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    I believe in a Strong Federal government and autonomy for regions, cities and rural communities. The federal government has to manage the national economy, the currency and the army. The cities and rural communities can manage social affairs such as abortion for example, land management, their healthcare system and recreational drugs use


    My economic views in a nutshell.

    Core industries

    I believe that some resources of the nation are to be state owned or publicly owned and cannot be entirely managed by private companies , these resources are:

    1. Power and Energy: Companies in these sector have the incentive to make the most money and charge ridicoulus prices for it,there is no incentive to innovate and will insteady try to block any better energy options if it threatens their market share.
    2. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical System: The healthcare system should have the job to cure people and not that of trying to capitalize on people's misfortune and charging them with crippling bills. The healthcare system is to be managed at state or city level as it would allow for a better and more efficient healthcare. The pharma sector if left to the private sector would result to companies trying to get as many as possible addicted and make the most profit out of it, for example the opioid epidemic was caused by some private companies selling higly addictive pills.
    3. Banking system: If left to the private sector it would result to them creating and sustaining huge monopolies that could never happen in the free market, businesses are pro-business not pro-markets, they would also be capable of making every citizen a debt slave which is what happens in the Usa.
    4. Legal system: A lot of times, many rich people commit crimes and evade punishment using their wealth and connections, this should never happen as everyone entering the legal system shall be seen as equal and not be able to use their whealt to get out of it.

    State Management

    The state should manage the resources above mentioned, but how? I believe that there should be some criteria: Using the most efficient method to get to the wanted result, for example, the healthcare system should try to find the most efficient way to cure people using the least resources possible and should research new ways to cure people permanently if possible. I do not want a wasteful healthcare system like the NHS in the UK.

    In core industries 1 and 2, people should have a choice to use the public healthcare system or private one, public energy dealer or private one, but why? The reason is to put pressure and incentivize innovation as the competing public and private sectors would try to one-up each other, and it would be beneficial to consumers.

    Anti-Trust and Lobbying

    I believe that the state has the job of trust-busting monopolies. Monopolies have the tendency to try to use their immense wealth to change the market to their benefit, And I believe that there should be only small or medium-sized companies Lobbying should be banned as I believe it is just another name for legalized corruption. For example, many pro-war congressmen and politicians are put there by the military-industrial congress and are tasked to go to war as much as possible.

    Private Sector and Regulation

    I believe that sectors that are not mentioned in my Core Industries should be left to the free market, although some industries can have more regulation than others. For example, the agricultural sector needs to have rules to prevent the use of cancerous and dangerous chemicals that can hurt the populace. The construction sector needs regulations to prevent buildings from collapsing after only months, and so on.

    Land and Resources

    I believe that there should be an Land Value tax to keep wasteful management of land as low as possible, i dont want to eradicate landlords entirely as they provide homes to people who cannot afford homes but there should be oversight as they would be damaging if unchecked. Raw resources like coal, iron and alike are not made by corporations or other entities, so the profit made from extracting those resources should be taxed and the money from the taxes should go to a sovereign Whealt fund that the citizens of the area can access it and receive UBI from it like what they did in Alaska.


    Other than LVT there should be a progressive taxation, for every ^¹⁰ above a 1 milion (Usd for refernce) there should be an increase of 1%, for example if you earn 1 mil you are taxed 1% of that milion, when you get to 10 mil you are taxed 1% on the 1 milion dollars and 1% on the 10 milion dollars. Sorry for mathing maths in advance.


    I believe that welfare should only go to people who work, everyone that is able to work but doesnt shouldnt be eligible for welfare since they dont contribute to the society as a whole, this will reduce leechers to a very low amount and even eradicate them, of course those who are not able to work like disabled and the elderly are eligible to welfare.


    I believe that there should be a private pension system, if you work and earn money in any way possible you can put that money to your pension and manage it yourself, this private pension system will also not stress the system like public pension systems, in italy there are many elderly that are in pensions and it has caused rising taxes and pressure on the working people as such the private pension system is the best choice we currently have.

    Social Affairs

    I believe that these kind of affairs are to be left to cities and rural communities, a community of farmers will detest drugs and will be anti-abortion while urban citizens will be pro drugs such as marijuana and tend to be pro abortion. These are matters that should be managed by locals not the federal government.

    Global Affairs

    Foreign Policy

    i believe that in foreign policy we should strive for the interests of the nation, alliance if cooperating with other nations and groups and joining alliances is beneficial and coincides with our interests then i dont see any reason to not do it.


    The military should be funded enough to allow the nation to protect itself and its interests abroad, the military should have total control over the military industry and regulations as such.


    ps i dont know how to add icons and links so you can edit it and put your link and icon in it if you are in it.

    another ps, i will rate based on the ideology and not the person itself


    Brazilian Liberalism (////)Its like looking at a mirror, very based economics, government policies and foreign policy, although supporting israel a bit irked me i can understand where you come from.


    Template:Bax(//File:FreeJacobin.png/) i really like your ideas of National Revolution and Directed Socialism. I didnt understand your ideas of collectivized ego, it just seems to be altruism with extra steps. I dont like your critique of religion calling them rubbish, people are scared in a world they dont understand nothing about so theg turn to religion for hope and comfort and it also helps people spiritually. Your critique of democracy being a burgeoise tool is kind of right but it is by far the best system we currently have since the ruling class needs to have some aligning interests with the working class in a democracy

    Leaning Positive


    Leaning Negative


    Utter trash

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