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    This user is JustaWorker.
    "Apathetic popularizer of unpopular movements and crazy ideas is at your service. I AM TAKING MY CRYPTO TO THE AFTERLIFE "

    This user joined in 2022.

    This user is agnostic.
    "Basically the radical centrists of religion."

    This user hates moderators.
    "Proceeds to cause a mess and get his IP banned."

    This user is based.
    "It seems my presence has lead to some controversy."

    This user is a Capitalist
    "Money is not the most important thing, love is. But thankfully, I love money."

    This user is an Egoist.
    "The people are dead! Good-day, Self!"

    This user is an ENTJ.
    "Becoming the CEO of everything."

    This user has read political theory and knows what they’re talking about.
    "Your opinion isn’t valid if you haven’t read the Fascist Marxist ████████ Stalinist Pinochetist Literally 1984 Mises Book of Political Theory!"

    This user is a Futurist.
    "Speed is our god!"

    This user is an individualist.
    "I'll do things in my self-interest, not yours"


    This user is Male
    "Proceeds to die in a war."

    This user is a minarchist
    "The police, courts and military only!"

    This user is a post-humanist.

    This user is Reactionary
    "Born 200 years too late"

    This user is RightUnity.
    "Smash communism and cultural Marxism!"

    This user is Straight
    "I'm like a ruler."

    This user is Super-Straight.
    "I'll never date a tr*nny! not like they would wanna date me anyways"

    This user is a contributor to Xenospheric Thought
    "Sometimes, in order to find something you need, you need to go beyond."

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