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    Tammy Art.png
    Tammy Sidney Yuko


    is the thought process of Med Social Model.png . Much like it's creator, it hates itself and just wants it's suffering, as well all the suffering of all humans, to end. The "ideology" is obsessed with strength and overcoming/rebelling against the absurd. It also is very idealistic, as it's main principles are based on the world being perfect. In an imprerfect world, it becomes Blink.gif. It likes to imagine itself being the last thing on Earth, fixing what's left of the world from the flames that consumed it.

    Quick summary


    • Absurdism.png Absurdism
    • Post-Irony.png Post-Irony
    • SocialCenter.png Social Centrism
    • MorReal.png Moral Realism
    • Altru.png Altruism
    • Humanismpix.png Humanism
    • EastSlavNeoPagan.png Russian Rodnovery
    • PostCath.png Post-Catholicism
    • Anti-Ego.png Anti-Stirnerian Philosophy


    • AntiPolitics.png Hatred of Modern Politics
    • Acol.png Bakuninism BakuninHeg.png
    • Revolution.png Revolution
    • Slavnat.png Slavic Ethnic Dominance
    • Mach.png Rejection of (most, if not all) Dogma
    • Smol biotranshumanism.png Better Life
    • Utopianism2.png Utopianism
    • Anti-Intellectualism.png Anti-Intelligentsia
    • AntiRacenat.png Anti-Race
    • AntiTEFRAktion.png Anti-TERF
    • AntiLibIcon.png Anti-Liberalism
    • Antizion.png Anti-Zionism


    Fix it, or end it

    despises the world in it's current form and wishes to fix it. If that can't be achieved, the world should end in a way that minimizes human suffering.

    Slavic values

    She thinks that Slavic values and the Slavic ethnicity is inherently "the best". She considers Serbian and Russian "the languages of love" and they should become more mainstream in the fixed world. All anti-Slavic sentiment should be removed and all non-Slavs that wish to join a fixed world commune should adapt to Slavic mannerisms.


    In a perfect world, the economy should emulate Acol.png Anarcho-Collectivism.

    Character info

    If you ever want to include
    in a comic or any other PCB media, please, stick to this instead of abridging my personality.

    Personality and notes

    • Polish accent, calls it a "Slavic accent"
    • Slavic first, Polish second
    • Looks like a Ruski, parties like a Ruski, drinks like a Ruski
    • LARPs as a Serb/Russian
    • Very knightly and altruistic, can be rude if needed. Will point out immorality, but almost never her own
    • Is probably armed to some degree
    • Hates the Germans
    • Works with the French



    • Mach.png Machiavellianism - Being inspired is good, but most dogma should be rejected. Why should a book, or any "sacred text" written by a dead or soon dead guy tell me what opinions to hold? I'M LOOKING AT Karl Marx.png YOU! Also, backstabbing is good and valid. We're both spooks and we need spooks to function.
    • Maso.png Masochism and Hedonism-cloud.png Hedonism - I am you, you are me.
    • Ethnonat.png Ethnic Nationalism - This land is OUR land.
    • Makhaevism.png Machajskism - Wants to kill nerds. Allow me to help you.
    • Absurdism.png Absurdism - I will rebel against the absurd, I will be strong. Why do you hate religion though? You gotta believe in something.
    • Altru.png Altruism - We should be good people. One day, there will be no good people, or no people at all.
    • Humanismpix.png Humanism - Humanity is a good thing. We should preserve it.
    • Smol biotranshumanism.png Biotranshumanism - This will come in handy.
    • Post-Irony.png Post-Irony - I am constantly under 10 layers of irony. Sometimes, I don't know if the things I'm saying are real. Am I real?
    • Mikolayism Pixel.png - My statist son. Only you know how to bring perfection to this sickening world.


