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    1Unitary.png Unitarism

    2Republicanismpix.png Republicanism

    3Tankie.png Militarism

    4NKVD.png Police Statism

    5Parti.png Particracy

    6DemML.png People's Democracy

    7E-Democracy.png E-Democracy

    8CollectiveLeadership.png Collective Leadership

    9Scientocracy Small.png Scientocracy

    10Natcom-Alt.png National Communism

    11Consocf.png Conservative Socialism

    OldLeft.png Old Left

    Altl Soc.png Alt-Lite Socialism

    Progconsoc.png Progressive Conservative Socialism

    12StateMarksoc.png State Socialism

    State-Oriented Market Socialism will ; together with market elements; will represent a mostly/heavily planned economy

    13Cybercom.png Cybercommunism

    14Natprog.png National Progressivism

    Paleoprog.png Paleoprogressivism

    Natprog.png National Progressivism

    15Indust.png Industrialism



    FairTradeProtectionism.png "Fair-Trade Protectionism"

    NeoMerc.png "Neo-Mercantilism"

    17Socialism in One Country.png Isolationism

    ModIsol.png "Moderate Isolationism"

    18ProlIntern.png Internationalism

    Internation.png "Internationalism"


    CapAnti Clerical.png "Anti-Clericalism"

    20Mat.png Maternalism

    Unitary.png Unitarism

    Republicanismpix.png Republicanism

    Parl.png Parliamentarianism

    Secular.png Secularism

    Cultural Nationalism.png Cultural Patriotism

    Statecap.png State Capitalism

    Socfem.png Social Feminism

    • Isolationist.png Strong borders
      • Nativism.png İndigenousness
      • Nation.png His nation and it's culture
      • Trad.png Traditional Family Values
      • Isolation.png Sovereignty
      • Sec.png Law and Order
      • Anticap.png Anti-Capitalism
      • Antiimp.png Anti-Imperialism
      • Antimon.png Anti-Monarchism
      • AntiRacism.png Anti-Racism
      • Antiimp.png Anti-Imperialism
      • Antiwest.png Anti-NATO
      • Anti-Globalism.png Anti-Globalism
      • Anti-Colonial.png Anti-Colonialism
      • Anticon.png Anti-Conservatism
      • AntiLibIcon.png Anti-Liberalism
      • AntiLibert.png Anti-libertarianism
      • Anti-Corrupt.png Anti-Corruption
      • AntiDrug.png Anti-Drug
      • Antisjw.png Anti-Wokeism
      • AntiAm.png Anti-Americanism
      • Antiwest.png Anti-Westernism
      • AntiNeoLib.png Anti-Neoliberalism
      • Antimultcult.png Anti-Immigration
      • Antiabort.png Anti-Abortion (for pragmatic reasons)
      • Lingcon.png
    Linguistic Preservationism

    Unitary.png Unitarism

    Republicanismpix.png Republicanism

    Parti.png Particracy

    Secular.png Secularism

    Natcom-Alt.png National Communism

    StateMarksoc.png State Socialism

    Marxfem.png Socialist Feminism

      • Isolationist.png Strong borders
      • Nativism.png İndigenousness
      • Nation.png His nation and it's culture
      • Trad.png Traditional Family Values
      • Isolation.png Sovereignty
      • Sec.png Law and Order
      • Anticap.png Anti-Capitalism
      • Antiimp.png Anti-Imperialism
      • Antimon.png Anti-Monarchism
      • AntiRacism.png Anti-Racism
      • Antiimp.png Anti-Imperialism
      • Antiwest.png Anti-NATO
      • Anti-Globalism.png Anti-Globalism
      • Anti-Colonial.png Anti-Colonialism
      • Anticon.png Anti-Conservatism
      • AntiLibIcon.png Anti-Liberalism
      • AntiLibert.png Anti-libertarianism
      • Anti-Corrupt.png Anti-Corruption
      • AntiDrug.png Anti-Drug
      • Antisjw.png Anti-Wokeism
      • AntiAm.png Anti-Americanism
      • Antiwest.png Anti-Westernism
      • AntiNeoLib.png Anti-Neoliberalism
      • Antimultcult.png Anti-Immigration
      • Antiabort.png Anti-Abortion (for pragmatic reasons)
      • Lingcon.png

    Linguistic Preservationism }} }}

    Unitary.png Unitarism

    Republicanismpix.png Republicanism

    Parl.png Parliamentarianism

    Secular.png Secularism

    Nalib.png National Liberalism

    Eugen.png Eugenicism

      • Isolationist.png Strong borders
      • Nation.png His nation and it's culture
      • Trad.png Traditional Family Values
      • Isolation.png Sovereignty
      • Sec.png Law and Order
      • Antiimp.png Anti-Imperialism
      • Antimon.png Anti-Monarchism
      • AntiFem.png Anti-Feminism
      • AntiRacism.png Anti-Racism
      • Antiimp.png Anti-Imperialism
      • Antiwest.png Anti-NATO
      • Anti-Globalism.png Anti-Globalism
      • Anti-Colonial.png Anti-Colonialism
      • Anticon.png Anti-Conservatism
      • AntiLibIcon.png Anti-Liberalism
      • AntiLibert.png Anti-libertarianism
      • Anti-Corrupt.png Anti-Corruption
      • AntiDrug.png Anti-Drug
      • AntiAm.png Anti-Americanism
      • Antiwest.png Anti-Westernism
      • AntiNeoLib.png Anti-Neoliberalism }} }}

    Unitary.png Unitarism

    Republicanismpix.png Republicanism

    Parl.png Parliamentarianism

    Secular.png Secularism

    Pan-Nationalism.png Pan-Nationalism

    Statecap.png State Capitalism

    Corptism.png Corporatism

      • Isolationist.png Strong borders
      • Nation.png His nation and it's culture
      • Trad.png Traditional Family Values
      • Isolation.png Sovereignty
      • Sec.png Law and Order
      • Antiimp.png Anti-Imperialism
      • Antimon.png Anti-Monarchism
      • AntiFem.png Anti-Feminism
      • AntiRacism.png Anti-Racism
      • Antiimp.png Anti-Imperialism
      • Antiwest.png Anti-NATO
      • Anti-Globalism.png Anti-Globalism
      • Anti-Colonial.png Anti-Colonialism
      • Anticon.png Anti-Conservatism
      • AntiLibIcon.png Anti-Liberalism
      • AntiLibert.png Anti-libertarianism
      • Anti-Corrupt.png Anti-Corruption
      • AntiDrug.png Anti-Drug
      • AntiAm.png Anti-Americanism
      • Antiwest.png Anti-Westernism
      • AntiNeoLib.png Anti-Neoliberalism }} }}

    DragonRed.png DragonRed }}

    Evolutionism-icon.png Evolutionism

    Everyone should be taught that evolution is real

    Radcambrian.png Radical Cambrianism
    //Cambrian.png Cambrianism

    It should be taught that the world is 4.5 billion years old

    Univgravf.png Universal Attractionism

    Must be taught that the world is round

    ConvH2O-Moleculeism.png Atomism

    Atoms must be taught that they are real

    Mainjing.png Mainstream Idea Jingoism

    Evolution is real The Earth is 4.5 billion years old The Earth is round The atoms are real We must engrave in the minds of all people that it exists.

    Chemistocrat.png Chemistocracy

    Moralism-icon.png Moralism

    In order to be moral, we must be virtuous, task-oriented, give importance to happiness in general, and know how to enjoy it.

    Deontology.png Deontological Ethics

    Do your duty and be happy.

    Virtue ethics icon.png Virtue Ethics

    To be virtuous is to be moral.

    PCB-Utility.png Utilitarianism

    Everyone has the right to be happy

    Hedonism-cloud.png Hedonism

    It is necessary to know how to enjoy life and have fun.

    Cisarch.png Cisarchy

    Hetcr.png Heterocracy

    Unitary.png Unitarism

    Republicanismpix.png Republicanism

    Natcom-Alt.png National Communism

    Lingnat.png Linguistic Nationalism

    Lingcon2.png Linguistic Conservatism

    Laicism.png Laicism


    1.Vladimir Lenin (100/100)- Great job and New Economic Policy to overthrow the tsarist regime, remove Russia from being an imperialist power that slaughters the people, starves the peasants, and brings the necessary social changes to Russia that empowers the poor, peasants and women. and almost everything you do for Russia is positive. You paved the way for a great Russia. My deepest respects to you.

    2.Kim Il Sung (100/100)- I hope you won the Korean war and killed that US puppet Syngman Rhee. It's based on the Juche concept and it's great that you want the Socialist bloc to unite and support many anti-imperialists like Nyerere and Nasser. You have taken a strong hand to perfectly build North Korea in its material conditions and you truly understand how to run a country. In the 3-volume Marxist Regimes - A Study of the World by US liberal historian Professor Bruce (published by MacMillan) Cummings; from the 1950s to the 1970s; It was reported that Korea's economic growth is 23.5 percent annually. This is truly incredible. You put this even above the 20% annual growth rate achieved in the Soviet Union during the Stalin era in the 1930s. From 1957 to 1960 the total value of industrial production increased 3.5 times. From 1957 to 1970, industrial production grew at a high rate of 19.1% on average each year, transforming into a developed socialist industrial state in a short period of 14 years. From 1970 to 1979, industrial production grew at an average annual rate of 15.9%. This guy is great.

    3.Sun Yat-Sen (100/100) — you were gigachad and your ideology is very strong, I respect you. A hero of China and the ancient ruler of True China. Rest in peace Sun.

    4.Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (100/100) — Long live Mustafa Kemal Pasha! Turkey's greatest ruler, father of ROT, great leader and ideologue, progressive nationalist and social feminist. RIP Kamal. You broke a growth record in the economy. Despite the world economic crisis in 1929, even in developed world countries, the growth figures turned negative and you broke a record with 21.6% in Turkey. In 1936 you set the highest record with 23.2%. You paid all the debts left from the Ottoman Empire. You are still the leader who is remembered with longing.

    5.Şevket Süreyya Aydemir (100/100)- Turkish Nationalism and Marxism would unite with Leninism if you were in power in Turkey. I can't see any fault with you. Incredibly simple.

    6.Doğan Avcıoğlu(100/100)- Incredibly strong, just like above. Turkey's Left Kemalists, such as Liao Zhongkai and Li Dazhao, who defended Atatürk and tried to unite Marxism-Leninism. incredible respect

    7.Joseph Stalin(100/100)- Son. At times I wondered where to put you because on the one hand you mapped out one of the greatest ideologies that saw the liberation of billions of people from Imperialism, Fascism and Colonialism. You had projects on your own that transformed the industrialization that took the rest of Europe 200 years and succeeded in almost two decades, helped to industrialize Eastern Europe, to get rid of Nazi Germany, and your social and cultural policies were very fundamental, but I am from the Turkish Straits crisis, the Baltic' I don't like deportations (although it's understandable that you want to protect them from Hitler), but that's it for your case. But thank you for being an inspiration to Marxism-Leninism and an idol for many socialist movements.

    8.Georgi Dimitrov (100/100)- Proletarian Internationalism itself (not Globalism, but the grounded kind), also praise for how you resisted Tito's attempts to imperialize Bulgaria. Your legacy is highly appreciated in Bulgaria today and much of Modern Bulgaria's infrastructures and things they enjoy cannot exist without you. Incredibly basic.

