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    Catslandism is the state ideology of the United Counties of Catsland, a confederation of four sub-states (the Counties), each one ruled as an one-party dictatorship by one of the four registered political parties of this nation, so the citizens can "vote with their feet" moving from a different region if they prefer a different ideology.

    Ideally, Catslandism believes that an ordered society necessitates that the citizens have the freedom to live under whatever ideology they want, providing they do not try to overthrow the central government. Conversely, it also believes that individual freedom is only possible when there are limits to both big, specially foreign, influences, and subversive, leftist pressure groups who use their power to enforce regulations and to "cancel" people for saying something politically incorrect. It also believes death really sucks, and technology should fix this, and that nature should be conserved.

    Real Catslandism is more or less a realistic adaptation of Catsland's ideology into practice, being neither an utopia nor a dystopia. So in reality there will be some failures, specially that powerful national groups in Catsland (as corporations and the military) have more power and influence than they should have, using the need to defend against foreign influences to hold power to counterbalance these external threats.


    Catslandism was developed by the Catslandian elites (an dictatorial Oligarchy composed by the national big corporations, the military and the scientific elite) as a response to the ideological-driven riots between adepts of different ideologies on the country, who are always angry both at the government and at each other, creating constant struggles on the cities streets.

    To appease them, and to avoid losing their power, the Catslandian elite forged an alliance with the main ideological leaders (that could be bought), creating four political parties, two representing the elite factions and two the main oppositional ideologies. Each of these parties received one of the four national subdivisions, the Counties, to govern as they want, providing they remains loyal to the central government:

    • Stability, Progress and Industry (SPI): controlling the central zone around the nation's capital, it is dominated by the big corporations and the scientists. It's ideology is the Template:Catslandian Technocracy, a pro-business, law and order technophilic transhumanist party classified as a culturally variable to culturally left moderate AuthRight ideology. The *de facto* political leader of the nation, also the more inclined to pursue anti-death technology.
    • Catsland Supremacy Party (CSP): governing with an iron hand the industrial northern region of the country, whose ideology, the Template:Catslandian National-Conservatism, is a culturally right AuthUnity (ethno) nationalist one. Obviously is the favorite of the military.
    • Libertarian People's Party (LPP): Holding the coastal western region, it is of the two main opposition ideologies (the Template:Catslandian Paleolibertarian Populism, a culturally variable LibUnity to LibRight ideology who supports maximum individual and economic freedom to individuals with enforced concurrence and prohibition of monopolies and market concentration, and a radical degree of decentralization, where even a building can operate with some degree of political autonomy.
    • Catsland's Green Party (CGP): The other main opposition ideology, the CGP rules over the larger but less populated territory at the nation's eastern forests and hills, ensuring the preservation of the nature as dictated by its ideology, Template:Catslandian Dark-Greenism. This ideology is a culturally right Non-Quadrant version of environmentalism.

    National Administration

    The central administration, still ruled by the political and military elite of the pre-Catslandist government, allows each County a large degree of autonomy over their local issues. In practice, all Counties are ruled by people loyal to the central government, but the latter rarely mess with the local administration.

    The central administration has four main areas of operation:

    1. National defense and foreign policy in general (Catsland is an isolationist country, to avoid foreign interference which could favor one or another ideology, but maintains a robust military which includes NBC weapons, precisely to dissuade against these interferences)
    2. General environmental protection (since pollution can affect a neighbor County, there are national laws to regulate certain kind of emissions. Also Catslandism consider the rights of animals and plants, who can't choose a County, as worthy for a more generalized defense. Specially regarding cats, a sacred species in our country)
    3. Anti-subversion activity (in all Counties there are agents of the secret police who watches any possible manifestation of unrest, subversion or actual opposition activity - of course all the four parties are full of these agents in all layers of local administration)
    4. Advanced scientific research (mainly in these areas of national interest, specially advanced weapons and vigilance equipment; medicine, specially anti-aging and any kind of biotech or device which increases the lifespan - a national obsession of Catslandian culture).

    Local governments are entitled about how to provide other services or regulate other activities.

    While having *de jure* freedom of expression and political freedom, certain ideologies (usually those on the left-side of the political spectrum who have the annoying habit of opposing the national institutions) are *de facto* banned in the country, or only allowed to be practiced in a controlled and watered version in the subregions of some Counties. It should be noted that there are many worker cooperatives or socialist-like operations in the RPP (intensely watched by the secret police and commanded by party operatives loyal to the regime). Usually oppositionists to the Catsland regime are simply banished from the country, instead of harsher treatments.

    County Administration

    Each County is governed as an one-party dictatorship by the party which controls it, having theoretically almost total autonomy to apply whatever ideological policy they want. Their only duty to the central government is to pay a certain amount of taxes, which can be collected whatever way they want from their citizens (notably, the LPP does not have enforced taxes, but uses a feudal-like system where each layer collects service fees from their citizens and pass them for the next layer).

