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    Polcompball Anarchy Wiki

    Hi. I'm some guy who edits this wiki from time to time. I also spend time on other websites too.

    I mostly make minor edits around here. I'm not too involved in the community but I still like this place.

    My accounts on other websites

    • PCB-YouCube.png YouTube: MPHJackson7 - Where I spend most of my time these days; listening to music, watching videos, etc.
    • PCB-Reddit.png Reddit: MPHJ-7 - How I came here to begin with. To be honest I'm not to keen on reddit (save for a few subreddits), but it's alright.
    • KnowYourMeme: MPHJ - I'm far more active here. Not a lot of people know how much of a community KYM has, but it does indeed have one.
    • PCB-Wikipedia.png Wikipedia: 95m95 - Yep, I edit Wikipedia! Mostly just fixing citations and formatting and stuff like that.
    • TV Tropes: m-95 - I'm here too! I don't spend much time on forums and stuff, but I like editing.
    • Deviant.png mphjack7 - My DeviantArt page. I mostly favorite things.
    • Funnyjunk: mphjacks - I'm not very active, I'm pretty new, but I am here!
    • Urb.png City Data Forum: MPHJ7 - A fairly lesser-known forum. I mostly post in history, religion, politics, photography, stuff like that. Check it out!
    • Cartoonism.png Drawception: mphjack7 - Like telephone but for art.

    Pages and other works of mine

    Pages that are my own work

    Pages that I recovered from the original PCBA wiki on Fandom

    (Not my OC though, but I don't know who made them either) (Sorted in chronological order)

    Stuff I Find Interesting

    Since I don't have a blog, twitter account, or anything like that, I guess I'll use this place to just dump stuff that I find interesting. It's just stuff that I like and I would like other people to get a look at as well. This is not OC unless otherwise noted. Also, just because I link to a website doesn't mean that I agree with all the other things that website says elsewhere!

    Theistunity.png Christian Stuff Biblically Accurate Angel.png


    Bible Analysis

    History, Science, Politics

    Academic and News Stuff

    Secular Matters

    Anti-Pseudohistory Blogs

    • Twitter.png Fake History Hunter - A blog devoted to correcting smaller instances of pseudohistory. Now on Twitter!
    • StateAth.png History for Atheists - A blog by atheist writer Tim O'Neill, in which he corrects how anti-theist activists misuse history. I especially like his work on medieval learning, but his works against Jesus Mythicism are also worth a read. Naturally, anti-theists accuse him of being a crytpo-Christian with no evidence.
    • PCB-Athdem.png Bad Ancient - A blog about myths spread about ancient history.

    Political Opinion Pieces

    • Fash.png Socialism Is Subversive (ShortFatOtaku) Marx-L.png (also on YouCube.png YouTube) - A video that is defenitely worth a watch, all about the relationship between Fascism and Socialism. It analyzes how the far-left misues the word "Fascism" in order to attack people for being "Fascists". I know that I have met leftists who say "well, Fascism just has no coherent values" to justify their loose use of the word - and this video blows that notion apart. And before leftists decide to look away, this is anything but a defence of Fascism.
    • PCB-Altr.png An Antidote to the Jewpill (by James Lawrence) Anti-Semetic.png (PART 1: GROUP REVOLUTIONARY STRATEGY/PART 2: ANTICHRISTIANITY) (also avaliable on Unz Review, 1/2) - A criticism of the dissident right/"Alt-Right" ideology from a right-wing reactionary perspective. The first part is an analysis of Kevin MacDonald's racial view of Judaism as "group evolutionary strategy". The second part is an analysis of E. Michael Jones' religious view of Judaism as "revolutionary spirit".
    • PatCon.png The New Divide (1791L) Capital.png - A video that gives a critique of the free-market capitalist system from a conservative perspective.

    Random Internet Stuff

    Honk.png Funny Stuff Ideololologyf.png

    Funny Christian Stuff

    Funny Political Stuff

    Funny Historical Stuff

    Funny Fanbase Stuff

    Krit.png Ace Attorney Krit.png

    Imperium.png Warhammer Waagh!Icon.png
    Long.png Hearts of Iron Burgsys.png

    Funny Misc. Stuff

    Cartoonism.png Cool Art and Music Music.png

    Cool Art

    Classical Art

    AKA, the stuff from museums

    Fant.png Fantasy Art

    AKA, the stuff from book covers

    Cool Music

    Classical, Hymns, Chants, and Organ
    Metal (Originals and Covers)


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