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    Why is my life more miserable after the exam


    • Korean
    • English
    • Japanese (forgot some)
    • German


    Especially interested in:

    • Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Mathematics
    • Philosophy
    • World History
    • Politics

    Random TMIs

    • I think Nietzsche is the worst philosopher in world history.


    Political Journey:
    Classical Liberalism (////)-> Social Liberalism (////) -> Social Democracy (////) -> Democratic Socialism (////) -> Centrist Marxism (////) -> Council Communism (////)-> Marxism-Leninism (////)

    Supporting parties:

    South Korea

    • Progressive Party
    • Labor Party
    • People's Democracy Party (if they ditch those bullshit conspiracy theories)

    My political test results (not updated):

    | InfValues

    | SixTriangles

    | AltValues

    | Political Compass

    | Ideosorter

    | LiberationValues

    | 8values

    | 8dreams

    | SapplyValues

    | PolitiScales

    | DozenValues


    This user is ChemistryLove.
    "On the road to liberation, under the flag of progress"
    This user is a Leftist.
    This user is Socialist
    "The proletariat is equal!"
    This user is a communist.
    "Tankers Workers of the world, unite!"
    This user is a Marxist.
    "Workers of the world, unite!."
    This user is a Marxist-Leninist.
    "Science, Worldview, and... That WAS real socialism!!!"
    This user has read political theory and knows what they’re talking about.
    "Your opinion isn’t valid if you haven’t read the Fascist Marxist ████████ Stalinist Pinochetist Literally 1984 Mises Book of Political Theory!"
    This user has high Equality scores.
    This user thinks the SPD should have stayed the fuck out of the November Revolution.
    "Es lebe die USPD!"
    This user is Asian.
    "Welcome to the rice fields, motherfucker!"
    This user likes cats.
    "Cats can be petted"
    This user is a Progressive.
    This user is Environmentalist.
    "Save the trees or I'll break both your knees!"
    This user actually believes the earth is four and a half billion years old.
    "I swear you can actually trust a uranium date!"
    This user is an Internationalist
    "May we all prosper together"
    This user opposes religion as a whole
    "This would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion in it."
    This user joined in 2023.
    "What a completely normal year."
    This user is transhumanist.
    This user is an atheist.
    "There is no sky daddy!"
    This user is an INTP
    "The man of science."
    This user unironically believes in the evolution of the species.
    "The dinosaurs came alive, and it was millions of years ago."
    This user has high Coordination scores.
    "Seriously, 23 soup brands???"
    This user has high Inclusivity scores.
    "You're a cute and valid helicopter!"
    This user is Pro-Choice
    "Fetus Deletus!"
    This user is a Feminist
    "My body, my choice!"
    This user uses the metric system.
    "10, 100, 1000, 100…"
    This user is a LeftUnity
    "Oh, Stalinist, can't you see? You're standing in the way of leftist unity."
    This user is a Hedonist
    "I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it."

    Marxism = Leninism = Marxism-Leninism = Dialectical Materialism = Scientific Socialism

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