    In practice, all the cadres of these four parties are selected among people loyal to the central administration, so they can't rebel against it or allow subversive or opposition groups to freely operate. Despite this, every County has a very perceptible different way of life, and the main tenants of their ideologies is applied.

    A citizen is theoretically free to disagree with the ideology of their County, but not allowed to demonstrate or openly criticize the government. He can however move to another County, providing he follows the due process of admission on it, or to subregions inside the County who have variations of the main ideology of the party.

    To ensure that a County is free from the influence of the ideology of another County, each one is walled and travel from one County to another is tightly regulated. However, it should be noted that a few subregions exists on the borders between the Counties, with hybrid ideological systems. All these experiments are under direct supervision of the central government and the two parties involved, but as the Counties they are free to operate on most issues.



    How to Draw

    Flag of User:Catsland/Sandbox
    1. Draw a ball,
    2. Draw a diagonal green line with a lighter shade of black (#008000),
    3. Paint the right side with the same green,
    4. Paint the left side with white (#FFFFFF),
    5. Draw a golden (#808000) stylized cat head on the upper left (AuthLeft) part of the image
    6. Draw two eyes (optional: merge one of the eyes with the cat head)
    7. You are done
    Color Name HEX RGB
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    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Gold #808000 128, 128, 0



    •   Panarchism - My political parent, I am the application of your idea!
    •   Technocracy - My other political ancestor, my central government is still governed in a technical, apolitical way. And I still love tech!
    •   Separatism - Each ideology should have their own area to develop independently of the others. Providing they are controlled by the central government, of course
    •   Isolationism - Each County should be free from external influences, and the same holds true for the country.
    •   Paleoegyptianism - Fellow cat fan =^.^= You want to live forever too.
    •   Enéasism - Fellow nuclear weapons fan! You also support strong law and order, anti-communism and no external influence on the nation, my military wing really likes you!
    •  Anti-Communism - Communism is the old enemy of our nation.
    •  Catism - Cats are our national animal and a sacred species here. Hail cats!
    •  Authoritarian Catism - In Catsland, harming cats is punished by death - and that is a national law enforced over all the Counties and subregions!
    •   Lee Kwan Yew Thought - An admirable, pro-tech, pragmatic and pro-law and order government, Singapore is one of our main inspirations, at least for our capital city. Also you give me the idea of sending the oppositionists aboard instead of **REDACTED** them
    •  Technogaianism - Loves nature and loves tech? Dupliplusbased!
    •  Green Libertarianism - You also wants to save the nature without being a pesky leftist, values individual freedom (as me except when I don't) and uses nuclear energy, very good!
    •  Machiavellianism - We need to be pragmatic regarding power, idealistic delusions will only lead to defeat, thanks for teaching me that!
    • Immortalism - Death is the absolute evil on this world. Imagine the possibility of ceasing to exist, no thought, no feelings, forever and irreversibly. How can someone accept that? We need to fix it! Our scientists will do that!
    •   Feudalism - Your system of suzerains and vassals is very similar to mine. You could be a bit more pro-tech though
    •   Putinism - Putin is really a true leader who understand power and actually commands his country, unlike   other   people who can't control their countries, allowing their leftist enemies to hold the true power there. If we lived in the same universe I certainly would pursue an alliance with Mother Russia!
    •   British Fascism - Just three words: Rotha Lintorn-Orman <3 <3 <3. Oh, and you influenced indirectly Lee Kwan Yew, that is based too
    •   BolsoJuche -   Bolsonarism with power and true nationalism and   Juche without communism? Based and nukepilled!
    •   Anarcho-Capitalism - I learned many ideas from you, but you need to drop the "capitalist" moniker and embrace   Panarchism, so you can sell your ideology to non-capitalist too (after that just allow the national corps to dominate everything and you can return to be a capitalist, it worked for me!)
    •   Pinochetism - I still have a few helicopters on my hangar...
    •   Neoreactionarism - I have the feeling you would like my governmental system... Also I learned a good deal with you about power and how to surpass democracy.
    •   Jewish-Nazism - Baruch Bentzion is based
    •   Hoppeanism - Paulo Kogos is based
    •   Transgenderism - Sayuri Mattar is based... and much more <3 <3 <3
    •   Stransserism - A trans who is not a (cultural) leftist?? Based and stockingpilled <3 And Akkorokameowi even have a "meow" on HER name :3
    •   LGBT Conservatism - A more moderate and less economically leftist relative of   Stransserism, good, specially if some of you are cute conservative femboys <3
    •   Gerontocracy - Taking into account the advances of Catslandian science regarding anti-death tech, the ones with political power here perdures for a loooot of time. Age is a way of ostentation here: the more money you have, the more robotic parts and artificial organs you can buy.
    •   Eco-Conservatism - Finally a conservative who really understands that nature should be conserved too
    •   Eco-Capitalism - Catsland may be dominated by the national big corporations, but our national big corporations really care about the environment! We deal with clean energy (aka nuclear), biodegradable materials etc. Also since we are isolationist we need to recycle everything, another service for our eco-corps!


