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    Hey friend ! I am Loïc, a student in computer sciences and a huge fan of real/ideological politics, philosophy and geography !

    I spend my time creating and polishing my works as well as helping the community by multiples means.

    IRL I just either read, go outside with my friends or go at the gym (or being horny)

    Political Journey


    • - Old times before I learn about politics.
    • - As far as I remember, I've always been against my dad thoughts. I now understand that he is in the far-right medias loop, stupid.


    • - Lots of my ideas came from Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Even if he's moderate, I think it's union can win the presidential election and maybe give a sense of revolution to the population, in the good way. (//)


    • - At these times, I was interested in economy. I wasn't a capitalist but knew in our society we have to invest in order to survive.
    • - I also think that a decentralized power would be the best system because it could understand the people better.
    • - Big influence from De Gaulle because of history class. Obviously the "30 glorieuses" made France what it is nowadays.
    • With all theses elements I created my first page in another account Populist Social Liberalism which is very childish.


    • - I am reading and learning theories but became more interested in market forces and how it can contribute to humanity. I will read about Mutualism and Left-Wing Market Anarchism.

    Early 2024

    I've started reading Marxist theories, got pretty much disinterested with political economy.

    Philosophical Journey

    / -> -> /


    I grew up with Catholic teachings, from what I remember it was mostly historical and pretty great even if I wasn't faithful, I believe in soul and a meaning of life. I had good grades and learnt early on that there were different cultures with different ethics and morals. Even inside the same culture, individuals can have differences in ethics.


    I dumped all of the religious teachings, and believe there is simply nothing after death.


    I tend to like Sartre, Marx and Freud philosophies and analytics. I am still learning about it.

    Things I've made

    NRx Archeofuturism

    Artel Gang
    Anti Hate Speech

    Cannibal Socialism
    Church of Technology
    Communitarian Eugenicism
    Dumb Tent
    Fusion Postie
    Japanese Neo-Nazism
    Kakistocracy with Technocracy Mask
    Market Socialism Illuminatism
    Modern Classism
    National Heredism
    Propertarianism on Steroids
    Post-Structural Anarchism
    Syndical Noocracy

    System of a Down

    Family and Friends

    • Dad
      • Grand-mother
      • Grand-Father
      • Cousins
    • Mom
      • Grand-Father
      • Grand-mother
      • Cousin (Converting him)
    • Older Sister
    • Younger Sister
    • Tom
    • Baptiste
    • Roméo
    • Malcom
    • Corentin
    • Luc


    • 5w4 "The Iconoclast"


    • ENTP-A "The Innovator"


    • 952
      • 9w1 "The Dreamer"
      • 5w4 "The Iconoclast"
      • 2w1 "The Servant"



    Go here if you want to talk.

    Chat with HeredyBall !

    * HeredyBall - This section is not an adding list, it function is for conversing with me.

    • [Erissian Liberalism] - Hi! Just noting here that you state on your page "I believe that there is 4 sexes, Men, Women, Non-Binary and Inter-Sex". But, speaking as an enby, I have to correct you. Nonbinary is a Gender identity, not a sex! However, it is true that sex is not a binary, there's actually an interesting video on the topic I highly recommend!
    • Socialist Third Way - I have a question. How did you make your page wide, left to right, removing "Recent changes"?
      • HeredyBall - I think it's because of the "Style" box
    • Great British New Left - I'm liking the direction this is going, comrade!
      • HeredyBall - I got Labourism in DozenValue, the party of Blair, before him lol
        • Great British New Left - Labour isn't just the party of blair, it's also the party of Corbyn, Benn, and yours truly :D welcome to the labour movement comrade!!!!
    • Temujin Leeism - I seem like the off Compass amd Anarchist version, so add me if you want to.
    • Dr. Occo - Attention! I changed my user test, so if you want, you can redo it.

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