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    Eco-German Nationalism is an economically left wing and culturally right wing ideology that advocates for all German lands to be united under a Semi-Constitutional Monarchy.



    2016-2017 Trumpism

    Initially, KaiserKlausMouse was a Trump supporter, mostly because he thought Donald Trump was "funny".

    2017-2018 Communism

    After KaiserKlausMouse started researching Communism in 2017, he came to the conclusion that Marxism was the best ideology as it offers financial equality for all.

    2018-2020 Democratic Socialism/Social Democracy

    After around a year and a half of being a communist, KaiserKlausMouse slowly de-radicalized, and ended up in a sort of limbo state in which he at times was a democratic socialist and then the next day he was a social democrat.

    2020-Now Conservative Socialism

    During quarantine, KaiserKlausMouse researched German nationalism and the German Empire. Around October 2020 is when KaiserKlausMouse's current political opinions were formed.

    KaiserKlausMouse's Beliefs

    How the Government Should be Run

    It would be a semi-constitutional Monarchy. But also a Diarchy. The Emperor would share power with a democratically elected minister. They should hold roughly equal power, but in case of a national emergency, the Monarch should temporarily hold complete power. To be legible to vote, you must be at least 18 and you must pass the voter legibility test. This test does have bypasses. If you have served in the military, you are exempt from some questions. The voting system will be a proportional representation system.

    Political Philosophy

    KaiserKlausMouse is conservative and very pro-government. Conservatism is good at keeping society neat, proper, and moral; and not chaotic, impure, and nihilistic. Authoritarianism puts Conservatism to work, and makes sure society does not crumble. It also helps in other various things such as killing massive soulless companies and replacing them with state-owned companies and small businesses. The government will also set the prices for goods, and change them according to the economic climate.

    Economic Philosophy

    KaiserKlausMouse recognizes capitalism as a necessary evil, but it must be heavily regulated, and the rich should be heavily taxed to provide social services for the working class. Massive corporations should be illegal and disbanded. All people should be provided a home in turn for working. College should be allowed to anyone, as everyone deserves the right to have a well-paying job and to be educated.

    Environment Policy

    KaiserKlausMouse advocates for the complete eradication of fossil fuels by 2050. The government should shut down industrial factories and replace them with solar panels, but mostly hydropower, the government should also give everyone electrical cars to replace their old cars, which would be scrapped. Keeping an old car would have to mean appealing it to the government, who would if they agree, mean that its driving use would be very limited. Pesticides and other chemicals such as GMOs should be outlawed. Deforestation should also be put to a halt. The environment of the Fatherland should remain beautiful and smog-free.


    Transhumanism is an inherently unholy and unnatural ideology. With the only pro being life-saving medicine. Self-driving cars and robots that take people's jobs should be outlawed, as they threaten to push millions of people out of a job, and the economy will implode. Transhumanism is also very capitalist and self-destructive ideology, as the bourgeoisie attempts to cut costs by replacing people with robots, but eventually when everyone's out of a job because their job is now performed by a lifeless machine, nobody can afford the bourgeoisie's goods/services, leading into the collapse of the bourgeoisie and the working class. Instead, we should bring back old jobs that have been rendered obsolete, such as tailours and craftsmiths in rural areas.

    Immigration Policy

    American Immigration does not matter to me, but the mass immigration to Europe by the Arabs must be stopped, we should intervene in Syria and other countries in which there is a mass refugee crisis. We will install a temporary German client state there, and when everything is stabilized, grant them independence.

    Foreign and Defense Policy

    Dismantle the EU and all the other global organizations and retake the old German Territories by militaristic or diplomatic means. Conscription should be re-installed for men aged 18-20. Germany should build up a strong military.

    German Self-Shame

    Germany has had to live in shame ever since the tragedy that was the Second World War. Denazification has made Germans self-hating for what their ancestors have caused. This is a critical flaw in Germany. Germans must do a complete 180 in their view of themselves. Germany is currently a slave to the EU. We have lost not only our land, but also our autonomy, our pride, and now we are a pitiful nation where you are shunned for simply saying "Deutschland Über Alles." We erect a monument of shame in our own capital. Nationalism must return to Germany.


