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    comments (i dont know how to email you)

    Hi Aycee Lovelace, I am trying to edit from my computer and right now it only works on my phone. It says my IP address is blocked, which i do not understand as this is my first time using the website.

    I am using college WiFi, so i am sharing an IP address with other students and I believe that that is why it blocked me. I don't know how to fix this though. I'm not sure how to email you, so please feel free to delete this comment and message me directly, if it is possible to do so. My account is GayFurry2004, and I hope you have a nice day!

    Hey there GayFurry2004,

    The best solution to your problem would likely be to use a VPN on your PC. Thank you and I hope you have a nice day to and that this fixes your problem.

    Hi Aycee Lovelace, In my userpage, I am trying to use the Userbox, but it did not work! please help me. 😢🙏🙏

    -Aycee Lovelace <3 (talk) 20:39, 22 August 2023 (UTC)

    ''If you or a loved one had a page (that is actually well structured) unjustly deleted by Forestcryptid contact either Inky or Aycee Lovelace about getting it reinstated.

    - Aycee Lovelace (talk) 18:15, 05 Oktober 2022 (CET)'' - Hello my page on the normal polcompball wiki was deleted, idk whether it is well structured but please could it be reinstated or at least the page source sent to me please because I was inactive for a bit and did not ask for it to be saved before the merger. My account is User:NGLA810 but I believe that my userwiki and page was under the name UserWiki:P57 I really hope you can get my page back, thank you :)

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