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    User:Chirotesla/Chirotesla Thought page old design

    This page may be subject to change.

    Chirotesla (new).png is an ideology which succeeded Chirotesla (new).png , economically Marketsoc.png left-wing (but pro-market), civically Statist.png moderate (leaning on Sec.png authoritarian), culturally Progconf.png centrist (in general), Pop.png populist, and Civnat.png nationalist. I have a strong focus on economics and working classes because I think that economic issues are matter.

    I'm strongly against Anprim.png anti-technologist, Awaj.png anarchist, Imp.png imperialist, Reactcross.png reactionary, and Ultraprogressivism.png radical progressive ideologies.

    I'm still somewhat same to Chirotesla (new).png . That's why I have to start refreshment of his ideology view.

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    The principle of Chirotesla

    Merit.png Meritocracy

    All people must have equal opportunity to fulfill their potential, and positions shall be appointed based on their merits rather than their identities (eg: genders, races, ethnics, etc).

    Pragmat.png Pragmatism

    We must focus on the practical or logical response. We must address problems with logical and practical approaches and solutions. We must reject or revise ideas that are utopian, unrealistic, unlogical, and unpractical.

    JewTheo.png An Eye for an Eye

    We must punish crimes based on punishments that fit on crimes with an "eye for an eye" being the guiding, but not absolute, principle behind the justice system.

    Humanismpix.png Modernism

    We must accelerate TranshAcc.png technological progression to lead people to prosperity. We must maintain our culture while progressing society to prosperity and modernity. It is important for a nation and society to develop.

    Nation.png Nationalism

    The nation should be free to govern itself and independent from outside interruption (self-determination). We should protect and promote the moral, spiritual, and humanistic values of our nation. We'll be proud of our nation for what they have achieved, but we should acknowledge our failures and mistakes. We must believe in Civnat.png inclusive form of nationalism CivCultNat.png that obeys to Liberty.png freedom, DvRespectful.png tolerance, Equality.png equality, and has no Ethno.png ethnocentrism. Unity and integrity are important for the nation because the nation will be able to maintain its existence and support it as a state or nation. That's why we must refuse to let arbitrary Ethnonat.png ethnics, Racenat.png races, RelNat.png religions, and UltraCultNat.png cultural divisions divide and tear the nation apart. People who oppose nationalism and patriotism will get recognized as self-haters or "people that are going against themselves".


    Statist.png Civically

    ⮡   See also: Direct Democracy, Republicanism, Freedom of Speech

    I'm civically centre-authoritarian. I support direct democracy and civil liberties. The government should represent the people.

    Unitary.png Unitary or Federal? Federal.png

    I belive that a moderate amount of federalism is way for me. Unitary government is always frequent inefficiency in solving internal problems. I'm against over-centralization government (just unitary) because it can't representative people as well. I believe that local government should exist, but they should have to follow national laws.

    Reform.png Reform or Revolution? Revolution.png

    I'm mixed between reform and revolution. In democratic society, I frequently prefer reformism. He also prefers revolution when situations is like (eg: Cuba under Batista dictatorship, etc). Bloodless revolution is preferable to bloody revolution.

    List of countries in need of revolution:

    Dem.png Democracy and Voting

    The government's duty is to serve the citizens it governs. The citizens will have the right to choose their leaders, decide laws, enact laws, etc. True democracy should be achieved through the sovereignty of people, there shall be direct law through democratically elected councils. Democratic councils will have the participation of citizens and function similarly to popular conferences and people's committees proposed to Gaddafi. Said councils will range from a short level (district) to the highest level (the national level). I support direct democracy. Direct democracy is when the citizens have sovereign rule. I oppose "liberal/representative" democracy because the ideals of liberal/representative democracy are nothing but dictatorial in essence and misrepresentation of the people. I support the right to vote. I believe that voters should be adult citizens.

    Liberty.png Civil liberties and Freedom of Speech FreeSpeak.png

    I believe in preservation of civil liberties and firmly support the freedom of speech. Free speech is almost absolute. Right to free speech shall not to get infringed. I despise the anti-hate speech law because I believe that they are discriminatory in nature and they enforce the woke agenda, as hate speech laws wish to protect certain groups from harm through safe spaces, the supremacists of said groups can take advantage of this and discriminate others not affected by those laws and get off scot-free without harm.

    I wish to do in order to implement freedom of speech act:

    • Protection of online privacy. (The government shouldn't be able to punish you, except you're part of an armed militant that tries to organize on Telegram or advocate violence and terrorism in general)
    • Repealment of most online hate speech laws that prohibit insulting/mocking other sexual orientations, etc.

    I also think that the safety of the people is important, which is why I support the national security. I'm against current cultural liberalism and economic liberalism and seeing them as degenerate.

    Equality.png Economics Markets.png

    ⮡   See also: Market Socialism, Social Georgism, Social Distributism, Keynesianism

    I'm economically left-wing ideology that has economics that comprise of a fusion between Marketsoc.png market socialism, SocDist.png social distributism, Socgeo.png social georgism, and Postkeynes.png post-keynesianism. I believe that workers must own the means of production through workers' cooperatives in a Marketsoc.png socialist market. I'm a supporter of the cooperative, strong welfare state, trade union, guild, economic democracy, balance between free trade and protectionism, and workers' self-management.

    I acknowledge the flaws of Cap.png capitalism and ML.png communism. However I believe that some good capitalists and some good communists exist. In generally speaking, I hate communism for creating a bigger government that could lead to totalitarianism, extensive bureaucracy, focusing on workers too much while not giving shit about economics, and not letting the minds of people walk free when it comes to production, and capitalism for allowing exploitative practices to exist.