    9.Che Guevara (100/100)- An inspiration to the people of Latin America to fight against the bloody dictatorships in Latin America backed by the American imperialists. based. You are a symbol of international freedom, I have great respect for you.

    10.Vo Nguyen Giap(100/100)- Long live your victory in the war in Dien Bien and it is a symbol of the victory of humanity and humans over evil.

    11.Valko Chervenkov (98/100)- Your rapid industrialization, your struggle against fascism, collectivization and similar policies have contributed a lot to Bulgaria. One of the best in Communist Eastern Europe. Endless respect to you.

    12. Andrija Hebrang (98/100)- Followed the communist line, played an important role in the industrialization of Yugoslavia, promoted racial unity and ethnic fraternity and helped chase away the fascist filth. What can I say other than to hold on? One of the truly real socialists from SFRY.

    13.Gheorghe Georgiu Dej (97/100)- Despite being a Stalinist conservative, you helped Romania get rid of the Nazis, Industrialize Romania and your positive policies as Chervenkov did for Bulgaria and became an independent path and almost National for Romania. Communication. communism What else can I say besides this? My only problem with you is the Sov-Rom companies thing, otherwise you are perfect. The best of all the early communist leaders of Eastern Europe

    14.Augusto Cesar Sandino (97/100)- It is a very basic idea to want to liberate your country and apply your values ​​to it. Long live the idea of ​​Sandinism! Unfortunately, Ortega does more stupid things in his home country.

    15.Jose De San Martin (97/100)- Hero of Chile, Peru and Argentina, a great, heroic anti-imperialist who fought against the barbarian Spanish Imperialists for the independence of his country. A hero like the Argentinean Jose Marti.

    16.Boleslaw Bierut (96/100)- When I read you I had a hard time deciding where to put it. Lots of internal improvements as you rapidly industrialized Poland on the one hand and built it after the Nazis razed it. But lately I really like your Left Nationalism and your ideals. This is very basic.

    17. Blas Roca Caldera (96/100)- Cuban Zhou Enlai. He helped establish the proper Cuban Socialist structure and carry it to a new pinnacle of success. Incredibly irresistible.

    18. Eduardo Artes (96/100)- Your Allende-like social policies are baseless, your support for North Korea and your liberal criticism of "human rights" and gusanos are hella-based. I prefer you to any Chilean islander. This is very basic. Only you won. Reformism is embarrassing, but overall you're very good.

    19.Kwame Nkrumah (96/100)- You led Ghana on the path of Socialism, Nationalism and anti-imperialism, led the global struggle against colonialism and generally a hero for the liberation of Africa from the clutches of the Imperialists. But you're too soft for my taste.

    20.Farabundo Marti (96/100)- He wanted to help the poor in your country and fought brave wars against the imperialist powers and then the fascist Maximilliano regime. Maximilliano should be killed for you

    21.Kim Jong il (95/100)- When you became the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission, namely the Supreme Leader in 1994, there were some nutritional problems across North Korea due to natural disasters and sanctions. You have overcome these problems with a basic industrial policy. You developed in the military field. You understand that the army is a vital need to build a solid socialist country. In the 1990s, a breakthrough program was implemented for the defense of the country in the defense industry against the increasing threat of the USA. Thus, despite the negative economic and political atmosphere created by the collapse of the USSR, you managed to keep the DPRK on the path to socialism. You have laid a solid foundation for increasing energy production by constructing large, medium and small hydroelectric power plants. Besides, you have had surprising success in building and launching man-made earth satellites with the country's own efforts. After hard trials, you have radically increased the potential for agricultural production by converting the entire country's farmland into large standard plots and constructing gravitational waterways. Based man.

    22.France-Albert René (94/100) - Probably the best African leader ever to make Syechelles a prosperous and free country and resist American imperialism. You also democratized Syechelles and successfully reformed the ML dictatorship regime. Gorbachev should have learned from you.

    23.Getuli Vargas (93/100) - Hero of Brazil and a leading fighter against the Axis, an ally of FDR who greatly improved welfare and workers' rights in Brazil. Leaders like you are exactly what modern Brazil needs. Banned the Nazis in Brazil. Democrat elected. and returned to the presidency. Based on your positivism

    24.Evo Morales (92/100) — Bolivia's greatest leader, you are gigachad and grounded. Neocucks fired you and that's too bad! But you know Crimean russian, it's a shame. But I support you, don't.

    25.Juan Velasco Alvarado (92/100) - another anti-imperialist, great leader and liberator of Peru from the arms of the neocucks. But then they sacked you and Morales Bermudes destroyed your reforms and actions! RIP Velasco

    26.Deniz Gezmiş(91/100)- Turkey's Thalmann/Guevara. Unlike Öcalan, Kaypakkaya is a true revolutionary and socialist. He is the type of person I respect a lot.

    27. Vedat Nedim Tor(91-100) Same as above but better and more radical

    28.Thomas Sankara (90/100) — the greatest communist leader, you have done many wonderful things, rest in peace. Neocucks spoil everything and always.

    29. Klement Gottwald (90/100)- You did a good job in fighting Nazism in Czechoslovakia, nationalizing key industries and resolving socioeconomic problems between Czechs and Slovaks. He is for sure the best leader of communist Czechoslovakia.

    30.Simon Bolivar (90/100)- Your Gran Colombia project will come true and you are a heroic son of South America fighting against the filthy Spaniards. However, the invader Peru is gay.

    31.Jose Carlos Mariategui (90/100)- One of America's leading Anti-Imperialist Marxists, no Peruvian has impressed me as much as you. based.

    32.Milli Chief İsmet İnönü (90/100) - You left the path of establishing a free and secular multi-party republic by strengthening Atatürk's one-party state. However, your smart foreign policies saved Turkey from World War II and Nazi occupation. You also protected it from Hitler's imperialist ambition. You have taken secularism as a basis. It is based on wealth tax. You supported China against the Japanese imperialists.

    33.Chen Yun (90/100)- The grand architect of the opening (which is sneaky), the moderate criticizing Mao's radical policies that hurt China and led China to economic recovery, and then the conservative who opposed Deng's more radical policies You had reforms and very basic Social policies.

    34. Mirsaid Sultan-Galiev (90/100)- Anti-Imperialism, Anti-Colonialism, National Communism etc. All of them are deeply rooted and demand the unity of the third world in the struggle for self-determination. This is very basic. Stalin made a mistake in liquidating you. However, your advocacy for a more decentralized system is not very good, especially given the situation in the USSR at that time.

    35.Alexander Lukashenko (90/100)- good guy on the basis of your anti-imperialist stance towards Chad, NATO and the EU to solve the problems affecting the former Soviet states in Belarus through your core economy

    36. Miguel Diaz Canel (90/100)- Your technocratic views and the collapse of radical conservatism in the Cuban government are gigantic. Also well done, keep pushing the Americans and the Gusano puppets in Cuba.

    37. Lazaro Cardenas (90/100) - So is amnesty for nativist, left-nationalist, socauth and political prisoners, and repealing the Calles law. You are my favorite leader in both Mexico and Latin America. It's a shame the PRI has turned itself into a kleptocratic party.

    38.Wang Dongxing(90-100) liquidated the Gang of Four, helped end the Cultural Revolution, but criticizes the Capitalist mentality while criticizing economic reforms and revisionism. You are very loyal to Mao even if you personally oppose the Red Guards, but your kindness makes up for everything.

    39.Wilhelm Pieck (89/100)- Founder of the Socialist DDR and a hero against the Nazis and Social Democrats. Incredibly basic. You and Ulbricht have formed the best and most moral German government possible.

    40. Walter Ulbricht (89/100)- He had good intentions to develop Germany and fight Nazism well, but ordering the construction of the Berlin Wall was the right move. The New Economic System and your other internal policies were so fundamental, I give you this.

    41.Fidel Castro (88/100) — the greatest anti-imperialist politician, the protector of Cuban independence, I respect you very much. You were the great leader. It's a shame these American neocucks put an embargo on you!

    42. Raul Castro (88/100) — same as above but more perfect, because he advocates free market and cultural progressivism. He's great. Your economic reforms opened Cuba to market reforms (lie) while you continued the (basic) good work that Fidel did in Cuba.

    43.Mohammad Mossadegh (88/100) - would be the great Iranian reformer and Iran Ataturk. It is based on secularism, liberal social authoritarianism, reformism and the nationalization of the British oil company and is red-columned. Your social and economic reforms are great. You've been wrongfully beaten by the Neocucks. You and Atatürk are the two best leaders of the Middle East. RIP, legend.

    44.Habib Bourguiba (88/100) - Tunisian Atatürk made great contributions to the educational and social development of the country by liberating Tunisia from the French domination and the reactionary monarchy.

    45.Enver Hodja (87/100)- Your instructions were correct in your early years. Your reforms of literacy, industrialization and the life of the Albanian people are grounded, but your stance on religion is unfounded, and your isolationism (has stagnated. Albanian economy. Also, thanks for helping us beat ROC. If only you weren't overly paranoid and anti-religious, you should be less radical. Oblique manners. My only problem with you is your stance on religion and a bit of isolation, but other than that, your achievements are 100% electrification in just THREE years, building the country's first railroads, great progress in areas like education, health, and eliminating multiple things. diseases and epidemics, how can no one praise your achievements? But then it was very embarrassing to finance the Kosovo Liberation Army (even if you didn't know they were terrorists after death).

    46.David Alfaro Siqueiros (87/100)- A strong, staunchly devoted Marxist-Leninist and even tried to kill Trotsky himself. Respect people like you.

    47.Matyas Rakosi (86/100)- While it's good for you to get rid of the Nazi puppet regime Szalasi, some of your policies, while relatively well-intentioned, have resulted in major failures (thanks anticoms and atlanticoids). While not all of these were failures, some of your industrial policies were very grounded, such as ridding Hungary of the legacy of fascism and poverty. Damn, you are the founder of Socialism in Hungary, it's a shame that revisionists and atlanticoids slander your achievements. We could have had great successes, unfortunately anticommunication stopped all your progress for Hungary.

    48.Nikos Zachariadis (86/100)- The struggle for national liberation from the enraged Greek Junta, the Nazis and the British Imperialists was grounded, and Left Nationalism is and will be incredibly grounded. Socialist Patriotism too. Fuck the Khrushchevite Revisionists for betraying you.

    49.Xi Jinping (85/100)- Not as the anti-Chinese media portrays him. He continued Hu Jintao's technological, economic and social advances, and the One Belt One Road, Moderate Prosperous Society and program to eradicate extreme poverty is something only gigachads can achieve. I also like your strict anti-Western stance. Destroy the West at this point.

    50. Khorloogjin Choibalsan (85/100)- Modernizing Mongolia, liberating it from the reactionary Beiyang Clique, and fighting against the Japanese Imperialists is based on your rapid industrialization, literate development, and wide recognition of Mongolia's independence, but you are too dependent on the Soviets. Purging theocrats is essential

    51.Nie Rongzhen (85/100)- Responsible for the PLA modernization, helped Mao develop the Nuclear Weapons program, and is responsible for many modernizations China has gone through. This is very basic.

    52.Bülent Ecevit (85/100) - Good job continuing the CHP's left-of-center line drawn by İnönü and developing modern Turkish social democratic theory and improving Turkey's economy and social policies. It is essential to save the Turkish Cypriots from the racist fascist Greek gangsters.

