

    • I wish that humanity can improve like a robot so that it does not die


    • Transhumanism and Environmentalism? Sounds amazingly based!


    • Welfare is best!


    • For workers' rights! Going on strike forever!


    • This is an ideology that I have supported since the beginning of June 2022, I admit that homophobia and transphobia are two bigots


    • One of my all time favorite games, I can't stop thinking about this game for a long time


    • Slavery is a very indecent shit that Crapitalism has created, I feel very sorry for the blacks, Latinos, Indigenous people and etc who were enslaved... Save and free people from slavery!

    Acid Communism

    • My allied drug addict comrade!


    • Based another Globalist! At least we hate Imperialism and Neoliberalism.


    • It is the best anarchy I've ever seen!






    • Without democracy I can't live

    Democratic Socialism

    • Best!

    Fully Automated Gay Space Communism

    • Communism Pro-LGBTQ+ lover space? BEST!!!


    • Best government


    • At least better than Multiculturalism


    • Based more than Interculturalism

    Men's Liberation

    • If men accept who I am, they are real men and gigachads, anyways, I support men's rights


    • Based another Minarchy!


    • Free games and movies are all important! Long live Pirate!


    • The best ideology, I took ideas from this ideology


    • The best Latin American ideology!


    • I am against most companies that support genocide, including the Palestinian genocide


    • Abortion is women's rights


    • Personally very interesting, what can I say?


    African Socialism

    • MAGA - Make Africa Great Again! Patrice Lumumba and Nelson Mandela are our heroes!


    • While we want to destroy sexist bastards. FUCK PATRIARCHY!


    • We share many Individual views, but we have a different government for some reason

    Buddhist Socialism

    • Based another Buddhist!


    • Only Based Jewish!

    Christian Socialism

    • Based another Christian!

    Democratic Confederalism

    • My best ally!


    • Protect nature and cleaning water is based

    Existentialist Anarchism

    • Existentialism is always sense!


    • Free own land!

    Communist Populism

    • Communism FOR PEOPLE!!!


    • Based, but you've gone too far


    • I love science!

    Gift Economy

    • It seems like a based economy, but I prefer Communism more

    Left-Wing Nationalism

    • One of the based Nationalists

    Guild Socialism

    • Only based another Corporatist


    • Closely based than Progressivism


    Queer Egoism

    • Only good Egoist

    Ho Chi Minh Thought

    • Congratulations to you defeating American Imperialism!


    • Allowed to make money? While you are Socialist? Nice!

    Market Socialism

    • Only good Socialist! I'm not against markets at all, I just prefer Communism more

    Pagan Theocracy

    • Personally interesting...

    Socialist Kemalism

    • Based variant of Kemalism, but please free Kurds!

    Progressive Conservatism

    • Cultural renewal is the best idea that I want to renewal


    • Like Post-Progressivism, but cruel more

    Mixed or neutral


    • Yes, we are against Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism, but please don’t destroy limited governments, okay?


    • Left-Wing Anarcho-Crapitalism? Curious...

    Capitalist Communism

    • Capitalism and Communism? Huh??? I don't understand why they called me you...

    Nordic Model

    • Vakavasti? Miksi välität Kapitalismista enemmän kuin Sosialismista? Kapitalismi ei koskaan toimi, niin kauan kuin Sosialismi toimii, sinun pitäisi välittää Sosialismista enemmän. (Seriously? Why do you care about Capitalism more than Socialism? Capitalism never works, as long as Socialism works, you should care more about Socialism.)


    • The ideology seems crazier than the usual leftist ideologies... Whatever...



    • You need to stop annoying me!

    Left Anti-Communism

    • I used to treat you well until I became a Сommunist. Now, you became my opposition after became a Сommunist.


    • Why should older people be governments, while young (18-older age) are not allow to be?



    • To be honest, looks like you're a moderate Fascist, you think that making fun of Feminists, Socialists, Communists, LGBTQ+, Disabled people, etc is okay. Go outside and don't waste your internet time, touch grass and study your manners!

    American Model

    • Fuck you, scum pig! I wish you never existed! Tell us thank you for disturbing all the poor Americans in the hospital, who don’t have free hospitals here!


