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    About Myself

    My name is Isaac, or you can call me DrGreen. I like to keep to myself, but I will be adding stuff that I like to do. If you want to tell me something, then let me know. If not, then I'll be doing my thing.

    My Contributions

    These are icons I have made.

    • AgentVenom.png
    • AntiEgolibmarx.png
    • ANTIVENOM.png
    • AntManMCU.png
    • ApolChristFem.png
    • AriHedCapNil.png
    • AtomDC.png
    • Autumncore.png
    • AvariceDnD.png
    • AvariceDnDAlt.png
    • BlackLantern.png
    • BlackSpiderman.png
    • BlueLantern.png
    • Brainiac.png
    • Cannibal_Anprim.png
    • CompassionGreed.png
    • CyborgDC.png
    • DrFate.png
    • DrGreen.png
    • DrIsaacGreen.png
    • Egolibmarx.png
    • Egolibmarxalt.png
    • FallenAngel.png
    • FearRage.png
    • GhostRider.png
    • GreenArrow.png
    • GreenLantern.png
    • Gwenpool.png
    • HedMarx.png
    • IndigoLantern.png
    • JackO.png
    • JackOalt.png
    • JohnStewart.png
    • KratEgo.png
    • LibSoul.png
    • Lobo.png
    • MichaelMyers.png
    • MilesMorales.png
    • Mysterio.png
    • ObraDinn.png
    • OrangeLantern.png
    • PinkLantern.png
    • Pomni.png
    • Raven.png
    • RedLantern.png
    • Sackboy.png
    • Scarecrow.png
    • Skid.png
    • SpiderGwen.png
    • SpiderHam.png
    • Spiderman2099.png
    • SpiderNoir.png
    • SpiderPunk.png
    • Starfire.png
    • TheLizard.png
    • WhiteLantern.png
    • YellowLantern.png

    My OCs

    Dr. Isaac Green is a character who's initially working for The SCP Foundation. He himself is an anomaly, originally being contained by the foundation when his anomalies properties first manifested. After showing some loyalty and strong intellect, he was inducted as a scientist. He is capable of entering a state in which he can sprout wings and shoot green lasers out of his eyes (original, I know). He is actually a reincarnation of Henry Green, a man who lived in the late 18th century. Before Henry's death, he made a deal with a demonic entity which caused him to reincarnate every 5 years after his death and to gain the powers I talked about earlier. He even reincarnated as a pirate called The Crow at one point. However, each incarnation does not retain their previous lives memories, so they're pretty much new people. Dr Isaac Green was very loyal to the foundation for some time, before beginning to become disillusioned. After seeing how authoritarian and ruthless the foundation can be, especially towards humanoid entities, made him reconsider his loyalty. He eventually tried to escape the foundation and would later join The Serpent's Hand. (On a side note, I've written an SCP. It's SCP-5819 - The Sweet One, I would love you to read it.)

    Oscar Ruth is a human in the DC Universe, who after helping in a housing program, was chosen by an Indigo Power Ring. He would wonder the universe until he felt something orange pulling him to a planet called Okaara. There he would find an Orange Power Ring and steal it from Larfleeze. After teleporting far away, he would find himself on a planet of robot people. WIP

    Bria Torrance is a member of a race of robot people. This race of people have been subjugated and turned into robots by a foreign directorship who experiments on them. After attempting a revolution over them, a Yellow Power Ring chose them. They were taking away from their planet to work for Sinestro. They would later flee the corp and rule their planet with an Iron Fist. They would even get a Red Lantern Ring too. WIP

    Avarice is a blue tiefling warlock I made for D&D. Prior to becoming a tiefling warlock, he was a human crew member of a pirate ship. He was concerned with a concentration of wealth and power with the captain. He was then meet by a fiend named Mammon, who offered him a deal. He would get the power he needs to get what he wants in exchange for his avarice growing the more he uses it. He agrees, but the power was so immense that not only was he transformed into a tiefling, it ended up burning down the ship. He washed up on shore, unsure of what to do, he began exploring and finds an inn were Havem Amor will join on his adventure. I plan on using this character for a solo D&D game. Until then, this is all you get.