    83.Cemal Gürsel (85/100) - Hero of Turkey and pioneer of Kemalism. This man fought against the Soviet imperialist threat, overthrew the kakistocratic populist dictatorship of Menderes, and preserved democracy and Kemalism. It's good to support Hoxaha. Thanks for the economic contribution.


    1.Kim Jong Un (84/100)-In  2015, April 2016 and September 2016, you have grown North Korea very quickly. Indeed, you have achieved a growth rate that is difficult to imagine in capitalist countries. In the imperialist world, huge construction projects that will cost billions, such as Changjon Street, Mirae Scientists Street, Paetusan Youth Power Plant and Science-Technology Complex, have not only progressed, but completed. 2013 you crushed the revisionist, sectarian currents. You are still the hope of socialism

    2.Vlado Dapcevic (84/100)- Proletarian internationalism fought the fascists in the second world war and defended proletarian internationalism, hoping to establish real communism instead of what Tito did in his later years. What can I say other than to hold on?

    3.Petru Groza (84/100)- Another great man who worked hard to bring socialist Romania to its glory. It's very fundamental.

    4. Antonin Zapotocky (84/100)- Sticking to collective leadership, Fighting the Nazis, and following Gottwald's path, though a little more moderate, albeit very grounded.

    5.Carlos Fonesca (84/100)- Built schools and helped liberate the people of Nicaragua from the genocidal Somoza regime, and did a lot of good to the people of Nicaragua. A shame you had to be killed so early.

    6.Kaysone Phomvihane (83/100)- Fought the Lao Monarchy, sought to improve the lives of its citizens, and proclaimed Laos a permanent People's Democratic Republic. It looks like Ho Chi Minh and that's a good thing.

    7.Giuseppe Garibaldi (83/100)- Very moderate, but you are Italian Sun Yat Sen. One of the first Socialists who deserved everyone's admiration and fought to reunite Italy. Extremely based

    8.Hu Chunhua (83/100)- Oversaw economic and social developments in both Tibet, Inner Mongolia and later Guangdong, got rid of friendly capitalism, purged corruption, abandoned neoliberalism and capitalism, very fundamental, but you You are very mild.

    9.Grover Furr (83/100)- Good to see you debunking many myths about communism and Stalin, one of the few truly educated and intelligent Western academics. People should get to know you more and read you more.

    10.Joao Goulart (83/100)- He had good social programs that lifted the poor out of poverty, increased welfare and improved the health and education systems that were good for all of Brazil, as well as improving the Brazilian economy. based. Unfortunately, American-backed scumbags have to topple you. However, you are a reformist and very moderate who did not change the system, which eventually led to your downfall

    11.Yang Shangkun (83/100)- Supporting Deng's economic reform isn't bad even if you think that's the only way for China to get out, but otherwise, you're very grounded, especially your liking for NEP, managing Tiananmen and Jiang to be against.

    12.Nexhmije Hoxha (83/100)- She did her best to support her husband's career in making Albania a great socialist republic and you have been very helpful. The only problem is that you supported Alia afterwards. Otherwise, you become an Albanian Peng Liyuan.

    13.Aris Velouchiotis (83/100)- A little too radical, but you are a hero trying to save Greece from fascism and imperialism. A brave man I will always respect.

    14.Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoglu (82/100)- A very moderate but deeply rooted Socialist who opposes the Atlanticist puppet Menderes. Plus, you had some good ideas too, just be more communist and radical. M

    15.Ana Pauker (82/100)- Cleaning up liberals, fashoids and succes is incredibly groundbreaking and you've helped Georgiu Dej on many programs. I'm not sure about some of your ruthless behavior (and some tolerance for Kulaks) but other than that, it's fine.

    16.Urho Kekkonen (82/100)- Unlike Mannerheim, you are actually a positive figure for Finland, as your foreign policy you did your part as a buffer between the two blocs and kept the peace even though you had support for free signalers. There was also good stability

    17.Ahmed Ben Bella (81/100) - The founding father of Algeria, who defeated the genocidal French imperialists, built a robust market socialist economy, created an independent National road and helped the western imperialists cope. However, you have been a vocal supporter of democracy and your foreign policy has been gigachad.

    18. Vyacheslav Molotov (81/100)- Supervised collectivization in the USSR and contributed much to the very foundational and successful First Five-Year Plan and is one of the key figures in the USSR who is still firmly opposed to Revisionism. One of the most established politicians of the USSR...

    19.Wojcieich Jaruzelski (80/100)-. Although you have declared martial law in Poland, I can somewhat understand why you did it. Western Influence is growing and you wanted to protect Poland from both the West and a Brezhnev invasion as they did to Czechoslovakia. While I don't like your failures to save socialism's reputation in Poland as well as being very allied and cordial with Brezhnev, he's good overall and one of the least bad revisionists despite not fully returning to (better than most Marketsocs),

    20.Erich Honecker (80/100)- Probably one of the greatest people Germany could ever produce. It improved living standards, rejected western neoliberalism to reunite Germany, and had many good policies of industrialization and the like. However, it is bad to fully support Brezhnev, otherwise you are the hope of creating a solid beacon of Socialism in the West and YOU must be the model for the West to follow. But it's also rude to tolerate the corruption of others, as Mielke did, and to be too close to the Brezhnevi otherwise you're fine in my book, although the model of market socialism you're planning is based.

    21.Omar Torrijos (80/100)- Redistributed land to peasants, nationalized the Panama Canal, treated your people greatly and your economics are wise. You should rule Panama for eternity. However, you're too moderate.

    22.GamalAbdel Nasser (80/100) – Egypt's great leader and socialist, but your actions against the Jews were terrible. But I support you against the ziontards and the neocucks

    23.Ethem Nejat (80/100)- A Leninist revolutionary working for the workers' cause in Turkey and fighting against the Ottoman reactionary government, but I'm not sure you would have been Proto-Kaypakkaya, but either way you're still grounded.

    24.Mustafa Subhi (80/100)- As above

    25.Pham Van Dong (78/100)- A more moderate version of Vietnam's Molotov, followed Bac Ho's legacy to the end and tried to clean up corruption but still very much we are fine.

    26.Pen Sovan(77/100)- You are one of the best people in history. As you move towards the policy of National Communism for Cambodia, you formed an organization that created the People's Republic of Kampuchea, the best government in Cambodia's History, liberating your country from Pol Pot. Even that makes you gigachad, but a little too mild for my liking and still too obedient to Le Duan.

    27.Salvador Allende (77/100) — you're democratic enough because socialism is the way to democracy is cool, but neocucks interfered with you! Cybersyn would be great. Rest in peace Salvador Allende.

    28.Lazar Kaganovich (76/100)- I condemn your failed policies that led to famine (even if the kulaks are more responsible), but you are responsible for overseeing many of the good things that happen in Stalinist Russia, a bit like Molotov, I'll give you on that.

    29.Gennady Zyuganov (75/100)- Your views against the vigilantes and lgbtoid nonsense are hell-based and your nationalism and your wish to return Russia to its former glory under Socialism are curse-based. I wish you to win so that Russia gains its new hope.

    30.Ceausescu(75/100) Ceausescu did what was best for his country. All religions were allowed, only extremists were punished. It was grounded to try to leave URSS as it was very revisionist at the time. After the 80s, it adopted some market reforms. You're not such a bad communist. Romania fell when you fell.

    31.Hugo Chavez (75/100) — you are the great fighter of American neouckservatism and imperialism, I respect you. But your actions caused the crisis in Venezuela. I support you though, don't do it to them. RIP Chavez.

    32.Egon Krenz (74/100)- Slightly similar to the East German Xi, but much more moderate and I used to think of you as a Moderate Honeckerist (which is normal, I guess), but you wanted to turn East Germany into a real Market Socialist Hungary like a country under the ML framework and wanted to get rid of the corruption in the GDR. It's a shame that Gorbachev had to ruin everything and sell East Germany to the Westoids and you were a bit too moderate ..

    33.Nguyen Van Linh (73/100)- I don't understand why he was called Vietnamese Gorbachev when Gorbachev was an idiot and a traitor and Van Linh was a genius. Corruption descended on him, and after Le Duan screwed everything up, he fixed the economic problems Vietnam was facing. He is one of the greatest people to ever set foot on earth. However, Doi Moi was a terrible idea, even better than China since it didn't bring too many problems, but still Market Socialism is good. However, you are the least evil of them all.

    34.Wen Jiabao (73/100)- You would be one of the best if it wasn't for your corruption, otherwise your positive policies towards farmers and your contribution to the economy (second man behind Hu) are respected. But you're a little too liberal for my taste.

    35.Deng Xiaoping (73/100)You stopped the events that would cause the collapse of China as well as the Soviet Union. If the Chinese Gorbachev and Yeltsin had been the leader of the country, they would have suffered the same fate as the Soviets. At least you did not allow the country's resources to be plundered like Gorbachev. You helped the development of your country. You also blocked the rise of people like Hu Yaobang (Chinese Gorbachev Zhao Ziyang (Chinese Yeltsin). But you did nothing about factionalism in the party and the massive decline of workers' rights. You supported kaki-historical puppets like Najibullah and Le Duan. You supported the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and Vietnam. you invaded you supported tyrants and terrorists like Pol Pot you supported the person who killed the welfare system like Jiang Zemin. Yet you are better than them when Gorbachev compares to Khrushchev. You have rooted communism in China.

    36.Nguyen Phu Trong (70/100)- Vietnamese Xi Jinping. Liberal Democracy is and will be a corrupt concept. You are today's best and perfect. In general, the economy is fine, however. you are very good and your limitations are weak too, too  and close with detailed...

    37.Janos Kadar (70/100) Hungary's living standards have improved. He had some good policies. But even if you opposed Brezhnev's invasion of Czechoslakia, you were too much of a Brezhnev/Khrushchev puppet for my liking. Besides being too moderate, he surrendered to the markets


    Kan Abe (63/100)- Right-wing ideology is scary, but you are one of the people I can stand because you want to end the war and go against Hideki Tojo. It's a shame that your grandson is a terrible prime minister.

    Tetsuzo Fuwa (68/100)- Revisionist and Reformism is definitely not cool, But I am very interested in your theories of Scientific Socialism and how to achieve Socialism step by step.

    Kim Gu (66/100)- fought for Korea's independence from the Japanese and had similar views on Nationalism as Sun Yat Sen. It's a shame, Rhee, that a beloved man like you was killed by that US holocaust puppet, Syngman. You would work by the people, for the people, for an independent Korea. Generalissimo Kim Il Sung admires you and will fulfill your great ideals to the fullest. However, even if Anti-Communism is too shy and Kim Il Sung is willing to make concessions, you have prevented the reunification of Korea. While grounded in some of your ideals and you're certainly better than the Revisionist North and the Capitalist South right now, you'll be a right-leaning socauth at best. Excuse me.

    Lyuh Woon Hyung (67/100)- Too moderate but other than that you are too basic. Like the Korean Chiang Ching Kuo, he strove for Socialism and worked for reunification. I support your cause forever. Shame on you Western-backed far-right anti-Communist scum killed you and your dreams of reunification

    Yan Xishan (67/100)- Supporting Chiang and being against the CCP is idiocy (at least even then you know the Japanese are worse unlike Chiang who doesn't know his priorities) but other than that everything about you is grounded. Preserved traditions, good land reforms owned, socialism etc. It's very sad that you have to make an alliance with a man who doesn't like you.

