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    Ziółkball.pngPolish1056, Also known as Polishboie, Kultokrat1056, Kultokrat or Hubert Ziółkowski is a Cball-Poland.png Polish Nation.png Nationalist Russophilia.png Russophile who believes in FiscalFedBall.pngFiscal Federalism. He is the co-creator of Nadzieja.png Social Nationalism (see Ziółkowskiizm.pngZiółkowskiizm) and still believes in the ideology to this day. Ziółkowski is also the author of Socnatbook.png Notes on Social Nationalism and inventor of the Hopeismsmall.png Hopeism philosophy.


    Ziółkowski was born in a town in Pomerania, Cball-Poland.png Poland but spent 10 years living in the Cball-UK.png United Kingdom, he based his ideology on comparisons between the two countries and criticism of British society, political system and nation. He went to primary, secondary school and 6th form in London, However in June 2022 he moved back to Poland to study International relations.

    Ziółkowski is single and has been since February 2022.

    Ideological evolution

    JosephStalin.png -> Lpop.png -> Rpop-tinfoilhat.png -> Nazi.png -> PolFal.png -> Proto-Ziółkowskiizm.png -> Nadzieja.png (-> Ziółkowskiizm.png)

    Have been/Want to go

    Have been

    Cball-Poland.png Poland (duh)
    Cball-England.png England
    Cball-Wales.png Wales
    Cball-Netherlands.png Netherlands
    Cball-OttomanTurkey.png Turkey
    Cball-Germany.png Germany (only Berlin airport)

    Want to go

    Cball-Russia.png Russia
    Cball-North Korea.png DPRK
    Cball-Sweden.png Sweden
    Cball-Switzerland.png Switzerland
    Cball-Germany.png Germany (properly)
    Cball-Hungary.png Hungary
    Cball-Donetsk.png DNR (um, Russia now ig)
    Cball-France.png France
    Cball-Serbia.png Serbia
    Cball-Japan.png Japan
    Cball-Myanmar.png Myanmar
    Cball-Belarus.png Belarus
    Cball-Armenia.png Armenia
    Cball-Syria.png Syria
    Cball-Brazil.png Brazil

    Want to live in

    Cball-Poland.png Poland(Szczecin/Myślibórz), already do.
    Cball-Russia.png Russia(Perm), if everything goes to shit.


    Ziółkowski owns property in the south of West Pomerania which he has dubbed 'Ziółkowskigród', Micronation status has been debated but for now no such status is claimed and neither has a constitution been written nor any currency issued.

    It all started when Ziółkowki's mother bought up abandoned property she had found for cheap, the land was cleared of growing foliage and the house renovated for it to be possible to live in. Ziółkowski believed the land would be where he would reside when studying, but that later was proven to be impossible due to the distance between the university and the land.

    Ziółkowski's uncle was given the job to help clear the land, this eventually lead to his uncle being allowed to live there as he was kicked out of his wife's house. His Uncle's common noncooperation had lead to the 1st and 2nd siege of Ziółkowskigród.

    In July, Ziółkowskigród saw the introduction of numerous chickens and 3 cats. At the time of this being written 3 chickens had died, 1 new introduced. 1 cat was introduced but then given away, and it is theorised another has run away as she hasn't been seen for over a week.

    Due Ziółkowski's mother moving back to the UK in september 2022, the land has been put under protection of Ziółkowski de jure and his uncle de facto

    In Late 2022 Ziółkowski's uncle found a girlfriend and so frequently she comes over and provides cleaning services for the state, as well as minor imports of Sweets.

    Conlang and music

    Ziółkowski also has created a conlang dubbed "Pomorskitong" there isn't many resources about it, however there is a song in the conlang, He has also created songs in Polish like SocnatRussophile.pngWhen we were at war in Polish and Nadzieja.pngO biedna twarz moja

    Ziółkowskigród and its chickens, Picture taken in the western part of the territory
    Flag of Social Nationalism with a wiatrówka on top

    Story behind 1056

    The numbers 1056 which come after each username Ziółkowski uses originate from a talk between Ziółkowski and his Welsh friend, where they wanted to create a number like 1488 but for moderate nationalists who did not believe in race supremacy or genocide. The number 1056 is the year Wales was founded.

    Image 2023-02-06 015707504.png

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