    Planned.png Planned-Market Axis Markets.png

    I prefer a market in order to be efficient. Marketsoc.png Market socialism will be implemented as altenative to Statesoc.png planned socialism and Lfree.png market capitalism. Regulations are necessary in order to keep market humane. Co-ops would be encouraged them, but not forced. He thinks that multiple versions of a product are a good thing, as it will encourage a company to create better quality of products and that it will inspire innovation, which is good for the economy.

    Cooperative Socialism.png Workplace democracy/Workers' self-management

    I believe that workers must own the means of production through workers' cooperatives in Marketsoc.png socialist market. Workers will be encouraged to form their own cooperative, NOT force. The workers must not have the lowest level of control and they should have a notable control via democratic economic representation. The workers also must be able to decide how they are treated and how they want to operate the business. The workers also must be able to manage the enterprise through assemblies. The goal of the self-management is improving performance by granting workers greater autonomy in their day-to-day operations, boosting morale, and reducing alienation. That's I support workplace democracy and workers' self-management

    Welf.png Welfare

    I support the welfare state. I believe in a strong welfare state. I support free healthcare, but with multiple providers and all covered by taxes. I support welfare for the disabled people. I believe that one capable of working that refuses to do so should not expect society's support. I follow the quote "one who does not work, neither shall he eat" which was stated by Vladimir Lenin.

    Georgist.png Housing and Land Property.png

    There will be a mix of private and public enterprises. Public enterprises will include big businesses, major industries, any essential services, education, healthcare, energies, and public transportation. Those public enterprises will have guilds formed based on which category each of them fits into. Private property should be exist. Places like houses, some farms, and small/medium businesses should be private.

    Energy should be public and the state will begin transitioning to green energy. All other industries that produce carbon footprint should be forced to make the transition as well.

    I oppose landlord because he sees how landlordism puts property into the hand of a few elitists. The rent will be abolished. Housing will be given via guilds. I'm Georgist.png georgist.

    Markets.png Free trade-Protectionism Axis Protect.png

    I call myself a supporter of fair trade policy. I believe in a balance between free trade and protectionism. I oppose both free trade and autarky (closed economy) because I acknowledge the flaws of free trade and autarky (closed economy). I see how autarky (closed economy) always leads to economic stagnation (North Korea is an example of a country that adheres to closed economy) and how free trade allows exploitative practices to exist. Bad foreign influences should be encountered.

    Corp.png Corporations

    I believe that corporations should have no power over society because society isn't theirs to dictate. I strongly support the anti-trust law and breaking up the monopolies in line with the ideas of Theodore Roosevelt. Fair competition is a must and corpote monopolies must be broken.

    Trad.png Social Prgess.png

    ⮡   See also: Progressive Conservatism, Secularism, Interculturalism, Polyculturalism

    I'm culturally centrist in general. I'm lean on either side of the cultural spectrum depending on the any regions. I will be culturally conservative in the west, but I also will be culturally progressive in the third world. I advocate social equality and wants lead society to prosperity and advanced. I belive that progression and tradition are important. I have progressive aspects (eg: techological progression, legalization of soft drugs, respect for LGBT individuals, secularization, gender egalitarianism, anti-racism, removal of detrimental traditions, etc) and conservative aspects (eg: pro-family, anti-LGBT ideology, anti-sexual "liberation", preservation of non-detrimental traditions, etc). I support interculturalism and polyculturalism as alternative to assimilationism and multiculturalism because interculturalism allows cultural diversity. I fight against SJW.png SJW taking over the society and sees it as threat to modern society and hypocrite. Enby.png Gender fluid ideology, Intersec.png intersectionality, and SJW.png identity politics are also threat modern society and should be fought effectively. I reject Ultraprogressivism.png cultural extremism React.png and see it as inhumane. I also oppose both SJW.png the first world conservatism and React.png the third world conservatism. I support colorblind meritocracy which justifies every individual's merits rather than genders, ethnics, races, sexual orientations, etc.

    Mansphere.png Gender Fem.png

    I strongly support gender equality. I see sexism as very stupid idea. I belive that sexism should be eliminated effictively in order to secure the modern society. I strongly believe there are 2 genders (especially male and female). I believe that it should be illegal to abuse women or pay one more/less for their gender. There will be no wage gap between genders, or will be any so-called "patriarchy." I support the first and second wave of feminism.

    I oppose the notion that women must be homemakers (unless a baby is being raised) in addition to strict gender roles (but I don't want to abolish them).

    To me, the perfect combination is Confem.png conservative feminism (particularly in the west, without Karen style), SocFem.png socialist feminism, and PostColFem.png postcolonial feminism.

    RacismIcon.png Race

    I strictly believe that racism is evil and totally unacceptable in a civilized society. He believes people of all ethnic/race backgrounds should be treated with the same level of dignity and respect. I support racial egalitarianism and the principle of MLK.png Martin Luther King that people should not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their characters, and therefore wishes for a colorblind society.

    I strictly oppose Raceprog.png critical race theory and Intersec.png intersectionality, which I view them as American ideologies that have spread like viruses across the world. I believe that they have worsened race relations and are of themselves racist, as they constantly attempt to categorize people based on certain characteristics rather than viewing them as individuals, and with this, are judging people by skin color and not their character.

    Raceprog.png Critical race theory will be banned from being taught in schools or universities. I support the "colorblind" society where the people always justify other people's characters instead of their ethnic/race.