    • Catheo.png Catholicism - You have outlived your usefulness. The Christian God is dead, all heil to the Old Gods. Your morals are good tho! People strawman you a bit too much, proves how uneducated on Catholicism they actually are.
    • EastSlavNeoPagan.png Russian Rodnovery - I'm not devout or anything, but I follow you loosely. Absurdism.png He really dislikes you, so I don't take things too far.
    • Naturism.png Naturism - If you wanna be nude, or live in accordance to nature, you can. I like my clothes though.
    • Proudhon.png Proudhonism - In a perfect world, there is no need for a market. We agree on jews!
    • Statist.png Statism - I'm not ALWAYS against you. If the people wish for a state, they may have it, although I think it should be minimal. In a perfect world, authoritarian rule is useless.
    • Awaj.png Anarchism - Mother Anarchy loves all her sons/daughters, except me. I don't even consider you a part of my family most of the time. I honestly don't care if the state exists or not. As I said before, it's up to the people.
    • Antot.png Anarcho-Totalitarianism - Unironic praxis, but I wouldn't call myself totalitarian. Big Sister's watching, but she doesn't give a shit!
    • Bckchn.png Bookchin Communalism - I like you, but but PLEASE chill out with the social ComCol.png Collecto-Communism. Individualism is a good thing, as long as you don't let it spiral!
    • Transh.png Transhumanism - Maybe. I have no idea how I'd implement you under me, so you're a big "nope" for now.
    • Taboritsky.png Taboritskyism - I appreciate the sentiment, but you go WAY too far. In real life you betrayed the Slavic cause, so I'm talking about how they present you in TNO.
      • Dikiy.png Dikiyism - Better, but still too fascistic and too unsocialist!


    • Karl Marx.png Marxism - Haha, NO.
    • Anmarx.png Anarcho-Marxism - FUCK OFF. I'M NOT A COMMIE!
    • Zio.png The Jewish Agenda - [ Comment removed by moderator, muted indefinitely. ]
    • Racenat.png Racial Nationalism - Something that shouldn't exist!
    • Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism.png Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism - The only thing you're radical in is being radically wrong.
    • Atheism.png Atheism - Can you, like, not ruin the fun? Religion sucks, but SOME beliefs are good.
    • POSTHUMANISMICON.png Post-Humanism - No, thank you. Humans should exist, we will not become lines of code and I SURE AS HELL refuse to put my brain in a metal coffin.
    • Accel.png Accelerationism - Boo! You're no fun! I don't want the world to accelerate, I want it to end! You're the key to suffering!
    • Postciv.png Post-Civ - Boring! I sleep! Why would you want to get rid of civilization? Go live in a forest or something you egoistic cuck! You're still better than Accel.png him though.
    • Cball-RussianNavy.png Vlasovism - YOU SOLD OUT TO THE GERMANS! UNSLAVIC FUCK!
    • Ego.png Anarcho-Egoism - You could make the argument that I am selfish, but you're the worst kind of selfish. I am a spook and proud! I don't understand how a man can be so full of himself, seriously...
    • Narcissist.png Narcissism - You're just the same guy as above, but without the glasses.
    • Illeg.png Illegalism - Be gay, do crime, but, like, don't. Robbing people and being an asshole isn't very nice, y'know? I only follow you for aesthetic reasons, because it makes me look badass and totally rebel.


    Calling someone your enemy would be absurd.




    • PhilMatt.png Existential Mattism - Party pooper, but you're not THAT terrible. Deciding to not be political at all is cowardice. Creating meaning is cool, but it's ultimately meaningless, so laugh in the face of death until it catches up to you. I think you forgot that without others you are nothing, hope you enjoy your self-obsession! Why do you hate humanity, human?


    Calling someone your enemy would be absurd.


