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    My Political Journey

    • - I didn't know anything about politics at this time.
    • - As I began to surf the Internet, I gradually came into contact with some social topics, although I did not form a particularly complete idea, but I think at that time I may still tend to progressive.
    • / - Maybe every Chinese has this stage, especially love their motherland, and also particularly support the leadership of the Communist Party of China.
    • / - This stage represented a new stage in which I began to doubt the state. At that time, I thought, is there really only one way to make the country prosperous: to restore capitalism? However, that at this time I did not particularly understand the differences between the different paths of socialism, so this was only a transitional stage. It was just a turning point in my transition from being pro-CPC to being skeptical and even anti-CPC.
    • - Then my views suddenly became radical and began to attract Anarchism.
    • / - Later I gave up Anarchism because I found that Communism could not be achieved without the dictatorship of the proletariat. At least in my personal opinion, I have been trying to perfect my ideas since this stage. But I haven't had much exposure to philosophy at this point.
    • - This is my ideology now, and I know a lot more than I did before. I also learned something about philosophy, such as Existentialist Philosophy, Marxist Humanism and different waves and variants of Feminist philosophy .

    What our teachers said

    "The national flag is not only a national flag, it represents the whole country and every citizen in this country."

    "You are not an individual in this class, you represent our whole class, we are a collective."

    Our Maths Teacher



    I support Palestine. I don't think the Israeli invaders should occupy Palestinian land. I don't even think Israel should exist. But I do not support Hamas because they always attack the people of Israel, not the government. Many people in China think that support for Palestine must support Russia or Hamas, which is not correct.


    Russia is an imperialist bourgeois state, Ukraine is a corrupt bourgeois state. Although both are bourgeois states, I oppose Russia, support Ukraine's recovery of its own territory, and support Communist parties (not revisionist ones) on both sides.

    • Ukraine Nazis→Hamas
    • Russia→Israel
    • Ukraine→Palestine

    China Mainland-Taiwan

    I firmly support the reunification of China. Taiwan has never been an "independent country" and there is no reason why they should become one. But this does not mean that I support revisionist China, and the best way I can think of for the reunification is revolution.

    North/South Korea

    I don't like North Korea or South Korea because they are not Marxist countries, and I can't understand why so many communists support North Korea, whose Juche ideology is clearly revisionist and idealistic. I also can't understand why almost everyone who opposes North Korea supports South Korea, which is completely ruled by the bourgeoisie.


    Although I think that the United States needed a communist revolution, I did not think that the Communist Party of the United States could succeed. Because they have chosen the line of parliamentary struggle, they must abandon it.


    NATO is an imperialist organization and must be disbanded.


    The European Union is too neoliberal for me and should become an international organization for the people, ideally a Communist union.


    The United Nations is now both necessary and useless because it has too little power.


    Everyone can be for or against anything. This freedom has been largely suppressed by authoritarianism. But I don't support absolute freedom, for example, you can indeed support killing people, but you can't really kill people or post pictures of you killing people online because it's illegal.

    Revisionist List

    Revisionism (Revisionist Marxism) ideologies:

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