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    This user has autism.
    "Proceeds to not get irony"
    This user uses the metric system.
    "10, 100, 1000, 100…"
    This user joined in 2021.
    "Doubleplusf*ck Fandom!"
    This user is a Third Positionist
    "Socialism and capitalism both suck equally! *Proceeds to exterminate minorities*"
    This user is asexual.
    "What do we want? WORLD DOMINATION!"
    This user is Authoritarian.
    "Law and order!"
    This user is a Bad Artist
    "My ArT iS tHe BeSt AnD aNyOnE wHo SaYs OtHeRwIsE iS dOuBlEpLuSuNgOoD!"
    This user is based.
    "It seems my presence has lead to some controversy."
    This user is Christian
    "My crew is big and it keeps getting bigger! That's cause Jesus Christ is my-"
    This user is Environmentalist.
    "Save the trees or I'll break both your knees!"
    This user unironically believes in the evolution of the species.
    "The dinosaurs came alive, and it was millions of years ago."
    This user has read political theory and knows what they’re talking about.
    "Your opinion isn’t valid if you haven’t read the Fascist Marxist ████████ Stalinist Pinochetist Literally 1984 Mises Book of Political Theory!"
    his user is Homophobic/Anti-LGBT.
    "Quickly I became homophobic."
    This user is a strong believer in mainstream or conventional ideas.
    This user is nationalist.
    "Long life to Stanistan!"
    This user is a Fascist
    "Everything for the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state. While keeping losing wars"
    This user is certified Off-Compass. You should start running.
    This user is a post-humanist.
    This user is Pro-Life
    "pls no kill baby"
    This user is religious.
    "The Earth is 6,000 years old and people can live to be over 500 years if they JUST...PRAY...HARD ENOUGH."
    This user is transhumanist.
    This user is a Trekkie.
    "Live long and prosper."
    This user is a Trump Supporter.
    This user is a technocrat.
    "The experts can't be wrong, right?"
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