    • I don't understand what you are talking about, I refuse to go back to shit like the ancient age


    • Someone hating Japan is racism, it makes absolutely no sense to insult and threaten the Japanese.

    Soulist Kraterocracy

    • Soulism and Kraterocracy? What an oxymoron...


    • Too boring and suck

    Conservative Feminism

    • Fake Feminist! Fuck off, I am real girl, got it?!

    Conservative Socialism

    • Fake Socialist!


    • I don't think Ableism is good, fuck you!

    Progressive Fascism

    • Oxymoron

    Fourth Theory

    • Anti-LGBTQ+? Anti-Transhumanism? Reactionaryism? Well fuck you

    Liberal Feminism

    • Fake Feminist!

    Fake Libertarianism

    • Fake Libertarianism!


    • You are completely ineffective somehow


    • No wonder why you don't ever get bitches lmao


    • Fuck you!


    • Sis, who are interests in misogyny💀

    Radical Apoliticism


    Radical Feminism

    • Fuck off! You are not real Feminist!


    • Any propaganda is completely useless


    • Death is complete bullshit, I'd rather live than die!


    • Why? Why should we reverse global warming?


    • Oh dear... Being like an animal DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!


    • FUCK NO!


    • Fuck you!



    • Do I have to explain this???


    • What the hell?! You are literally my opposition! Have a nice day in jail!


    • Oh what the hell??? Are you pedophile, aren't you??? FUCK YOU ARROGANT PIG!


    • Oxymoron

    Austrian School

    • Literally my opposition, but even the worst economic ideology in my opinion

    Authoritarian Capitalism

    • Two ideologies arrogant sucks!


    • NO!


    • Literally Tyranny!

    Authoritarian Conservatism

    • DIE!


    • it is the worst and wrong ideology I have ever seen


    • Literally my nightmare!

    Esoteric Fascism

    • More than my opposition!


    • Xenophobic scum

    Racial Nationalism

    • Racist scum



    Hive-Mind Collectivism

    • NO!


    • Literally 1984!


    • Long live Decolonization!!!


    • Literally Israel!




    • Fuck you!

    National Bolshevism

    • Just regular Russian Juche



    National Crapitalism

    • This is the reason why I hate Crapitalism

    Pol Potism

    Reactionary Liberalism

    • Reactionaryism and Liberalism are fucking both very ineffective!


    • FUCK YOU!


    • Are you Ultra-Marxism-Leninism, aren't you?

    Death Worship

    • Are you Ultra-Necrocracy, aren't you?


    • Ultra-Globalism? No thank you!


    • Opportunism? Have a nice day in jail!


    • Literally the worst ideology in every Communists!

    State Atheism

    • Not all religious people are evil, dumbass! So, FUCK STATE ATHEISM!

    State Crapitalism

    • Literally USSR and China!

    State Liberalism


    White Nationalism

    • Fucked up racist

    Reverse Soulism



    • Average White Terror

    S Tier (90-100)

    Ego-Libertarian Marxism (97)

    • I can say something, your views are very similar to mine, but not at all, you are different from many Egoists, best comrade!
    • Definitely the best and gigachadic Self Insert, although you are more moderate than me. But still GIGACHAD!!!

     Daniello (92)

    • At least, we love Philosophy, amazing! But some of your views makes me a little not well, but not just Self-Insert, but based Philosophy!

    A Tier (75-89)

    Third Aquarian Model (87)

    • Wow, based another Communist! But why don't you like Transhumanism? I want to help improve humanity, when I don't want to die and want to be immortal.


    • You're just literally me, but Russian verison and without individualism, most of your views is just based (not at all). You know, Collectivism won't give everyone liberty and causes harm them. Why don't you care about friendly Individuals like me?

    B Tier (60-74)

    C Tier (45-59)

    Meowxism (47)

    • Okay, personally interesting Self-Insert, but you're too radical. Why Totalitarianism and State Atheism? These two ideologies make you to be a strongly hater, that's a terrible idea. At least we are Non-Alignedists, that's cool. Anyways, your views is equally good and terrible. You've just gone too far.