    Havem Amor is a rouge aasimar who was raised in small village by adopted parents. The land was ruled by tyrannical lord who persecuted many. He would find out that Havems parents hid his heritage and was imprisoned for it. Havem would become a rouge and hone his skills not just to save his parents, but anyone threatened by tyrannical forces. He'll come to rest in a small town where Avarice will join his adventure. WIP

    This is less of an OC and more of a what if scenario. That being, what if Spiderman was never bitten by the radioactive spider but instead found the Symbiote. The story is that Petter Parker is at Oscorp, where the Symbiote finds and secretly attaches to him. His uncle is killed and Peter is about to kill the murderer for revenge, but then decides against it. He will soon fight The Lizard and try to save him. But the Symbiote gets to Peter's head and kills him. Peter can't take it anymore and takes off the suit. It finds Eddie Brock and Peter has to fight Venom. After some antics, he gets it off him and teaches Venom not to kill. They learn to work off one another to be the best Spider-Man they can. WIP

    Ideologies of People I Know


    I don't know much about my parents political views, as they don't really get involved in politics. All I know is that they mostly support the Democrat Party, are Anti-Trump, are Cristian (but not a theocrat) and are culturally moderate with conservative leanings.

    Same as above.

    He ran away from home and my family, so it's not easy at all to know his views on politics. However, due to the fact that he is trans and ran away, a lot of my family members now hold some anti-trans views, especially my younger brother. (It really sucks that things went this way. It is an awful way of introducing trans people to my family.)

    He is a Republican, loves Capitalism and is very Anti-Communist. However, despite being a Republican, he is against Donald Trump, seeing him as too radical. Even though he likes Andrew Tate and Jordan Peterson. Culturally, he considers himself a conservative, even if he is a little moderate and misguided. He has also said some weird stuff about the industrial revolution. He said that it was a mistake and that we should go live in the woods instead. Even one time saying that he unironically wanted to be a monkey or ape. So I guess he's a bit of a Primitivist or even Primalist. I couldn't tell if he was joking. One time while watching American Psycho, he mentioned how he wished he was emotionless like Patrick Bateman. Which is quite concerning considering that Bateman was a sociopath. I worry for his mental health.

    She claimed to be a moderate, despite having some left wing values. Not only being against Trump, but having some welfare and culturally left wing views. I'm curious where she will be going in the future, as she enjoys watching Hasan, Vaush and John Oliver.

    I know next to nothing about my grandparents views. However, I do know that they support Donald Trump, are extremely Christian and that my grandpa was in the Navy.

    Same as above. (Except for the Navy, of course.)

    • Dog

    He was such a good boy. I miss him dearly.


    I don't know much about their politics, but they are definitely progressive and are LGBT themselves, as they are very queer and questioning their gender.

    A historian nerd in my 12th grade history class. He has stated many times that if he was alive during the American Revolution, he would have sided with Britain. Making him Pro-Monarchist and an American Loyalist. I also remember showing him the political compass and him saying he was at the top right blue section, making him AuthRight.

    (I don't have many friends 😅)

    My Political Journey

    (Constant views: //)

    > // > // > // > // > //

    : I was but a child and did not know what politics were. However I was generally progressive, supporting LGBT people and the environment, as well as not having a real sense of nationality. It wouldn't be until 2016 that I would first get into politics.

    //: Barack Obama was leaving office and the election was starting. It was Hillary vs Trump. Even though I didn't care much for Hillary, I hated Trump with a passion. Which is why it is a travesty that he won. I began missing Obama and didn't do too much politically other than hating Trump. This wouldn't start to change until after the next major election.

    //: I did not care much for Biden, but he wasn't Trump. I wasn't quite old enough yet and so I couldn't vote. But at the time, I would have voted for Biden. Months after the election was over, I began looking into the political compass and took it for fun. I landed in the LibLeft (of course) and decided to look into it. This began leading me to Social Democracy, Sweden and Bernie Sanders. At this point, I was learning what socialism was and began slowly falling down the rabbit hole.

    //: At this stage I finally let go of capitalism in favor of socialism. However, I was not yet a communist. I still believed in reform and still needed to to learn more theory. That all changed when I started learning more about Karl Marx and why capitalism can't be reformed.

    //: I've read a lot about Karl Marx and Libertarian Communism in general. At this point, I am a full on Communist. It was around this time where I started getting into philosophy like existentialism and was thinking about politics a lot. I would start to make an extensive list of theory I should read. A lot of which that has philosophies like Egoism.

    //: And me as of now. I have given into Egoism. However, unlike Stirner and Goldman, I have not given into Anarchism (yet). I am still very much figuring everything out and not everything fits perfectly together. I will continue to philosophize and ponder what actions should be taken next. Let's see where I'll go from here.


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