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    Under Construcation

    Uhhhhhhh.... Hello comrades i'm Liberal Left-Wing Democratic Socialism and I'm happy to be here

    List of countries that needs some socialism educations

    • The four “Socialist” countries(Basically non of them are lol)
    • America, f**k yea!!!(Imperialism+capitalist so u suck)
    • Russia(Neo-Nazi, AND STOP OPPRESSING LGBTQ PEOPLE!!!!!!!)
    • Ukraine(Anti-Union traitors and the rebirth point of the Damn Nazis, the licking dogs of Western imperialism and American imperialism, in order to lick the trash of the West by any means.)
    • Japan(I like ur anime culture but control ur right-wings and FACE THE FRICKING HISTORY)
    • Taiwan Republic Of China(Yes the dictator is gone in Taiwan, but REMEMBER CHINA, YOU ARE THE REAL CHINA. ALSO UR SYSTEM NEEDS SOME HELP, STOP MESSING AROUND WITH CAPITALIST AND BUILD INFRASTRUCTURE) Basically, you gonna get rebuild but I'll still keep ur name
    • Imposter(FAKE SOCIALIST, U SAY U ARE SOCIALIST BUT TAIWAN HAVE BETTER WELFARE THEN YOU even though they are still capitalist. SINCE THE CULTURE REVOLUTION YOU AREN'T SOCIALIST OR COMMUNIST ANY MORE!!! ALSO U ARE THE FAKE CHINA, THE REAL CHINA IT THE LEGAL GOVERNMENT OF CHINA!! 還!我!河!山!!!!!!but if u become more socialist and more liberal i will recognize you as the real China)
    • All other countries (exclude the countries has similar system with Nordic countries)




    Socialism is very important to me, so the first step of my administration will be to nationalize a large number of private enterprises. In the early stage, 25% -50% of Means of production will be given to each worker equally, and the remaining Means of production will be controlled by the ruling committee. Therefore, there will be a large amount of funds invested in scientific research and people's livelihood, and it may be possible to maintain the costs of a large number of research through borrowing, and welfare is also a large expenditure, Everyone (family) has a house, and the land is distributed according to Common ownership (state-owned+collective ownership) without illegal invasion. However, you can apply to not be disturbed by others. After full automation in the later stage, we may return most or even all of the Means of production to workers (until communism is achieved), and a large part of the time is mainly single Common ownership (but also earn some money from foreign trade). A free market economy is inefficient and can only lead to monopolies and economic crises. After all, workers cannot afford to buy their own products, and there are too many, so they can only lower prices. At that time, both workers and bosses will lose money, factories will close, and workers will wander. In the long run, this will be extremely detrimental to the entire society. Therefore, I would rather choose a planned economy than reproduce if it is not enough.


    On the cultural axis, I will use accelerationism to destroy conservatism, reactionism and feudalism. I will support the movement of LGBTQAI+, and at the same time let everyone enjoy their rights. In the future, gender will be abolished in a highly progressive society, because gender may be backward. At this time, due to the massive use of artificial eggs and artificial sperm, everyone can have children.


    Technology, I will use some surplus value to start vigorously developing (if there is surplus value, most of it will be given to the people, and the rest will be developed to the people's livelihood), and after the completion of fully automated production, I will vigorously develop science and technology to benefit the people, so that they can fully enjoy the benefits of science and technology, first explore the whole earth and then go to space, to explore more unknown. In short, it is a technocrat who serves the people.


    On the citizen axis, I will give citizens the rights they should have, such as freedom of speech and association, and give them the maximum freedom, but I will still set up police to maintain basic public order to ensure their safety, but I support private security, and will give subsidies to security.


    I will abolish the large government and the central government, only retain some small governments, and implement the federal system of direct democracy, use electronic equipment management, and tend to be populist. The whole social management is composed of committees and trade unions, which are responsible for managing the cause of all departments, and everyone can participate in it. The committee is responsible for bringing representatives of all associations together to consider a series of issues such as people's livelihood.


    When it comes to diplomacy, I usually choose what can be resolved peacefully. A lasting peace will make the society prosperous. If others take the initiative to invade, we will fight back relentlessly. At that time, I may form a wartime government to deal with aggression

    Sometimes we have to intervene

    1:It is suggested to hang street lamps before burning ANTI-HUMANIST TRASH that is fed by nature.

    2:An OLD OBSTINACY that should be destroyed by Accelerationism and Futurism

    Personality & Behaviour


    “State” of emergency of SGBT

    In case of some emergency, such as war or disaster, I will temporarily form an emergency government and merge the federations, and the materials will be transported to the disaster area or the front line. But I will crack down on the reactionary forces and the return of the trash that makes the country difficult to make money, protect the rights and interests of the minority groups, the welfare will not be reduced because of the war, and some drugs (normal) can be supplied in a small amount during this period, I will protect my citizens and return to development quickly after the war.

    The cleansing of right-wing and reactionary ideologies and some governance measures

    After establishing the government, I decided to confiscate a large number of private enterprises and confiscate them, and then fight for the rights that workers deserve. After that, 25% of the Means of production will belong to the committee, and the rest will be shared equally among all people outside the committee. The committee will make use of Means of production to engage in high technology. Afterwards, in order to make art and technology more advanced, I will launch several artistic and technological revolutions to bring some of China's art back into line with international standards. The ideological massacre is mainly to prevent the reactionaries from seizing power again and wasting my efforts. Therefore, I should first clean up such as national capitalists, secret Fascism, Japanese imperialists and Nazism, which must be wiped out because they are the root of the evil. I will make workers resist capitalism and large-scale politics against corrupt officials. Afterwards, capitalists who do not obey will be slaughtered, treated like normal people, and if they make some reactionary remarks, they will be sentenced. Capitalists, Fascism, Totalitarianism, bourgeois liberals and the like are either sentenced or massacred as long as they are Rightists. On the left, I will purge some traitors, such as bourgeois Social democracy and Social liberalism, because they are too kind to capitalists and their running dogs. Therefore, I refuse all Rightists and reactionaries, and even authoritarian democrats I have only left behind technocratic democrats.


