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    Pragmatically a Social Economy enthusiast Social Liberal with Social Democratic, Social Libertarian, Liberal Socialist, Third Way and Ordo-Liberal characteristics.

    Utopically Liberal Market Socialist

    EU lover.

    Linguistic nationalism best nationalism.

    Automation will lead to socialism. I repeat, AUTOMATION will lead to socialism.

    I try to create "quality" pages (passable at worst) of real, plausible and syncrethic ideologies

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    Ideology Dumpster AKA Pages I've created but are actually shit

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    Right-Market Socialists and Right-Mutualists

    Mutualists and Left-Market Socialists


    Liberals and SocDems






    Mainstream Hard Left (backup)

    It is an economically left wing, culturally far left and civically libertarian ideology that advocates progressive values, parliamentary democracy, civil rights, and socialism. One other fundamental part of the economy and society are Globalism as we are all citizens of the world with a responsibility to each other no matter where we all and all are equal regardless of place of birth.

    Mainstream Hard Left has a great for all dictatorships regardless if they are red, black, white or pink. He also has a special hatred for technocracies like Singapore and Japan as they are incredibly authoritarian and pose are unique threat to democracy and freedom in the world that is difficult to thwart unlike fascism.



    I am a supporter of human rights, racial equality, LGBTQIA+ and women's rights, and that all people are worth no more than any other so I also supporter of criminal rights and believe that even murderers and rapists deserve human rights because they are still human.

    I am supportive of immigration because immigrants often do labour that so-called natives often count themselves to proud to do and at lower rates than natives which increases the profitability of small businesses and farmers. As well as on principle the concept of dividing a world by lines on a map is abhorrent to me and an afront to nature as humans have a desire to be free and we must be allowed to freely move and travel around the world to see and do whatever we like.

    I also believe that hate speech laws should either be rewritten and merged into harassment laws or shelved entirely. As I am a staunch defender of free speech regardless of the offense it causes the only speech that should be penalised is speech that harasses, incites violence, threatens or threatens to incite violence against individuals or groups.


    The government should massively increase public spending in Social welfare, healthcare, education, infrastructure (like railways) and protecting its citizens from criminals and imperialists both at home and abroad. To do this, we also need a Progressive Income Tax, which taxes citizens and companies based on what are their income for increased funding for welfare programs and public services. Both the corporate and individual income taxes ought to be progressive in order to make large corporations and wealthy individuals pay substantially more than the poor and small business owners.


    I strongly support the Green New Deal in order to rapidly de transition from fossil fuels and move towards a green future which is the only solution to this current crisis. I am against Norway owning a Sovereign Wealth Fund from oil and funding their welfare state from it as welfare is not more important than the climate for you can have all the riches in the world but it doesn't matter if the planet burns up.



    Mainstream Hard Left wants to make private businesses as fair as possible through worker representation on the boards, sectoral bargaining implemented across the entire economy and incredibly punitive fines and punishments for breaking ethical standards. I also want pro-labour union stances to fight for workers rights extension however I accept that labour unions are not perfect due to union bureaucracy, power of union bosses over workers, and overfocus on their own workers to the detriment of the wider society. It also believes that some sectors need powerful regulations with are strong and efficent regulatory body to ensure protection for [[File::Neoliberalism.png]] consumers, workers and the environment. I also support the following economic policies:

    • Repeal of the minimum wage; as the minimum wage only serves to legitimise poverty pay and undermine labour union's power.
    • Universal Single-Payer Direct Healthcare: To ensure all people can acquire quality healthcare completely free at the point of use.
    • Affordable public services; Ensuring that everyone can afford to pay for high quality water and food as well as energy.
    • Land Value Tax; Raising over a trillion US dollars and half a trillion British pounds in revenue while encouraging sensible and efficient use of land through the introduction of a land value tax.
    • High taxes; Taxes must be raised on all people in society in order to pay for a large welfare increase this includes the working class as you cannot maintain a stable economy or welfare state by only raising funds from the ultra rich who in an ideal situation wont exist in the first place to pay those taxes.
    • Ecological taxes: Hiking the carbon tax and imposition of a carbon tariff in order to lower CO2 emissions not just in the United Kingdom but in the entire world.
    • Universal Welfare; To provide for the poor, stimulate the economy and fix out demographic crisis Mainstream Hard Left supports ending the stringent, expensive and dehumanising means testing of benefits and removing the cap on child benefits to encourage people to have children.