    Wang Ming (63/100)- Fierce Marxist-Leninist adhered to the true principles of Marxist-Leninism against Maoist revisionism, suppressed Trotskyism, but could have been more militarily proficient and less dogmatic and more independent from Moscow.

    Abd al-Karim Qasim (62/100)- Not being able to stop the political chaos and purge the communists was a complete ass move, but your social and economic reforms at home were very fundamental, as was your opposition to the West.

    Yasser Arafat (66/100)- Some of your tactics are dubious and have discredited the PLO, but you are an all-encompassing symbol of Palestinian resistance to Israel.

    Grigory Arutinov (61/100)- Anti-Stalinist agarian socialist, ally of Beria and a revisionist, but thank you for some of the most positive developments you have brought to Soviet-era Armenia.

    Leopold Sedar Senghor (67/100)- It's great to free Senegal and have positive policies for it. Your only fault is that you are friendly with the West and are too moderate with revisionism.

    Modibo Keita (60/100)- Good for wanting a Pan-Africanist nation of people to work together to fight the French imperialists, although your economy isn't perfect and you're too moderate for my taste, overall you're still fine. I.

    Ahmed Sekou Toure (62/100)- They also had good intentions to want a Pan-African union against the Imperialists based on good ideology and liberating Guinea from the French, however, Camp Boiro and some of your economic failures are pulling you down, otherwise you'll be grounded.

    Aden Adde (61/100)- One of Africa's greatest people and perhaps my favorite leader from the Horn of Africa. He liberated Somalia and supported the Somali Nationalist Union and sought to destroy the genocidal legacy of colonialism. However, you are very moderate.

    Abdul Razak Hussein (62/100)- He had a more maladaptive foreign policy, helped us build relations with the PRC, solved racial problems with the multi-basic Malaysian New Economic Policy, by reducing Malaysia's poverty level, trying to get rid of Malay. After identity politics and the ineptitude of Tunku Abdul Rahman, he unraveled the chaos. Alas, your son and later leaders ruined everything.

    Hussein Onn (60/100)- Fought against the drug problem and resolved the problems of racial economic imbalances for a united Malaysia. based. But please embrace Socialism but you haven't accomplished much other than continuing Abdul Razak's programmes.

    Sudisman (66/100)- While I'm not entirely comfortable with you, I believe you joined the September 30 Movement (which is somewhat correct but I doubt you wanted to betray Sukarno) and some are shady acts, but really Suhartoist, Anti-communist and Western You are demonized by his propaganda.

    BJ Habibie (66/100)- true patriot of the Indonesian people. Perfect man. It was he, not Suharto, who made the Indonesian economy strong, and he also ended the genocide and the terrible things Suharto did during his reign of terror and murder. Very mild, but still good.

    Ben Chifley (65/100)- Like John Curtin, you are one of the only Australian prime ministers who deserves my respect because your domestic reforms are so good and you have fought fashionistas in Japan, but anti-communism is not. good, yet you opposed the Cold War and what the Atlanticoids did to Malaysia. It's a bit like the Palme of Australia.

    Norman Kirk (62/100)- The above, but for New Zealand, but very moderate and liberal, and also did not survive the British influence.

    Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (67/100)- Major social policies and reforms are great for the average Pakistani. He is my favorite Pakistani leader and what he did to his country was almost flawless, but you didn't fundamentally change Pakistan's system to become a Marxist-Leninist and you had some failures.

    Mohammed Zahir Shah (65/100)- He has done many positive progressive reforms for Afghanistan and has done very well at home, one of the few good rulers. I really don't like your economic failures.

    Yasser Arafat (66/100)- Some of your tactics are dubious and have discredited the PLO, but you are an all-encompassing symbol of Palestinian resistance to Israel.

    Mahmoud Abbas (65/100)- He does not advocate radical actions, instead he chose the best way to fight against Israel, but thanks to Israel, Islamic fundamentalists are on the rise. But although you are a progressive figure, you are too moderate.

    Leopold Sedar Senghor (67/100)- It's great to free Senegal and have positive policies for it. Your only fault is that you are friendly with the West and are too moderate with revisionism.

    Modibo Keita (60/100)- Good for wanting a Pan-Africanist nation of people to work together to fight the French imperialists, although your economy isn't perfect and you're too moderate for my taste, overall you're still fine. I.

    Ahmed Sekou Toure (62/100)- They also had good intentions to want a Pan-African union against the Imperialists based on good ideology and liberating Guinea from the French, however, Camp Boiro and some of your economic failures are pulling you down, otherwise you'll be grounded.

    Aden Adde (61/100)- One of Africa's greatest people and perhaps my favorite leader from the Horn of Africa. He liberated Somalia and supported the Somali Nationalist Union and sought to destroy the genocidal legacy of colonialism. However, you are very moderate.

    Barthelemy Boganda (62/100)- One of the leading figures in Africa's struggle for independence and liberated your country from the French colonialists. Your party is established and your country is great, until Bokassa ruins everything, albeit a very moderate one.

    Julius Nyerere (65/100)- Overthrowing the genocidal regime of Idi Amin, a stronghold against imperialism and a hero for the African people, and a great freedom fighter who incited many Africans to revolt against the colonialists. Market Socialism is delayed, albeit very moderate and Stable, but otherwise very good.

    Seretse Khama (64/100)- Well indeed you are the least bad Capitalist but still a capitalist which is arrogance but I have to really thank you for the Advancements you have brought to Botswana and the wealth as well as your opposition to Apartheid regimes. It's pretty good, friendly with China and North Korea.

    Jason Unruhe (61/100)- Possibly the only Canadian in existence and although your views may be a bit radical, you are considered one of the best people in the West these days.

    George Washington (66/100)- Freed America from the British and built a fundamentally republican system dedicated to fighting colonialism, imperialism and genocide, unfortunately crappy presidents later made America IMPERIAL. Instead of the hegemonic power we now have, your vision of ideal America must be reinstated. Liberalism, Capitalism and Individualism, a little like Sakamoto Ryoma, is very shy despite being the most progressive force of your time. It was also up to you to free the slaves.

    Benjamin Franklin (60/100)- Shame Capitalism, Liberalism, and Confederalism (even if classical liberalism was the most progressive force at the time), but at least you're a deeply rooted anti-imperialist and anti-slavery hero of the United States.

    Thomas Jefferson (62/100)- Your ideas about freedom (based on national freedom, but you want individualist, liberal freedom which is daring) and your republicanism are so grounded, the abolition of the slave trade is really great. You are one of my favorite and best American presidents. Individualism is not nice and same for your liberalism and capitalism, but otherwise ok.

    James Madison (63/100)- Based in Chad, who fought bravely against the British in the War of 1812 and granted greater rights to the Indian people. However, I still don't like your stance against slavery and some of your overly moderate policies, otherwise it's 100% grounded.

    James Monroe (64/100)- Pledged to rid America of Colonialism and Imperialism and helped provide a better life for Natives. However, your relationship with Liberia is highly questionable and you have not abolished the slave system.

    John Quincy Adams (60/100)- continued Monroe's legacy. You had good ideas but couldn't realize them, what a loss.

    Ulysses S. Grant (62/100)- continued Lincoln's legacy. But you're very corrupt, but that's more or less one of the few issues I've had with you other than invading Hispaniola (even if they're trying to do covert moves).

    Martin Luther King (66/100)- Your Civil Rights movement will also be hailed as one of the greatest triumphs of the people in America, plus, even if I wished you were revolutionary, your ideology has a damn foundation. Supporting too moderate plus liberal democracy is not the way and you are a reformer.

    Aldous Huxley (60/100)- He warned us about the future of Neoliberalism, which would turn into a Fordist society. If neoliberalism is not destroyed, humanity is doomed to fall. Antiauth is gay and you're too liberal for my taste. Pancho Villa (68/100)- The hero who made a great revolution against Porfirio Diaz. But just like Juarez, your ideology is pretty bad.

    Benito Juarez (69/100)- He liberated Mexico from the French Imperialists and angered the European Imperialists, made Mexico secular and made major internal reforms there and improved indigenous rights. However, even if I admit that you are good, classical liberalism is a disgrace.

    Subcomandante Marcos (64/100)- Not a fan of Libertarian Marxism, but based on the way you act and your goals to protect your own people. He's one of the few Libertarian Marxists I can respect because you're not a scumbag and most of his ideas are very grounded.

    AMLO (61/100)- Your policies are based on little information I've read about you, but you've been falling further lately due to Mexico's slow response to COVID and Crime and being a bit too incompetent.

    Jacobo Arbenz (66/100)- One of the greatest people Central America has ever produced. Wanting to fire the UFC, helping to distribute land to the villagers, wanting to develop the country, and wanting to do things like education, health, etc. your social reforms. These are amazing. My only criticism is that you are not radical enough and too moderate enough to build a strong state to prevent CIA intervention. One of the few successes that can be compensated. Another lesson soft socialists must learn is that people like Arbenz are too soft.

    Manuel Zelaya (62/100)- Your ideals stand and you have liberated Honduras from the turmoil of pro-Western military dictators. However, if you're talking about change, show it. At least do something like Allende (or better yet, convert it to be communist).

    Muhammad Ali Jinnah (56/100)- Similar to Gandhi, a great man who fought against British colonialism and tried to do what was best for Indian Muslims, but unfortunately his British Imperialist legacy has shattered India. However, you don't seem to be advocating socialism, do you?

    Nur Muhammad Taraki (57/100)- He had good intentions and continued many of the Progress policies of previous regimes. I've also heard that under your rule Afghanistan looks like a Socialist utopia. But you're a little too radical for my taste and too candid with Brezhnev


    1.İbrahim Kaypakkaya (5/100)- Terrorist and executive murders against villages. Typical MLM. Not to mention that the Turkish Maoist groups that use violence against ordinary civilians are inspired by you. Besides, who gives you the right to slander Atatürk when Lenin supports him and the Kurds love him? What gives you the right to betray your country? Also, the only salvageable part about you is Socialism, but even then, your "Socialism" will likely be the so-called "Socialists" supporting Joshua Wong in Hong Kong. I have zero respect for traitors like you. No one should support you. No one

    2.Abimael Guzman (7/100)- I hate Fujimori and everything about that Neoliberal corrupt dickhead, but you're worse. You have terrorized the Peruvian people with ISIS-level brutality, slaughtering entire towns and bombing innocent civilians. Your ideology is already intimidating enough and your terrorism is making the situation worse. Scumbags like you deserve to endure the worst possible pain in deep hell.

    3. Leon Trotsky (7/100)- If you seize power, you will become a Red Neocon. That doesn't make us any different from Western imperialists, does it? Also, you're basically causing more people to die than Stalin because of your Red Neocon ideals. The only good thing about you is to help the Russian revolution and the Civil War, but even then you will turn Russia into a genocidal imperialist state. You definitely deserved the Damn Pick.

    4.Sali Berisha (7/100)- Europoid was corrupt as Hell, one-handed crime, had an ultra-capitalist economy that destroyed all Hodja's contributions and caused the Albanian Civil War. He did nothing but plunder the country of his successes during the Hodja era. Of course, Hodja has mistakes, but you are a billion times worse. Albanian Yeltsin. The only reason you're not at Yeltsin's level is because you're not an imperialist like him.

    5.Ante Markovic (10/100)- The Gorbachev of Yugoslavia, but somehow even worse. You destroyed everything and all the hopes of saving Yugoslavia.