    Gay.png Bix.png Les.png Sexual orientations and LGBT Trans.png Enby.png Straight.png

    I approve the right to sexuality. People with different sexual orientations shouldn't be discriminated against in the society as long they are willing to keep their sexual orientations private. I view "it's right to mistreat people because of their sexual orientations" as unacceptable. I believe that being homosexual or bisexual is just natural. They shouldn't be discriminated because he believes in colorblind meritocracy. They shall have civil unions. I will only strongly recognize two genders, male and female. Gaccf.png Gender neopronouns and Xenofeminism.png xenogenders will be strongly discouraged and recognized as woke ideas. I wish to ban recognition of Xenofeminism.png any xenogenders and Enby.png gender neutral pronouns in any public places.

    For transgender issues, Sex reassignment surgery and hormone replacement will be allowed and trans people also will be allowed to identify as the gender what they wish to. I believe that there are gender dysphoria as the result of the mismatch between gender identity and sex at birth. I feel sympathy for transgender people and people with gender dysphoria. I want to expand access to gender-affirming healthcare, like sex reassignment surgery above age 18, and as long I can think. I strongly support gender-affirming healthcare for people with gender dysphoria, due to Truscum.png transmedicalism. However, I will ban people under 18 from transitioning and believe that sexual reassignment surgery should only be done on adults with regulations. Trans people will deserve recognition in official documents as well as free treatment, in case of gender dysphoria.

    In conclusion, I really hate people when they either treat LGBT people as Hfash.png literally gods Strans.png or Homophobia.png literally demons Transphobia.png. I view LGBT movement as pretty toxic and subversive because I feel that LGBT community is always being infested with SJW.png wokes. I oppose the LGBT ideology and sees it as harmful to the society. Statlib.png Hate speech against LGBT will be repealed in the western world and not to be implemented in non-western world. People should have right to Homophobia.png denounce/Gay.png respect LGBT community. I only know that there are three sexual orientations, especially Straight.png heterosexual, Bix.png bisexual, and Gay.png homosexual. I believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. I believe that heterosexuality should be promoted to protect the value of traditional family. Hcon.png LGBT Conservatism can be accepted and welcomed.

    Religious.png Religion

    I advocate total separation between religion and state. I oppose StateAth.png state-atheism because I see it as absolutely soulless. I extremely oppose Theocrat.png any form of theocracies because I see how theocratic laws can stifle progress, such as denying reproductive care for women, etc. I'm the supporter of Atheism.png anglo-secularism. Freedom of religion would be granted. Every individual should be able to worship. Cultism.png Any form of cults will be suppressed if they are a threat to modern society. PagTheo.png Paganism also will not be suppressed.

    I'm tolerant towards Christian/Buddhist/insert religion here democracy. He is neutral over culturally religion, but I personally accept Culchrist.png many Christian morals for topics regarding family, the environment, hedonism, to a degree. I'm also aware of some bad religious influences from religion, especially religious fanatics, who make their beliefs a bad name. He hates some religious people deny or reject the basic of science.

    I'm kind of distrustful of Muslim 2.png Islam due to its dominance by fundamentalists, and even Islamic Democracy.png moderate Islam has often been used as a facade for the promotion of extremist beliefs. I don't hate Muslims. Muslims should be able to practice their faith.

    Abort.png Abortion Abortion-icon.png

    I'm personally the supporter of pro-choice, but see hedonistic abortion or "muh abortion is human right!1!!!1!!1" as murder and calling it "infanticide". I view pro-choice as more practical to allow safe and legal access to abortion than to restrict it. When a mother bears a child that she can't support, that will burden the entire society.

    Despite I defend the right of mother to abort fetus, I want to reduce abortion incidence as well. Comprehensive sex education and affordable birth control are necessary for this to happen. After all, abortions should be safe, legal, and rare. Any pro-life people are allowed to express their pro-life views.

    Assimil.png Integration Multicult.png

    I support Intercult.png interculturalism as the alternative to Assimil.png assimilationism and Multicult.png multiculturalism because Intercult.png interculturalism allows cultural diversity. I see how Assimil.png assimilationist countries tend to be bigoted. Immigrants must learn our culture, values, and way of life, and adapt to it, but don't want them to abandon their previous culture, and thinks that foreign cultures can enrich ours if done in moderation.

    As for very diverse countries (eg: Indonesia, India, etc), I prefer polyculturalism and believe that everyone has their differences and that it will be hard to please all cultures, especially making a singular one official.

    Acidcomf.png Drugs

    I support legalization of soft drugs (like cannabis, etc) and illegalization of hard drugs. I wish to reduce use of drugs by encouraging society to stop use drugs. I believe that government should provide health program for drug addicts. The drug trafficking should be fought effectively. Despite I'm against hard drugs, I also believe that alcohol should be free.

    Transh.png Technology and Science Scientocracy Small.png

    I'm surprisingly almost far pro-technology on the technological spectrum/axis. I strongly support the progression of technology and science. I want to accelerate technology in order to make a better living standard and lead society to prosperity. I believe that technology will solve a lot of problems. I'm opposed to pseudo-science and believe that pseudo-science should be eliminated and disappeared.

    Corp.png Big tech Big Tech.png

    I'm against the most of big tech companies, seeing them as not only exploitative, tax evading, monopolistic, data thieves, but as tools for the SJW.png SJW/woke elites to gain power over the society. He believes that the power of technological advancement shouldn't belong to the elites because it can cause negative effects for society. He sees how those elites use the technology to dictate the society on their own terms as seen in big tech. They use technology to promote woke elements such as Gay.png LGBT pride, Trans.png transgender emojis, Xenofeminism.png xenogenderism, Enby.png gender non-binary "ideology", the abolishment of free speech, removal of Antisjw.png anti-woke individuals from their workplaces, removal of individuals who don't support woke agenda, and persecution of opposing opinions from their platfroms while allowing radical liberals to thrive. Therefore SJW.png SJW/Woke elites can gain power over society through that.