    Blue Nephalemism (46)

    • Too moderate. Anti-Communist? Awful fucking! Only this Self-Insert is too boring for being moderate

    D Tier (20-44)

    • It’s great that you are opposition to Atlanticism, Corporatocracy, NeoLiberalism, Zionism, Interventionism, and also support Protectionism, Welfare, LGBTQ+. But... your some views makes me disturb as hell.
    • Too extreme... Nothing to say...

    Danielism (32)

    • I have no idea why do you partially support Fascism. I really don't like your economic views, especially support Capitalism. I'm glad that you're fine with LGBTQ+.

    Genosse Owens Thought (27)

    • Average German Marxism–Leninism. Support and against Democracy at same times? What the heck??? Also some of your views makes me very disturb.

    Proto-Rojtavs (23)

    • Eh... I remember how I identified myself as a liberal socialist... Now I am no more Proto-Rojtavs, but I am just Rojtavs. Liberalism seems aren't effective anymore in my opinion...

    F Tier (10-19)

    Constantine Thought (18)

    • Your many views make me very disturb, but some views is fine I guess. Sorry if I stole your some sections, I just wanted to improve my page...

    General Shrekretary Thought (14)

    • Funny Self-Insert, at least, you support Democracy. I don't understand how the fuck are you support Enver Hoxha and Joseph Stalin both and are religious at same time? They were literally the opponents of religion, you know, that's absolutely ridiculous. The only good thing is that you are against racism, sexism, reactionarism, colonialism. Collectivism and against LGBTQ+? Nah! You know, you're not a real communist, you're just a regular Juche shrek with very Conservative culturally.

    Terekhofism (13)

    • Oh dear... What kind of weird crap is this?! Also, most of your views makes me very uncomfortable, but some not. Your grammar is a little unclear.

    Brazilian Liberalism (11)

    • I remember when I was Progressive, I used to treat you well, but now... You are a much disgusting rapist! Tell me thank you for making me feel bad, expect someone could arrest you for supporting rape.

    Z Tier (0-9)

    National Pol Potism (0)

    • Literally my nightmare! Say goodbye to your life, when The Queer Insurrection and Liberation Army and Combat Organization of Anarcho-Communists will find you, DEATH TO YOU!

    Skeletron Thought (0)

    • This is the worst MF I've ever seen

    Rozyism (0)

    • Extremely oxymoron who supports Fascism💀



    • We need to destroy modern fascists like the old ones!

    Autism Rights Movement

    • Discrimination against Autism is absolutely unacceptable

    Belarusian Oppositiont

    • Lukashenko himself ruined Belarus, so we must destroy the cockroach

    Black Lives Matter

    • It is necessary to protect against racism, I can never forget about George Floyd

    Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)

    • Sooner or later we are keep against Nazism 2.0

    Disability Rights Movement

    • Same above as Autism Rights Movement

    Land Back

    • Long live own land!

    Palestinian National Movement

    • Free Palestine!

    Russian Opposition

    • Putin is more than Khuilo, he insanely ruined Russia, I don’t understand at all why LGBTQ+ is extremist, it feels like most supporter of him have been brainwashed, but I still hate Russian Liberals, I'm glad that the real Communists are against him


    Animal Liberation March

    • I often defend some animals, especially cats, I don't care about meat

    Anti-War Movement

    • I'm against some wars

    Mixed or neutral


    • Although there are some friendly anonymous people who support me in no matters, unfortunately there are some who are not friendly, I do not forbid everyone to be anonymous though


    • Just I hate Liberals, that doesn’t mean I will be you! The most of members of Anti-Liberalism are fascists and collective, sorry


    Alberta 51

    • Imperial scum!
    NOTE! It doesn't matter at all if they are real or fictional from anywhere.





    • To be honest, you are one of the good roaster youtuber that I have seen. I agree with your some opinions. Keep do it, buddy!

    Mixed or neutral

    Otto Warmbier

    • I heard that you were arrested for stealing a propaganda poster from Fascist Red Korea. I'm sorry you died of coma...


    • To be honest, you are some kind of funny person. A lot of people remind that you scream like Golden Freddy. You are not only the famous Chinese Golden Freddy.


    Yekaterina Duntsova

    • I heard where my friend shared her post to me on Telegram. Although her cultural views are based, but I don't support her at all. I can tell why. Because I hate Liberalism, but definitely all Liberals like her. Sadly she doesn't supports Socialism and Communism, I'll tell so, she's completely ineffective for some reasons like Sleepy Biden.

