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    Urânjizism is an off-compass AuthRight idology that can best be described as a cultist form of Kraterocracy. It is the belief that the strongger individuals shall become the supreme representatives of humanity in a form of cult of the strong, as it is their divine right, so all the weak one's ought to become slaves of the strong ones. Urânjizism advocates for a global domination of the cult for humanity to prosper.


    Urânjizism believes a greater divine presence has created and sent humans to Earth as to strengthen them, but some individuals got corrupted by weakness and diverted from the divine rights. Urânjizism advocates for the total domination of the weak by the strong, for this is their divine right as strong humans. Urânjizism also advocates for the strongest individuals to lead all the strong throughout the globe to true strength, rejecting the idea of nations, in a form of cult. The weak would then serve the cult, for they would be seen as dark and corrupted souls by the cult. He also believes in the weekly sacrifice of the "weaklings" as a gift to the "strongest God" and promotes the cultures and traditions of the first civilizations.

    Personality and Behavior

    Urânjizism is always training and aiming to get stronger. That's his only goal. He speaks ancient Sumerian to the rest of the cult members and has a great hatred towards who he considers too weak.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Urânjizism
    1. Draw the outline of a circle.
    2. Fill it in with white (unless the background is already white, obviously).
    3. Draw to thick yellow lines across the inside of the circle diagonally, creating an "X".
    4. Add the eyes by drawing two outlines for them according to the ball's current expression and fill them in with light blue, and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Yellow #FFF200 255, 242, 0
    Light Blue #0286E8 2, 134, 232


    The Cult

    • Kraterocracy - Šulmu qalūtum šūnam la alāhi šumēlum. Anūnum šarrūtum izziz. (The weak don't show any signs of divinity. They shall serve the strong.)
    • Cultism - Anūnum šarrūtum belūtum šakanum amārūnūtum ilānūtum amēlūtum illik. (We must protect the strong's sovereignity at all costs.)
    • Ingdar - Šarrūtum ekurūtum la tāmātum ina qalūtum aššat. (Strong brothers shall never decend into weakness.)
    • Social Darwinism - Šumēlum la tāmātum ša culti ina qalūtum ina ekurūtum, ina-šum izzizūnūtum iṭṭallikūnūtum. (The weak will never have a place in the cult, even though they could still serve the members.)
    • Ingsoc - Anūnum ekurūtum šulmu ummānūtum ina išārūtum la šuškunūtum u la išḫurru. (The truly strong ones are always watching and won't have mercy upon weaklings.)
    • National Capitalism - Ša šaškūnūtum la išḫurru ina erin šarrūtum ekurūtum bašmu ina balāṭi īpušūtum ina amēlūtum lišpirtūtum ša išḫurru bašmu. (Those who don't comply with the free rule of the strong ought to find guidance to a life worth nothing but servitude to the ones that do.)

    The Weak


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