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    JonahF2014 is a Cball-Germany.png German Ethplur.png ethnopluralist, Soc.png socialist, and Sep.png separatist from Cball-Ham2.png Hamburg.
    He is the creator and avid supporter of Tinismpolcompball.png Tinism, a relatively new ideology of global Local.png ultralocalist Sep.png separatism.
    His self-insert is Hamburger.png Rejuvenative Hamburg thought.

    Contact me on discord: JonahF2014#1089
    Or join my server: https://discord.gg/7GqZ2RFxcZ

    My carrd with all my links: https://jonahf2014.carrd.co

    Check out the collection of based quotes: User:JonahF2014/Quote Collection

    Pages I made

    Pages in the order I made them

    Planned Pages:
    • Hamburg law system (ca 1800s)
    • Tom Radtke thought/ Radtkian nazbol
    • Attila hildmann thought
    • Xavier Naidoo thought
    • Rejuvenative thought (non specific version of self-insert)
    • Nationalstaatliche Linke (ideology of my imagined political party, NDLP)
    • Tschentscherism (ideology of contemporary hamburg major)
    • Scholzism-Tschentscherism (ideology combining current and former hamburg mayor, parody of marxism-leninism)
    • Lindnerism (bery should make that one, just a suggestion)
    • most politrical parties in germany should have their own pages

    Art I made



    Tinism.png Geotin.png Local.png Hamburger.png Julicon.png Russophilia.png Wagenknecht2.png Aldath.png Cultirredentism.png Zimea.png Antin.png UBI.png Vulpedia.png Bureaucracy.png Altrightfemboyicon.png Homonaticon.png Gaarz.png Wagenknechteso.png AutisticSeparatist.png Ethenvyicon.png Kuchenicon.png GĂźntherFictional.png ReactProg.png Zimeaatzi.png Zimeaox.png Zimeatrevas.png Classnat.png Baconconicon.png LĂźbeckl.png

    Parties & Orgs

    ThirdPath.png Aufstehen.png Apabiz.png BGE.png Khama.png Queerde.png Blackhico.png


    Antiimp.png Antiabunify.png Antigendern.png Antineopronoun.png Antiarbeit.png Antiedem.png Anticar.png Antibureaucracy.png


    Cball-Ham2.png Cball-Afghanistan.png Cball-Northern Cyprus.png Cball-NRW.png Cball-Kenya.png Cball-Schleswig-Holstein.png

    Pages I need to Watch


    1. ↑ I saw other people doing it and tbh, I think it's quite cringe, though it's 7 in the morning and I thought it'd be fun regardless.

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