    6.Zhan Videnov (11/100)- It ruined the Bulgarian economy, caused hyperinflation, did nothing against crime, so much so that the common man starved and sold the whole country to the borgeoized powers and the west. Yes, burn in hell forever. Bulgarian Yeltsin

    7.Mikhail Gorbachev (12/100)- I will never forgive you until the day I die. The Soviet Union has become a source of pride for the Russian people, a superpower that bury the Western imperialists, brought immense favors to the Russian people from the tsars and the Nazis, you left Afghanistan to the Islamists and destroyed the image of Russia. I'm sorry by causing Yeltzin and you ruined Eastern Europe by letting them be sold to Western capitalists. Fuck you, let history condemn you to the deepest pits of hell. Also tear the bozo, burn bitterly in hell and slow it down and burn forever.

    8.Levon Ter-Petrosyan (12/100)- Armenian Yeltsin. You did almost no good for your country, you destroyed your Neoliberal Capitalism, you caused a mass exodus of your own citizens and your country instantly collapsed its economy as a result of capitalist policies and the collapse of the USSR. Do you still think Capitalism is good?

    9.Le Duan (18/100)- Good job crushing the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia and destroying the illegitimate government in Saigon, Le Duan, but that's the only thing better than you. Apart from that, you are a revisionist who is stupid to run the economy and even the conservative sects of the CPV didn't like you, also why are you a Sinophobic Brezhnev Puppet? You are more or less Vietnamese Brezhnev. You've made some good contributions (like reuniting the country and beating Pol Pot), that's it.

    10. Nikita Khrushchev(19/100)- Were the emerging technology and space programs good? Yes. Was it good to improve the lives of the villagers? Yes. Was solving the Suez Crisis effectively good? Yes. Why is this man here, you say? Perhaps because it was responsible for crushing protests in Poland, for violating the national sovereignty of Eastern Europe, for treating Cuba

    11.Todor Zhivkov (20/100)- industrial projects and things like that are very good and based on market socialism. At first you increased the education rate. You increased the production rate. The poor eastern european country; You have developed enough to establish your own nuclear power plant. You have eliminated the problem of livelihood. In the first period, you gave importance to Turkish mother tongue education. But then suddenly you became an Ethnic Bulgarian nationalist and approached it chauvinistically. You threw away all the gains.

    12.Hu Yaobang

    13.Zhao Ziyang

    Jiang Zemin(28/100)

    Among all modern Chinese politicians, you represent an entirely new subordinate. It led to the rise of reactionary billionaires like Jack Ma and Guo Wengui. Support the mass exploitation of international companies (eg Foxconn, Apple, McDonalds, etc.). He abolished the social state. Customized education and health. I persecuted my modern followers for wanting better living standards. The list goes on and on. The only good thing you did was expand the laojiao system and expand your persecution of Falun Gong and Eastern Lightning.


    Alexander Dubcek (43/100)- Do you want to move away from the USSR and make Czechoslovakia more independent? based. Unfortunately Brezhnev had to take down a man like you. But you are too liberal for my taste and yet a revisionist. Still better than Brezhnev and Husak and the invasion of the Warsaw Pact was a Social-Imperialist crime because I believe Czechoslovakia should seek its own independent Socialist path. However, sympathy for antiauth and eurocom is also pretty bad, liberal corruption, capitalist mode of production etc. to revisionism and an irreversible path. I don't really like you, but I don't like you. So the occupation was a crime.

    Milos Jakes (40/100)- Czechoslovakian Gorbachev, I doubt you're incompetent since Husak destroyed all hope of saving Socialism in Czechoslovakia, but still a dirty formalist.


    Kemal.png Kemalism

    Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is based.I wish all the clergy had been executed. Republicanism, Secularism, Populism, Statism, Reformism, Revolutionism... You have made many reforms in political, social, legal, educational and cultural, and economic fields. You have made my country modern and developed. You broke industrialization and development records in the world. You are great.He liberated Turkey from the Ottoman Empire, she is a person with great ideals in general to modernize Turkey and build the modern Turkish state.

    ML.png Marxist-Leninist Kemalism / Far-left Kemalism Orthlen.png

    mlk would be a great ideology.



    Based on staff The synthesis of Kemalism and socialism is wonderful. I like leftist kemalists.

    Soc-h.png National Democratic Revolution Kemal.png

    National democratic revolution. At least you are defending Atatürk more. Moreover, you are doing this to a national left. Combining socialism and nationalists; you are defending the Eurasian Union by removing it from NATO. It is based. But almost no one likes you.

    Socdem.png Social Democratic Kemalism / Centre-Left Kemalism

    People based on İsmet İnönü, Erdal İnönü and Bülent Ecevit. At least you're pissing off the right-wingers. But your followers are too pro-Western.

    Olof Palme Thought

    The only Swedish politician in existence. Under your direction, you supported the centeredness of the Castro and Ho Chi Minh anti-imperialist fighters. You also adopt a policy to support the giga-based third world. You have to rule sweden forever so sweden became nato hole like now

    Jacobin.png Jacobinism

    If Robespierre had not taken drastic measures. The Republic would fall. France was to be occupied by the invading royalists. He saved the revolution and the country with drastic measures. Robespiere Marat and Saint is a hero.

    Lenin.png Leninism

    Lenin is the great revolutionary. We must follow the illuminated path of Lenin. Great job overthrowing the tsarist regime, removing Russia from an imperialist power that massacres the people and starves the peasants, and brings the necessary social changes to Russia that empowers the poor, peasants and women. Economic Policy and almost everything you do for Russia is positive. Also, thank you to Atatürk and us for your help.

    Stalin.png  Stalinism

    Stalin implemented socialism in the most correct and harshest way. Stop saying this is not real socialism. Liblefts He took a nation with hand plows and turned it into a nation in space with atomic bombs and satellites. He broke new records in the economy. stalin gigachad.

    Juche.png Juche

    Kim il sung is the best leader. It's great we have a nuclear bomb. And you are defending Stalin.You won the war and killed that US puppet Syngman Rhee. It is based on the Juche concept. You have taken a strong hand to perfectly build North Korea in its material conditions and you truly understand how to run a country. You are fundamentally human. You're pretty based.

    Baath.png Ba'athism

    Besar Assad is the lion of the Middle East.God, Syria, Bashar! The Lion of the Middle East is fighting Western Islamists, Terrorists, Wahhabis, Zionists and Neo-Ottomans. Despite seeing its economy at war, it is still standing.

    Honecker.png Honeckerism

    The best is East Germany. I love your ideology. Based man.Probably the best man Germany could produce. It improved living standards, rejected western neoliberalism to reunite Germany, and had many good policies of industrialization and the like. However, it is bad to support Brezhnev completely, otherwise you are the hope of creating a solid beacon of Socialism in the West and YOU must be the model for the West to follow. Overall a great, chad based chad.

    Hochi.png Ho Chi Minh Thought

    Vietnam's real leader.Hero and inspiration of global anti-imperialism. He fought a bloody battle to save his people from the Japanese, French, Americans and National Traitors and revived the economy.

    Sankara.png Sankarism

    Africa's best revolutionary, comrade Sankara!He expelled the French imperialists, left the neoliberal westerners alone, built his country from scratch, vaccinated millions of children, lifted many people out of poverty, purged corrupt officials, improved health and education, and outlawed female genital mutilation, polygamy and child marriage. This man is the greatest person Africa has produced and one of the best people ever produced by humanity.

    Absoc.png Nasserism

    Nasser is Egypt's best leader. He has an ideology based on it. The head of the Non-Aligned Movement, which improves the living conditions of Egypt, scares the imperialists, advocates large-scale development and angers the imperialists. A great man who fought against the imperialists.

    Castro.png Castroism

    Cuban revolutionary, friend of Atatürk. Allied with Assad and Kim Jong Un.A champion of anti-imperism and a figure in Latin America's struggle against America and its adherents to American imperialism.

    Guevara.png Guevarism

    Che Guevara is a great comrade. A unique revolutionary.An inspiration for the people of Latin America to fight the murderous dictatorships in Latin America supported by the American imperialists.

    INC.png Indira Gandhi Thought

    Indira Gandhi is the best leader of India. I like his ideology.My favorite Indian prime minister. He has nationalized industries and industrialized most of India as well as having a large economy. The basis is human.

    Bourguiba.png Bourguibism

    secular tunisian inspired by Kemalism. He has a very grounded ideology. Bourguiba is a great president.It gave women's rights, freed the country from France, modernized it and made it a modern nation, it had policies that cared for the common people. Atatürk-like personality.


    Being anti-alcoholic. Being against fundamentalist Catholicism. Being a Left Populist. Being a Leninist and a Marxist is based on being a State Socialism. Really interesting Mexican.

    DeFran.png De Francism

    Progressivism is at a very high level. Fighting the monarchism with fundamentalism. Reforms that move society forward are fundamental.

    Duterte.png 'Duterteism

    He is the one who distanced the Philippines from the Americans, killed the terrorists and drug dealers, and developed the country's economy.

    Getulism.png Getúlism

    Gerilio is a Vargas-based person. From my point of view, his ideology looks great. The only problem is that he is autocracy. Other than that, he's a great Brazilian leader.You're popular with the Brazilian audience for a reason. Your reforms and have been very good for them and you are good, you have developed Brazil.

    3princ.png Tridemism 3princ-col.png

    Father of modern China. Without him, the country would be backwards. They have great ideas.He is the father of modern China, who freed China from feudal shackles and freed the Chinese people from the oppression of Western powers. He has a fundamental view.

    PAP(Singapore).png Lee Kuan-Yew Thought

    One of the four Asian tigers to develop the economy of the small country.It is neither exploitative nor neoliberal from the classical US influence. Morality and Western Democracy critique are ideals-based

    Sukarno.png Marhaenism

    Indonesian great leader. His thinking is grounded.Few people in history have been as successful as Sukarno. Inspired by Nationalism and Socialism. He is from a country of the world. He is one of the greatest people ever.

    Panc.png Pancasila

    Sukarno, one of the bravest statesmen and revolutionaries in history, and the father of a successful modern Indonesian. Your non-alignment unfortunately destroyed Suharto and overturned the tenth neock experiments.

    Lincolnism.png 'Lincolnism

    My favorite American president. He reunified the country, freed himself from slavery in the South, and effectively robbed the imperialists after he was freed from the Confederates. Plus, if you lived longer, America might still be an established Anti-Imperialist stronghold. He is based people.

    Washington.png Template:PCBA

    I love you for revolting against England and weakening them so as not to pay the debts; You accepted the republican government. expel the English royalists; Failing to pay the debts of the French royalists. Laying the foundations of French Republicanism. based

    Long.png Longism

    Huey Long are the greatest people to ever exist, not just in America, but in all of America. He is a person to be respected.

    Husák.png Husakism

    You knocked Dubcek. That's good You have managed to improve your rule, order and political stability, living standards.

    Jaruzelski.png Jaruzelskism

    Although you have declared martial law in Poland, I can somewhat understand why you are doing this. You wanted to protect Poland from both the West and a Brezhnev invasion as they did to Czechoslovakia. You are generally fine. You tried to preserve the independence of the country.

    ML.png CPGB-ML Model

    ML.png KKE Model

    Dengf.png 'Li Peng Thought

    Zyu.png 'Zyuganovism

    You are my favorite Russian politician in modern Russia. Your views on the vigilantes and lgbtoid bullshit and your nationalism and desire to return Russia to its former glory under Socialism are based.