    I'm supporter of FDF-Pirate.png pirate politics, believing that the copyright is bad and supports the freedom of internet. I believe that laws should put people before corporations, and plan on making it illegal for corporations to get and steal personal information and data.

    To me, I wish to limit the power of the corrupt big tech elites:

    • The government will break up monopolies.
    • Implement Anti-monopolization laws.
    • Implement Anti-trust laws in line with the ideas of Theodore Roosevelt.
    • Implement digital service tax.
    • Create a "free speech act".
    • Create laws that protect the data of individuals.
    • Promote alternative social media platforms that counter the woke agenda and don't actively promote wokeness.
    • Create the policy of anti-corporate and pro-workers' cooperatives
    • Promote unionization and workers' cooperatives within the corporations.

    Ectrans.png Green technology

    I wish to get rid of pollutive sources and to get rid of carbon footprint by advocating technology such as solar, wind, and nuclear energy. In addition, I also support using technology for de-extinction (resurrection of extinct animals).

    Space-ball.png Space colonization

    As a long term goal, I want to make space colonization possible by creating space city base and terraforming planets. Space colonization is important to our humanity. Human can't survive in many years from now without colonizing space because Earth will run out of space and that people will have to move elsewhere.

    Envi.png Environment

    I support environmental protection. I wish to ban littering and sanction someone who has caught littering. I wish to keep the city clean. Climate change and global warming are both real and the biggest threat to humanity. I view climate change/global warming denial as stupid. I support environmental regulation and carbon tax. I strongly oppose fossil energy and want to replace them with nuclear energy/electric.

    World.png Foreign/Diplomatic views Nation.png

    ⮡   See also: Alter-Globalization, Civic Nationalism, Isolationism

    I'm Globnat.png alter-globalist. I want to work with other countries to build new technology and have good relations with the world. I'm also avoiding economic globalization and seeing it as harmful.

    I'm Civnat.png civic nationalist, being proud of the country, but still respecting and taking inspiration from others. I also oppose the most forms of nationalism, especially Ultranat.png ultranationalism, Ethnonat.png ethnic nationalism, Racenat.png racial nationalism, etc.

    Mil.png Military-Pacifism axis Pac.png

    I'm centrist on the axis between military and pacifism. I believe that military is needed to protect the nation from any threats. I oppose the stratocracies and the idea of military should be used to play role in invasion/unnecessarily entering foreign conflicts. I don't want to waste of money for military spending and dislike conscription. If country is at very dangerous situations, I will only endorse military spending more and conscription.

    World.png Foreign policy Isolationist.png

    I support the national self-determination. I wish to get rid of Imp.png imperialism in order to make humanity better. I'm Isolationist.png moderate isolationist and opposing Necon.png interventionism, but I'm pro international cooperation. I believe that intervention is only necessary in cases such as a country struggling fight against Imp.png imperialism (counter-imperialism), a country commiting genocide (eg: Nazi Germany committed genocide against people Nazis consider inferior), etc.


    I want to make society prosperous by progressing technology, supporting environmentalism, creating more new jobs, improving living standards, and encouraging them to innovate. I want to create a developed society while preserving culture and non-detrimental traditions. I want to end climate change and global warming by progressing technology, discovering new technology, and protecting the environment. I want to strive for colorblind meritocratic society where every individual's merits will be judged instead of religion, race, ethnic, sexual orientation, gender, and any other factor.

    Flag and How to draw it

    Ideology flag

    Flag of User:Chirotesla/Chirotesla Thought page old design
    1. WIP
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red #ec1d26 236, 29, 38
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255


    Chirotesla is often pretty friendly. He often speaks softly and politely. He oftens does not care about each other's political views in real life, any PCB wikis, and other wikis. He is pretty Pragmat.png pragmatist and rejecting ideas that are very utopian, such as Awaj.png anarchism, Commie.png communism (I think that stateless classless moneyless society seems unrealistic to get achieved), and more. He oftens being enraged when coming across SJW.png any pink ideologies. He sees pink ideologies (like SJW.png SJW, Pinkcap.png Pink Capitalism, etc) as degenerate and a threat to modern society. He can be more friendly towards moderate pink ideologies (like PCB-Sjwliteicon.png SJW-Lite, etc). He also can accept Hcon.png LGBT Conservatism. He is also sometimes enraged when coming across reactionary ideologies (like feudalism, anti-enlightenment, reactionarism, etc). He sees reactionary ideologies as inhumane and scary. He also sometimes gets being uncomfortable towards unironic Reactcross.png reactionaries and Fash.png fascists. He can be friendly towards Conservative.png conservatives when they are not extreme, but he hates traditionalism as ideologically in general. He dislikes Libtard.png modern liberalism and sees it as degenerate. Honestly, he views people's character content instead of their political views (such as conservative, fascist, tankie, pink cap, etc).

