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    Vaush - Ben Shapiro Doesn't Get to Complain About Nazis

    00:34 - Can you explain how Ben Shapiro is a fascist neo-con?

    *00:45-1:00* - Dude calm down, you seem to be pretty jealous of Shapiro,

    1:45 - Well, Vaush I am a dog, so that is why I should be naked in the streets.

    1:51 - Wait, are you a theist cuz I thought you weren't.

    2:10 - Yes, that is why it is stupid to identify as something you are not. But of course I will still allow it.

    *2:15-2:35* - You seem pretty triggered there hmm.

    2:41 - I did not know you couldn't handle reality.

    2:54 - Dude are you ok, we do not live under a conservative dictatorship.

    3:46 - I mean I could agree with Ben Shapiro, Vaush does seem a little uptight (maybe for attention).

    4:09 - True, I agree both sides do seek attention using politics.

    4:30 - I do not agree in the sense of how the term "far-right" is used to describe Ben Shapiro.

    4:51 - Vaush, the far right is not cool.

    4:54 - Ben Shapiro isn't Anti-Trans, he just does want his kids associated with transgenderism and he thinks that there should be pronouns used specifically for transgenders, so that transgenders can have a different pronoun and at the same time, people can differ what they're actual biological sex is.

    For example; There could be 4 major pronouns: He, she for cis people and hey for transwomen and shey for transmen.

    He actually is just trying to make a compromise, so that his culture (also mine) is respected as well as theirs.

    4:56 - He likes biological pronouns but doesn't want to force them.

    4:58 - Can you explain to me how ben shapiro is a fascist?

    5:12 - How is his thought "fundamentally fascist".

    5:15 - How is Ben Shapiro a white nationalist?

    5:19 - Actually, he speaks about the dangers of ILLEGAL immigration, legal immigration and illegal immigration are very different.

    5:26 - Why do you think he does not talk about immigration easily? Also, weren't we just talking about transgenderism and not immigration.

    5:30 - Well we are being invaded, by some people who did not come in the US legally. I have lots of immigrant history in my family, including colored ones as well and they all got here legally, so then why can't the illegal immigrants make it here legally either?

    5:38 - I do not know much about the palestinians but they could possibly be true.

    5:43 - Most muslims that live in muslim nations are radicals, Because they know the text of the Quran well and know the radical laws of it, so therefore they are radical.

    I mean in the Quran it literally commands musliums to KILL non-muslims, pretty radical indeed.

    5:46 - I am going ot have to agree with you Vaush, I do not think muslims coming over here are going to suicide bomb us, most muslims in the US are moderate.

    5:53 - I do think that Western Civilization is in hostility to the muslim civilization.

    5:59 - Can you explain how these are facist and white nationalist?

    6:00 - I just love how in the beginning of the video, you were 100% confident about Ben Shapiro being a facist and now your like "kinda sort of a fascist", Vaush's claims are so radical not even Vaush can live up to those standards.

    6:10 - Just because white nationalists implicated Ben Shapiro does not make him a fascist.

    6:15 - I am not certain, but maybe the alt-right want to implicate Ben Shapiro, so that they can trick leftists into thinking that Ben Shapiro is alt-right, so that leftists can stay father away from the conservatives. As I think the alt-right and the far left is both racist, and the alt-right is tricking the far left into staying racist by staying far leftist (This is just a conspiracy hypothesis).

    6:19 - Vaush hasn't even showed us a decent sized clip of Ben Shapiro and he is already claiming "This is how radicalization works".

    6:27 - True, you dont start off as a nazi nor comrade nor sjw.

    6:37 - No, no, no we do not think trans people are icky, we think their sin is bad, and it should be known. We like the people we just hate the sin (Far leftist: Ooh, I hate that talking point how dare you). So you are basically claiming all jews and christians are entitled to becoming nazis because they inhereintly think homosexuality, transgenderism is bad.

    6:42 - I don't think they are any of those, I just think they are cognitively dissonant to the truth, this is the same for lukewarm christians, atheists, agnostics, muslims, etc.

    6:48 - I do not believe that, I just think that it is bad that they are normalizing transgenderism, homosexuality, gender fluidity, etc. Because it is not just offensive to our culture but is indoctrinating the future generations in sin, that is the work of the devil.

    6:53 - They are mentally normative, but they have cognitive dissonance, they are destroying the concept of the truth but they are doing this on accident and do not mean harm. Claiming we hate them or whatever is just untrue.

