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    This user is AuthLeft.
    "When the government does stuff."
    This user is Socialist
    "The proletariat is equal!"
    This user is an Egoist.
    "The people are dead! Good-day, Self!"
    This user is a Futurist.
    "Speed is our god!"
    This user is a Civil Libertarian
    "SHHHH, let people enjoy things."
    This user is an individualist.
    "I'll do things in my self-interest, not yours"
    This user is Australian
    "Oi mate, put another shrimp prawn on the barbie, will ya?"
    This user is a femboy
    This user is hella gay.
    "Alphabet Mafia Unite!"
    This user is a Third Positionist
    "Socialism and capitalism both suck equally! *Proceeds to exterminate minorities*"
    This user has autism.
    "Proceeds to not get irony"
    This user has ADHD.
    "Can't focus on anything for more than 2 fucking seconds!"

    introduction to my ideology

    The capitalist version of individualism is a very big lie the only true way of achieving true individualism is with max stirner's individualism. classes do not need to exist nor hierarchy

    Although I don't fully engage in Strasserism I like its use model of economics known as market socialism. since I don't fully want the markets gone but if i have to impose more restrictions on the market then i will.

    Futurism is like art there is no restrictions to it you can do what ever you want when ever you want. no one can impose restrictions you. I wish too Accelerate society till it crashes a burns. Utilitarianism Is a myth so is realism there all restrictive cucks that deserved to be eaten

    Family Ideology


    Market Socialism

    Market socialism I think is the only good market system for everyone and for workers to become shareholders in the company so there employer can't kick them out and receive a percent of the money earned from the market and the work

    Gift economy

    On the first day charismas everyone must either bring a gift or cook something to give to there neighbor or a stranger not to mention the government and other members of society must put down there pen and papers to start gifting things that people don't have or enjoy the sense of community

    Rhine capitalism and Freiburg School of economics

    I like the idea of Rhine capitalism and Freiburg School of economics cause it's associate with laissez-faire and socialist economics a middle ground between the two . A regulated market to can help keep the coemption going so no monopoly's can take over the entire market and Aims to create a economy that serves the welfare and needs of the people


    fair trade Protectionism

    Social Georgism

    Cooperative Socialism


    Progressive Income Tax

    This is simple, tax the citizen and corporations based on what are their income for increased funding for welfare programs and public services.

    Wealth Tax

    Another simple tax that targets accumulated assets and net worth. This is to ensure the circulation of the money instead of the accumulation of it. (applicable to the richests)

    Inheritance Tax

    Avoid accumulation of wealth and power. (about 25%).

    Ecological Tax

    Pretty basic, tax the products that have a negative impact on the environment so eco-friendly principes emerge.

    Bonus Incomes

    Along with taxes, I propose multiple means for people to earn money. Namely tax reductions for adopting green practices (sorting waste, energy and water conservation, recycling...) or being part of a community volunteering program, for example.

    corporate tax

    Taxation income

    Paul Keating thought



    Civil Libertarianism

    Civic Nationalism

    Satan Secularism

    centrelink, healthcare


    Ultra Progressivism









    The use of both Individualism and Collectivism

    post modernism


    World Federalism


    Situationalist International




    The Unique=

    • Me -The Unique (me) above all.


    • Egoism -
    • Futurism -
    • Strasserism -
    • Civil Libertarianism -
    • Progressivism -
    • Welfarism -
    • Social Democracy -
    • Environmentalism-
    • Jacobinism -
    • Nazbol -


    • Reactionary Mordernism -


    • Corporatocracy -
    • Oligarchy -
    • Neoliberalism -
    • Anarcho-Primtivism -
    • Conservativism -
    • Pink Capitalism
    • Transhumanism
    • Capitalism
    • Right-Wing SJW -
    • My dad -


    MacDeko's thought - pretty based dude who prophets off everyone. Also he has French accent hon hon hon

    • Damn It !! Don't moque mon accent

    HEW thought - Good business partner for money and the economy but his mega corporations really scare me but i shouldn't put tariffs on its bad for business. I'll maybe also find some other business partners

    • - of course tariffs are bad for business hehehe my corporations will evolve and dominate your economy to the point where fighting them is foolish, just wait until we get a competent leader.


    sn0wberry - Russian who hates leftists except me. I can see why he hates the left cause most of them are odd and are attracted to trends and when that trend done they move on to another one.




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