    Difference between Chirotesla/Chirotesla Thought page old design and Chirotesla2x.png Chiroteslaism


    Chirotesla Thought's Family Tree


    Soc.png SocialismClib.png Classical LiberalismGeorgist.png GeorgismSocdem.png Social DemocracyNation.png NationalismLib.png LiberalismProg.png ProgressivismConservative.png Conservatism
    Marketsoc.png Market SocialismSocgeo.png Social GeorgismCivnat.png Civic NationalismProgconf.png Progressive Conservatism
    Chirotesla (new).png


    Monkeyzz-Enlightenment.png Enlightenment Enlightnenment.png:

    • Marketsoc.png Market Socialism - LITERALLY ME! my praxis economic view. I believe that planned socialism is always bounding to fail.
    • Consocf.png Conservative Socialism - a based conservative leftists against the degenerate woke imperialist capitalists and neolibs!
    • Georgist.png Georgism - the best form of capitalism who taught me how evil is landlords! LAND IS FOR ALL PEOPLE! YES DUDE WE SHALL GIVE ALL LANDLORDS MAO ZEDONG TREATMENTS!
    • Distributist.png Distributism - your economic view is very closer for my view. Cool!
    • Leftpop-0.png Left-Wing Populism - KUASA UNTUK RAKYAT!!!
    • Republicanismpix.png Republicanism - Based system! Long live republic!
    • Monkeyzz-Enlightenment.png Enlightenment Enlightnenment.png - Enlightenment is MEGABASED!
    • Intercult.png Interculturalism & Civnat.png Civic Nationalism - BASED! BROTHERHOOD AND UNITY! Nationalism is enlightenment ideal! I refuse to let arbitrary ethnic, racial, religious, and cultural divisions divide and tear the nation apart. YESS DUDE WE F*CK Racenat.png RACISTS Ethnonat.png!
    • Progconf.png Progressive Conservatism - my exact social views! Progression and tradition are important! We must conserve past glory things and progress to the brighter future! Yes I lean on either side of the cultural spectrum depending on the any regions.
    • Fem.png Feminism & Menslib.png Men's Liberation - I defend both you! I'm an advocate for TRUE gender equality! the sexism shall perish if both man and woman respect one another like how they wish to get being respected. I feel that some of your followers take it a bit too far sometimes. Womans are human too! man are human too! They shall have equal rights and respects.
    • Ecosoc.png Eco-Socialism - socialism + environmentalism = the perfection!
    • Eccon.png Eco-Conservatism - We should care about the climate change issues while preserving non-detrimental traditions!
    • FreeSpeak.png Freedom of Speech - Free speech is based! censorship against free speech is bad! censorship against free speech by woketards is cringe!
    • Atheism.png Anglo-Secularism - we need to separate religion from the state! but we shouldn't separate religion from the society. Plus, I'm doubtful about culturally religion, but I personally accept many Christian morals.
    • Directdem.png Direct Democracy - Chad! True democracy should be achieved through the sovereignty of people! "Liberal/representative" democracy are nothing but dictatorial in essence!
    • Burgsys.png Burgundian System (Joke) - GAMING MOMENTO! This ideology is very based! Troll.png
    • Polpot.png Pol Potism (Joke) - GAMING MOMENTO! Based gamer against intellectuals and glasses! ANTI-GLASSES GANG!

    Yes.png Based:

    • Dsa.png Democratic Socialism - based, this is me. However, you need to be a bit more revolutionary. Revolutionary DemSoc seems interesting...
    • Prgess.png Classical Progressivism - Yes! Enlightenment, secularism, technological progress, and social equality are great idea. True progressiveness. it is perfect for the third world! yeah western/wokeist progressive is pseudo-progressive, not real progressive!
    • Technocracy.png Technocracy - good, but there should be an election.
    • Positivism.png Positivism - Positive Factual, Empiricism, Scientific Methodology!
    • Transh.png Transhumanism - ummm interesting... Technology is indeed cool. but POSTHUMANISMICON.png Post-Humanism is very scary and unrealistic.
      • Soctrans.png Socialist Transhumanism - umm that's good! plus, we should open market!
      • Ectrans.png Technogaianism - we should use green technology to protect the environment. Bright green environmentalism is the best way to protecc the Earth!
    • Auth-AntiTot.png Auth-Anti Totalitarianism - yeah I'm leaning on authoritarian left. of course we need strong state to fight against totalitarianism! yeah totalitarianism corrupts the spirit of human!


    • Left-Panc.png Left-Pancaslia - based! Soekarno was based!
    • Tito.png Titoism - my inspiration! me, but authoritarian. united people regardless ethnics/races, defeated fashoids and nazis in Yugoslavia, created non-aligned movement which is neutral over west and east block, market socialism, and welfarism? What can I say except "megabased"? Please cool down with the IMF loans.
    • Kemal.png Kemalism - replaced old absolute monarchy with republic state, industrialized Turkey, secularism, populism, and science? What can I say except "megabased"?
    • Sukarno.png Marhaenism - Soekarno was based against imperialism and colonialism although he is too economically left for my taste!
    • Hochi.png Ho Chi Minh Thought - freed Vietnam from Fr*nch Imperialists, Japs, and Americans? What can I say except "megabased"? Yes Fr*nch empire deserved to get collapsed. You've inspired the global anti-imperialism. LONG LIVE UNCLE HO! BASED!
    • Nordmodel.png Nordic Model - seems good economics! I'm sympathetic towards you.

    Kinda Yes.png Kinda based:

    • Patcon.png Paternalistic Conservatism - good for a moderatist if I'm more economically left than you. You need to be more economically left and tough.
    • Liberalsoc.png Liberal Socialism - meh liberal but not really fan of liberalism! A fellow workplace democracy enjoyer! sadly, most of this ideology followers are krinj, such as Vaush, AOC, etc. Mandela is based. This is tolerable libtard here. Don't be confused me with you.
    • Sorelia.png National Syndicalism - Trade unions, nationalism, and non-detrimental traditions are based. Wait! a lot of this ideology followers are mostly extreme conservative, fascist, and ultranationalist. Shame that most syndies are anarchist rather than this ideology.
    • GeoSynd.png Geosyndicalism - I agree with your economics. please stop hanging with anarchists and extreme libertarians.
    • Hcon.png LGBT Conservatism - we should conserve non-detrimental traditions. I believe that the homosexuals and bisexuality should be 100% legal. You shouldn't be discriminated against in the society. You shall have civil unions instead of marriage. Shame that many of your adherents are Necon.png fucking neocon. That's we SHOULD separate this ideology from Necon.png fucking neocon scum.