    Protectionism is a great policy to make the nation self-sufficient. It's also great at trapping massive corporate tycoons so that their massive hoards of wealth will be equally distributed throughout the nation. It will also end trade with China and its evil practices.

    Ethnic Viewpoint

    I stand with Ethnopluralism. Ethnopluralism is great because it allows many different unique cultures to flourish separately, whilst also not descending into racism which oppresses other cultures or a depressing mish-mash of cultures. I stand by the belief that every ethnicity deserves a home free from foreign rule. Interculturalism isn't great either, as it's literally just multicultural nationalism .

    Pacifism or Militarism?

    Pacifism is usually a very selfish and immoral philosophy, as it says that you cannot take drastic actions when there are injustices in the world, such as the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. Pacifism can be justified sometimes, such as the Vietnam War. Likewise, Militarism isn't always justified; Neo-Colonial wars[1] are always immoral as it suppresses indigenous peoples. Most other wars (With a strong justification) are moral. This includes wars for independence, to unite a people, to end a corrupt foreign government, to retake old territories, etc.

    Individualism or Collectivism?

    The individual is almost always after self-gain. Therefore it is incompatible with both Christianity and Socialism. The proof of this is the current "progression" of society and the shrinking middle class. Collectivism is naturally empathetic and unifying, doing what is best for everyone, rather than everyone for themselves.

    File:Systemicracism.png "Systemic Racism" File:Systemicracism.png

    There is no such thing. Racism in government was eliminated long ago, and any push to say that it still is is a fib at best, and a riot catalyst at worst. The idea of the scheming Straight Christian White Man to make minorities lives' as hard as possible sounds like something out of the anti-Semitism of old. The myth of "Systemic Racism" was probably just invented as a means to promote Black Nationalism and make white people feel guilty just for their skin colour.[2] so that they can implement Progressive policies.

    Civil Liberties and Domestic Policy

    In General

    In general, civil liberties are just used as an excuse to let people do wrong things such as prostitution, murder, and suicide.


    Crime must be stomped via Police state. Mass protests for any movement must be scheduled ahead of time, and police should be present at the protest in case it turns violent. If a mass protest is conducted without state approval, police should intervene. Smaller protests do not need state approval, but if it grows bigger, then the police should come to break them up.

    Freedom of Speech

    As strange as it may seem, I actually support free speech. I believe that individual has the right to say anything they want exceptions. (E.G. plotting to kill, canceling people, etc.) However, the government should influence public opinion, but not force it, much like Libertarian Paternalism. "Hate speech" is also a very vague term, and I oppose any sort of censorship based on perceived "bigotry".[3]

    Gun Rights

    My position on guns is that you simply should not be allowed to own guns, the simple fact of the matter is that guns are a tool for murder. That is what they were built for. That being said, for educational purposes, (History shows, reenactments etc...) they should be obtainable after extensive background and mental stability checks, and even after that, live ammunition should be outlawed to prevent shootings.



    As long as they don't act upon their sexuality, I don't really see how punishing them over something they can't control is reasonable. Romantic relationships between the same sex are okay. But sexual relationships between the same-sex goes against the book of Leviticus. I am firmly against transgenderism, which is a load of bs that impressionable kids buy into which permanently mutilates your body, gender transition surgery should be outlawed. People with gender dysphoria should instead seek therapy to help them with the condition.


    Abortion is murder and unless the mother has a very high likelihood of dying. Abortion is an ongoing genocide. The baby should never be aborted. Life starts at conception. In cases of rape, there is still no reason to murder the baby over the sins of the rapist. In cases of incest, the baby has already been punished enough, and they shall not have to pay for the sins of their parents.


    Prostitution should be illegal, but nobody should even need to resort to prostitution because they would already have a stable income because of Socialism. Police raids should be conducted on prostitution sites. People who go to prostitution sites just for fun should be tried in court for their crimes

    Drug use

    Drugs are evil, the only drugs allowed should be medication. Drugs that serve little to no medical value should be illegal, including cannabis and even tobacco and nicotine. Anyone caught with drugs should be sent to rehab. Drugs destroy families and lives, allowing such a scourge on society to continue is immoral.