    Boris Nadezhdin

    • I won't support him either as Duntsova, I really don't like his economic views, but he's really ineffective as Duntsova. Choosing Liberalism is still the wrong choice for me



    • It's your fucking FAULT! You ruined insanely Polcompball, thank you that some Polcompball users get negative emotions because of you!


    Relationship Template


    Personality and Behavior

    She acts very calm and shy all the time, although she has a personality like Libertarian Marxism, but also Soulism, Neo-Marxism, Nordic Marxism, Marxist Feminism. In some contexts, she may be upset when someone threatens her for no reason. Since she's sensitive, when she states that every girl is sensitive too, but she decided to be just like them. Someone meets her, but she doesn't mind being friends and chatting with her, but she is an introvert due to her low chat activity. She sometimes makes new plans, and is busy at some times. She makes memes and shitposts as she loves to make them.

    Stylistic Notes

    • She likes to watch and read every subliminals
    • She wants to sleep and dream when she needs
    • She teaches to improve her skills in every thing
    • She's busy (some and a lot of time both)

    Explanation about "-ism" and "Thought'

    Why do I refuse to use this "-ism" and "Thought", just use "Rojtavs"? - Very interesting question... "Rojtavs" pronunciation sounds so good and effective, where you can understand what they said easily in pronunciation. About "Rojtavsism" and "Rojtavs Thought", these words in pronunciation are incomprehensible and weird, although I myself do not understand that they say these words in pronunciation. What should I choose, Rojtavsism or Rojtavs Thought? Of course Rojtavs Thought, but this word in pronunciation sounds better than "Rojtavsism", but although Rojtavs is still better than Rojtavs Thought, so I prefer just Rojtavs more. The most interesting thing is that this self insert page does not have "-ism" and "Thought".

    How to Draw

    Flag of Rojtavs
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Color the ball with dark red, light orange, rose, light red, backwards rose, light orange, dark red
    3. Add a coral lightning
    4. Add the two eyes and color them white
    5. Add a stale light red, dark red, rose bow
    6. Done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Dark red #FF3A3A 255, 58, 58
    Light orange #FFB070 255, 176, 112
    Rose #FFADAD 255, 173, 173
    Light red #EF5373 239, 83, 115
    Coral lightning #B58D8D 181, 141, 141




    1. Some people may confuse my nickname and autonomous region in Syria
    2. I don't ban being rich, no matter if you are rich or poor
    3. Although she currently has a few crushes, but she doesn't live with them
    4. I almost hated LGBT+, but I stopped using insulting words of LGBT+.
    5. It is not at all surprising that too many ideologies...
    6. Due to the fact that several tankies insulted me and called a reactionist and offensive LGBT words me for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON!
    7. This variant hates most MORAL Self-Inserts, but generally does not hate Self-Inserts that are associated only with Post, Insurrectionary, Illegalist and immoral others.
    8. I know I am not a Christian, this song is a Christian hymn, where you might be a little scared, I like this Hymn myself, to be honest it sounds like some kind of horror to me. Non-Christians can also use this Hymn, there are no rules, don't worry about it
    9. I hate them so much, because their content is quite indecent, skibidi toilet is so annoying unfunny shit. This is one of the worst shits on the Internet!

    Further Information

    Freemium Site

    Fandom Wiki

    [!] Note: This Fandom is a Radical Apolitical who banned PCB, PCBA, Polandball.

    Miraheze Wiki




    • Rojtavs - In the near future wip will soon be gone, but sooner or later, after wip is completed I will move this page to my own page, then I will change something else in my user page. Your comments will be deleted after the wip is completed, you can only comment in my user talk.
    • Rojtavs - It's already time. I canceled these three variants, including Conservative, Liberal, Right-Wing Rojtavs. Now I'll tell you only shortly why. I think these variants are so unnecessary, I have no feelings for these, that's it.