    Centrist-yellow.png Bringe:

    • Soccap.png Social Capitalism - probably good form of capitalism! Shame that you are not capitalism's dominant model. Also f*cking shame that Neolib.png this ultimate abomination is already capitalism's dominant model I think.
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - good economics if you're too moderate for me and not far enough as leftism, but MANY OF YOUR ADHERENTS are cringe. Modern Socdem is really krinj. Jacobo Arbenz and Mohammad Mosaddegh are truly based socdems. Sadly, you're fallen because many of your adherents do nothing, but serve the neoliberal elites and the wokes.
    • Clib.png Classical Liberalism - ummm that's good idea. Washington and enlightenment philosophers were very based. But it's still outdated now. There is a founder of capitalism called Adam Smith who was the follower of Classical Liberalism (although Adam Smith opposes landlords which was based). Shame that modern liberalism is pretty degenerate and corrupted by wokes. Nah I'm not fan of economic liberalism. Overall it is still far better than modern liberalism.
    • Gay.png LGBTism - please don't be too flamboyant, and you have a deal. I still support the family values. plus, Hcon.png LGBT Conservatism are tolerable except neocons.
    • Prog.png Progressivism - good ideas for the third world. yeah detrimental traditions need to be reformed or abolished! Plus, hard drugs should be illegal. I believe that progress is needed in order to be more open minded society and to advance. You go too far by rejecting the cultural values. Yes dude we f*ck React.png reacucktionarism!
    • Conservative.png Conservatism - We should maintain some cultural values in order to keep morality, history and non-detrimental traditons, but you go too far by rejecting progress. Please stop hanging with cappies.
    • Thar.png Anti-Authoritarianism - based against totalitarianism! but a lot of your followers are unironic extreme libertarians and anarchists is bad.
    • LeftNazbol.png (Left) National Bolshevism - Nazbol Gang! Nazbol Gang! Nazbol Gang! Troll.png Joke aside, you're too extreme for me, but you piss neolib and pinkcap off! That's based things. Literally radical version of consoc! but I still rather you against pinkcap. You're also a fellow left-nationalist as well.
    • Laicism.png Laicism - separating between religion and state is alright, but you go too far by separating between religion and society.
    • Altl.png Alt-Lite - still better than Altr.png fuckers, but nationalism, preservation of non-detrimental traditions, and conservatism are based. I like how you denounce SJW.png SJW. However, climate change denial, anti-socialism, and extreme misogyny are cringe.

    Kinda No.png Kinda cringe:

    • Jack.png Jacobinism - you taught me secularism, republicanism, and egalitarianism. but please be calm down and less extreme.
    • ML.png Marxism-Leninism - honestly, this is cringe as ideologically. I would give credit for you because I like how you improved conditions after ousting monarchs and right-wing dictators. but still long terms, this ideology will cause economic stagnant which is not good.

    No.png Cringe:

    • Cap.png Capitalism - No! The capitalist system always allows exploitative practices and degeneracies in the name of the profit.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - Sh*t exploitative system! what a sinful, globalist, elitist, and imperialist ideology that has treaded on every countless nations' self determination and caused despair to the poor of both the nation and the world through your economic globalization and mass of privatazation. I could go on and on about how retard you are, but I'll leave that to my based friends in this wiki.
    • Necon.png Neoconservatism - Stop pointless war and interventionism! almost same as neolibtard. Please read meaning of democracy in dictionary or internet.
    • LeftCom.png Left Communism - ultra leftism? ngl very cringe ultroids. You're really disgrace to chad leftists!
    • React.png Reactionarism - No
    • Ultraprogressivism.png Revolutionary Progressivism - bruh too far! very cringe! We'll cancel you before you cancel us!
    • Christy.png Muslim 2.png Hind.png Bud.png JewTheo.png Theocracies - No
    • Jihad.png Jihadism - gtfo Islamic terrorists! stop using religion to terrorise everywhere!
    • Hedonism-cloud.png Hedonism - yeah I support civil liberties, but this ideology is abomination because it could lead society to degenerate by endorsing very individualism, etc.
    • Libfem.png Liberal Feminism - yes I advocate gender equality, but I found you are abomination because your very individualism. So you want to destroy the family values.
    • Ethnonat.png Ethnic Nationalism, Racenat.png Racial Nationalism, and RelNat.png Religious Nationalism - No! I will never let ethnonats, racenats, or relnats to divide the unified nation! Civnat.png Civic Nationalism go brrrrr!
    • Ethplur.png Ethnopluralism - dividing nation based on ethnicities? Cringe!