    Animal Rights

    Animals deserve equal rights to humans, the mass brothels and death camps must be destroyed, and the mass murderers should be judged for their crimes. More national parks should be built for the newly released animals. People should still be able to keep pets as long as they care for them. If someone abuses animals, they should be sent to a concentration camp. Killing an animal should be viewed the same as killing a human. Animal testers should be killed, I'm usually against the death penalty but animal testers are demons and should not be given mercy for the atrocities they have caused. Hunting should also be made illegal.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Eco-German Nationalism constantly tries to explain that they are not Nazism, and cites that they fight for animal rights and socialism. Sometimes they sing German Nationalistic songs to themselves.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a circle 2. Draw the flag of the German Empire 3. Draw a leaf in the middle in green 4. Fill in the green leaf with red

    Political Timeline



    Is KaiserKlausMouse a Fascist?

    I am not a Fascist, but I don't frown upon it.

    Then why does the "based" parts have a lot of fascists?

    Because typically, unless society has gone to hell, a semi-constitutional monarchy is good enough.

    Reform or Revolution?

    Reform, I am often pretty repulsed by bloodthirsty revolutionary Psychos. In history, revolution has been shown to lead to tyranny and destabilization of the nation (I.E. France, Russia, Germany). A more bureaucratic approach is a better means of achieving my goals.[4]

    Responses to Common Arguments I am Faced With

    My Response to the "Mind Your Own Business" Argument

    This argument is often cited by Anarchist types. They claim that it doesn't matter what other people do, and if I want to live my life a certain way, that's fine, but I shouldn't be forcing it onto others. This is almost always just a plot to convince me that what they are doing is okay. The goal of my society would be to instill order and neatness. If society just "minded their own business" then we would be living in anarchy.

    My Response to the "But Human Rights!" Argument

    This argument is a very slippery slope, history has shown us that rights have been given to more and more people, but when does it stop? Trans people? Pedophiles? Cannibals? Murderers? Progressive types will always call hesitant people derogatory names to pressure them into the self-destructive ideology of "progressivism."

    My Response to the "State Socialism isn't Real Socialism" Argument

    This argument is almost exclusively cited by libertarian lefty types. The fact is, while yes, it does differentiate from what Marx said, that doesn't make it an "oxymoron" or anything. The fact of the matter is that if people aren't forced to go to work, and they know that they are still getting benefits, why should they go to work? Anything less than Authoritarian Socialism relies on human goodness.


    Mega Based


    Kind of Based

    • Confederalism - I support your secession, your economy would be ruined, but please curb your libertarianism.
    • Conservatism - Your based but can you curb your capitalism?
    • Social Democracy - Too moderate for me, but at least your going in the right direction...
    • Classical Progressivism - Remember when progressivism was about equality, and not Black Nationalism? But even still, you are a bit crazy...
    • Reactionarism - Society was much better back in the late 1800s and the early 1900s, we should go back to that time. But even so, there are a few things in modern life that we should keep.
    • Classical Fascism - You're kinda cool, it depends though, I like a Semi-constitutional monarchy better, but you could be useful if altered to combat rising problems in society.
    • My old ideology - Kinda based, but I really was just an extreme projection of my mother. But I do have some things to salvage from you, such as a less extreme form of communism and Christian values.


