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    For everyone, please watch THIS because it is very real.

    Recently, I stole a Bugatti Chiron from a car dealer. I put a Wave Motion Gun on my Bugatti Chiron. I WMG-ed a bunch of immature pcbm-tards in a speed of 300 mph.

    Hello everyone! It is the final goodbye that I have to say. The online politics can really impact the mental health of a person. My friends like Scarlet, Nuoh, etc have already made their departure thanks to online politics. I myself too haven't been pleasant here.

    I originally found this place as fun and interesting. I thought that I could've made really good friends community wide and that I would have a fun time, but over a year later, that promise was broken. After PCBA miraheze was here, I originally shared my ideological thoughts by creating my self-insert page. I also created fictional ideologies based on my imagination. Now, what has this hellhole become?

    This community is basicially rotten to shit because it is full of immature fucks, political edgelords who will not last a day in whatever bullshit they advocate for, and other inconveniences generally speaking. It doesn't make sense to sit here. As for the political edgelords,

    1. They suck off to the worst tyrants in history (ex: Stalin, Hitler, and other tyrants).
    2. They call themselves the correct prophets and always attack anyone who agrees or disagrees with them like a religious zealot.
    3. As further as I can think...

    To anyone who's sane, I advise you should ignore an immature fucks and toxic political edgelords, leave this dumpster fire, or not fall into the trap of political edginess if you want to stay there. Several people who were initially decent have become insane because of this community. So you all deserve way better than this.

    To anyone who has lost faith in this dumpster and has been mad in it, I hope you all deserve to get better and your mental health deserves to get improved too. To anyone who was almost to commit suicide or always getting stressed because of political ramblings and this dumpster, I seriously pray that Nikocado Avocado won't outlive you and you will get a thousand of betterments.

    To all the godamn political edgelords, I will say being edgy isn't a political ideology. If you actually seek the attention, you all are too busy projecting or changing your ideology because you want to get the attention from every internet user. Stop getting the politics/ideology from Paradox Interactive games (such as HOI4 TNO, etc). Stop offending a sane internet users who have their older relatives that were a victim of tyrants (such as Stalinist USSR, Nazi Germany, etc). Please get serious beliefs and follow your own beliefs consistently. My conclusion to all the political edgelords, You should go outside, touch grass, be nice to the people and make friends, or spend time with your friends! I'm not your parents. I'm not your teacher.

    If you're the type of person that attacks random people for having a different opinions, fuck you.

    Also, please watch this because it is very real.

    I'll be glad when this hellhole finally dies. Goodbye. Selamat Tinggal. Adiós. Tot Ziens. 再见. Auf Wiedersehen. さようなら. Arrivederci. <inserts an image of goodbye in multiple languages>

    This user is inactive

    Message edited: 19 December 2022 16:00 GMT
    Inserted here: 13 February 2023 14:09 GMT

    Hall of Hoes, you don't deserve the internet and you don't deserve anything

    To the goddamn edgelords, LARPy retards, terminally online brats, and the motherfucking toxic shits who I listed here. You made life hell for my friends. Here's a tip: Touch more grass, beach sand, rock, and sea water. While I know I'm not always innocent, it's just you acting at being who you are: a cunt. You'll all a cunt who don't deserves the tiniest pinch of respect from me, you fucking nutter.

    • Most of the people from the PCBMH server - You guys like to be cunt to anyone you simply disagree for no good reason because muh being cunt to everyone I meet is so funny!!! Grow the fuck up please. You nutter assholes are the reason why my friends left this place. The autistic four are the worst offenders. If you know who you are: subhuman brat, get the fuck outa now!
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