    DvSupremacy.png Megacringe:

    • SJW.png Western/Modern/SJW Progressivism - sh*t f*cker degeneracies who have ruined the good name of progressivism! you're more like pseudo-progressivist! you're also reason why people have lost respect for the LGBT. Stop thread on the freedom of speech!
    • Pinkcap.png Pink Capitalism - Very degenerate! neoliberal capitalism elitism + intersectional = ultimate abomination. You must be eradicated in order to save humanity!
    • Statlib.png State Liberalism - LITERALLY CALIFORNIA! LITERALLY CANADA!
    • PCB-AnQueer.png Queer Anarchism - Woke + Anarchism = utterly abomination!
    • Post-Genderism.png Postgenderism - The stuff of nightmares...
    • Cybercap.png Cybercapitalism - I hate you! Stop holding back technology, science belongs to humanity, NOT your greedy corporate. Open source programming and public technical education are extremely important to a healthy and productive society, and removing it for your personal and unearned gain is awfully egoistic. You want to prevent people from knowing how what they use functions, on purpose, genuinely disgusts me. We need to destroy Neolib.png this ultimate abomination before it is too late. Technology belongs to the people! DEATH TO GAFA! You're the biggest enemy to the humanity and need to get eradicted in order to save humanity! You'll likely result in Ford.png this utterly abomination. (I agree with 's stance against it)
    • Ford.png Fordism - this is absolutely dystopian 🤮. This is just hell for everyone. OMG THIS IS WAY TO KILL MYSELF AFTER READING FORDISM PAGE. Nah I'm unironically want to execute all people who want to make brave new world reality. I rather support neo-nazis against you!
    • Hmind.png Hive-Mind Collectivism - absolutely dystopian! I don't wanna to join your gang!
    • Avar.png Avaritionism - what a pure selfishness...
    • Obj.png Objectivism - the biggest slut woman I've seen. The Soviet Union should killed her before she escape to the USA.

    NOTES: This is strictly about Chirotesla's opinions on other users' ideologies, NOT personalities.

    Yes.png Based:

    Share a lot of common views with Chirotesla Thought.

    • Chirotesla (new).png - Actually me! I need to start fresh of my ideology cuz this wiki was very slow as hell that could make me have hard access to my ideology page. I've gone rebirth ngl. Now, I'm still somewhat similar to you!
    • Novoscarlet.png Novoscarletism - Megabased ideology, but I have minor different things for you, especially stance on abortion. I agreed with your stance on Cap.png capitalism and ML.png communism.
    • EvolvedPSP.png Evoluder Lelouchism EvolvedPSP2.png - very based ideology and nice person. same as above.
    • EvolvingSoc.png Evolutionary Socialism - very based ideology. yeah we were both social democrat formerly. We are both marketsoc now :)
    • YoriModel.png Yori Model - Ummm very based ideology. almost same as above!
    • PATS.png Pan-Asian Tridemism with Socialist Characteristics - almost similar ideals for me! Anti-imperialism, market socialism, and nationalism are based. Some differences are that you're too authoritarian, dirigisme, anti-LGBTQ, and stance on abortion.
    • Uzarashvilism.png Uzarashvilism - based! Some differences are that you're too supportive of multiculturalism, agrarianism, and too culturally progressive.

    Kinda Yes.png Kinda based:

    Are leaning positive.

    • Bmanthought.png Bman thought - your economy view is too extreme for my taste. Communism and planned economy are not my taste. I have minor different things for you in social view, especially stance on abortion and LGBT. I will have explanation about your ideology if your page is finished. Nah, your old ideology is more based for me than your new ideology. I heard that you have gone being traditional.
    • Cflski.png Celfloskism.pngCelfloskyismCflski (general).png - good economics if you're too economically right. your social view is fine (cuz you've gone more conservative, which is based for me) and your civic view is based. I believe that trans is not gender. I know you want to respect other culture. I think interculturalism is must because it allows diversity, but polyculturalism is also good for any countries which are very diversity. Utopianism, Chiang Kai Shek, Western-style progressivism, youth politic, and military interventionism are cringe ngl. At least you can accept me because I dislike Chiang Kai Shek.
    • LairiCelfloskism.png Chiroteslaism-Celfloskism - you're slightly better than Celfloskism, but you still like military interventionism, youth politics, and utopianism. That's cringe ngl.
    • NeoArctoismIcon.png Neo-Arctoism - We both have some similar beliefs. Some differences are that you're too civically liberal, anti-anti-colonialist, and economically right for my taste. Your social view is good-bringe (not much as based) if it is too anti-LGBT. Although georgism, market, environmentalism, interculturalism, gender equality, family values, and welfare are based. Of course, we both hate SJW.png those mortal fuckers. well, goodbye :(
    • Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup Thought - Mostly good ideas regarding economics, environment and more, but you're too libertarian and culturally progressive for my taste. Your social view is rather cringish-cringe, but it has some good ideas for me. Just drop libertarianism and become progcon plz, then your ideology would be megabased.
    • TonyNew.png South Floridan Socialism - based economics, technology views, and georgism, but your social views caused me to put you in this section because I dislike cultural individualism. I am not sure how I dislike your South Floridan separatism.

    Centrist-yellow.png Bringe:

    Some based parts and some cringe parts.