    If you want to discuss, communicate, ask questions to me, I recommend you comment on my user talk page! If you comment here without my warning, your comment WILL DELETED!
    After WIP finished your comments will be deleted

    Discussion, Questions, Communication

    • Rojtavs - Announcement! Now I'll tell you all... I will move this page to my own page from my user page, only after WIP is finished. Sooo... I will clean up these comments, since CPU get eat a lot, it will definitely be at my own risk... While you all wait...
    • - Yo hey there, artel's been keeping tabs on you for a while you've been considered as one of our potential members for quite some time; this is artel's official invitation. you can check out our page here . Let us know if you're interested. You can contact me on discord @Mrnononsense or heredy at @_loic.
      • Rojtavs - Well I think this gang is great, but I'm not sure yet whether I want to join this gang or not.
        • HeredyBall - Hi, you have great potential and can contribute a lot in our gang, take your time, you are welcomed here !
        • Rojtavs - Sorry for the fact I haven't checked these comments for a long time, i've been busy a lot of the time. So, does this mean that i became a member of this gang? I'm still unclear about this
        • Neo-Optimateism - You can visit server as guest, and then make a decision.
    • Ibelulo - I'm interested in your thoughts because I hold pretty much the same political stance as you (although I'm post-left). But I am very different from you philosophically, I am unequivocally opposed to humanism because humanism is outdated and stupid, it is just a modern variant of Christianity. And as a moral nihilist/amoralist, I don’t like the too strong moralism in your thoughts, but despite this, I still have a certain liking for your political stance, so I still hope that we can communicate with each other. . (Do you have a Twitter account?)
      • Rojtavs - I do have, just search my twt user Rojtavs1, that's it
        • Ibelulo - Okay, I have followed your Twitter account. My account name is in Chinese, so you may not understand it. My avatar is a portrait of the Marquis de Sade, which should be easier to identify.
    • Neo-Optimateism - Do you have discord?
      • Rojtavs - I do, just write my nickname and that's it
    • - Opinion on Ukraiana? A Homophobic and Transphobic Fascist who called for the genocide of LGBT+ people.
      • Rojtavs - Sounds very inhuman, fuck him. Only I'm glad that he get blocked for called the genocide of Queer people in Mainly PCB.
      • - Opinion on File:CruzFan.png Tedcruzfan? A Nazcap who wanted to oppress blacks, lgbt+ people, atheists and womens and spread these ideas worldwide through interventions?
      • Rojtavs - Extremely problematic non-human, I wish he should to go to hospital!
      • - Opinion on Nickfuentesfan? A Nazi who hates Russian people, LGBT people, Jews, Women, Muslims and wants them dead and praises Stephan Bandera? And his ideology (//////)
      • Rojtavs - I remember that he has the same views as my enemy pedophile who kidnapped me during the Euromaidan. Anyways, I hate asshole nutzi so much.
    • Phill Tchaikovskism - Thoughts on Temujin Lee, my alt who I decided to abandon due to my LARPing feeling too much like a real person who actually had these beliefs I LARPed as. He was an Unironic Soulist with Post-Leftist/ Anarcho-Egoist/ Insurrectionary Anarchist Characteristics, he was an Anarchist and philosophically was a Pantheist, Psychological and Benevolent Egoist and Anti-humanist(In that he believed that Humanism is Essentialist and that Humans aren't special at all and that he was against anthropocentrism not that he was a Misanthrope), he was seen as highly annoying by the community and was accused as being pedo due to saying some questionable things in a debate but he later apologised for saying these things and gotten a better knowledge of Anarcho-Egoist Ethics and even wrote a section in his page called "Ethics not Morals" and argued Pedos inheritly violate the egos of children as the pedos deny the kids of their self interests and is a Hiarchy (which Temujin opposed harshly). It's actually unique that turns out he was just an alt of mine where I larped as a Soulist.
      • Rojtavs - Oh that's messed up... I understand how he has become completely wild.
        • - Indeed, it makes sense why this Agender (Ethnically) Crimean fella left polcompball as he was struggling and often got into drama he didn't want to get into, despite not being a pedo and even being a minor himself, he was accused as one due to questioning voluntaryism for its supposed moralism(although it was the moralism of the user he talked to that made him upset), and because he was my alt, I now have him as a legacy on this community.