    Civic Axis

      • Chaoist (-5)
      • Anarchist (0)
      • Minarchist (+5)
      • Libertarian (+8)
      • Civically Moderate (+10)
      • Statist (+8)
      • Dictablanda (-3)
      • Authoritarian (-5)
      • Totalitarian (-10)
      • Orwellian (-1145)

    Type of Rule Axis

      • (Anarchist) Anti-Democracy (0)
      • Direct Democracy (+5)
      • E-Democracy (+10)
      • Semi-Direct Democracy (+10)
      • Representative Democracy (+5)
      • Authoritarian Democracy (+3)
      • Totalitarian Democracy (0)
      • (Authoritarian) Anti-Democracy (-114)

    Economic Axis

      • Marxist Communist (+3)
      • Socialist (+8)
      • Welfarist/Gift Economy (+8)
      • Controlled Capitalism (+4)
      • Mixed (+3)
      • Liberal Economics (+0)
      • Capitalist (-114)
      • Darwinist (-514)

    Economic Freedom

      • Anti-Economy (0)
      • Dirigisme (+2)
      • Regulationism (+8)
      • Mixed (+4)
      • Liberal Economics (0)
      • Free Market (-5)
      • Laissez-Faire (-514)
    • If none above apply...
      • Central Planned (+5)
      • Decentral Planned (+10)
      • Mixed ownership of the proletariat (+10)

    Diplomatic Axis

      • Autarchy (0)
      • Autarky (-1)
      • (Alter-) Globalist (+10)
      • World Federalist (+8)
      • Cosmopolitan (+10)
      • Internationalist (+10)
      • Moderate (+5)
      • Civic Nationalist (+5)
      • Patriotic (0)
      • Nationalist (-5)
      • Chauvinist (-10)
      • Racial Nationalist (or similar broad category) (-114514)
      • Ethno-Nationalist (or similar narrow category) (-114514)


      • Western (-1145141919810)
      • Western Adjacent (-1145141919810)
      • Non-Aligned (+10)
      • East Adjacent (0)
      • Eastern (-1145141919810)

    Cultural Axis

      • Revolutionary (-3)
      • Progressive (+5)
      • Reformist (+10)
      • Syncretic (+5)
      • Conservative (0)
      • Traditionalist (-5)
      • Reactionary (-1145141919)

    Technological Axis

      • Primal (-1919)
      • Primitivist (-810)
      • Pre-Industrial (-114)
      • Deceleration (-10)
      • Moderate (0)
      • Acceleration (+10)
      • Automated (+10)
      • Transhumanist (+10)
      • Posthumanist (-114514)

    Environmental Axis

      • Human Extinction (-∞)
      • Radical Environmentalism (-114)
      • Eco-Fascism (-514)
      • Ecocentrism (+0)
      • Environmentalist (+5)
      • Moderate (+10)
      • Post-Industrialism (+10)
      • Industrialist (+8)
      • Anthropocentric (+5)
      • Anti-Environmentalism (-5)
      • New Mass Extinction (-∞)

    Neurological Axis

      • Anti-Praxis (0)
      • Utopian (+5)
      • Dogmatic (0)
      • Idealist (+7)
      • In Between (+10)
      • Realist (+5)
      • Pragmatic (+4)
      • Rational (+9)
      • Dystopian (-∞)
      • Anti-Theory (-∞ and wtf is this?)

    War Axis

      • Pacifism (+9)
      • Non-engagement (+4)
      • De-escalation (+7)
      • Intervention (-10)
      • Irredentism (0)
      • Revachism (-10)
      • Jingoism (-1145)
    • If none above apply...
      • Class Warfare (+10)


      • Insurrectionism (+1)
      • Revolutionism (+3)
      • Moderatism (+10)
      • Reformism (+5)
      • Stagnationism (-10)

    Ethnic Axis

      • Chinese (+10)
      • Indian (+10)
      • Other Asian (+10)
      • Other Southeast Asian(+10)
      • Western European (+10)
      • Northen European (+10)
      • Celtic (+10)
      • Eastern European (+10)
      • Southern European (+10)
      • American (+10)
      • South American (+10)
      • African (+10)
      • Arabian (+10)
      • Jewish (+10)
      • Indonesian (+10)
      • Korean (+10)

    Religion Axis

      • Original Paganism (0)
      • Zoroastrianism (0)
      • Buddhism (0)
      • Hinduism (0)
      • Orthodoxy (0)
      • Catholicism (0)
      • Islam (0)
      • Judaism (0)
      • Protestantism (0)
      • Neo-Paganism (0)
      • Wicca (0)
      • Irreligion (+10)
      • Satanism (either atheistic or theistic) (0)
      • Shinto (+0)
      • Liberation Theocracy (+10)

    My Possible Ideology in the Future

    Radical Future Marxist



    Category:LeftValuesClosest match: Council Communism

    Closest match: Libertarian Communism

    Closest match: Libertarian Communism

    Closest match: FALGSC

    Closest match: Libertarian Socialism


    Closest match: Maxism-Leninism

    Closest match: Neo-Marxism