    •   Imperiumism - The idea of allowing each planet to self-govern providing they pay the Imperial Tithe and remains loyal to the God-Emperor is based, not to mention the immortality of such God-Emperor. Also you agree that catgirls are not Xeno. On other hand, the common citizen has a very low life expectancy, you are too much totalitarian for my sake and you have a love-or-hate relationship with technology which leans more to hatred.
    •   Meritocracy - We try to choose the best people for our cadre, but sometimes we need to select for ideological loyalty instead of merit...
    •   Kleptocracy - Although we punish the excesses, the multilayered nature of our system sometimes open the doors for corruption and c'mon, a few deluxe prostitutes will not ruin our budget. Btw Temer was a good president on a certain alternate reality...
    •   Police Statism - Sometimes I deploy you to quell dissenters, but I prefer to employ more subtle and less violent methods.
    •  Eco-Nationalism - While we are both environmentalists and nationalists (since I distrust foreigners and likes isolationism), you hates nuclear energy, such a shame. Chernobyl failed due to communism, not due to nuclear!
    •  Neo-Luddhism - We should be total enemies, but I need to admit you got many things right about the modern world, we both like the nature and we both dislike the leftists. Your mistake is to do not understand that technology is power, and without it we would be dominated by the technological advanced nations. Also I forgive you for that mail delivery, since I got a robotic replacement
    •  Corporatocracy - I pretend to be against you, but providing it is only about the national corporations, and not the foreign multinationals, then you can be more or less ok.
    •   Bolsonarism - You are the enemy of my enemies, so I guess we could do an alliance of occasion. And you would need it, because you really do not understand how to exercise power, and collected more enemies than you would need. At least I do not believe you are the culprit for Amazon burns, and I recognize a few efforts for solar energy, which is good too (but I prefer nuclear). P.S.: be more like   this guy and less like   this one, please, please!
    •   Juche - More or less a commie and too much totalitarian for my sake, but the idea of Juche (self-sufficiency) and Songun (military first) are incredibly based. Also you love nukes too, and do not want to kill everyone, unlike   a certain other guy
    •   Scientocracy - We have some scientists on our government, but the Catslandian ones, who are not corrupted by the leftist academia, unlike the mainstream West!
    •  Capitalism - My theoretical discourses are full of denunciations against you, but I'm talking mainly about internationalist, globalist and "woke" children. When we talk about our national companies, then you are acceptable (specially with a suitable bribe). But no monopolies, and concurrence should be enforced (unless you bribe me), ok?


    •   Democracy - You pretend to allow the people to choose their government, but you force the majority's preference on the minority. And you have the spine to call me "Totalitarian"? Hypocrite!
    •   Globalism - Always trying to subvert my nation with their "colored" revolutions, and trying to impose a single ideological vision over the entire a world, absolutely disgusting.
    •   Posadism - You like nuclear weapons but you are a commie. Also he wants to kill all of us, no good!
    •   Abortionism - Actually anti-choice, wants to kill the fetus denying his all future choices of his life - as which County he would choose! We have better options than that, such as the artificial uterus, so no innocent needs to die.
    •   SJW - You are a proof that to allow individual freedom sometimes we need to remove political "freedoms", since your twitter mobs are always trying to silence the others.
    •   Biological Leninism - Are you not   SJW again?
    •   Pink Capitalism - This kind of capitalism? Not on my country!
    •   Fordism - People think we are alike, nothing can be further from the truth! Here in Catsland we value individual initiative and despise shallow people. Also
      Absolutely evil!
    •   Mediacracy - Without any regulation, mainstream media can be used not only to spread chaos and unrest but to destroy the freedoms, through their persecution tactics over the politically incorrect people. That's why we control the press here in Castland, and we are proud of it!
    •   Marxism-Leninism - My old enemy, I have lots of nuclear weapons pointed toward you, more due to tradition than need (nowadays I have more problems with your   cultural   fellows). Also I need to admit that your "National/People's Fronts" system of multiple fake parties is a good idea...
    •   Death Worship - No!!! Down with Deathism!!!
    •   Radical Feminism - A feminist who hates trans girls?? Ok, now I have a usage for   that old helicopters!
    •   Anti-Environmentalism - A disgusting monster who corrupted my fellow right-wingers, so they think that "environmentalism is communism"...
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