    • Typicalfan4 - Based conservative, cringe capitalist. But you're mostly based.
    • Bannned - You were kinda crazy, but even so, you had pretty based views on some stuff, even if you did go too far; too bad she decided to ban you. Now you're page has been deleted too, you truly were too based for anyone to handle. :(
    • File:Sweatingcup.png Sweatingcup - He is too friendly with the Progtards and likes the EU, that being said, Authoritarianism is hella based.
    • File:Lairi (hat).png ChiroPro File:Lairi (None).png - Has good ideals, but is too moderate. Also, Republicanism is cringe.
    • Bolulka - Some of his opinions can be kinda wack, but he's mostly based.
    • File:MPTree.png Magicpeartree - Based socialist who also despises him. But you're ideology is kinda cringe.
    • SomeCrusader1224 - Very based, the only reservations I have with you is that you should go a little more left economically.
    • DoomerCrusader - Gigachad, but Europe should not be united and Nazism is kinda cringe.
    • NazBolGANG12 - I don't know much about your ideology, but Monarcho-Socialism is pretty based.
    • ArGyro - A bit too moderate on social and economic issues, but you're a based militarist and irredentist.
    • Bman - Based authoritarian and socialist, but for some reason he's pretty skeptical of me. Also your social views are kind of meh.
    • Dumnorix - Overall based, but you don't want the old territories back.
    • BeryAb - Fellow German who Likes the File:FDP.png FDP and thinks Pan-Germanism is cringe. But you are a very good person and even made a portrait for me.:)[5]
    • ScarletTheVampireQueen - Based Demsoc with based views. I just wish you were more traditionalist.
    • ChineseSocialist - Based economic, civic, and cultural views, but your views on religion is kinda sus. Your views on problems around the world are great, but the way you justify China's government makes me cringe. The eight honors and eight shames are pretty cool though.

    Mixed Feelings


    Kind of Cringe

    • Marxism-Leninism - You went way too far, it feels weird saying this but, can you get more moderate?
    • capitalism - Just because your necessary does not remove the evil.
    • Green Libertarianism - Oxymoron, environmentalism is based, but libertarianism is an inherently anti-environmentalist ideology, as fossil fuels are more profitable than green energy.
    • Liberalism - Everything you stand for is slightly to moderately cringe.
    • National Socialism - Look, your amazing, all your social programs and your pan Germanism is amazing, but I can never hang out with you because for some reason you're extremely racist!
    • Democracy - Your okay, but nothing ever gets done in democracy! Also, the people are too susceptible to propaganda and candidates are mostly just rich centrists that don't really want change.


    • BlartyBoy - A bit too far left but at least you also hate Crapitalism.
    • CarpenterFamily - You said you were a social authoritarian, but now you turned your back on authleft ideologies. WTF??? But still, you shouldn't have been banned.
    • LordCompost86 - Absolutely abhorrent ideology, but you are very polite, unlike what I'd expect an egoist to be like.
    • Councilguy - Economically and environmentally, you're based, but civically and culturally you're cringe. But your views on religion is absolutely appalling.
    • SumisuAirisu - Progressive "anarchist", pretty cringe, but thank you for unblocking me. :)
    • ResponsibleCitizen - Conservatism is good, but you lost me on everything else. At least you hate anarchists.

    Mega Cringe

    • Anarchism - So what stops Tim from coming to my house and stabbing me in my sleep? Get real you edgy teenager...
    • Anationalism - You're a failure, hardly anyone knows your language, and that's good.
    • Antifa - Just Anarkiddy with a temper problem.
    • Black Lives Matter - A black nationalist organization that is a tool of the woke mob which supports the far-left conspiracy theory of File:Systemicracism.png "systemic racism."
    • Bonapartism - Elsass Lothringen ist Deutsch!
    • European Federalism - Another tool of the Globalists to make European nations lose their sovereignty
    • Men's Liberation - I'm not mad, just... disappointed...
    • State Atheism - Imagine, if you will. A world where everyone is destined to go to hell or be tortured. You are the definition of evil.
    • State Liberalism - It was said that authoritarianism would destroy the Progressives, not join them!
    • Speciesism - Don't pretend that you aren't real...
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - You're basically Neo Feudalism.
    • Progressivism - You are ruining society! You also call people racist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. just because they have different opinions than you! Not only that, but your hypocritical, you say you want equality, yet you are speciesist!
    • World Federalism - You're pretty stupid, and pretty evil...
    • Social Darwinism - But why? Why do you hate the weak? Perhaps YOU should be killed!
    • Agorism - Basically Anarcho-Capitalism, except you really care about black markets, mega cringe...
    • Anti Natalism - You needed more hugs as a kid... get a life.
    • FALGSC - I think I'm gonna throw up, seriously??? Good thing this ideology is impossible...
    • Libertarianism - Even though you are a diet version of Anarcho-Capitalism, you're somehow even more fanatical about guns. I think you have trust issues...
    • Alt-Right - You're the reason why the cultural right is never taken seriously!
    • Feminism - Killing babies is immoral, not like you'd know anything about morals...
    • Corporatocracy - What Capitalism is heading towards.
    • Plutocracy - Corrupt cringe.