    6:57 - No one says that, that is so not like the right.

    6:59 - I just think it is a shame that people believe the lies of foreign cultures, beliefs, etc.

    7:02 - How is thinking your country is being taken over by Post-Modernism, fascism?

    7:37 - Lol, your calling Ben Shapiro the racist while you just called Western culture, White culture.

    7:55 - For the most part, yes.

    8:01 - Can you explain how all these are nazi talking points?

    8:18 - Got any proof, that our talking points are identical to nazis?

    8:27 - Well, you see Nazis are fascists, they are control freaks who want to control what everybody says, now I am nothing like that, see far left sjws also want to control what everybody says, and their excuse is that it is for the good of the people, and that society would be better off without me or others babbling about stuff. But you see it is so toxic to shut down ideas, opinions, thoughts because that is what made us who we are as americans and as peoples of the world. These arguments, frustrations are what made America so great, because we learned from our mistakes and we improved. In a sjw society, you cannot improve because you have to much safety, security. I do not want security, safety, authoritarians over my shoulder, I want risk, I want experimentation, I want agruments and frustratuons because what is what really improves the world, you can never get stronger if you don't feel the pain and when nazis and sjws shutdown conversations, they are just showing me that they are weak-minded and can't handle a debate. I believe anyone can say whatever they want, and people who want to control the speech that is uttered from other breaths are control freaks, this is fascism, fascism is where everyone has to think and do exactly the same as the rest of the group or bundle, Just like in a dynamite, all the bundles are exactly the same and they do the same, think the same and act the same. That is fascism, fascism can be both right and left wing. Vaush do not give my the standard liberal answer with "Right-wing authoritarian evil dictator..". Because that is not the answer.

    8:34 - I do believe what Ben believes.

    8:43 - You got any proof that Cultural Marxism is National Bolshevism?

    8:52 - Can you explain why it is a conspiracy theory?

    8:58 - I am getting closer to "That far" but I think that is a good thing.

    9:11 - Pretty reasonable.

    9:31 - Yes, that is the narrative, I believe.

    9:45 - Yes, the mainstream media making American tradition look bad.

    10:05 - Why in the world would I believe the Left is a jewish plot??? They are very against Judaism. Because they support homosexuality, transgenderism, homonormality, sexual fluidness, and anti-religion in general.

    10:07 - Umm, no actually I think it would be nearly impossible for the left to be jewish, and you logic is so illogical. So you are saying because if I just change the target of a narrative and it turns into nazism, then I am a nazi all of a sudden? Come on, that is some near conspiracy theory level vague. Also your nanlogy is so different than how the nazis treated the jews, we do not treat the lefties like how the nazis treated the jews.

    10:16 - "Only categorial difference" are you joking me, they are so many differences; 1. We do not believe in violence, 2. We are not fascists (I explained what fascism is previously in this text), 3. We do not value one race above another and 4. We do not want public housing at all. They are many others as well.

    10:26 - Im literally laughing at how bad his comparison of us and nazis are. I guess because we are in opposition of the leftists, and the nazis were in opposition to the jews, that we are nazis, like that is probably the stupidest logic ever. That is like saying because I don't like oranges that I automatically dont like any food at all.

    10:43 - "You have already engaged in conspiratory thinking" Very self-reflective of yourself Vaush, indeed.

    10:59 - Are you joking me, jews do not run everything. The globalists do, and I know for a fact they are not jewish one bit.

    11:01 - Your puzzle's puzzle pieces dont even fit, so dont say that.

    11:05 - "When your already looking for conspiracy" Yeah says the dude who makes a 40 minute vid on how ben shapiro leads you to the alt-right but all his points have no evidence to them, and are just said like nothing.

    11:12 - Yes, I am looking but at least we have evidence (Again, Vaush you haven't shown one piece of evidence and we are 11 minutes in the video)

