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    Revision as of 11:16, 14 June 2024 by ChemistryLove (talk | contribs)

    Contributions in weekdays will mostly be consisted of minor edits (I seriously need a time machine)


    • Korean
    • English
    • Japanese (forgot some)
    • German


    Especially interested in:

    • Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Mathematics
    • Philosophy
    • World History
    • Politics


    Political Journey:
    Classical Liberalism (////)-> Social Liberalism (////) -> Social Democracy (////) -> Democratic Socialism (////) -> Centrist Marxism (////) -> Council Communism (////)-> Marxism-Leninism (////)

    Supporting parties:

    South Korea

    • Progressive Party
    • Labor Party
    • People's Democracy Party (if they ditch those bullshit conspiracy theories)

    My political test results (not updated):

    | InfValues

    | SixTriangles

    | AltValues

    | Political Compass

    | Ideosorter

    | LiberationValues

    | 8values

    | 8dreams

    | SapplyValues

    | PolitiScales

    | DozenValues


    This user is based.
    "It seems my presence has lead to some controversy."
    This user is Portuguese
    "Totally not from Bangladesh!"
    This user is AuthUnity.
    "I swear I'm not nazi! Sieg heil!"
    This User is an ENFP.
    "Fuck You Don't tell Me what to do!!"
    This user is Authoritarian.
    "Law and order!"
    This user is an Anarchist
    "Smash the state! and the shower"
    This user is a Corporatist
    "Class collaboration and third positionism"
    This user believes animals to be equal to humans
    "Balls are creatures, so why should we treat creatures differently? I have no fucking clue how biology works"
    This user is an Egoist.
    "The people are dead! Good-day, Self!"
    This user is a Feminist
    "My body, my choice!"
    This user is a Georgist.
    "Free Land, Free Trade, Free People."
    This user is Populist.
    "Piss off, establishment!"
    This user is Post-Left
    This user is a technocrat.
    "The experts can't be wrong, right?"
    This user is asexual.
    "What do we want? WORLD DOMINATION!"
    This user is Transgender
    "For my next trick, I’m gonna make my chromosomes disappear!"
    This user has been around since 2019.
    "I feel old."
    This user is Esoteric
    "I swear I'm not LARPing."
    This user hates moderators.
    "Proceeds to cause a mess and get his IP banned."
    This user has ADHD.
    "Can't focus on anything for more than 2 fucking seconds!"
    This user is a Biden supporter.
    "Cornpop is a BAD dude!"
    This user is Buddhist
    "Have good karma!"
    This user is a Bureaucrat.
    "I have no life."
    This user is a Content Moderator.
    "Page go bye bye."
    This user is known for censorship of comments.
    "More like male to cringey female
    (Comment by JoeyFloppa, Edited by SumisuAirisu)"
    This user is a centrist.
    "Smash the vegans and fuck extremists!"
    This user is fat.
    "I'll have two number nines..."
    This user is Jewish
    "Oh, baby, you like that? You like how Abraham almost sacrificed his only son?"
    This user is a strong believer in mainstream or conventional ideas.
    This user is defending property rights.
    "My property is my God, my property is my religion."
    This user actually believes the earth is four and a half billion years old.
    "I swear you can actually trust a uranium date!"
    This user is a Shinto believer.
    This user is a Erdoğan supporter
    "Bay Bay Kemal"
    This user is a Hedonist
    "I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it."
    This user is an Existentialist
    "And those who were seen dancing were deemed insane by they who were deaf to the music."
    This person actually thinks the Earth is a flat disk.
    "There is NO universal gravitational force!"
    This user is a Tridemist.
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