    Cardenas.png Cardenismo

    You are fundamental. You are one of my favorite leaders in North America. Your policies have given chad, indigenous and women's rights, nationalized your industries from the Westoids and your reforms are giga based.

    Mosaddegh.png National Front/Mosaddeghism

    He is a based leader who should never be hit. He has done very well and I consider him one of the best in the Middle East. Mosaadik did the right thing by nationalizing the petroleum.

    Blanqui.png Blanquism

    Nkrumah.png Nkrumaism

    File:Obote.png Obotism

    XiJinpingThoughtf.png Xi Jinping Thought

    Bolivarism.png Bolivarianism

    Simon Bolivar is nothing wrong. You've done good things to improve your country.Your Gran Colombia project will come true and you are a heroic son of South America fighting against the filthy Spaniards.

    EvoMorales.png Evismo

    Based. Your reforms denounced neoliberalism and did a lot to increase the quality of life for the Bolivian people, reduced dependance on the IMF and world bank, improved the economy, and had policies that did great for Bolivia. Based. Neoliberals and seethe over your sheer basedness. Like Castro, you're another champion of Anti-Imperialism

    Chavismo.png Chavismo

    You are a hero to the Venezuelan people. You liberated your country from the Imperialist Right-wing Puppet government and established Popular Socialism in Venezuela. You are the champion of Latin America's struggle against imperialism.

    Hujintao.png Scientific Outlook on Development (科學發展觀)

    It is the booming 10 years of the Chinese economy. Ended corruption, Helped improve technology, Brought some sort of reform but not much, What a goddamn gigachad. This man did nothing wrong. He is a very grounded man.

    XiJinpingThoughtf.png Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era (習近平新時代中國特色社會主義)

    He is not what the anti-Chinese media portrays him. It continued Hu Jintao's technological, economic and social advances and eliminated One Belt One Road, Moderately Prosperous Society, and extreme poverty. is gigachad. I like your determined anti-Western stance.


    Hoxha.png Hoxhaism

    No matter what Enver Hoxha is. I admire his defense of Stalin. But the clergy did the right thing by hanging them all. Even if you did some very crazy things.It was right for me to criticize the "Peaceful Coexistence" thesis produced by the USSR rulers. You were right about that. Because with imperialism, there is no compromise-peace, but war. "Soviet Social Imperialism" was pure bullshit. You created a split between the socialist camp.Your criticism of Mao is wrong. Still, you helped Albania develop.

    Tito.png Titoism

    You are the partisan that I respect and remember with longing. But you shouldn't have trusted imf loans.Your departure from the socialist camp has worked for the American and French imperialists. But you still supported the anti-imperialist national liberation.

    Cball-SRRomania.png Ceaușescuism

    Nicolae Ceausescu, you meant well. But you were deceived by the CIA. You have made the Socialist Camp fall against each other at the game of the US imperialists. You took a cold attitude towards the USSR. You bought heavy industry machinery and equipment by making agreements with the US Imperialist State. So you put Romania in big debt. You brought not only socialism but also your own demise with the wrong policies.

    Gaddafi.png Gaddafism

    Socialist understanding is great. You are the most beloved Muslim Socialist. But you did us wrong in supporting our enemies.You are a positive figure in the history of Libya. They have great ideas and programs to overthrow the Libyan King and make Libya one of the best countries in Africa at that time, but I'm putting this here because you supported the oppurtinist Kurdish cause.

    Mao.png Maoism

    Mao, you did something wrong. Supporting Pol Pot. You got into pointless Soviet-Chinese rivalry. But somehow you overthrew the feudal system in China.Your thesis was based on the basis that the USA and the USSR were imperialist countries, and that China was the leader of the oppressed nations. This separation benefited American imperialism.It was right for me to criticize the thesis of "Peaceful Coexistence" produced by the leaders of the USSR. You were right about this..You made China develop rapidly. You started the cultural revolution that led the youth to socialism. that was good.

    Gierek.png Gierekisism

    Based in modernized and industrialized Poland. Your economic policy is great. But why are you friendly with the west. Are you an anti-Stalinist?

    Dengf.png Dengism

    . Putin.png Putinism

    Yeltsin's economic liberalism plunged the country into chaos. At least in your period, you pioneered the revival of the economy. Anti-Globalization Anti-American Liberalism I support your opposition to neoliberalism, Ukraine and the West. Liberal Globalist Americanist slaps pro-Ukrainian people nicely. I generally disagree with most of the ideologies.

    Sanders.png Sanderism

    Few grounded people who reject imperialism and really care about domestic issues (and more importantly) won over by the evil neoliberal elite of the American state, but your social policies don't suit a country like America. I don't like your stance on China, North Korea, Cuba and Syria.

    File:Corbyn.png Corbynism

    You are anti Zionist. Britain and NATO are against imperialism. You support Hugo Chavez. You hate Thatcher, you hate Boris. You want a republic, but being against Assad and supporting apoism draws you here. .

    Pahlavi.png Pahlavism

    Your ideology looks good. You would be better off if you had declared a republic instead of a king.

    Ittihad.png İttihadism

    Cball-Ottomanism.png Template:PCBA


    Khrusch.png Khrushchevism

    The anti-Stalinism was utterly wrong. You even finished the good things that Stalin did. He spread false information against Stalin. Said unfair things against Stalin He pulled American missiles and betrayed Fibel Castro. peaceful coexistence was contrary to anti-imperialism. Climate expertise didn't listen. He went and planted cotton and corn. He had inefficient policies. He played an important role in the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

    Gorb.png Gorbachevism

    You didn't give it enough attention when the country was in a serious economic crisis. You made some mistakes during the implementation of the reform package that he wanted to do politically. While you were aiming to increase the freedoms of the people, you also got in trouble with the members of the Politburo. You have lost his credibility in the eyes of the public. The solutions he found could not go beyond instant improvements. You have destroyed the lives of millions of people in an instant. If the elderly in Russia are collecting food and bottles from garbage , you are the chief responsible for it.

    Trot.png Trotskyism

    You are so egotistical. You betrayed the Soviets and collaborated with the Nazis.

    You had an illicit affair with the married wife of a painter in Mexico. You are a very immoral man. Stalin did the right thing by killing you.

    Brezhnev Doctrine

    You have created a period of recession in your country. Your intervention to preserve socialism has caused a crack in the socialist bloc. Your attitude towards Kim il sung and Erich Honecker was not nice.

    MLM.png Marxism–Leninism–Maoism

    In the "People's War" nothing works. Guzman, Sison, and Shigenobu are excellent examples. MLM understands neither Marxism-Leninism nor Mao's People's War theory. These scumbags are terrorists painted red.

    Necon.png Neoconservatism

    You have destroyed everything ahead with the excuse of bringing democracy. You brought countries back.

    Thatchericon.png Thatcherism

    Damn filth. Exploitative, Laissez Faire is insidious, supporting terrible people like Somoza, Pinochet, Suharto and Pol Pot, doing nothing but making the lives of the poor worse, even if they work hard. Your economy is one of the biggest abominations anyone has ever seen.

    GWB.png George W. Bushism

    He ravaged Iraq, caused two global conflicts under his rule, and committed tons of war crimes, a typical murderous neocon. You're the type to hang. At this point you're still one of the worst guys alive.

    Obamium.png Obamaism

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    Bidenism.png Bidenism

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    Trumpism.png Trumpism

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    Harris.png Harrisism

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    Kaypakkaya.png Kaypakayaism

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    Islamfash.png Islamic Fascism Grey-Wolves-icon-pcb.png

    Cball-FSA.png Syrian National Army

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    Cball-Armenia.png Dashnakism

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    Golden Dawn.png Golden Dawnism

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    Evren.png 'Evrenism


    Turkish Idealism

    What will the expropriation be like?

    The state imposes strict competition rules before moving to the production line. The process begins with the separation of foreign centralized enterprises and domestic enterprises. While state enterprises do not pay to obtain their own resources; buys with money from privatization. He pays taxes and works through them. State competition is the sole price determinant. When the state enters the production line; Millions of jobs will be created. All production factories to be established will form business lines. All stages are well planned in advance. Labor is important. Citizens' rights are guaranteed by the state. Every employee has a definition. Except for the definition of O, no front-end work is given. In this case, citizens will not want to work in the private sector where they cannot get their rights. Scattered and competing private businesses; State companies are in unity and solidarity. The private sector, which has lost its human resources, will have two options. Either employees should be given the same rights as state enterprises or they should be expropriated in the transition period. Otherwise, when the transition to a socialist economy is achieved, state support will not be provided in the collapse of the private sector. However, in the transition phase, the private sector can certainly use its right of expropriation.

    How does trade work under socialism?

    When the private sector completely nationalizes it, the principle of Statism comes into play. The principle of statism, micro-enterprises, is the way of realizing the ideas of citizens that they produce with the power of the state. To briefly explain micro enterprises; He doesn't want to be alone. It is a way of generating ideas for citizens for whom the state, production or economic power is insufficient. For the citizen who has the idea of ​​production but does not have economic power, he becomes a micro-business owner in a socialist state. The state grants the right to operate nationally the means of production it owns. Businesses are state owned. All rights of enterprises in the foreign market are protected by the state. Micro-enterprises whose citizens convey their ideas; nationalized whole production line consists of state enterprises With whom will the competition and quality criteria be made? This is where the biggest gain comes into play. Today, the quality understanding of the private sector, whose markets compete with each other, is limited to the goods in the domestic market. In the production line of the state, it is now in competition with the entire foreign market. The competition is no longer between state enterprises and the private sector, that is, against capitalism in the foreign market, not in its own domestic market. While foreign investors do not participate in state enterprises, micro enterprises receive investment and expand abroad. Thus, a market research is conducted for each state and the economic strategies planned separately for each state are implemented. For example, the food market is profitable for State A. In this case, macro businesses, not micro, attack that market. But the state B food market is unprofitable. That's when micro-businesses attack the market. State resource extraction; The operation and production of the goods to be exported is carried out only within the national borders. Foreign and private sector are not included in the production line. Foreign partnerships in the production line are terminated and foreign countries are pushed to the position of customers only. Thus, there is no employment gap in foreign companies. to indicate, to notify; In order to reduce the unemployment rate of the country to zero, the domestic production line comes into play and the unemployed class is employed in the production of all imported goods. The goods produced are sent in limited quantities to other states that will provide strategic income. The state first intensifies the domestic production process in the production of goods bought from abroad. Thus, it evolves into a seller position. The nation buys all domestically produced goods cheaply. There is no tax for domestic products. Because it is no longer private companies that create the goods produced; directly nation. Continuously developing technology is followed.

    Science institutes employ scientists who follow innovations abroad. The state is not a closed economy model.

    Foreign markets are included without including them in national borders. So it excludes capitalism. He's a good player inside.

    Thanks to the factories to be established by the state; Domestic goods produced in each country are provided to enter. In this sense, besides trade agreements, the most important issue is that uncertain sellers also contribute to the economy. Uncertain vendors; It allows the state to enter that country without making trade agreements. Outside states are in the capitalist economy, not individual sellers. Sees trade agreements as factors of influence. If a government sells you goods in a trade agreement; He gets something in return. If not, the deal will be annulled. You too will be convicted. But obscure sellers apparently trade individually within capitalism. In the understanding of socialism, all state treaties were canceled; It will make it easier for obscure sellers who trade individually to invest.