    11:18 - "It's so easy to put it all together" literally sounds like a conspiracist. Also I don't think you know what the heck, Judaism is but, no you cannot put leftist and jew and tell me that they are the same. They are so different from eachother. You are trynig to say because we are in opposition to a group, that we are nazis but that is very dumb because I could say the same and that you guys are nazis because you are in opposition ot the righties and jews are like the right, so you are anti-jew, but I wouldn't say that because that analogy is so dumb. Sjws, rightists and nazis all alike are oppositioned to other groups of people, but one thing that I see which is so similar between the sjws and the nazis is that they both want to supress the oppositioned group, they are both fascists. The comrades also believe in supressing the oppositioned. Sjws believe in supression of "bigots, deplorables, racists" by censoring us online, that is digital supression and by the defintion of fascism, I got it from a dictionary in 2005, you are literally a facist. This is the same with nazis, they want the supression of the jews and same with the comrades, they want the supression of the capitalists. These three ideas they do different, think the same (Different = bad, and we need unity under One idea). Rightist acutally believe in the freedom of speech and actually believe that people have the right to say what they want, whenever, We are actually sympathetic of our opposition and we want them to understand but they probably will never understand. We will never supress their right of free speech, so that se will never be fascists. The people who write the false defintions of fascism, just want the people to forget what brings us together as one, and that thing is the freedom of speech. If the founding fathers never has the freedom to disagree, to yell, to persuade we would never had america and we would never have freedom. Vaush be thankful that you can say what is on your mind.

    11:29 - You say we are hypocrites, but you guys are the ones supressing the opposition, you guys are the ones being fascist, st the end of this long text, I will give the source of where I found the old, true defintion of fascism, actually I will give the link now, https://polcompball-anarchy.fandom.com/wiki/Lpyapersonism?commentId=4400000000000059897&replyId=4400000000000164977.

    11:35 - It is still crazy to me, that you can think a jew can make a few nazis,

    11:48 - How are his talking points neo-nazi ones?

    11:55 - Do you have proof, that neo-nazis are growing in number every year?

    11:58 - I think when you say nazi, you really just mean conservatives like me, and you are calling me a nazi, as in excuse to silence me, I am definitely the fascist when you are the one trying to silence. I know you want to silence Vaush, you are saying it right now, you are saying that they are growing louder every year and I think you mean that you don't like that the conservatives, not even the alt-right are growing so you are mad, because you want to silence us and because you don't want to be squashed by the right, so you are trying to silence us.

    12:05 - "That funny hat your wearing" Vaush are you anti-semitic yourself? I can tell you don't really like jews that much, maybe the left is the party that actually silences, like actual fascists and are the ones that hate jewish culture because it is "homophobic, transphobic, etc".

    12:16 - Why do you seem so agitated about someone condemning neo-nazis? Are you one yourself? (Im just kidding with this one)

    12:25 - I have explained in this text, why nazism is nothing like ben shaprio, and you cannot make that claim, because you evidence was not there and your analogy was just flat out terrible.

    12:49 - I like having a script to refer back to while giving a speech, cause I mean no one can remember their entire speech.

    13:37 - Paleocons are not alt-right, so I guess because we had paleocons for presidents here in the US we have had alt-right presidents, that definitely makes sense Vaush. Vaush, we have never had alt-right presidents before.

    13:41 - Are you joking me for real this time, right libertarians are not close to even being alt-right, so I guess if I am in the libright area, I am alt-right, I guess. Vaush your claims are getting wackier by the minute.

    13:47 - I can tell that you are just going through all the names, to make the vid and speech longer to give you more creditibility, I know the left's tricks.

    14:23 - Agreed, the alt-right does manipulate language but then again the left does so as well, as they make the vaguest claims ever.

    14:36 - Agreed, Vaush you do know your identity, but the left does really changed their identity, they more likely change the defintions of words, so that they sound worse when associated with political opponents.

    14:44 - Agreed, the alt-right does not know good words.

    14:55 - Ben Shapiro is so right, the alt-right and the left always mumble jumble up the meanings of words so that it is confusing. A video which perfectly shows the similarites between the far-left and the alt-right is this one, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ev373c7wSRg It shows how woke people and racist people think alike, they think in the "supression of opposition" way of life.

    15:02 - Agreed, Ben Shapiro is right with condemning the alt-right for their esoteric riddles.

    15:14 - Agreed, the anti-semite does not convince but discombobulates, Vaush you have not convinced me because you have barely any background info backing you up, so you are more on the side of discombobulation.

    15:18 - Yes, the alt-right does make me and a lot of others upset.

    15:24 - True, they are giving rhetorical room to dump on the victim at a moment of being unaware.

    15:31 - Agreed, the alt-right gives the left, photos and stuff of the culturally right acting bad, and the alt-right can use this to supress the mainstream conservatives and get public recogntion. The left then broadcasts the alt-right and tries to say that they are like the mainstream conservatives to dunk on us. It reminds me of the comrade and nazi relationship they both hate eachother's ideas but will contribute to fight against the powers of capitalism, free speech and prosperity.