    I have read

    I want to read

    • Absurdism.png The Stranger - Camus.png Albert Camus
    • Mach.png The Prince - Niccolo Machiavelli.png Niccolò Machiavelli
    • Lfree.png Introductory Economics - GFStanlake.png G. F. Stanlake
    • Acol.png God and the State - BakuninHeg.png Mikhail Bakunin
    • Strasser.png Germany Tomorrow - OttoStrasser.png Otto Strasser
    • Orthlen.png What is to Be Done? - Lenin.png Vladimir Lenin
    • Bckchn.png The Communalist Project - CuckShit.png Murray Bookchin
    • Socan2.png Anarchism: Its Philosophy and Ideal - Kropotkin.png Peter Kropotkin
    • Cball-Russia.png The Songs Of The Russian People: As Illustrative Of Slavonic Mythology And Russian Social Life - Russophilia.png William Ralston Shedden-Ralston
    • Euras.png The Fourth Political Theory - Dugin.png Aleksandr Dugin
    • Democratic Fascism.png With Mussolini Before and After Piazzale Loreto - Domenico Leccisi.png Domenico Leccisi
    • EoA.png On Authority - Orengelsf.png Friedrich Engels
    • Makhaevism.png State Socialism - Makhaevism.png Jan Wacław Machajski
    • Makhaevism.png The Socialist Religion and Worker Struggle - Makhaevism.png Jan Wacław Machajski

    Recommended by others


    • Centrist-yellow.png Name of book/essay - NPCf.png Author(s) - Antcent.png Your username
    • Fash.png The Doctrine of Fascism - Mussolini.png Benito Mussolini and Classfash.png Giovanni Gentile - Recommended by BERNHEflash.gif BERNHE
    • Auto.png The 48 Laws of Power - Obamium.png Robert Greene - Recommended by Pixil-frame-0(27).png Kaiser Emperor Of Cheese Empire
    • Mach.png History of the Peloponnesian War - Histval.png Thucydides - Recommended by Ultro.png LordCompost86
    • Sorelia.png Reflections on Violence - Sorelia.png Georges Sorel - Recommended by Vexism.png Vex
    • Corp.png Big is Beautiful: Debunking the Myth of Small Business - Hamilton.png Robert D. Atkinson and Civnat.png Michael Lind - Recommended by Vamp.png Braun Spencer Thought
    • Radenv.png The Monkey Wrench Gang - Aneco.png Edward Abbey - Recommended by Iconfloofel.png Floofel
    • Anti-PiS.png Co PiS zrobił dobrze? - Troll.png Adam Inflacjewicz - Recommended by DualPlay.png DualPlay & Mentzen.png Sławomir Mentzen
    • Kafkacracy.png The Metamorphosis - Kafkacracy.png Franz Kafka - Recommended by Nourishismicon.png Rayz9989



    • Postean.png - This isn't my complete opposite, i agree with hedonism and some other things, but i have few questions. 1. How is nihilism fascist? 2. How post leftist advocates for lib unity? They literally rejects any contact with people like bookchin or chomsky or ancaps. 3. Wtf is aesthetic illegalism? 4. How catholic morality is morally good, do you support crusades, inquisition and pedophilia? 5. Define anarchism
      • Med Social Model.png - Lmao, I was kidding on that one. We're not at all comparable. 1. Evil. 2. Post-Left is not supposed to rely on the left, as they reject socialist economics. They DO lean left usually for other reasons, but I mostly consider them LibUnity. 3. I'm a fake illegalist and I only align with them because it makes me look badass. 4. None of these are the "Catholic Morality" anymore, especially the last one. Strawman. 5. Read this.
      • Postean.png 1. this isn't explaination 2. don't be compasstard 3. pathetic larp 4. this is catholic "praxis" 5. wrong because outdated definition of anarchy as political system
      • Ultro.png LordCompost86 - 4. "None of these are the "Catholic Morality" anymore" - Anymore, the Catholic Church is a christian sect. Thus it has a universal morality expoused by the Bible, which means either the Catholic Church disagreed or now disagrees with the Bible. Which means it is morally relativist, which was one of the main critiques of the enlightenment by the Catholic Church. Either the bible and by extention God is wrong or was wrong, or the Catholic Church is a wholly immoral organisation that disregards the universal law of God by "changing" its mind.
    • Ashley.png AshleyHere - ADD ME, TAMMY!!! (whenever you feel like it)
      • Med Social Model.png - AYE AYE!!!!!!! (later, i really don't feel like adding ppl rn, add me too plz :pleading:)
    • HelloThere314Icon.pngHelloThere314 - Add me?
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