    • File:Cball-ProgressiveAnarchoMarxism.png MapOfFish - So basically Antifa.
    • TheRealNNE - Professionals have standards, be polite, be efficient, and kill every cappie you meet
    • Pirate Tails - I need to bleach my eyes, at least your not a globetard
    • Kirbly - World federalist democratic liberal that's progressive? Why man, just why?
    • K-Tech - I spent 2 hours on Authoritarian Centrism, and you just deleted it for no reason!
    • ThatDudeRightHere - He hates me and wants me to "cope", but I don't really mind, because it seems like he hates anyone who isn't a typical American style conservative. Okay but Mladorossism is kinda based.
    • Omega Flugel - Please, re-enter reality. When was the last time you left the house?
    • Mebrouk - Basically the most average leftist ever. Like, it's actually painful.
    • ThisismyusernameAAAA - Anarcho-Communist troll who spams the comment section of ideologies he doesn't like.
    • Enaysikey - Aside from your kinda welfare, you're mega cringe.
    • Vonali - Reading his comments makes me depressed...
    • YellingYowie - a Californian separatist progressive liberal. Also, I have entire section addressing that I am not a fascist.
    • File:Ninjack.png Ninjack-Aus - "Deeply masked", basically a cringier version of Userwiki:YellingYowieUserwiki:BeryAbUser:MebroukUserWiki:Kirblythem. Not to mention that his policies are actually horrifying. Australia would probably turn into a degenerate country which puts all of its money towards forever wars in the middle east while immigrants take jobs and hacked and rigged elections. (electronic voting is very susceptible to hackers.)
    • Davilanda13 - Absolute cappie who thinks Feudalism is based. But also Epic Gamer who has yeeted progtards on tape.
    • Leninisbased556 - Vandalized my page, aside from that, pretty meh. WAIT, YOU SUPPORT THE DDR??? WTF
    • Smelegem - LGBT and also a maoist, wtf?! Also she's kinda obsessed with me. [6][7]
    • File:Councilguy2.png Post-Councilism - Council Communism was okay, then you said religion was delusional, but euthanasia? You also support conspiracy theories such as that gender is a social construct.
    • Am m - Besides the fact that he stands against everything[8] I stand for, most of the things he says either is completely untrue or very impractical. Also, having the police "rehabilitate" people is very shaky and gives me brainwashing vibes tbh.
    • - Nice person, but his ideology is megacringe and genocidal, I guess nationalism is okay though. Gotta love how you exposed her.
    • YugoslavPartisan - Absolute nutcase, said that he hopes CarpenterFamily dies a slow and painful death, is almost psychopathic about anti-zionism, and supports revolutionary and terrorist movements, whilst also supporting Racial Nationalism.

    Views on Political Youtubers

    • Knowing Better - A perfectly awful synthesis of strawman fallacies and conspiracy theories, with some genocide denial mixed in for good measure.
    • Kraut - Basedish nowadays, but your older videos are multicultural garbage.
    • PragerU - Sometimes based, but you can be really cringe sometimes.
    • That alt-right playbook guy - You equate Fascism to Reactionarism to Conservatism, also you realize that you people use the same tactics, right?

    Views on disputed areas

    Sudan File:Cball-SouthSudan.png

    South Sudan should be independent.

    Western Sahara

    Sahrawi Republic is the real western sahara.


    Old Afghanistan will be missed, but not recognizing the new Afghanistan is childish and stupid.