    15:40 - Yes, this game is indeed in real life, because if you disagree with them, they will say you are going on the trail to fascism, nazism, etc.

    16:12 - Do you have any proof that Ben Shapiro actually is apart of this radicalization? Your previous baseless claim, did nothing to convince me.

    16:25 - "Liberalism doesn't function anymore" What function to silence?

    16:31 - How is our form of liberalism broken?

    16:44 - He has to distance himself from the alt right because a lot of people think he is alt right and he is explaining why he is not alt right.

    16:48 - Can you explain why his ideology is very similar to the alt right?

    17:04 - I love how you try and make what Ben said similar to the alf-right by using the analogy that if a rapist was asked if they were a rapist they would say an incorrect defintion but st the same time not understanding why isolationism, and the others mentioned are not alt right, like isolationism just means you don't really want to country to intermingle with the global audience. You are not alt right, if you just want immigration restriction because you just don't want people coming in illegally. Liking tariffs does not make you alt right you just want to have tariffs.

    17:30 - The reason why he doesn't really use pronouns is because it is a disgrace to his religion but the other does not because saying that terminology is not offensive on a religious aspect.

    17:41 - True, civilization is not defined by race, but I guess Vaush thinks so because he uses the phrase white culture and not western culture because he thinks the world is racial and that it is like white v black, etc.

    18:10 - No, we do not mean white civilization, you are just putting that into our mouths, you just cant think past race right now, can't you and you think the jews, and the christians of tradition are the ones racializing but no, you are.

    18:25 - No, it has nothing to do with west europe, like I said you cant look past race and see that Western and not white civilization works and that it is not racially sparked. Vaush, I am sorry that most of the countries who use this type of culture are predominately white but its like why do you say, "oh well you think the west is better, and becsuse you think that west is good and most of west is white, than you must think white is better" That is also some really dumb logic. Stop associating culture with race. Stop thinking that all white people act "white" and all black people act "black" because you think that they are apart of white culture and black culture.

    18:35 - The point he is making here is that he is not alt-right and that he does not associate culture with race and that he does not supress the opposition, he is expressing that he is a fighter for the freedoms of speech and et cetera.

    18:44 - Western civilization is not white. Stop associateing culture with race, it is a really unhealthy midset. That is like saying whote people and black people act differently because of race, that is practically racist.

    19:48 - That is not nazi, that is true, social democracy is too social and like Ben says is homogenous.

    19:51 - "Ben Shapiro you don't get to complain about nazis" You sound like a fascist yourself, Vaush you jut have to censor Ben Shapiro and make him seem like the bad dude who brings you to the alt right. Telling people that can't talk, is supression. Stop supressing your opposition, just like a fascist themself.

    20:00 - The alt right does not act like Ben Shapiro, the alt right is violent, agrresive and they supress the opposition, they want division. Ben Shapiro tells you the warnings of the alt-right and how they connect with the far left in order to make an polarizing landscape in social media.

    20:04 - His natural beliefs are not close to the alt right.

    21:16 - Neonazis do not care about America's values, America's values are nothing like neonazis, America stands for th liberty of the individual and their right of excersing religion and free speech, You see the neo nazis hate free speech, they (I am going go say this again) supress the opposition. They are not american.

    22:07 - Yeah, neonazis are not true christians, they do not understand that violence is wrong and that other act of the alt right are bad.

    22:10 - Colleges and institutions, do not accurately represent America's values, they do not like free speech very much.

    22:36 - How can you say that fighting for your free speech to talk about conservatism on youtube is not american?

    22:47 - Vaush, have you heard of charity? The government should not take your money away to give to the poor, you should give to the poor yourself, there is less authoritarianism and more liberty.

    22:51 - He has a ton of land to stand on sense your analogies do not make sense and their is no extra evidence.

    22:55 - Dude, stop saying that he is contributing to fascism, nazism. He is not, he stands for free speech, the other ideologies don't and they sre very controlling of free speech.

    23:01 - Im not suprised because I am not brainwashed.

    23:12 - "Im talking about the bible, I dont care what f**kin jews believe in" Pretty anti-semitic.

    23:18 - True, the alt-right people are nobodies.

    24:30 - But, Ben Shapiro did not directly do that nor even close to being close to being directly engaged with that.

    24:54 - Do have proof that these companies lie?

    24:58 - How do they cover for neo-nazis?



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