    ==What will happen to the private sector? The Place in the Socilaist Economy==

    of a certain group; It is the unjust and unjust enrichment of the society compared to the rest of the income by taking advantage of the uncontrolled free market with business models that do not contribute to production, education, science, art, sports or global development.

    E.g; insurance, lottery, or similar betting businesses, municipality, deputy, real estate sector and housing companies, some business lines in the private sector, statuses that do not require qualifications, certain areas in the media and entertainment sector, associations, foundations and communities, many elements in the private sector in case of uncontrolled enrichment. it does.

    The real estate sector is a model that does not contribute to production.

    The sector, which shows uncontrolled urbanization activities such as housing companies, will be connected to the Ministry of Urban Planning.

    Construction companies will operate together with the staff assigned by the Ministry of City Planning during the construction, resource and material supply, quality, approval of the building's compliance with the city plan and construction phases.

    Construction companies can only operate in accordance with these control conditions; otherwise, they will be expropriated. Bids are publicly viewable.

    Although there are state enterprises in service sectors such as banks, education, health, transportation, distribution, agriculture; in all other service sectors; will be private enterprises. These will be under state control.

    The manufacturing sector is under state control. Today's private sector; evolves into the public sector. No specific business models set prices. Only the state determines the price directly proportional to the cost of production, labor costs, and profit.

    Gathering the media and entertainment industry in a certain class with astronomical figures; leads to poverty of the society. For this reason, the state goes to radical changes in the media and entertainment sector.

    How will it be used with Socialist Planning and Current Technology?

    Socialist Planning

    Determining the needs of the society and embodying these needs as economic and social goals,

    Evaluation and determination of implementation tools to achieve these goals,

    Transforming these into operational plans based on sectoral production targets, as in our example, and

    From here, it is reflected in the plans of all production units.

    includes all processes.

    Current Technologies The power of socialist planning lies behind the fact that the Soviets have turned from a backward country into an industrialized, poverty-stricken and developed country that surpasses independent capitalist countries. Considering the informatics possibilities of that day, the socialist state, which was established on a geographically huge area, can be estimated to have experienced the greatest difficulty in data collection, transmission and processing processes in planning studies. Computers were used at many points in terms of data processing, but it will be mind-opening to compare today's computers with the computers of the period in terms of understanding the difficulties. The first computer developed could perform 50 operations per second, and today computers with a transaction volume of 50 billion times this are produced. To make it easier to imagine, we can think of it as follows; With today's computers, it is possible to calculate a transaction that took 1 month to calculate in 1 second. With today's system, technology and methods, it will be easier to collect, transmit and process the data required for the planning processes, to guarantee the accuracy of the data to be provided and to monitor the realization of the plans (monitoring cycle). We can summarize the technologies that will make this possible under the following seven headings.

    1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are systems that enable the efficient use of resources such as labor, machinery and materials required for the production of goods or services in institutions. It is derived from the Material Requirements Planning systems that emerged in the 90s and the Production Resource Planning systems, which we can describe as the second generation of these systems. These systems consist of various database applications that work in integration with each other. In the mid-90s, it came to support all the basic functions of a manufacturing company. They are systems that support all production processes with sub-modules such as Finance/accounting, Budget management, Labor management, Production management, Order management, Pricing, Project management. With the widespread use of the internet in the 2000s, 2nd generation ERP systems have become web-based applications that provide real-time access to data for institutions that provide goods or services to the institution and the institutions or persons using them. In today's terms, topics such as supply chain management, customer relationship management and business intelligence have entered. Today, these systems, which also use mobile technologies, put issues such as integration and decision making at the center.

    2. Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Big Data

    Although robots come to mind when it comes to artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence has many sub-fields other than robotics. Among these, it can be said that the most relevant sub-field of central planning is "artificial learning". Machine learning is that instead of programming the computer directly to perform a certain task, the computer learns to do the relevant task from the data provided to it. Automatic translation is a good example of this. Let the task be to translate the English sentence given as input into its Turkish equivalent. A computer program that uses dictionaries and grammar rules can be written to solve this problem, but this is a very difficult task and translation performance is poor. If we instead want to solve the same problem with the machine learning approach, we must first create a dataset containing a large number of English-Turkish sentence pairs. We then “train” the computer on this dataset. During this training, the computer learns a function that produces the expected Turkish equivalent for the given English input sentence. The parameters of this function are adjusted in such a way that the translation error on the available dataset is minimized. Then, with this learned function, even English sentences that are not included in the data set can be successfully translated into Turkish. Data science aims to extract the implicit knowledge and patterns in this data by analyzing the data with automatic methods. It is an interdisciplinary science that concerns mathematics, statistics and computer science, and often uses machine learning methods. Thanks to data science, historical analyzes can be made, as well as short and long-term predictions for the future. “Big data”, which we have heard frequently in recent years, is a general name that indicates the data that is automatically and continuously produced in many areas of life, including production-consumption processes, with the spread of sensor and computer technologies.

    3. Simulation

    Modeling and simulation basically covers creating models based on real data and creating simulation scenarios to examine the behavior and operation of these models under different inputs and influences. Especially in recent years, in addition to the increasing processing power and amount of data in computers, more complex models can be established and realistic simulations can be produced with developing artificial intelligence technologies. In the development of the simulation, it is important to establish reliable models, to make realistic assumptions, to verify the model with real data, and to improve it according to the need for the acceptability of the results. Simulations can be used in many areas such as mining, agriculture, industrial production, consumption, trade, finance, demography, education, tourism, health, culture. In the field of production, it is used in product design, production planning and operation, calculation and estimation of production inputs and outputs. A large number of random or planned scenarios are created and run with input assumptions. As a result of the simulation, best/worst case scenarios, range of possible outcomes and realization rates are revealed as well as targets. With the changes to be made on the simulations, the effect of each input on the results is observed and the targets can be revised.

    4. Geographic Information Systems

    The display of location-related natural or social information on geographical maps, which humanity has used for hundreds of years, has been moved to an advanced point with the development of computer technologies. Today, processing high-resolution earth images obtained by satellites and enriching them with instant data obtained from one or more systems has become a part of large informatics projects and our daily life. It is used in many areas such as forestry, agriculture, irrigation, transportation, communication, management of energy infrastructures, city planning, tourism, aviation, border and coast guard.

    5. Internet of Things

    “Internet of Things” (IoT) defines devices that can interact with each other or with people through wired or wireless communication methods. Each of these devices has its own unique identity information. The application area of ​​NI devices has expanded greatly. The number and variety of these devices will continue to increase in parallel with the increase in our data processing capacity. More than 30 billion IoT devices are currently in use and it is expected to exceed 75 billion within 5 years. Step counters, locators, health finding monitors (pulse, saturation, sugar, blood pressure, temperature), drug injectors, which are called wearable devices, can be given as examples of NI devices that have started to enter our personal area of ​​use.

    6. Electronic Money

    Electronic money3 is a monetary value that can be controlled by public institutions, whose legal regulations are determined by the state central authority, and can be used as a means of payment. Electronic money and physical money are not functionally different, and the unit need not be different from the physical (paper and metal) currency used in the country. Payments for goods and services can be made in cash (physical money) as well as electronic money. Tools such as credit cards and meal cards are methods of transfer, not electronic money itself. It was the spread of fast and secure communication between computer systems that made it possible to use this technology in the financial system. Today, electronic money provides opportunities such as making payments quickly and even without meeting face-to-face over the internet, with tools such as credit cards and meal cards. The fact that our regular payments of definite/uncertain amount can be made by order (due fees, water, gas, telephone, etc.), eliminating the need to carry wallets, and reducing the risk of loss/theft are among the factors that make it widespread. But most importantly, wage payments have started to be made with this method.

    7.Mobile Technologies

    They are technologies that use wireless communication, and in fact, it can be said that they entered our lives with the first radio signal at the end of the 1800s. In recent years, with the coming together of mobile communication with information technology, they have started to be widely used in production. Development of systems (supervisory control and data collection systems and production execution systems), quality, stock management, reporting (monitoring and instant reporting of every stage of production), real-time monitoring, reporting It is also used in production in topics such as better logistics, supplier coordination and forecasting with its facilities.

    8. Opportunities of Current Technologies in Socialist Planning

    Although the subject of the difficulties faced by socialist planning in real socialism experiences is beyond the scope of this article, the possibilities that current technologies can offer for socialist planning, "What difficulties would Soviet planning overcome?" It gives important clues about the answer to the question. Considering the elements of the G central planning hierarchy, it can be seen that today's production units can be the basic planning tools. The hierarchical systems that make up such a production unit and the technologies that can be used at every level are shown. The system hierarchy within the production unit plans or operational plans is not different from each other. It would not be wrong to say that ERPs can also be used as tools for resource planning at higher levels in the hierarchy. The data flow chart shows the relationship between planners, production units, distribution points and needs/wants, and the technologies that can be used in a sample socialist planning.

    The output of a production unit can depend on many variables. Examples of these are whether a required raw material arrives on time or in sufficient quantity, machinery malfunctions, labor productivity, unexpected logistical problems, power outages, and even the weather. The problem of how and at what level all these variables affect the output of the production unit can be solved by statistical modeling. We know this is not a new technology or possibility. What is new is the developments in machine learning, which has formed the basis of data science in recent years. New machine learning methods can learn much more complex functions and provide higher accuracy than classical statistical modeling methods. These developments, combined with the acceleration of processors, the ease of production and storage of data, offer new possibilities that were not possible before. Significant patterns and implicit information can be extracted from large amounts of data, including variables that are at first glance unrelated to each other. Data science is used not only to understand the past, but also to predict what might happen in the future based on existing data. It has become possible to predict in advance how the output of the production unit will change or which machines will fail for a desired time window (This can be a very short window or a very long one).

    Today, we know that mega-corporations make centralized internal planning of production, supply, distribution processes and effectively use data science methods to do this. For example, Walmart Inc., which has two million employees worldwide. A chain of retail stores makes a centralized planning within the company (Phillips & Rozworski, 2019) in order to keep the product variety and stocks in their stores at sufficient levels (Phillips & Rozworski, 2019) and makes use of data science (Malinowska, 2019). Products purchased from physical stores or online stores have increased their profits significantly by using all data based on the analysis of weather, social media and current news. While increasing profits may not seem like the right example for this article on socialist planning, the Walmart example illustrates the importance of data science in large-scale central planning.

    As a part of central planning, simulation models can be established at scales such as production process, production unit, production area, production region, as well as possible situations and scenarios for nationwide production by establishing an interactive "simulations network". In addition, disaster situation simulations can be created and a comprehensive analysis of the measures that can be taken and their effects can be made. Monitoring and evaluation of especially natural resources, water and agricultural basins; Geographic information systems (GIS) are of great importance in the planning and operation of production units, supply chains, transportation processes. Thanks to the instant data to be collected in all these areas and the integration of artificial intelligence / artificial learning systems with GIS, the needs such as energy, water, food can be analyzed at different scales from micro level to macro level, depending on the population density in a certain geographical region. can be developed and improved accordingly. Devices that measure the quantity, quality, and malfunctions of the production on the production lines and determine the potential malfunction in advance are becoming widespread. At the same time, production facilities that remotely manage production lines and even operate completely unmanned with the contribution of robotic technology in some sectors are the technological level reached today. ICT technology will contribute to reducing production costs, making plans instantly instead of annual monthly periods, isolating people from heavy and dangerous works as much as possible, and reducing working hours.

