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    This user is Authoritarian.
    "Law and order!"

    This user is Environmentalist.
    "Save the trees or I'll break both your knees!"

    This user is nationalist.
    "Long life to Stanistan!"

    This user is a Weeb.
    "Onii chan~ - Anarcho-Animegirlism"

    This user is Environmentalist.
    "Save the trees or I'll break both your knees!"

    This user is based.
    "It seems my presence has lead to some controversy."

    This user is a Fascist
    "Everything for the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state. While keeping losing wars"

    This user is Straight
    "I'm like a ruler."

    This user is an artist.
    "#000000 > #141414!!!"

    This user is a HOI4 player
    "*proceeds to explain how the Nazis could've won WW2*"

    This user joined in 2022.

    Religious Democracy - alt.png
    This user is religious.
    "The Earth is 6,000 years old and people can live to be over 500 years if they JUST...PRAY...HARD ENOUGH."

    This is MugiKotobuki8814
    "nya ichi ni san nya arigato,Heil Hitler 14/88"

    This user is Authoritarian.
    "Preserve the state and love the government!"

    Pcb BurgSys.png
    This user is an unironic Fascist or Nazi.
    "Yummy boots."

    Pages I made

    1. SetonAcademy.png List of Fictional Media/Seton Academy: Join the Pack!
    2. EsotericPeron.png Esoteric Peronism
    3. PeronAnime.png Peronist Animeism
    4. Palestinazi.png Palestine Nazism
    5. Biondini.png Biondinism
    6. Tacuara.png Tacuarism
    7. Tramshumanist peronist 2.pngPeronist Transhumanism
    8. Tsumugikotobuki8814ism.pngMugiKotobuki8814ism
    9. Nacism.png Chilean National Socialism
    10. White Communism.png White Communism
    11. Azulin.png List of Fictional Media/Unicorn Wars
    12. Protfash.png Protestant Fascism
    13. TeamEX.png Team EX Model
    14. AntiUni.png Anti-Unicornism
    15. Vidcom.png Left Videlaism
    16. NatCas.png National Castroism
    17. YuiHirasawa.png List of fictional media/K-On!
    18. Protomugi.png Proto-MugiKotobuki8814ism
    19. Kirchbur.png Kirchnerist Burgundian System
    20. Anime.png List of Fictional Media/Lucky Star
    21. IbMugi.png Iberian MugiKotobuki8814ism MugIber.png
    22. K-onFan.png Average K-on Fan Thought
    23. Yfash.png Yuri Fascism
    24. GavriloPrincip .png Gavrilo Princip Thought
    25. MalevoFerreyra.png Malevo Ferreyraism
    26. Admnazi.png Adminonazism
    27. Paganchrist.png Pagan-Christian Theocracy

    Pages i revived

    1. Bfash.png Black Fascism
    2. Catfash.png Fascist Catism
    3. Ufash.png UFO Fascism
    4. Necronazi.png Necro-National Socialism
    5. Necromon.png Necro-Monarchism
    6. Koopa.png Koopa System
    7. Macri.png Macrism
    8. Rednat.png Red Nationalism
    9. Yellownat.png Yellow Nationalism
    10. Heem.png Heemeyerism
    11. Kratnat.png Kraterocratic Nazism
    12. SatanFem.png Satanic Feminism
    13. Pagdem.png Pagan Democracy
    14. Magic-Icon.png Magicism
    15. Rittenhouse.png Rittenhousism

    articles that I will create

    Menem.png Menemism
    Teen.png Teenism
    Montoneros.png Tendencia Revolucionaria
    IdiAmin.png Aminism
    Cathfash.png Catholic Fascism
    Duvalier.png Duvalierism
    Jfash.png Jurassic Fascism
    AnarPer.png Anarcho-Peronism
    Patagones.png Patagonesism
    BJ.png BJism
    Weise.png Weiseism
    TetsuyaYamagami.png Tetsuya Yamagami Thought
    McVeigh.png McVeighism
    Cho.png Choism
    Dipendra.png Dipendraism

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