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    Hey friend ! I am Loïc, a student in computer sciences and a huge fan of real/ideological politics, philosophy and geography !

    I spend my time creating and polishing my works as well as helping the community by multiples means.

    IRL I just either read, go outside with my friends or go at the gym (and being horny)

    Political Journey


    • - Old times before I learn about politics. (//)
    • - As far as I remember, I've been always against my dad ideology ( Racial Nationalism). (//)


    • - Lots of my ideas came from Jean-Luc Mélenchon. He's the best candidate for presidential elections ! (//)
    • - I was also an ultra progressive, believing that traditional things has little to no importance and that we should perpetually progress. (//)


    • - Big years for me as I grew interest in money and welfare, however I was strongly against inheritance at this time.
    • - I also think that a decentralized power would be the best system because it could understand the people better.
    • - Big influence from De Gaulle because of history class. Obviously the "30 glorieuses" made France what it is nowadays.
    • With all theses elements I created my first page in another account Populist Social Liberalism which is very childish but I'm still inspired by it nowadays.


    • - I'm learning Marxism and am particularly interested in Libertarian Marxism, searching a way to fusion Bookchin, Anarchism and Council Communism and wrote all of this in my self-insert

    Philosophical Journey

    / -> / -> ///////


    Basically vibing, living my life, but I was very smart for my age and passionate about science. Very early, I knew, in our society a group of people have their own culture and, by extension, their own morals, even if this group is huge (like for religions). Saying of religion, I've been a Christian myself (I did not believe even in this god but I liked the teaching) and so I thought that everyone matters and is equal because of the soul.


    It makes sense afterwards. I became very rational. Even today, I still think for real politics we should be rational but seeing the real world. But I don't try to search for a meaning in my life, nor that everyone matters.


    First of all, I believe that there is nothing objective. Every aspect of the history of humanity is shaped by coincidences and empirical situations. I will go further and say that everything we've created and imagined is interpersonal social constructs. But there is one thing that doesn't apply to what I said. The existence of a higher being or many beings. It's weird that a lot of humans have faith. It is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, beliefs in the history of humanity. Why ? I think that this is a sort of reflex that we have in our genes and people have searched for the meaning of it, it. It leads to the evolution of religions and by extending the separation between groups. I believe in a common ground where everyone agrees on the existence of it and not 'seek the truth', which is influenced by personal experiences. Also, religions (amongst other things like laws) shape our morality, which is a good thing for the well-being of humans. Other than that, in society, I'm rational. My personal experiences complement with others. This is a logical deduction.

    Things I've made

    * NRx Archeofuturism

    • Artel Gang
    • Anti Hate Speech
    • Anti-Ethnocracy
    • Anarcho-Heredism

    * Cannibal Socialism

  • Cybersecurity
  • Communitarian Eugenicism

  • * Deadpool

  • Dumb Tent

  • * Fusion Postie

    * Japanese Neo-Nazism

    * Kakistocracy with Technocracy Mask

    * Market Socialism Illuminatism

  • Mask-stackism
  • Modern Classism
  • Msidereh

  • * National Heredism

    * OAS

    * Post-Post-Egoism

  • Propertarianism on Steroids
  • Post-Structural-Modernism
  • Post-Structural Anarchism

  • Book recommandations

    L.B.H - Break It Up: Secession, Division, and the Secret History of America's Imperfect Union by Richard Kreitner
    LordCompost86 - The Unique and Its Property by Max Stirner (better translation)
    Killer Kitty - The Third Way: The Reneal of the Social Democracy by Anthony Giddens

    • Leviathan (Thomas Hobbes): A very interesting (and very long) book indeed. Definitely a great argument for authority and centralized power, although some people find Hobbes' "state of nature" more appealing than his notion of "sovereign rule." Either way, it's a very interesting read.
    • The Decline of the West (Oswald Spengler): Another doorstopper. This book(s, there are editions) mainly serve as the basis of Spengler's cultural outlooks, which states that all cultures live and die in a lifelike cycle (sort of akin to the food chain, but not really, it's kinda hard to describe without reading it). Some of Spengler's IRL views are kinda funny, as are some of the things he implies in this book (he didn't influence a complete lunatic for no reason, after all), but it's still a very solid and realistic view on the concept of culture itself, in my opinion.
    • Between The World And Me (Ta-Nehisi Coates): I'm pretty sure you already have been perscribed plenty of economic theory already (but if you haven't, take a look at F.A. Hayek, too), but this book, written from a 100% black perspective in the United States, is a very good argument in and of itself for reduction of bureaucracy, anti-corruption, school/police/prison reform, equality of opportunity, etc. even if it isn't necessarily a piece of theory, per se. Either way, I'd look at it.

    Family and Friends

    • Dad
      • Grand-mother
      • Grand-Father
    • Mom
      • Grand-Father
      • Grand-mother
      • Cousin
    • Older Sister
    • Younger Sister
    • Tom
    • Baptiste
    • Roméo
    • Malcom
    • Corentin


    • 5w4 "The Iconoclast"


    • ENTP-A "The Innovator"


    • 952
      • 9w1 "The Dreamer"
      • 5w4 "The Iconoclast"
      • 2w1 "The Servant"



    Go here if you want to talk.

    Chat with HeredyBall !

    • HeredyBall - This section is not an adding list, it function is for conversing with me.
    • [Erissian Liberalism] - Hi! Just noting here that you state on your page "I believe that there is 4 sexes, Men, Women, Non-Binary and Inter-Sex". But, speaking as an enby, I have to correct you. Nonbinary is a Gender identity, not a sex! However, it is true that sex is not a binary, there's actually an interesting video on the topic I highly recommend!
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