    Fun fact: Temujin Lee was influenced by an Ideology called Cyber-Nihilism, which argued that humanity is inevitably doomed by technology but it argues that technology can't be stopped, so it embraces anti-humanism and Accelerationism to accelarate technology into biomechanicalising nature. (You can get more info by reading Essays on Cyber-Nihilism such as Hello from the wired, I nay disagree with the ideas, but they're definitely interesting).

    • Rojtavs - Oh. Also, I read his article, I get it, also I already read literatures about this ideology.
      • - cool.
    • Neo-Optimateism - Opinion on Jonah Nilsson?
      • Rojtavs - Cringe some kinda, I seem to be an opponent of him.
    • - Opinion on Hydra? His ideology (//), and he's a schizo-fascist who unironically supports pedophilia and rape. Not to mention he mentioned he mentioned he was gonna blow up a power plant. Get this motherfucker locked up and straight to jail.
      • Rojtavs - I think he needs get help, because he's a schizo bastard.
    • Phill Tchaikovskyism - Can I type another comment? Anyways, thoughts on Luna also known as Erissky, their Ideology (////), they're not evil rather incredibly stupid m, despite somehow being well read, their Ideology doesn't make any sense and if you're wondering They're on the FPCB wiki. Fun fact: They actually were the one who drove Temujin Lee mad in the debate.
      • Neo-Optimateism - What have you done again with my pupil?
        • Zhyto.png - Just Annoy them. I just want someone to have a healthy discussion with them and make them drop the contradictionary cultural views by allowing black culture to exist but at the same time be Extremely rascist towards them. I just wanna see them become an Anarcho-Monarchist with Hoppean and Nilsonian Charectaristics.
    • Neo-Optimateism - Opinion on Callicles, Klaus Schwab, Anatoly Karlin, Alexander Bard and Matthew E. Gladden?
      • Rojtavs - 1. To be honest, I hate him

    2. Strange ass some kinda, his governmental and economic views is terrible
    3. I really really hate him
    4. Same as Klaus Schwab, but worse
    5. And finally, I hate him

    - Btw, rate Mr Whooper Man 's ideology on a scale of 0-100. (/////////////) He's A Chilean Nazi who hates Democracy, Atheists, LGBT people, Jews, Women, Muslims, etc

    • - He actually calls himself a libertarian. No way in hell he is.
      • Rojtavs - -∞/100, despite the fact that he is mentally ill who needs to be in the hospital.
        • - And his old beliefs? (/////////////)
          • Rojtavs - Sounds crazily worst ass, but his old beliefs worse more
    • - Jumping is Not A Crime! anyways I'm fucking off to fpcb now have a good day
      • Rojtavs - I agree🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥🔥‼️‼️‼️, also good luck!
        • - you should absolutely join FPCB, you can be on both sites,, or at least look at my substack for some interesting things to read, if you're silly enough for that.
    • Neo-Optimateism - How in the goddamn ancaps are pedos?
      • Rojtavs - I can't explain how are some ancaps pedos
        • Neo-Optimateism - So you are falsely accusing an entire ideology of pedophilia based on some stereotypes, while the creators of this ideology have clearly outlined the issue of pedophilia in their potential society? It seems, I would even say, that this is identical to a false accusation.
    • - Rate the following users
    • 1: Pantheon (//)
    • 2: MugiKotobuki8814 (//)
    • 3: Omega1065 (//)
    • 4: Skeletron (//)
    • 5: Cheese (//)
      • Rojtavs - 1. 4/10, tbh, he has some views based, while others are cringe

    2. -∞/10, he needs to go to the hospital
    3. 4/10, the only good thing is that he supports Democracy, but his other views are somehow ineffective
    4. -∞/10, just no comments
    5. -10/10, same just no comments

        • - 14 ICONS VERSION
    • 1: Pantheon (/////////////)
    • 2: MugiKotobuki8814 (/////////////)
    • 3: Omega1065 (/////////////)
    • 4: Skeletron (/////////////)
    • 5: Cheese (/////////////) What about this?
          • - the 14 icons version was not rated yet T_T
            • Rojtavs - I'm sorry, I've been busy a lot of the time, anyways, I will do it right now. Here:

    1. Same as above
    2. Same as above
    3. Same as above, but I don't like Pragmatic
    4. Same as above
    5. Same as above, so I said that I rate the same as above, since I know what ideologies they have, that's it

