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    MichaelSalism is the ideological beliefs of the user MichaelSali, which is an economically centrist, civically centrist, culturally centrist, democratic, internationalist, and nationalist social liberal ideology.


    Hello, I'm Michael Sali, and in wake of the George Floyd protest back in May of 2020, I've decided to join politics all because of the event.


    I support the LGBT rights, woman's rights, student and science's rights , free trade, religious rights, and minority rights.

    Republic of the Western World

    • Capital: Washington DC
    • Motto: Liberty, Harmony, Happiness
    • Anthem: Star-Spangled Banner
    • Government: Democratic Parliamentary and Presidential Republic
      • President of the Western World: John Dewey
      • Prime Minister of the Western World: Abraham Pines
      • Legislature: Parliament of the Western World (412 Seats):

    -The Republic of the Western world has been led by File:FDRism-art.png Franklin D Roosevelt (1929-1945), Giscard d'Estaing (1945-1950) Winston Churchill (1950-1955), Helmut Schmidt and Valery d'Estaing (1955-1960), John F Kennedy, and [[Abrham Pines (2012-2021). The Economy of the PRP is a State-Directed Economy. The President of the People's Republic of the Philippines is the executive head of state and the commander-in-chief of the Western Armed Forces while the President of the Western World is the head of government. The Western world is a multi-party state with the Forward Party in power.

    Ministries of the Western World

    • Cabinet of Ministers and Secretaries
      • File:CoolerTankie.png Ministry of National Defence
      • File:AlterInternationalism.png Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      • Ministry of Health
      • Ministry of Science and Technology
      • Ministry of Arts and Cultural Heritage
      • Ministry of Media and Communications
      • Ministry of Education
      • Ministry of Home Affairs and Public Safety
        • Commission on National Security (KPS; Komiseg)
      • Ministry of Economic Policy and Sustainable Development
        • Commission for Economic Direction (KDE; Komidirek)
      • Ministry of Agriculture
        • Commission for Land Reform (KRL; Komilupa)
      • Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
      • Ministry of Labour and Employment



    • Liberalism (post-Obama - I don't know, you used to be cool before 2020s like JFK, FDR and Barack Obama.


    • National Bolshevism - Words cannot describe that the most infamous ideologies merge into it's worst nightmare.
    • Marxism-Leninism - The Soviet Union is gone! FOREVER! Never forget what you did for it's people!
    • Nazism - The Nazis are gone! FOREVER! Never forget what you did for it's people!
    • Conservatism - As long as you do it for your people, you're good.
    • Progressivism - Atleast you're not bad as Socialism.
    • Socialism - Your "idea" causing millions to die!
    • Manosphere and * Liberal Feminism - This is why both Amber Heard and Andrew Tate should be blamed for the divide between man and woman!
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