    Free Trade

    I am strongly pro free trade, even pro unilateral free trade, due to its effect in lowering prices for consumers while proving much employment (though often in terrible conditions but it is better to be a worker in a shitty job than starving in a field) to less economically developed countries while providing an opportunity to this country to develop our economy and transition away from back breaking manual labour to softer, kinder jobs which can produce more value and with less pain.

    People Left Behind

    Despite the positive effects of free trade on most of our society and the world entire it has several problems in this country for former manufacturing and general industrial heartlands which have turned to rust and mould in the decades following the establishment of the free trade consensus. These people must be supported to get new and better jobs so that they too can prosper with everyone else and reap the benefits of free trade.

    Foreign Policy

    I am Pro-European and I support the United States of Europe. But I disagree strongly with current EU leadership and their neoliberal policies including their competition laws, anti union policies and refugee policy. While I agree that we should take in refugees that ought to be a decision by each member state and not enforced by a top down authority. I also believe that Poland and Hungary are destroying European unity and I would impose more sanctions against them. However, my ideology is supportive og NATO since the Russian invasion of Ukraine however during the cold war I would've favoured neutrality between both imperialist powers.

    I strongly support Ukraine and denounce the Taliban, Putin, Xi and Khamenei.

    Mainstream Hard Left is pro union and is against secessionism in Spain and the United Kingdom due to their reactionary focus on nationalism above the interests of the global proletariat. I also support the recognition of Kosovo, Western Sahara, Taiwan (as an independent country) and believe in a one state solution between Israel and Palestine in order to preserve lasting peace and unite Muslims, Christians and Jews in one, secular, and democratic nation.

    How I would have voted in Labour elections

    Deputy Leaders

    Ideology Test

    • Civics
      • Anarchism (+0)
      • Minarchism (+1)
      • Libertarianism (+10)
      • Liberalism (+5)
      • Statism (+3)
      • Authoritarianism (-5)
      • Totalitarianism (-10)
    • Rule
      • Direct Democracy (-1)
      • Semi-Direct Democracy (+0)
      • Council Democracy (+5)
      • Representative Democracy (+10)
      • Authoritarian Democracy (+0)
      • Dictatorialism (-10)
    • Organization
      • Unions Of Egoists (+0)
      • Workers' Councils (+5)
      • Parliament (+10)
      • Partisanism (+0)
      • Technocracy (-5)
      • Theocracy (-10)
      • Corporations (-15)
      • Absolute Monarchy (-20)
    • Economics
      • Communism (+5)
      • Socialism (+10)
      • Welfarism (+8)
      • Corporatism (+5)
      • Capitalism (+0)
      • State Capitalism (-5)
    • Economic Freedom
      • Centrally Planned Economy (-5)
      • Dirigisme (+3)
      • Decentral Non-Capitalist Economy (+6)
      • Regulationism (+5)
      • Market Oriented (+8)
      • Laissez-Faire (-5)
    • Culture
      • Revolutionary Progressivism (+5)
      • Wokeism (+8)
      • Progressivism (+10)
      • Moderate Progressivism (+5)
      • Moderate Conservatism (-3)
      • Conservatism (-5)
      • Reactionarism (-10)
    • Diplomacy
      • Humanism(+15)
      • World Federalism (+10)
      • Alter-Globalism (+5)
      • Globalism (+5)
      • Radically Pro West (+1)
      • Radically Pro East (+1)
      • Nationalism (-5)
      • Supremacism (-10)
    • Healthcare
      • Nationalised Healthcare (+10)
      • Single Payer Insurance (+8)
      • Multi Payer Insurance (+5)
      • Public-Partnership Nationalised Healthcare (+3)
      • Charity Owned Healthcare (+1)
      • Privatively Owned and Insured Healthcare (+0)
    • Environment
      • Misanthropism (-5)
      • Radical Environmentalism (+5)
      • Environmentalism (+10)
      • Post-Industrialism (+8)
      • Industrialism (-5)
      • Anti-Environmentalism (-20)
    • Praxis
      • Insurrectionism (-10)
      • Revolutionism (-5)
      • Reform & Revolution (+0)
      • Protest Movement (+3)
      • Strike Action (+5)
      • Electoralism (+10)

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