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    If you have any questions for me, you can reach me at +1 614-980-4615, or borkerface2007@outlook.com

    Pages I made

    Pages in the order I made them

    Users I get along pretty well with

    Art I made



    Users and Ideologies

    Borker thought pixels.png Borker thought pixels 4.png Borker thought pixels farmer.png Borker thought pixels furry.png Borker thought pixels hat.png Borker thought pixels nazi.png Borker thought pixels polpotist.png Borker thought pixels theoryhead.png Killionarie pixels.png Fungaliberalismpixels.png Zhah pixels.png Soymund ball pixels.png Carrot pixels.png Carrot pixels furry.png Purpura ball pixel.png Edelismpixel.png ChipBall.png ChipBowPixels.png ChipHatPixels.png Barrettism.png Barrettism2.png Swordc ballthing2.png Swordc ballthing3.png Yves.png Pollere pixels.png AnarchoTwitterism.png Skeleball.png Aquilesball.png Aquilesball glasses.png


    Yegor letov.png Fedoruk.png LarsMørkvik.png PCBWDennisGyllensporre.png PCBWEirikKristoffersen.png EiraNordahl.png BjornHaldorsson.png

    Parties & Orgs

    NKPball.png Alliansen.png Det Politiske.png Feministisk.png Folkets.png Kystpartiet.png Liberalistene.png Norgespartiet.png Samefolkets Parti.png Samfunnspartiet.png LVŽS.png TS-LKD.png NA.png LZS.png LSDSP.png LRA2.png ApvienībaSKG.png Attīstībai.png Izaugsme.png Konservatīvie.png LKS.png LPV.png LSP.png PCL.png Stabilitātei.png ZZS2.png Framsóknarflokkurinn.png Frelsisflokkurinn.png Íslenska þjóðfylkingin.png Miðflokkurinn.png Samfylkingin.png Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn.png Sósíalistaflokkurinn.png Viðreisn.png PCBW NB.png PCBW DGKK.png PCBW TA.png PCBW DNAU.png


    8th pixels.png NSAK pixels,png.png Cball-NorwayAmerica.png Republic of Eshein.png Cball-Ostholstein.pngRealSweden.png Cball-BalkanUnion.png


    Ideology polls.png Asatru.png InclusiveDem.png SwordC andEgor.png Gynosexuality.png


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