    • Neo-Optimateism - Can I add to adding request some real life people?
      • Rojtavs - It is for Self-Inserts, sorry
    • Neo-Optimateism - Opinion on Dragonguard and his Ultra-Enlightenment?
      • Rojtavs - Tbh, some of his views makes me disturb, he's like crazy Neoliberal, but only the one good thing that he have one ideology Metamodernism, even he supports Liberty, I appreciate it. Anyways, I gave a rating 32/100.
    • - Btw rate my variant Klansman DECBism (///)
    • - What about Morgan PCB/Morgan? (/////////////) (He also advocated a race war and genocide and made a list of users he would rape)
      • Rojtavs - Sounds absolutely crazy, so he needs to go to the hospital.
    • Neo-Optimateism - Opinion on Nassim Nicolas Taleb? He is one of the closest to avaritionist people.
      • Rojtavs - Tbh, he's sick some kinda
    • Genosse Owens - Hello Comrade, it's me again! There is a little misunderstanding, the anti-democracy part only refers to bourgeois democracy. Tt´s my bad.
    • Jadedism - Hey I'd like to request to be added but I don't have a template like you said I would need to, can you link me to something that says how to make it?
    • - Opinion on SwedishCitizen? (/////////////) (User is a white supremacist and very antisemitic)
      • Rojtavs - I just don't care if he's Anti-Capitalist and Anti-Zionist, but he's still badly mentally ill and needs get help
    • Blue Nephalemism - Can you re-evaluate my score, please? When you said that I was anti-communist, I was against the authoritarian communists, the libertarian and anarcho-communists are fine. But what I really want to talk about are your views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. You are right about Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people and that they should be held accountable for their actions. But demonizing Israel is not the right way to go about it. For starters, you need to separate the Israeli people from their government. By now the original settlers would’ve been dead or in their old age, with the newer generation being native born citizens. By your logic, your statement about Israel could also apply to the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and every country in Latin America. The indigenous peoples of those countries should rise up and send the non-natives back to Europe. After all, people from European countries (Spain, Britain, etc.) have killed and chased thousands of innocent indigenous people out of their homes to make way for their own families and the people who settled in Latin America brought enslaved people from the African continent when they could not rely on Native Americans for their labor anymore. Do you not see how ridiculous this all sounds? It’s not feasible to kick out the descendants of those settlers without causing a metric ton of damage and human rights violations. These countries that I have mentioned still deserve to exist and so should Israel (although the settlements in the West Bank should be abandoned, no questions asked). In fact, the Israeli people are starting to turn against Netanyahu, and honestly, I can’t blame them, because that bastard sucks. And that’s not even to mention how the Palestinians are not completely innocent either, via Abbas and Hamas, both of whom hate the Jews and love to see them dead.
      • Rojtavs - I can't agree with your views, I won't even listen to you, because your arguments are completely absurd, so I refuse to argue about it. I'm afraid to support Zionism, because many of my online and real life friends and family support Palestine, if I support Israel, they will abuse and blame me for this, you can't force me to support Israel, it's impossible. You can't even take it seriously. If you keep to argue about it, keep mad, Ifdc.
        • Blue Nephalemism - I wasn’t trying to make you support Zionism or the Israeli government (in fact, I am anti-/post-Zionist, too). I just wanted you to understand why treating Israel as a monolith is a bad idea (or Palestine for that matter). You seemed to have ignored the part where Netanyahu’s support among the Israeli people was crumbling. You can support the people of a country without supporting their government. I support the Israeli and Palestinian people, but I hate their governments (Hamas and Likud are both very bad and deserve to be dissolved). And that’s not even bringing up Anti-Zionist Jews (yes those people exist). Also, I support most of your views, which are similar to mine. So, can you take a look at my ideology again and re-evaluate my score, please? I’m not trying to be rude.
    • - When you say some of my views disturb you, which ones are you talking about? Just curious.
    • - Thoughts on Anti-Humanism(It's not actually related to Misanthropy, plus some anti-humanists value liberty like Max Stirner, Giles Deleuze and Friedreich Nietzsche; hell even Karl Marx could be seen as anti-humanist for calling it a secular religion)

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