    File:Cball-SouthOssetia.png South Ossetia and Abkhazia

    They should be granted independence.


    There is no such thing as a "Palestinian" people. The New Kingdom of Jerusalem should be installed there as an international Abrahamic religious state. But for right now, Israel is good enough. Way better than if Palestine took it over.


    Neither Korea should unite it, a new revolution in both countries led by the people should unite them.


    Crimeans should be independent from both Ukraine and Russia.


    Kosovo shouldn't exist. It should all be ceded to Albania.

    Aegean Dispute

    They belong to Greece.

    Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland belongs to Ireland, and it should be repopulated with Irish people. "There can never be peace in Ireland until the foreign oppressive British presence is removed, leaving all the Irish people as a unit to control their own affairs and determine their own destinies as a sovereign people, free in mind and body, separate and distinct physically, culturally and economically."


    Belongs to Spain, it was stolen during the Napoleonic wars.

    Falkland Islands

    As most people (59%) listed their nationality as "Falkland Islander" and not British, they should be independent.


    Taiwan is a free and independent country.

    Northern Cyprus File:Cball-NorthernCyprus.png

    Northern Cyprus was stolen by Turkey, and its local population replaced with Turks. It belongs to Cyprus.


    It should be independent.

    How I would have voted in every German election

    • 1871 - - LGGWA
    • 1874 - - SPD
    • 1877 - - DRP
    • 1878 - - CSP
    • 1881 - - DRP
    • 1884 - - DRP
    • 1887 - - DRP
    • 1890 - - DRP
    • 1893 - - DkP
    • 1898 - - Bavarian Peasant's League
    • 1901 - - Bavarian Peasant's League
    • 1907 - - CSP
    • 1912 - - DkP
    • 1919 - - based DNVP
    • 1920 - - based DNVP
    • 1924 (May) - - based DNVP
    • 1924 (December) - - based DNVP
    • 1928 - - based DNVP
    • 1930 - - based DNVP
    • 1932 (July) - - Zentrum
    • 1932 (November) - - Zentrum
    • 1933 (March) - - SPD
    • 1947 - - Deutsche Partei
    • 1953 - - Deutsche Partei
    • 1957 - - Deutsche Partei
    • 1961 - - SPD
    • 1965 - - SPD
    • 1969 - - SPD
    • 1972 - - SPD
    • 1976 - - SPD
    • 1980 - - SPD
    • 1983 - - GRÜNEN
    • 1987 - - GRÜNEN
    • 1990 - - PDS
    • 1994 - - PDS
    • 1998 - - GRÜNEN
    • 2002 - - GRÜNEN
    • 2005 - - GRÜNEN
    • 2007 - - GRÜNEN
    • 2009 - - GRÜNEN
    • 2013 - - AFD
    • 2017 - - AFD
    • 2021 - - AFD

    Irl Relations

    Icons I created


    File:Base (1).png: DON'T USE

    File:MPTree.png:MagicPearTree icon


    File:Sweatingcup.png: SweatingCup2632 icon

    : DoomerCrusader icon
    : Tony567 icon


    My quiz results

    6 Foundations

    File:Download (2).png


    1. Wars that are waged for no other reason than to acquire territory for exploitation of the land and/or people.
    2. Also known as racism
    3. If anyone unironically uses the word "bigotry" near me in a pejorative sense, I will physically cringe.
    4. Sometimes revolution is needed, but right now, I have faith that society can transform without bloodshed.
    5. File:KaiserKlausPortrait.png
    6. https://polcompball.miraheze.org/w/index.php?title=UserWiki:Smelegem&oldid=132145
    7. https://polcompball.miraheze.org/wiki/User:KaiserKlausMouse#comment-14202
    8. Not everything, Socialism is good, but without a strong government, it will fall flat on its face

    Template:Authunity Template:Conservative

    Template:Ethnostate Template:Monarch

    Societal Information
    Historical Information


    Template:RedDragonHello.How is your work?

    Template:MadrikYo wassup

    Terekhofism Add me to relationships. Brudi ? Du scheinst mir sehr ähnlich zu sein.

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