    It is possible to measure temperature, humidity, used heat, light, energy consumption of electrical devices, open and closed conditions of windows and doors in residences. These devices are used today in residences called smart homes and yet seen as luxury. Ensuring that these devices are used in all residences will both provide more livable housing for every citizen and greatly improve the total energy consumption of the society.

    It is possible to monitor and manage every point of the infrastructure that everyone benefits, such as electricity, water, natural gas distribution networks, transportation and communication lines. In this way, it is possible to reduce the losses in natural resources to a great extent and to plan and build more livable cities. In addition, if every citizen in need of the society can benefit from wearable devices, early warning can be given in cases of critical illness, and the public health can be increased by determining the diet, movement and sleep patterns that the person should follow. Today, states and companies continue to use electronic money technology with increasing intensity due to the possibilities of instantaneously circulating, transferring and converting money into other currencies.

    Technology accumulates statistical information on the use of money for states/companies and enables the production of tools that can manage the capitalist financial system with instant interventions. In a socialist state, too, the use of physical money can be used as part of planning by prioritizing other priorities, or even abolished entirely. Thus, the effect of people's consumption on production can be monitored centrally in production planning and value determination, and this data can be used for planning. It allows to set upper/lower quotas for certain subjects as part of the planning. Since it can be monitored as a data center, unexpected money accumulation at any point becomes visible immediately, second economies cannot be formed. At the same time, it can be ensured that secondary economic interfaces – including the family – do not form between the public and the individual (as part of the production unit).

    It can be predicted that mobile technologies will be highly functional in collecting beneficiary notifications as well as their use in the field in production. Although it is the subject of different disciplines, we have the infrastructure to solve issues such as the management of basic needs, industrial production, raw material supply, logistics management, population policies, environmental factors in a completely integrated manner. As stated above, this information infrastructure is in a position to provide us with the ability to pre-examine the nationwide impact of instantaneous decisions and manage them when necessary. Today, these systems are systems that are used within the framework of free market conditions for each company's own benefit, namely profit maximization, and are still owned by capital. These tools will need to be redeveloped and parts integrated to pass ownership to society. Today's rapid software development and integration techniques will facilitate the informatics of socialism. In socialism, when knowledge is shared around a single main purpose; information processing units will be part of a system in which they are used in production for the benefit of society.

    Unitary State System

    There will be a regional state system. Territorial state system; powers of the unitary state system; It is a system shared by regions. The center of sovereignty in the state will be distributed among the administrative regions of the country. Partial political autonomy will be given to the regions. There will be local and regional autonomy based on land.

    There will be only one constitution. There is a regional governor and the governors will be appointed from the center. But their authority is limited, the security is responsible for the governor. At the same time, the governor will supervise whether the actions and actions of the administrative districts are in conformity with the constitution.

    Territorial local and regional autonomy they will be centralized structures that will take their authority from a single center, that is, the state.

    It will be a unitary state consisting of autonomous regions with legislative power. Decentralization will be essential. There will be a single sovereign (national) central government and a single national parliament and a single law. Territories will have statutes, not constitutions.

    administrative district; In local affairs, there will be a secondary legislature (law-making) governed by regional assemblies located between the central government and the provincial assemblies, covering more than one province, with wide autonomy in terms of both service, administrative and financial aspects. There will be competent regional self-government units.

    While subjects such as environment, transportation, agriculture, forestry, education, health, culture, tourism are the inalienable powers of the centre, subjects such as citizenship, passport, foreign relations, economy, justice, energy, internal and external security, civil defense and border protection are inalienable powers of the centre. . It will be largely transferred to local governments and left to the responsibility of local governments.

    Extraction, operation and conversion of oil, natural gas and minerals to a production model will depend on the central government. The central government will make the energy deal with other countries. However, a certain amount of the center will be left to the region where mines, oil and natural gas are extracted.

    How can they transition smoothly to communism?

    All the people of the village will come together and all their lands, houses, tools and equipment in the villages will be accepted as the common property of the villages.

    Homeless villagers will unite and build a house. A big barn will be established in all villages. All animals will be gathered here and 3-5 people will manage. Fields and gardens will be cultivated together The products will be stored in a place to be established in the villages. A cafeteria will be established in the villages. All the villagers will come and eat here in order. (In this way, each house does not have a separate kitchen and kitchen expenses. Moreover, everyone does not waste time cooking separately for hours. Moreover, a great saving of electricity, water, gas, money, time, labor ... is provided..) Increasingly, with a monthly income that a person can hardly live on at the moment; maybe 10 people can make a living in that village.. excess products are sold and put into the village's coffers.

    (Anyone who wants should be able to review the expenses..) Then, greenhouses will be established with the income obtained, modern irrigation systems will be established. Wind, water and sun will be used to produce electricity. Villagers will be insured against diseases and natural disasters.

    What will the secular society order be like

    Secular State; religious budget; science, industry, culture, education, arts and sports should be distributed equally. The state should confiscate the lands and properties of religious institutions and religious foundations. Land and property should be given to the people. It should leave religious institutions unsourced. religious institutions; it should become more dependent on the state and more controllable by the state. Religious shrines should be transformed into schools, hospitals, workshops, gymnasiums, etc. There will be worship in religious temples. Religious clothing will be as recommended by the secular state. The state should abolish religious education. People of different religions and sects should worship. Religious schools should be turned into vocational schools. religions; should be taught as history and culture.

    In schools; evolution and materialism must be taught...""

    What will the feminist  socialist society be like?=

    The socialization of the means of production together; Communal institutions such as free kindergartens, cafeterias and laundries will be established.

    With the Civil Code, women will be given rights in areas such as work, education, marriage and abortion.

    It will be ensured that all kinds of facilities that can be realized by the state for women to attain their economic independence will be realized: Kindergartens will be opened, housework and education will be made collective. Pregnant women will be facilitated by practices such as maternity leave and returning to work without any difficulties after giving birth.

    Men and women have an equal position in the family, I will not put any pressure on women regarding the surname. Your abortion will be legalized.

    violence against women, child marriage will be tackled

    women's participation in the economy and politics will be ensured.

    The labor force participation rate, which indicates the ratio of female to female population, is very low and women in working life are under serious threat of unemployment. First of all, the participation of women in the workforce should be ensured.

    The unequal position of women in working life is also reflected in economic income inequality. Women's share of gross gross national income is lower than that of men in all countries. For this, inequality positions should be eliminated with the participation of the female population in the workforce and education, and it should be ensured that they are economically equal.

    The "Women's Solidarity Organization", which was established under the Central Committee and consists of women, will be established in order to put the economic and social rights of women into practice in practice.

    Women will be educated in schools opened through the "Women's Solidarity Organization", which consists mostly of women from peasant and worker origins.

    working women will generally be given a few days of paid leave during their menstrual period.

    For women who are breastfeeding, at least thirty minutes of paid breastfeeding breaks will be applied every three and a half hours.

    Rights such as 8-hour working day, milk allowance, insurance, nursery, maternity leave will be given.

    Political Views


    • Representative democracy, but to vote you need at least college and to candidate for the president you need to have a degree in political science
    • Elections every five years
    • There is no jury in the court
    • Drug ban
    • You need a license to have a weapon
    • Cameras in public places


    • Free healthcare
    • Free education
    • Public transport
    • Public banks
    • Socialist economy
    • UBI
    • a lot of restrictions
    • Progressive income tax, 60% on average


    • Equality
    • Supports the Planned parenting ,abortion ,eugenics.
    • Secular state, religion is still alowed.

    Nation and world:

    • Closed borders
    • Militaristic
    • Co-operates with other states and nations


    • Accelerationist
    • High science funding


    Equality.png Equality 82.1% / 17.9 % Markets Markets.png (Socialist)

    Nation.png Nationalism 68.9% / 31.1% Globalism World.png (Patriotism)

    Liberty.png Liberty 34.4 % / 65.6% Authority Sec.png (Statist)

    Trad.png Tradition %17.8 / %82.2 Progress Prgess.png ( Exreme Progressive)

    Ideology: Statesoc.png State Socialism


    Federal.png Federalism 18% / 82% Unitarism Unitary.png (Extreme Unitary)

    Democr.png Democracy 30% / 70% Authority (Authoritarian)

    World.png Globalism 34% / 66% Isolationism Isolationist.png (Moderate Isolationist)

    Mil.png Militarism 66% / 34% Pacifism Pacifist.png (Moderate Militarism)

    Assimil.png Assimilationist 70% / 30% Multiculturalist Multicult9a.png (Assimilationist)

    Sec.png Security 74% / 26% Liberty Liberty.png (Extreme Security)

    Equality.png Equality 86% / 14% Markets Markets.png (Extreme Equality)

    Atheism.png Secular 82% / 18% Religious Religious.png (Extreme Secular)

    Prgess.png Progress 86% / 14% Tradition Trad.png (Extreme Progressive)


    Statesoc.png State Socialism


    Federal.png Federalism 18.0% / 82.0% Unitarism Unitary.png (Centralized)

    Democr.png Democracy 34.0% / 66.0% Authority Authority.png (Bicemeral)

    Sec.png Security 62.0% / 38.0% Liberty Liberty.png (Statist)

    File:Race.png Internationalism 30.0% / 70.0% Nationalism Nation.png (Anti-Interventionist)

    Mil.png Militarism %70.0% / 30.0% Pacifism Pacifist.png (Military-Focused)

    Assimil.png Assimilationism 66.0% / 34.0% Multiculturalist Multicult9a.png (Assimilationist)

    Central.png Collectivize 86.0% / 14.0% Privatize Lfree.png (Socialist)

    Protectionism.png Planned 74.0% / 26.0% Laissez-Faire Markets.png (Regulationism)

    Protect.png Protectionism 62.0% / 38.0% Globalism World.png (Limited Trade)

    Atheism.png Irreligious 86.0% / 14.0% Religious Religious.png (Atheist)

    Prgess.png Progress 62.0% / 38.0% Tradition Progressive)

    File:Acellarate.png Technology 74.0% / 26.0% Bio-conservative File:Decell.png (Technological)

    Ideology: Dsa.png Democratic Socialism Demsocstar.png


    Results Ethnic Axis : Preservationist

    Monoethnic 58.4% Multiethnic 41.6%

    Cultural Axis : Integration

    MonoCultural 55.7% MultiCurtural44.3%

    Preference Axis : Very Equal

    Favorism 20.6% Equality 79.4%

    Acceptance Axis : Neutral

    Extinctionism 47.6% Coexistence 52.4%

    Pluralism Axis : Interculturalist

    Seperation 42.3% İntegration 57.7%

    External Axis : Protectionist

    Diplocmacy 34.0% Isolation 66.0%

    Progression Axis : Progressive

    Progression 65.5% Regression 34.5%

    Technology Axis : Post-Humanist

    Transhumanism 92.9% Primitivism7.1%

    LGBT Axis : Neutral

    PRO-LGBT50.5% ANTİ-LGBT 49.5%

    Nation Axis : Patriotic

    Nationalism 56.2% Analonalism 43.8%

    Religion Axis : Laïcité

    Religion 16.9% Secular 83.1%

    Philosophy Axis : Social Influences

    Essentialism 33.9% Constructivism 66.1%

    Closest Match : Matches not available yet


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