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    Hello and welcome to my sandbox page.

    Funny Alternate Future World Scenario (cant think of a catchy title)

    WARNING: This was made entirely for the lulz and with little consideration for realism. Also, a lot of this will be subject to change


    In summary: Ukraine War ends with both sides finally agreeing on a peace deal (but neither satisfied with it), China invades Taiwan, USA goes boom

    Countries of the World

    North America (other than what remains of the former USA)



    Recognized Parties:

    American Warlord States

    Confederal Union of American Kingdoms
    Holy Fellowship of the Brothers of Jesus Christ
    Navajo Republic
    Republic of Alabama
    Republic of America
    Republic of Florida
    Republic of Georgia
    United States of America (Democrat-controlled rump state)
    Worker’s Republic of Columbia

    South America


    Political Parties:

    Banned Groups:








    Papua New Guinea

    Republic of Bougainville



    The Light Beckons


    brazilian healthcare system. what if the entire world was on drugs


    Kingdom of Portugal

    Political Parties

    Banned Political Parties

    Banned Movements


    Politics and bickering have torn the Kingdom of Span apart and it is now in the midst of civil war. With monarchists, republicans, anarchists, and the infamous Green Legion fighting each other, the fate of Spain, and of its capital, Madrid, currently remains in question.
    Kingdom of Spain
    Republic of Spain
    United Communes of the Iberian Territories
    Holy Realm of Spain and Christ


    The situation in France has become worse than what anyone could have imagined.
    Fourth French Republic
    French Armed Forces
    Commune of France
    French National State
    Sacred Kingdom of France


    Prussian State
    Kingdom of Prussia
    Prussian Revolutionary Front
    Völkisch State of Prussia
    Prussian Confederation

    Other German States

    Kingdom of Hanover
    Kingdom of Swabia
    Kingdom of Bavaria

    Hungarian Republic

    Kingdom of Hungary











    The Ottoman Empire

    Kingdom of Poland

    Russian Warlord States

    South Russia

    Moscow Commune

    Republic of Novgorod

    Pskov Administration

    Free Russian Army



    The Baltics

    The Caucasus

    Western Siberia

    Bandit State of Russia

    Russian National Republic

    Holy Russian Empire

    Russian Republic

    Eastern Corporate Enterprise

    Artistic State of Russia

    Siberian Military Governorate

    Vladivostok Temporary Administration

    Eppism (W.I.P.)

    Eppism is the ideology of Franz Ritter von Epp from the Hearts of Iron IV mod "Kaiserredux." It is an authoritarian and culturally right-wing ideology that seeks to unite the entirety of the former Germany colony of Mittelafrika under a system closely modeled after the Holy Roman Empire. As such, the king is elected by a group of "prince-electors" and rules as an absolute monarch.


    In Kaiserredux, Belgian Congo starts off under the rule of Pierre Ryckmans, who is the starting Governor-General of the Congo-Vrijstaat at the mod’s start date of 1936. Shortly after the start of the mod, the situation in the Congo rapidly deteriorates and a new governor-general election is held, with von Epp being one of the candidates that can win. As governor-general, von Epp will seek to enshrine Prussian militarism in the colony, encourage mass German settlement in the colony (a new Südsiedlung, modeled after the waves of German settlement that occurred towards the East during the Holy Roman Empire), and curtail native rights, as he believes the natives need European guidance in order to embrace the civilization and values of the West. Von Epp can also either proclaim Deutsch-Zentralafrika or choose to fully integrate the Congo into the German colony of Mittelafrika. If von Epp chooses to transform the Vrijstaat into Deutsch-Zentralafrika and manages to win the Congo Civil War, if Mittelafrika collapses, he can choose to either distance his regime from Germany and proclaim a new Holy African Empire, reclaim Mittelafrika for Germany, or stay loyal to Germany in the Congo. If he chooses to proclaim a new Holy African Empire, he will seek the Pope’s support as well as the support of Catholics around the world for his grand ambition.



    How to Draw









    Further Information


    Can’t think of a name (new self insert?!???)

    I’ll write the summary when I have time to tbh. Wanna refine my ideas first, ya know~? Also, apologies for the lack of an icon.

    Ideological Journey

    I like to keep my private life…ya know, private…so this won’t be anything too detailed.


    This will be broken down into several sections.

    The Austrian School and the Failures of Overbearing Governance


    Economically, I am a right-libertarian and I subscribe to the Austrian school of economics. I believe in and will expand upon in this section the concepts of praxeology, the tendency of the market to self-regulate and reach equilibrium, free trade and opposition to protectionism, opposition to government taxation (wanting it to be as low as possible), coercion, as well as fundamentally harmful government regulation such as minimum wage laws (and no, the lack of a minimum wage does not equate to workers being paid 50¢ an hour), and laws that unfairly bolster workplace unions.

    My Ideal Government

    A More Practical Government

    Gun Ownership as a Fundamental Liberty

    The Agrarian Persuasion

    The Decline of the Modern West

    The Role of LGB in Society

    The Transgender Question from a Pragmatic Standpoint


    Gender and Sex

    The Role of Religion in Society

    A Defense of American Values and of the Nation

    The Issue of Race


    This is solely for questions that are related to my political beliefs. For more personal questions, feel free to reach out to me on Discord at ResponsibleCitizen#7632 (which is the only other way you can contact me that I’m comfortable with sharing, sorry!)








    Reserved for ideologies that are the lowest of the low. Specifically, those that are absolutely vile, ontologically evil, and should be eternally cast into the dustbin of history.

    Please note the following:

    1. Instead of ranking self-inserts like I used to do, I’ll simply list my thoughts on each one. I’ll try to make it as concise as possible this time I hope.
    2. Before I add you, you have to add me first.

    Like with self-inserts, I’ll just write my thoughts on them here :3

    • Calvin Coolidge - One of the better presidents honestly. Laissez-faire economics, supporting African-American civil rights and trying to ban lynching, giving Native Americans citizenship, opposing intervention and being anti-immigration are all really based. However, you still upheld prohibition and the credit expansion undertaken by your administration inevitably led to the recession of ‘29, albeit it was made worse by Hoover and much worse by FDR.


    I originally planned for this section to only include music that are relevant to my ideology, but instead here’s a list of sick beats that I generally enjoy (W.I.P.)


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