    • Ultra-Chirotesla.png Ultra-Chiroteslaism - you have good ideas, but you're too extreme. Plus, calm the fuck down, and ochlocracy and communism are cringe
    • TAM icon.png Third Aquarian Model -
    • Fiat.png F.I.A.T - Fascism, autarky, xenophobia, autocracy, ultranationalism, and imperialism are cringe. You're too authoritarian and economically right for my taste. Your economic view is bringe. Although transhumanism and science are good. At least, you dislikes racism and SJW. I know your ideology is quite old. You've turned into Technototball.png Technototalitarianism now...
    • Technototball.png Technototalitarianism - Totalitarianism, command economy, ultranationalism, and fascism are cringe. Your economic view is bringe and too right for me. I'm not fan of your social view, but gender equality, racial equality, and secularism are based. Your social view is too conservative for me. Although transhumanism and science are good. We both hate Altr.png this fuckers and like egalitarianism and technocracy.
    • TheIced.png Icedism - Too economically right for my taste, but based georgism. I don't like the concept of free market. I believe that market should be regulated in order to keep it humane. Too civically libertarian for my taste, but direct democracy is based. Social view is fine (although more feasible when it's on the third world). Transhumanism is also good. Globalism is cringe (atleast you opposed ultranationalism and interventionism). overall decent Trollsome.png trollsome economics and based anti-landlordist gang! Trollsome.png gang!
    • Tony.png Retroliberalism - glad Tony567 finally back to original ones! you're getting more based for me :D your economic view is bringe if it is too economically right for my taste. You social view is cringish if it is too culturally left/progressive for my taste because progressivism in the first world is cringe. Overall meh ideology.
    • Template:NameQuarkism - A bit too economically right and too culturally far-left for my taste. Social Corporatism is fine. Hating environment is not good idea. State Atheism is also cringe. Bruh you're already imperialist because I heard that you've said "Rational Imperialism is based" in discord. That's very cringe. Technocracy, transhumanism, technological advancement, georgism, welfarism, civic nationalism, and populism are based, however.
    • OwfBall.png Owfism - Not bad economics, but late stage of your ideology's economic view is hella based. Based technology views and pragmatism, but cringe anti-nationalism and libertarianism. Your social view is really too progressive for my taste.

    Kinda No.png Kinda cringe:

    Almost major cringe parts.

    • Corplibswap.png Left Corporatocracy - Honestly, Corporatocracy is very vomiting 🤮, but you have fine social views. Also based market, environmentalism, and democracy. yes finally, you dumped your old sh*tty ideology Tony.
    • Nourishism.png Caressism Caressism.png - cringish to cringe economic view, but market is based. Anti-georgism, economic globalism, and letting big corporations do their crap? no no no! they are krinj. Scientific researchment is based. I would think that you can't have social equality using welfare while letting big corporations do their crap. Your societal view is ehhh, but it is too progreesive for my taste and cringe theocracy. I believe that every irreligious people shouldn't be forced to be religious. Atleast you respect other religions. Bruh, your identity axis is intersectional in the DozenValues, which is very cringe. I rather secularism which supports separation between religion and state. Utopianism is cringe in my opinion.
    • Beryism.gif Beryism - Chicago school of economics and anti-populism are cringe ngl. Your social view is too progressive for my taste. Your civic view is too libertarian for my taste ngl. Civic nationalism, patriotism, semi-direct democracy, anti-imperialism, market, georgism, international co-operation, non-interventionism and anti-NATO are good. We both agree that EU needs reforms.
    • MATTball.png American Social Democracy - Your economic view is really moderate, but it fail to compensate with your hedonism, anti-nationalism, and liberalism. Your social view is cringe, but it has some good parts. Sham, you openly believe that NATO should exist. That's cringe. Although non-interventionism, free speech, gun right, fair-trade, welfarism, and opposition to economic austerity are all based. NOTES: I only judge your ideology only, NOT your personality.

    No.png Cringe:

    Mostly cringe parts.

    • Inlairitian(new).png Inlairitianism - I used to be extremely krinj, very individualist, and overly serious when I first entered Politic and studied about only economic view (eg: communism, socialism, capitalism, etc). Thank god, I transitioned out of that phase.
    • Heinrich.png Heinrich-Cheungism - Honeslty, your ideology is megacringe... I disagree with your major parts. Trollsome gang! Trollsome.png
    • AnbunWar.png - Anarchism, postgenderism, anti-humanism, xenofeminism, nihilism, egoism, and your social view are cringe. Plus, communism is not my taste. Scored 97.1% on the respectful scale on DozenValues. That's just intersectionality, which is very krinj for me. That's your ideology is really very woke and degenerate for me. You hates markets, which is sad. Syndicalism, anti-colonialism, transhumanism, and environmentalism are good.
    • Ultro.png LordCompost86 - WIP

    DvSupremacy.png Mortal Cringe:

    HUGE NO!

    • NguyenreichismIcon.png Bruhman Thought - your social view is cringe, but your economic view is too left for me and your civic view is also too libertarian for me. you've called me fake socialist. nah very cringe ultroid... You're also the most typical ultroid I've seen. Hence I put you in this section.
    • Councilguy2.png Post-Councilism - Egoism, nihilism, illegalism, anti-economiscs, and post-Civ? HUGE NO! Your social view is cringe. But you called me pseudo-environmentalist. That's very cringe.
    • Palos.png Palostiusism - HOLY SHIT! GET OUTA FROM INTERNET! AHHH SEXIST ORWELLIAN SOYBOY! I'm sure you're 100% larper!
    • Kirakween.png Kira Kween Thought - ewww total degenerate who like degeneracy 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 very cringe anarchism!
    • Unbanmeball.png Sabkvism - very disgusting page! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 what a heresy! Opressing people by your disgusting theocrat ideology. You want to push people to an absolute hell. You're just an another type of Satan. I'll destroy you. Thanks God, you were quited by your founder anymore...


    Test Results



    National Geo-Market Socialism (simplified version)

    National Geo-MarketSoc fixed.png
    Exterminate all elites and wokeism will vanish

    Chirotesla killing wokeism.png
    Made by GeneralGanyu2/ShowaShogun

    Chirotesla by Ganyu.png

    Further information


    • A Cure for Capitalism by Richard D. Wolff (still reading)
    • The Green Book by Muammar al-Qaddadi (still reading)
    • Why Socialism? by Albert Einstein (Planned)
    • Luck Egalitarianism (Planned)





    If you want to ask me, please talk in my user talk page. It is feel free to ask Q&A :D

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